A Night to Remember Erotic stories

It was a Friday night and Angela stood in front of the mirror in her bathroom. Running a brush through her shoulder length brown hair, she felt unsure, nervous. Her divorce was final today. Angela felt relieved and also scared. At 29 her life was starting over, where it would take her she could only imagine.

Angela’s thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. 7:00 right on time, she murmured under her breath. She took one last look in the mirror, running her hands over hair, straightening. She turned as she walked towards the door and glancing back in the mirror, she checked out her own ass, not bad she thought as a smile appeared on her face.

Angela opened the door with a smile, it was Tracy, her long time friend. The two women hugged as they greeted, complimenting each other on how beautiful the other looked. Tracy was older than Angela at one year shy of 40. Her age did not show. She was a tall, thin blonde with long hair any woman would envy. She had eyes like a cat, green and they seem to always look right through you.

As Angela welcomed Tracy into her apartment, Tracy stated “this will never do.” Angela turned in surprise, “what do you mean?” Tracy replied with laughter in her voice “your outfit my dear.” Angela sighed, looking up at Tracy “what is wrong with my outfit?” Again Tracy laughed “you have been married too long, we are going to a bar to have some fun tonight, not to the office.” Tracy walked right past Angela, down the hall, towards her bedroom. Angela shrugged her shoulders and followed. By the time she got there Tracy was already looking through Angela’s closet. Angela plopped down onto the bed “ok, you win Tracy, find something that will do.” They both laughed.

Tracy was routing through the closet shaking her head, looking back at Angela, back to the closet. This continued for a few minutes when finally Tracy said “here this will definitely do.” Angela looked up to see what Tracy had chosen. It was a blue jean mini skirt and plan little white T- shirt and white sandals. “Ok” said Angela “you’re the boss.” Tracy had a sly grin on her face “keep that thought in mind and tonight will be a night to remember.”

Angela changed into the outfit Tracy had chosen. She looked over her small frame in the full-length mirror. The skirt showed off her legs and the T-shirt hugged her tits very nicely. Angela giggled “ok, you’re right Tracy, not bad, this will do.” Both women laughed and they were out the door. They chatted in the car about the divorce. When they pulled into the parking lot at the bar, Angela said “ok, no more divorce talk, lets have a good time tonight.” Tracy smiled at Angela, patted her knee and said “you got it, let’s go.”

As Angela and Tracy entered the bar, it seemed like a silence fell over the place as every patron took a moment to look over who had just entered. They took a moment to look over the place, spotted an empty table over in the corner and made there way towards it. They settled into there seats just as the waitress approached the table, “what’ll it be?” Before Angela could open her mouth to respond, Tracy had blurted out “2 tequila shooters and a pitcher Heineken.” Angela looked at Tracy “shooters?” Tracy again laughed, “just to set the mood my dear, loosen you up a bit.”

The two women spent the next several hours drinking, talking and laughing. Angela was having a good time. Tracy finally decided to comment on a man at the bar she noticed Angela had been looking at for most of the night. “What do you think of him?” asked Tracy. “Who?” replied Angela. “Oh come now, I have seen you looking at him all night” said Tracy. Angela blushed a little, giggled “well is very nice looking.” Tracy looked up at the man, “indeed he is.” Before Angela could get another word out, Tracy was up and off toward the bar. Angela’s eyes locked on her every move, she felt her self sinking lower in her chair as she reached for her glass of beer. Tracy was now engaged in conversation with the man, he looked over his shoulder, right at Angela. He smiled, she smiled back, taking a big swig off her beer.

Within minutes Tracy was heading back toward the table, the handsome man from the bar, right behind her. Angela took him in as he walked towards her. He was much taller than she thought 6″2 at least, well built strong body, thick wavy black hair, blue eyes. She bit her lip lightly, very nice she thought. “This is Robert” Tracy said to Angela. “Hi Robert, nice to meet you, my name is Angela.” Robert smiled, not hiding the fact he was looking her over from head to toe “Well Hello Angela, the pleasure is all mine.”

