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Andy and I had been on a training exercise in North Africa with our regiment, we were ready for a holiday. We had spent the first few days just chilling out during the day and going to bars in the evenings. The girls had wanted to go to a nightclub all week but Andy and I weren’t into the idea at all. We were quite happy sitting in bars, watching the totty, playing pool and getting pissed. Still, it was their holiday too and we made an exception for the sake of good relations.

We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and whilst twirling his spaghetti, Andy splashed his white shirt with sauce. Sue laughed at him and said that none of the birds could be interested in him tonight because now he looked a mess. Andy was indignant and said that we stood a better chance than either of them. Just for a laugh Jane said, “We look so hot I bet we’re fighting those Italian blokes off tonight.”

“Yeah, right. You pair of biffers stand about as much chance as a scabby dog,” I said leaping to my mates defence.

“OK,” said Sue. “We’ll have a bet on it then shall we, see if you put your money where your mouth is?”

Andy was still laughing at the sarcastic comments that were flashing from both sides of the table and then said, “Alright, we’ll have a giggle. We’ll go to this club of yours. Tony and me will go in together and you pair follow us after a few minutes. You’ll just be in time to see us leaving with a couple of Swedish birds.”

Sue and Jane looked at each other and then simultaneously said. “Right, you’re on.”

Jane added that we really ought to have some rules, the rest of us agreed and we spent the next hour or so deciding what reasonable behaviour was. It was eventually decided that there should be no kissing, definitely no groping and that the winner was the first pair to successfully enter into a conversation lasting at least ten minutes with two others whom we met there.

I remember whispering to Andy that if the girls were looking like they might win we would claim that we fancied each other and were therefore the winners. On hearing that, he relaxed and we just enjoyed our dinner.

Jane occasionally glanced at me, giving a little wink or a smile. She was beautiful, her eyes sparkled and she had a body that was very obviously worked out on a regular basis. I often went training with her and would laugh to myself at the way guys would stop their routine to watch her, some would even move nearer to eyeball her tight round ass and thong that cut up between her buttocks. She liked to show it off and regularly wore clothes that left little to the imagination. She was quite a prize really and I knew it.

Sue wasn’t bad looking either, but she didn’t have Jane’s blatant sexuality. Her face was what you might call traditionally pretty. She was slim and her long blonde hair cascaded down her back. She had large breasts which I had had seen for the first time at the beach earlier in the day. I had never found big tits particularly appealing but these were a nice shape. Her waist was slim, her arse looked firm and Andy had told me that she shaved her cunt regularly.

After the meal we set off for the nightclub, there was silence in the car as we drove along the harbour road and past all the millionaires yachts and super-launches. I parked in a dimly lit carpark just around the corner. We got out of the car and watched Jane and Sue enter the club. Andy and I headed into the nearest bar next as agreed and after a beer we followed on.

The place was packed. Andy and I headed to the bar and sat down on the high stools, we ordered beers and looked around the place. I noticed the girls sitting at a table, they both had half-full glasses and were on their own. I nudged Andy and made some joke about them being alone.

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He said, “So what do we do now?”

“Dunno mate, s’pose we’d better scope some totty and get this show on the road,” I said.

“Ah, fuck that. Let’s get some more beers in first, there’s no hurry until there’s some interest in the girls anyway,” Andy replied.

There was a couple of fit looking girls dancing near the bar area and I pointed them out to Andy who really didn’t seem interested.

“You’re not into this are you?” I asked.

“Not really, it’s too dangerous” he said.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“Well, if we start chatting up some birds we win, right? And then we have to deal with a pair of pissed off girlfriends don’t we?”

“So what, it was their idea. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen,” I said.

“Nah, much better to let them win and then we get them later when they’re all hot an horny. Makes good sense to me,” said Andy.

I had to agree.

“We could even go over to the girls and chat them up, good P.R. Tell ’em that they’re the best looking women in the place, de dah, de dah. They’ll love that!”

