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I was sitting in a high level negotiation meeting. I was not at the table, but in a row behind so that I could provide technical advice to our chief negotiator sitting in front of me. A very attractive woman came into the room and sat beside me.

We introduced ourselves as she sat down.

“Hello, I don’t think we have met before. I’m Peter,” I told her, and then went to explain my role.

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Jenny,” she responded and went on to tell me what she did.

She had a similar role to mine. She came from a different area of the organisation with a different area of expertise, so I had not met her before.

The meeting, as these sorts of things often are, was interminable and mostly involved with drawn out procedural matters. Several times, Jenny and I found opportunities to talk. Neither of us had much patience for the game playing and posturing that the meeting involved. We seemed to connect.

Our chief negotiator had an inflated opinion of himself. At one point he stood up from the table and bent over some papers, his backside pointing directly at Jenny and I.

“Look out,” I whispered to her. “You’ll be blinded from the sun shining from his arse.”

Jenny had difficulty restraining her giggles.

The meeting went on and on and didn’t finish until about nine o’clock that evening. As it finished, I asked Jenny if she would like to go somewhere for a quick meal.

“Yes, that would be nice. And a bottle of wine. After this I need a drink,” she replied.

And so we did. We seemed to find a wealth of things to talk about and it wasn’t until quite late that we went our respective ways home.

In the weeks that followed, we found several opportunities to meet for lunch, and every time was highly enjoyable. We became friends. I wanted more, but I was afraid to broach the subject. I had recently had a bad time with a woman and my self esteem was low. I was afraid of rejection and, at the same time, I was afraid to suggest something that might end a friendship that I had come to value.

This situation persisted for months. We would meet once a week or so, usually for lunch. We would talk interminably, about our hopes, our pasts, our interests. I always hated when it was time for us to go back to work.

I told her about how I often went prospecting for gold in one of the rivers nearby. As a child I had lived in the bush and on summer weekends I often went bush, enjoying the tranquillity of places where there were no other human beings.

“Do you find much gold?” she asked.

“No, but there is always some. I’ve got nearly enough to make a ring now,” I replied.

“I would love to come with you one week-end,” she said, putting into words the invitation that I had been afraid to make.

“I would like that very much,” I said, my heart pounding. “I can promise you that you’ll find some gold, but don’t expect to get rich.”

The next Saturday was a glorious day, clear and hot, and I picked her up early at her place. She had dressed for the weather, with a pair of shorts and a loose blouse. And what a pair of shorts: quite short and snug fitting to show off legs that were even better than I had imagined. My heart pounded as I looked at her. Was this a signal, I wondered. I had always known that she had a superb body, but I hadn’t realised just how superb until I saw her in these casual clothes, with her long smooth legs, narrow waist and high firm breasts.

The hour and a half drive seemed to pass in a flash.

We parked at a ford in the river deep in the bush. It was totally deserted. At this point the river consisted of short quickly flowing areas where one could wade across knee-deep water quite easily, some small rocky rapids and some quiet, deep pools. The place I wanted to go to was about a kilometre up the river to a spot just at the top of one of the rapids.

Jenny had a sizeable pack, even though I had brought all the things for a picnic lunch and, of course, the gold pans and other things we needed.

We walked up the river and set our things on a sandbank just above the rapids. The sandbank was a lovely spot, with patches of small trees struggling for a foothold leaving areas of open sand between them. The river was surrounded by the green of the bush, a world of its own.

I showed her how to scrape up the gravel from the river bed, telling her how important it was to get gravel that was actually sitting on the bedrock, and especially to seek gravel and sand from small cracks in the rock. This, I explained, was where the gold would be.

We both slowly filled our gold pans, standing calf-deep in the flowing water. Then we moved to wash them out.

“Pick a comfortable rock to sit on,” I told her. There were plenty of rocks protruding from the water which provided a lot of places where one could sit.

“Like this,” I said, as I showed her how to fill the pan with water and shake it to ensure that any gold would sink to the bottom. “Hold it on a slight tilt and always keep the same part of the pan lowest.” Again I demonstrated.

“Like this?” Jenny said, smiling at me, enjoying learning a new skill.