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The three enjoyed a long conversation over yet another pitcher of beer and one more round of tequila shooters. They found out that Robert was the owner of the bar. He was 33 and single. “How about a game of pool?” asked Robert. “The bar is closing isn’t it?” asked Angela. Robert laughed, “I own it, it closes only when I say so, besides, we can play without interruption.”

The three left the table in the corner and headed over towards the pool table. Everyone was gone, and Robert walked over, closed the blinds and locked the door. He returned to the pool table and set the balls on the table and handed a cue stick to Angela and said, “you break.” Angela takes the cue stick and walks around to position herself at the end of the table. Tracy is standing next to her, leaning against the table as Angela bends over to line up her shot. She could feel Robert standing right behind her. She pulls the cue stick back, taking aim, and as she begins thrust the cue stick forward, she feels the touch of a hand on the back of her thigh. Angela tenses as she feels a second hand, Tracy’s rubbing her back. Angela closes her eyes and begins to enjoy the goose bumps she feels rising up her body as she thinks to herself, its been a long time.

Angela didn’t know what had come over her, she only knew whatever it was she liked it. She felt herself sinking forward onto the table. Her now hard nipples being pressed as she lowered down, laying her self flat on the table. Tracy got up, walked around, and took up position with Angela, laying chest down on the pool table, face to face with Angela.

Angela felt Robert hands moving up her thighs, pushing her skirt upwards toward her hips. She felt Tracy leaning in towards her, she could feel her warm breath against her lips. Angela tilted her head as Tracy placed her lips onto hers. Angela took a deep breath in, parted her lips slightly and felt Tracy’s warm wet tongue slid over her lips and enter her mouth. There tongues swirling each others, exploring each others mouths.

Robert’s hands had found their way to Angela’s now soaked panties. He pushed her panties slightly off to one side and took his thumb and ran it across the length of her wet pussy, up to her clit, where he began to make slow soft circles on her now very hot, very erect clit.

Angela’s moan vibrated right into Tracy’s mouth, as they continued to kiss. Tracy moved her hands up, pushing them between the table and Angela, finding her way to Angela’s tits. Tracy began to pinch Angela’s hard nipples right through her shirt. Tracy wanted them, with one quick rough movement she flipped Angela over, so she was now on her back on the pool table. Robert followed the motion of Angela’s body, his thumb never leaving her clit. He quickened the pace of his thumb, his circles growing faster and harder on Angela’s clit.

With Angela now on her back, Tracy rose to her knees, crawled forward, grabbed Angela’s shirt and pulled it up. Tracy reached for her now exposed bra, not taking the time to reach around back and un-hook it, she grabbed it, pulled it up and Angela’s tits popped out. Tracy’s mouth went for them. Teasing at first, licking just around the nipple, watching them grow more erect. Tracy took her tongue, and began to flit it across the tip of Angela’s nipple. Angela was moaning with pleasure. Tracy could smell the scent rising from Angela’s pussy, it was driving her crazy, she knew she had to have it. Tracy crawled up further, so she had one knee on either side of Angela’s head, “touch me” said Tracy. With out thinking, Angela took her hands, and lifted Tracy sundress up and out of the way, she saw that Tracy wasn’t wearing any panties, her pussy fully exposed right above her head. Angela ran her hand up Tracy’s inner thigh until she reached her pussy. Tracy was so wet, Angela slid two fingers inside Tracy’s pussy and starting pumping them in and out.