Just then I glanced at the dancefloor and noticed that Jane and Sue were there, and they weren’t alone. A couple of dark skinned youths were making a move. They had got in front of the girls and were dancing with them. The girls seemed pretty pleased with themselves, I saw Jane look over to me with a broad smile on her face.

“Looks like we’ve lost the bet mate” I said.

“Fuck, I don’t believe that!” said Andy.

“Well, we’ve got two choices. We can either get on with it ourselves or move in on them and bug those guys out. What do you reckon?” I said.

“Bollocks to it. Let’s just let ’em win and keep an eye on them. You know what these Italians are like, the girls will get pissed off soon enough and come to gloat.” said Andy.

It was then that I decided to work alone. I moved towards the nearest pair of girls and leaned against the bar making it obvious that I was watching them. One looked up at me and I smiled, she looked away. Her friend looked, and then looked away. I moved to their table and asked them what their names were. They were telling me something but I couldn’t make it out. I asked where they were from and in broken English was told to go away. Moments later they stood up and headed for the dancefloor, totally ignoring me as they passed. I began to think I was loosing my touch.

Andy was walking towards me, he looked concerned and I asked what his problem was. He said, “While you were talking to that pair, Jane was watching you. I don’t think she liked it much and she’s just gone outside with that bloke.”

“What?” I said.

“No shit Tony, she’s just fucked off outside. I think you’d better check it out and while you’re out there, see if you can see Sue, she’s disappeared too.”

I pushed my way through the crowd frantically looking for any sign of Jane. OK she can get jealous but I wasn’t getting anywhere with those girls and then they blew me out. No way could she have thought I was out of line.

I arrived at the door and asked the doorman if he’d seen a pretty girl with long brown hair wearing a very short black dress. He said that one had just left with Antonio. I asked if he’d seen which way they’d gone and he started to get a little suspicious.

“What’s it to you?” he asked.

Realising that they obviously knew each other and I was now on my own I replied, “It’s nothing really, but she left her jacket on the chair and I was wondering if I should take it to the bar…” I was rambling.

“It’s OK, they’ll be back in a moment anyway… he never takes too long if you know what I mean!”

Panic hit me like a bolt of lightening. Wild thoughts were flashing around my head. This Antonio had taken her outside for sex? My girl had gone outside with this Antonio bloke for sex? No way, I thought. But where the fuck was she, where the fuck was Andy, where the fuck was Sue, what the fuck should I do?

I walked past the doormen as calmly as I could and headed round the corner of the building. I was walking towards where the car was parked. For some reason I was thinking that she would be waiting by the car knowing that I would be following as soon as I heard she’d gone outside.

As I walked around the corner I could hear Italian voices talking in rapid but hushed tones. I approached slowly and silently, I could hear two male voices coming from behind the wall to my side. There was a building site behind the wall and I thought I should check it out. Just then I heard a familiar voice, it was Jane. As she spoke her voice became garbled but it sounded as though she was panicking.

I moved as quickly and as quietly as possible around the side of the building site and found a ladder. I climbed up the ladder and found myself on scaffolding where I could look down into the site. There were piles of building materials and equipment and I could just make out figures in the darkness. I closed my eyes to get them accustomed to the darkness.

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There were two guys standing over a figure which was lying down on a heap of sand. It was Jane, her hands were behind her back and one of the men was putting a gag in her mouth. She was struggling to move, her head jerked from side to side and the man fought to restrain her. I noticed the other man reach into his pocket and pull out a knife which flicked open, he grabbed her by the hair and flashed the knife in front of her eyes. She stopped struggling.

After a few seconds they had her completely restrained. Her arms were tied behind her back, the gag was in her mouth and she was petrified. The men exchanged a few words and then approached Jane, one grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet. The other came in from behind and grabbed the other arm. Between them the frog-marched her over to a digging machine and tied her to the rear wheel with her arms behind her back so that she was facing to the centre of the building site.