“Yes.” I stopped working on my own pan to watch her. She was sitting on her rock, legs apart, leaning over to dip her pan into the water. Her hair was slightly untidy, making her look as if she belonged in this beautiful wild place. I couldn’t help but look at her as her shorts moulded themselves to her intimate parts and her blouse hung loosely, revealing the upper swell of her breasts. I could feel myself stirring as I looked. God, but she was beautiful, infinitely desirable. But I still couldn’t find the courage.

Carefully she washed the gravel out of the pan until there was only half a cupful of sand left in the bottom.

“I can’t see anything,” she said.

“That just means you’ve done it right,” I said. “Any gold should be in a small patch right at the bottom of the pan. The sand will be covering it.”

I showed her how to swirl the pan with just a little bit of water to uncover whatever might be hidden.

She did and gasped. “Oh, look, I can see it. Lots of tiny pieces.” She was as excited as a child at a birthday party.

I looked in her pan, conscious of her closeness. She had been lucky. There, spread out, were a dozen or so tiny pieces, each much smaller than a pin head. They glistened in the sunlight.

“Like I said, you’ll find some gold. But you would need a lot of those to get rich, or even to pay for the gas.” I told her, smiling with enjoyment at her excitement.

We spent the next hour or so panning gravel. Rather than separate the gold from the final remnants of the gravel, we tipped the concentrate from the dishes into a plastic container. Later I would use mercury to pick out the tiny pieces of gold. It was a very simple process: roll a drop of mercury around with the concentrate in the pan and it would absorb all the gold to form an amalgam. Then all I would need to do was heat the mercury and it would evaporate away to leave a single piece of gold. I always did this very carefully in the open air because mercury vapour is highly toxic.

Then Jenny stood and stretched. Once again my eyes were welded to her magnificent body.

“I feel all cramped up,” she said. “Let’s stop and have something to eat.”

We waded from the river and walked the few step back to our things and I took the picnic food and the bottle of wine from my pack. Jenny produced a large picnic rug from her pack and laid it out.

“To sit on,” she said. Now I understood the reason for the larger than expected pack. I had never thought to bring a rug.

We ate and drank, talking happily, and then decided to explore up the river.

We set off, wading into the deepening water of the pool, moving from submerged rock to submerged rock.

“Help, save me,” Jenny said from just behind me, a little giggle in her voice.

I took my attention from looking for the next step to look at her. She was standing on a submerged rock, but she had misjudged its depth. The water came up to within and inch or so of her crotch. She was pulling her shorts up in an attempt not to get them wet.

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The sight took my breath away. The top of her beautiful bare legs disappearing down into the rippling reflections on the clear water, her shorts pulled up tightly, her superbly shaped body, the laughter in her eyes, the magnificent setting.

“I’ll save you,” I said, laughing back.

I went to back to her, moving from rock to rock. Easily, I lifted her so that she was cradled in my arms, and carried her towards shallower water. Her arms locked around my neck. It was the first time we had ever really touched. Her body felt soft and firm at the same time and so warm to touch. It felt as if an electric shock was running through me.

Jenny’s face was close to mine as we laughed in enjoyment, enjoying our contact. Impulse overcame my timidity. I bent my face to hers and kissed her. She responded, her arms tightening around my neck, holding my mouth on hers. I took a few more steps, and, now in shallower water, set her down on her feet.

Without words, our lips met again. Our arms encircled one another. Our bodies pressed together. The kiss deepened and our lips parted. In moments our tongues were exploring each others’ mouths. She felt and tasted wonderful.

I could feel a tremble running through my body and I was suddenly aware that I had monstrous erection. Self-consciously, I realised that she couldn’t help but feel it as it pressed against her body. Embarrassed, I moved to reduce the pressure.

“No,” she said softly, pressing back against me as I tried to move away. “Don’t. I like it.”

She rubbed against me, her lower stomach against my swollen dick, her breasts against my chest. “I want you,” she whispered as she moved to kiss me again. Her lips were like hot velvet against mine. “I’ve wanted you for a long time,” she breathed.

“I want you too,” I responded.

“Back to the blanket,” she said then, very much in charge.

Holding hands we walked back.

“Here. Put it in the shade. We don’t want to burn any sensitive bits, do we?” she laughed at me as we moved the blanket.

We lay together still dressed, kissing, stroking each other, talking at a new level.

“I want you,” she repeated.

“And I want you. You’ve no idea how much I’ve wanted you.”

“Why didn’t you do anything?”

“I was always afraid. I didn’t want to do anything unwelcome and risk our friendship,” I replied.