Robert watched these two women in front of him, his cock growing so hard inside his pants. He reached up, with his one free hand, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. He dropped to his knees, as he slid his finger inside of Angela’s pussy and leaned forward to take her clit in his mouth. First licking her clit with his tongue, tasting her and then grabbing it between his lips and sucking her clit it into his mouth. Tracy could see clearly as Robert was finger fucking and eating Angela. “Like that” she said to Angela, “do that to me.” Tracy lowered her hips down, almost smothering Angela. Angela could barely move the fingers she had buried deep in Tracy’s cunt. Angela opened her mouth, extended her tongue and began lapping at Tracy’s cunt, tasting her, tasting another women for the first time. Angela licked at Tracy’s clit, flitting it with her tongue. Tracy responded by moaning loudly. Angela pulled Tracy’s hot swollen bud between her lips and sucked into her mouth greedily, as her fingers pumped in and out of her pussy faster and harder. Tracy lowered herself down as Angela finger fucked and ate her pussy. Tracy placed her hands on the pool table on either side of Angela’s hips. Lowered her head more and started licking at Angela’s clit. Tracy’s tongue brushing against Robert’s as they both worked together, eating Angela.

Angela was lost in pleasure as she pictured in her head what was happening. Robert eating her pussy like a mad man, his fingers and tongue fucking her hard and fast. Tracy kneeling over her with her wet pussy almost smothering her, grinding into her face as Tracy licked, sucked and nibbled on her clit.

Angela released Tracy’s clit and slid her tongue inside Tracy’s pussy with her fingers. Angela’s tongue and fingers, working like little cocks, fucking her. She could feel Tracy’s pussy starting to twitch and tighten. Angela knew she was about to cum and she wanted it. Angela now slid a third finger inside Tracy’s cunt with her tongue and pumped hard, fast and deep. Angela could feel Tracy grinding into her face harder, her clit now rubbing against Angela’s chin. Tracy released Angela’s clit from her mouth, sat upright on Angela’s face, let out a loud deep moan, and Angela felt a rush of wetness wash over her face, filling her mouth as Tracy came. Angela drank every drop enjoying the sweet taste that filled her mouth.

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“Oh my God” screamed Tracy. “Now its your turn my dear” Tracy directed at Angela. Tracy crawled off of Angela’s face and off of the pool table. Her knees shaking from the orgasm that just took over her body, she held onto the pool table as she made her way to the end of the table where Robert’s face was still buried deep in Angela’s cunt. Tracy leaned down, whispering in Robert’s ear “roll her over.” Robert did as he was asked and rolled Angela over, returning her to a face down position on the pool table. Tracy knelt down behind Robert wrapping her arms around him. Tracy watched as Robert continued to eat and finger fuck Angela’s pussy. Angela had moved her hands to her tits, rolling and pinching her nipples with her fingers.

Tracy reached her hands inside of Robert’s pants, feeling his enormous rock hard cock for the first time. She sunk herself against his back, her tongue licking his neck. With a quick motion, Tracy turned Robert around. He spun from his knees to sitting on his ass. “Keep going” Tracy directed to Robert. He tilted his head upward, looking right into Angela’s pussy, and resumed eating her.

Tracy knelt on the floor between Robert’s legs, reached for his pants and began to slid them off. Tracy grabbed his cock with her hands and began slowly pumping it up and down. She lowered her head to his cock. Tracy licked her lips as her tongue slid out of her mouth. Starting at his balls, Tracy placed her tongue, flat against Robert’s cock and licked up the length of his shaft. Working her way toward the head. She circled her tongue over the head, pushing her tongue into the small slit on the head of his cock Tracy finally took the head of Robert’s cock between her lips, sucking it into her mouth. As Tracy’s tongue licked and flitted over Robert’s cock, she sucked it in deeper to her mouth, inch by inch, savoring it. Robert was bucking his hips upwards in response to Tracy’s movements on his cock, his moans vibrating into Angela’s pussy.

Angela’s moans were coming faster and louder. Tracy knew she was about to come and she wanted it. She straightened up on her knees. Moved in closer and began eating Angela with Robert. Angela now had the pleasure of both their tongues working on her pussy. Tracy took Robert’s cock in her hand and pumped as she lapped at Angela’s clit. Angela began bucking her hips wildly, her moans growing louder, she arched her back and screamed out as she felt her orgasm release. Her wetness flowed from her, soaking both Robert and Tracy. Robert and Tracy frantically lapped at Angela, sucking in her sweet juices.