They stood back and looked at their prize, laughing quietly to themselves. The one with the knife moved closer and then placed the blade into the neckline of her dress. With a sharp movement he sliced through the material and ripped the dress away with his free hand. She stood there in black thong knickers, her small but beautifully formed breasts naked to the hot night air. She tried to struggle free but the other man slapped her across the face with the back of his hand. She slumped forward only to be put back into her standing position by the knifeman as his mate began to remove his clothing.

His leather jacket fell to the floor followed closely by his jeans, tee shirt and trainers, he was wearing no underwear and his cock was partially erect. I knew that Jane was trying to scream but the gag prevented her, she had realised that struggling was useless, she either got hit or got nowhere against the bindings.

He moved in front of her and pushed his hand between her legs, she jerked backwards but his hand moved with her. He was pulling the gusset of her thong to one side and then with his other hand moving his fingers into her cunt. His friend had put the knife on the ground and was now removing his own clothes.

The first man moved in between Jane’s legs and her and ripped her thong off her. His now fully erect cock was right in front of her cunt and he used both hands to open her up as he forced his entrance. His head fell backwards as he experienced the ecstasy of penetrating my girlfriend; his pelvis ground forward as his cock was forced deeper.

I decided that this was as good an opportunity as I was ever going to get to do anything and on seeing another ladder leading down into the site began to creep forward. I lowered myself onto the ladder and began my descent. Once on the ground, I moved around the perimeter of the site so as to approach from behind them. I could hear grunts coming from behind the machine.

The digger was no more than thirty feet away from me now. I moved around the wall and the rape came into view. Jane was leaning into the wheel, her face as far away from the man as possible. He was thrusting himself into her at a furious pace, grunting at the end of each stroke. Suddenly he tossed his head back and groaned, moments later he withdrew his flaccid cock with a squelch as his sperm flooded out of Jane’s cunt.

He moved backwards and sat down on a pile of bricks to watch his friend take over. Jane was now untied and moved, I became completely still as the other guy led her in my direction. When they were about twenty feet away he stopped and pushed her onto the floor. I was hiding behind a stack of wood and could clearly see around the side of the planks. The other guy stood up and walked over to the motionless pair. He exchanged a few words with his friend and together they manoeuvred Jane into position so that she was lying on a pile of sand with her arse sticking up in the air. I could see the wetness between her legs as it glistened in the moonlight.

The second rapist lowered himself on top of her and with a swift movement rocked himself forward so that his erection stabbed into her cunt. I heard her muffled cries as he forced himself into her and fucked her tortured hole. It only took a few moments until his face contorted and he shot his load in her and rolled off laughing.

The first man was ready again, he had been playing with himself while he was watching his friend rape my woman. He stood to the side of her and pulled her to her feet. He was holding the knife again and I wondered if I should make a mad dash across the clearing now and try to take the two of them on or wait until a better opportunity presented itself. The knife was raised to her gag and the material was cut. I could hear him clearly as he demanded a blowjob; he told her that if it hurt he would kill her. I was sure that she would be killed anyway.

Jane was sobbing and trying to catch her breath as the cock was pushed between her lips and into her mouth. The second rapist stood up and walked back towards the digger where he began to redress himself. I don’t remember the exact course of events but knew that this was the best chance I was even going to get.

As I stood up, Jane saw me. She bit down onto the invading cock and as the rapist screamed I was already crossing the ground towards him. He lumbered backward clutching at his groin. As he fell to the floor I could see his hands were covered in blood and I launched my foot into his face with all the power I had. I felt his nose split as the bone smashed out of the sides and he rolled backwards to the ground.

I grabbed the knife from the floor by Jane’s feet and ran towards the other rapist who had started to scream something in Italian. He tried to pull his jeans over his knees but lost his footing and fell forwards, I kicked him in the ribs and then again in the groin. Then using the blunt side of the blade I put the knife to his throat and raised him to his feet. We walked back towards the other rapist who was now wailing in pain. I pushed the man to the floor beside his friend and cut the rope that bound Jane’s hands. She said nothing as she took the knife from my hand and moved towards the pathetic youths on the ground. I looked away as she cut through the man’s penis and dropped it to the floor beside him.

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