“It would always have been welcome,” she told me. “Right from that very first evening. But I could see that you were very fragile. I didn’t want to rush things. But I was beginning to worry that nothing would ever happen.” Her voice was soft and gentle, full of understanding.

She held me tightly for a minute, our bodies pressed together.

Still in charge, she guided my hand to her breast. I marvelled in the firm softness of it and feel of her nipple through her clothes. Then, with trembling hands, I began to unbutton her blouse.

“And my bra,” she said, as she sat up and her blouse slipped from her shoulders. I reached to unclip it.

Her bra off, she lay back, and I looked at her wonder. She had the most superb and sexy breasts. Average sized, but full and wonderfully rounded. Her nipples stood, begging for my touch, as she smiled at me, encouraging.

“Just beautiful,” I told her as I stroked them softly.

“Your shirt,” she said.

In one movement I pulled my t-shirt off over my head.

“Wow,” she said. “Look at that. I knew you were strong and fit. But didn’t know you were muscled like that.” Her hands explored my chest and back as I sat, leaning over her, gently fondling her breasts.

I leant closer and we kissed again. There were no doubts in my mind now, no reservations. We kissed harder, hotly and wetly. I lay beside her again, feeling the bare skin of her body contacting mine. All my body was seemed to be shouting ‘yes, yes’ at me.

“You are unbelievably beautiful,” I told her, kissing her softly on the eyelids.

I moved my lips to her breast and softly kissed her nipple. Then, responding to the signals her body was giving me, I sucked harder on it. She moaned, arching her back to press her breast harder against my face, one hand resting on the back of my head, pulling me towards her. My right hand was touching her other nipple, rolling it gently between thumb and finger.

My hand, almost as if it had a will of its own, moved from her breast and down her body, stroking over her smooth, flat stomach. My finger tips reached under the top of her shorts and then I found and undid the button. Her shorts loose now, I reached lower, feeling through the wiry but soft sensuousness of her pubic hair, moving down, over her mound. She was incredibly hot and wet and she pressed urgently back against my hand as it cupped over her pussy.

She wriggled, pushing her shorts and panties down and then kicking them off. Even as she did this, her hands were unfastening my shorts and delving inside.

She grasped my dick and my breath whooshed out at her hot touch.

“Oh, yes,” she said, pushing at my shorts. A couple of wriggles on my part and I too was naked.

“Oh, what a gorgeous dick,” she said as she held it, squeezing lightly. “May I?”

Before I fully realised what she was asking, she had lowered her mouth to my dick and was gently kissing the shaft. Her tongue appeared from between her lips to lick it.

“Oh, God. Oh God. That’s so good,” I gasped. My hips started to move in response.

She turned her attention to my swollen knob where a drop of moisture had emerged. Looking into my eyes, her whole face alight with her enjoyment, she licked of the droplet and then took my knob into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it and the sensations were unbelievable. Then she slowly took more and more of my dick into her mouth, sucking strongly. I was no longer in control of my body as my hips thrust back at her face, fucking her mouth. Every cell of my being was alight with the sensations that poured through my body.

“Stop, stop,” I moaned. “It’s too intense. You’re too good at that.”

“What,” she said, lifting her head from my dick. “Are you afraid you’re going to come?” She smiled at me, gently teasing.

“Yes, and I don’t want to come yet. Come here and let me return the favour.”

She lay back beside me and I kissed her nipples again. My hand was already busy at her pussy, parting her lips and to feel the hot, wet slipperiness within. I stroked up and down from her clitoris to the entrance to her cunt and then pushed a finger into her.

“Yes,” she cried. “Yes. Fuck me with your finger.”

She bucked against my hand. I started fucking her with my finger, pumping as deep into her cunt as I could and then sliding it out and up to rub over her clitoris. Then I moved my finger down again and back inside her tight cunt, before repeating the motion. My tongue traced a path down her body, across her stomach, through her hair and then to her pussy. Her lips were engorged and parted like a flower to reveal a wonderful soft pearly pinkness within. Her clitoris stood up, pink and erect, and I licked it with the tip of my tongue. She jerked at the contact.

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“Oh God, what are you doing to me? Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

Her movements became stronger and I started to suck on her clitoris in earnest. At the same time, I added a second finger to the one that was now pumping steadily in out of her cunt. She put one hand on the back of my head, holding me to her. Her hips gyrated and thrust back at me, but I found it easy to keep the rhythm.