Angela lay still on the pool table, completely lost in pleasure. Tracy had returned to Roberts cock. Tracy was sucking his cock, licking it, her hand working as she pumped his shaft up and down. She moved her other hand in, grabbing his balls, squeezing them. Angela could hear both of them moaning. She sat up to see what they were doing. She liked what she saw. She hopped off the table and positioned herself behind Tracy. Angela got on her knees, lifted Tracy dress and lowered her mouth to Tracy’s pussy. Angela grabbed Tracy’s ass cheeks pulling at them. Tracy moaned. Angela moved her tongue from Tracy’s cunt and start lapping at her ass, licking with fast short flits of her tongue. Tracy pushed her hips back hard into Angela’s face. Angela reached her hand up and starting rubbing Tracy’s clit as she continued to lick her pussy and ass. Tracy was so lost in the pleasure her mouth was now just open over Robert’s cock. He scooted back pulling his cock slowly from her mouth as she lowered her head to the floor, moaning.

Robert took up position behind Angela, kneeling behind her he started rubbing her clit. Angela raised her hips higher towards him in response. Angela began licking harder, her fingers pumping into Tracy’s pussy faster and deeper. Tracy was wiggling her hips, pushing them into Angela’s face. Robert grabbed Angela’s ass spreading her cheeks wide. He wanted to fuck her. He took his cock in his hand and ran the head over her pussy and clit, teasing her with it. With one swift hard thrust Robert rammed is cock deep into Angela’s pussy, she screamed out. Tracy wanted to watch this. She crawled forward, away from Angela. She sat, legs spread wide, her fingers moving towards her pussy. Tracy began rubbing her clit. She took two fingers and dipped them into her soaked hole. She sat there finger fucking herself as she watched Robert fuck Angela.

Angela could not believe the size of the cock that was now balls deep inside her. She thought it might tear her pussy open, and that thought got her even hotter. “Fuck me, fuck me hard” she screamed. Her hips bucking in unison with Roberts. Angela could feel every inch of Robert’s huge member inside her. Robert continued to thrust in and out of Angela’s cunt violently, slamming into hard, his balls slapping against her clit. He could feel Angela’s pussy growing tighter around his cock, feel it twitch, he knew she was about to cum. He grabbed her hips hard with his hands and pulled her in as he thrust his cock deeper and harder into her. Angela screamed out, like a wild woman. Her entire body thrashing as the orgasm washed over her. Tracy moved in closer to Angela, her own fingers still buried deep inside her pussy. Tracy lowered her head down, and kissed Angela deep and hard on the mouth, Angela responded, kissing her back.

The two women lay there on the floor kissing, Robert moved towards Tracy, removed her hand form her pussy and ran his cock over it. Angela and Tracy lay together on the floor, kissing, hands caressing each other’s bodies. Feeling each other’s tits. Robert thrust his hips forward and pushed the head of his cock into Tracy’s soaked pussy. Angela kissed down Tracy’s neck, moving lowering. Angela cupped Tracy’s tit in her hand as she moved toward it, licking and kissing. Angela took Tracy’s nipple into her mouth, sucking it hard. Robert’s cock was thrusting in and out of Tracy’s pussy. He was fucking her so hard and so deep. Tracy could feel his cock swelling getting even bigger inside her. “I want it,” she said. He pulled out, rose to his feet, pumping his cock. “Both of you take it” Robert said. Tracy and Angela both rose to their knees, their hands moving to him. Caressing his balls, licking him as he pumped his cock hard and fast. Robert began to moan, his grip on his cock getting harder his pumping getting faster. With a loud groan, his cum was finally released, shooting out in huge spurts, covering the faces of Tracy and Angela. The two women took it greedily, licking his cum from their lips, leaning in together as both of their tongues lapped at his cock. Robert dropped to his knees. In awe over the intensity of the orgasm he just had. The three of them sat there together on the floor caressing and kissing one another.

“How about a drink,” Robert asked, as he stood and walked over to the bar. He returned to the floor handing Tracy and Angela each a glass of beer. Angela raised her glass with a smile, “here’s to a night to remember.”