I became aware of her hands pushing at me, trying to turn me around.

“Fuck me,” she pleaded. “Please fuck me now.”

I knelt between her widely parted legs, and she took my dick in her hand and guided my knob towards her cunt. Softly, she inserted me inside her.

“Yes, that’s what I want. What I need,” she whispered.

The sensations were magnificent. She was so hot and wet and smooth and her cunt gripped my dick like a glove. I could feel my knob parting her inner walls as I thrust in and they slid past, exerting a delightful pressure on me. I stroked slowly in and out, using long slow strokes so that I could extract every ounce of sensation.

“So good, so good,” I murmured in her ear.

I kissed her deeply, aware that she would be able to taste her own juices on my lips. I found the idea turned me on even more, bringing my pleasure to an even higher level.

“You’re too good,” I told her. “I won’t be able to hold off for long.”

She laughed softly with delight. “Don’t worry. Next time you will.”

I thrust faster and harder as the inner tension grew towards levels that were so strong that it was almost unbearable. Jenny thrust back strongly, meeting me on every stroke.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she gasped.

“Oh yes,” I responded. “Fuck me. Oh yes, we’re fucking each other.”

I tensed the muscles in my groin to try and prolong the delicious agony for as long as possible

“Oh, oh, oh, I’m going to come,” she suddenly moaned.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. My sperm jetted out of me, my dick pulsing again and again in an incredibly intense orgasm. The feelings were so strong.

Jenny was moaning loudly and then broke out throatily: “Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes.” I knew that she was coming too.

Gasping, we lay together, holding each other close, my dick still buried deep inside her cunt.

Later we swam naked together in the clear water, brushing and touching intimately all the time, frolicking and playing together. I was hard again and the sensation of the water on my erect dick was both unfamiliar and wonderfully sensuous.

Jenny looked pointedly at my dick. “Catch me,” she challenged playfully, plunging away in the water.

I caught her easily as we splashed around and pulled her back against me. She wriggled her hips delightfully against my hard dick so that it pressed between the cheeks of her arse. My arms were around her, one hand on each breast, pulling her nipples as she arched back against me. Her nipples were large and erect from the combination of the cooler water and my attentions. She turned her head to kiss me on the lips. Impossibly, my dick seemed to grow even harder.

“Here,” she said, taking my dick in her hand and pulling me after her.

She took a few steps through the thigh-deep water to where a large boulder stood up from the water and leant forward against it with one hand. With the other she took my dick and guided it to her pussy as she leant forward with her legs apart to make access easy.

“Fuck me, I want your dick inside me,” she said.

The contrast after the relative coolness of the water accentuated the heat of her cunt. It was electrifyingly good. I pushed in until I was completely engulfed as she pushed herself back against me, her arse grinding deliciously against me. She now had both hands against the rock to increase her leverage.

I took my right hand from her breast and reached down to her pussy so that I could rub her clitoris as we fucked. Her movements became more and more vigorous and her hips gyrated wildly. She took one hand from the rock and placed it over mine to press it harder against her clitoris.

“Harder, harder,” she gasped, between her moans of pleasure.

I rubbed harder and she moaned louder. Her cunt gripped me tighter as she flexed her strong inner muscles. I had no idea that a cunt could be so tight and or could feel so wonderful,. My dick was radiating pleasure to every nerve in my body. So hot, so tight, so wet. I seemed to be able to feel with every nerve in my dick as her smooth cunt walls stroked the full length of my dick up and down.

Then she was coming again

“Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes,” her chant at orgasm rang in my ears. It made me feel so good to bring such pleasure to her.

I kept pumping in and out, more slowly and gently now. But the pleasure levels were so high that I knew that it would only take a few hard strokes and I would be on the verge too.

“I want you to come too,” she said, thrusting harder back at me.

That was all it took. I thrust in and out faster, feeling the sensations build rapidly to the point of no return. And then I came, my sperm spurting from me deep inside her hot and welcoming cunt.

Together, with my arms still locked around her, we collapsed into the water, where we laughed and played together as my dick shrunk back and eventually slid from her cunt.

That night Jenny stayed at my place.

“Peter,” she said as we snuggled together in bed, her lips an inch from mine, her eyes glowing in the soft dim light. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I said, knowing the truth of my words.

“I love you,” I repeated.

“I want to be with you forever,” she whispered.

And it was so.