A Quiet Drink Erotic story

Last orders were being called, soon we would have to leave the warmth of the Fish and Mullet. Outside it was sleeting down, I didn’t fancy the long walk up Clovers Hill, oh how I wished the walk home was down instead of up. Janet was lucky she only lived around the corner, so for me it was a lonely trudge home.

“Are we going then?” I asked Janet.

“Yes I suppose we better brave the elements,” she replied with a sigh.

As we exited the pub the chill wind and hard rain beat against our faces almost taking our breath away and with chattering teeth we bid each other farewell.

I tucked my collar up tight to my face and began walking home, each step was an effort as I walked slowly into the wind as it tried its best to force me backwards.

As I turned the first corner with the hill laid out before me I could see two guys up ahead standing on the doorstep to John’s flat. I easily remembered their names because it was unusual to have two friends with the same name, even though the other guy was the same name it was spelt different, J O N as he liked to point out.

I didn’t know them that well but we had chatted a couple of times before in the pub, they seemed to be quite friendly guys.

As I got closer to them Jon recognised me and shouted a greeting. I waved back thinking how nice it would be if I lived this close.

I was almost adjacent to his front gate when Jon called to me again, this time he joked that I should tie a large rubber band to myself and connect it to my front door so that I could spring back home. It wasn’t in the least bit funny but I couldn’t help giggling, I suppose the drink and the ludicrousness of his proposal just tickled me.

I stopped to talk to them even though the coldness was bringing me out in goosebumps. We chatted for a while but the cold was really getting to me so I was slowly easing my way forward. John must have noticed me shivering, he always came across as the kinder of the two.

“Would you like to come in for a coffee or something,” he asked ever so politely.

I thought to myself why is it that no one ever says tea, it’s always coffee yet we are allegedly a nation of tea drinkers, just another Americanism I suppose.

I thought of declining his offer but then thought better of it, it was early, well at least for a Saturday night, I had nothing to rush home for except my little pussy, cat that is.

“Yes I would like a drink, but something a little stronger than coffee if you have it,” I replied with some relief in my voice.

John opened the front door and beckoned me to enter before him, always the gentleman I thought. His flat was up two flights of stairs and by the time I had reached the top I felt a lot warmer, it was either the central heating or the exercise, I didn’t mind which, it just felt better.

“What would you like to drink then,” enquired John, with the look of a man who could have fulfilled any request.

“Do you have any wine?”

John nodded back a yes.

“White then please,” I replied.

He returned from the kitchen with a glass of wine for me and drinks for himself and Jon. Now when I say a glass of wine I under exaggerate, it was a half-full pint glass.

“I never expected this much, you’re not trying to get me drunk, or should I say drunker?” I asked.

“No as if I would, it’s just I don’t have any small glasses, they accidentally got broken when my ex threw them at me a couple of months ago, just after I asked her to leave. Before you ask she felt that I spent more time with Jon than with her so she gave me an choice, her or Jon, it was no contest.”

Cassye, Lauro Giotto, James Brossman

An innocent smile crossed his face as he finished speaking, his gorgeous blue eyes shining like a torch in the wilderness.

Pull yourself together, don’t get carried away, these guys come as a pair I thought to myself. Then the thought of what had crossed my mind brought a frown to my face, I didn’t mean it that way, well I don’t think so, no definitely no. I wiped the thoughts well out of my head.

“You looked worried,” said Jon with a look of concern. “You’re safe with us we aren’t going to seduce you or anything.”

“I wasn’t worried, just felt someone walk over my grave,” I replied defensively.

We spoke for ages about everything and nothing, I’m sure my glass was even refilled somewhere along the way, but I couldn’t remember.

“Would you like a game of something?” said John, as a short length of silence filled the room.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Trivial pursuit, dominoes, snakes and ladders and… and…..”

“And what?” I interjected.

“Strip poker,” said Jon but with a hint of hesitancy in his voice.

I smiled to myself, guys certainly have their brains below the belt.

“I should have known, you’re just as bad as any other guys, sex, sex, sex. That’s all you ever think of.”

“I never mentioned sex, did I mention sex, no. Just a friendly game of strip poker, one game that’s all, no harm in that. Did I mention sex? John did I mention sex?”

John nodded his head, “he never mentioned sex,” confirmed John.

“You may not of mentioned sex, but if I had agreed, once naked you would want sex, am I right.”

“No,” replied John.

“Okay in plain English, if I was sitting here stark naked you wouldn’t want to fuck me.”

“No, of course not, what do you take us for. So do you fancy a game of strip poker or not, and anyway be honest its every woman’s fantasy to have two men at once.”

“You mean its every mans fantasy to believe that its every woman’s fantasy to have two men at once,” I replied with a feeling that I had just won the final at Wimbledon

I had to admire their persistence. I raised the glass to my lips sipping on my drink slowly to give me thinking time. They weren’t bad looking or anything, if I did I could always blame the drink.

I lowered the glass, “okay I’ll play but with a few of my rules. If I lose you can both screw me,” their ears pricked up at this, no pun intended of course. “But if either of you lose then the one naked is shagged by the other one.”

I knew this would put an end to their shenanigans. There was complete silence. Their faces dropped I was on a roll.

“Okay maybe that is a bit unreasonable, instead the one naked gives a blow job to the other one, and swallows,” game set and match to me I thought.

The silence continued for a while, they looked at each other and if by extra sensory perception they both spoke at once and agreed. I was stunned, I had just lost the tie break.

John brought a coffee table into the centre of the room and fetched cards from a cupboard. We sat around it as if it was a campfire. My heart was beating fast I don’t know if it was from fear or expectation. Either way I was getting hot around the collar.

John explained that it was not really poker but simply the lowest card loses. The highest card determines which item of clothing is removed. Simple rules I thought, but god knows how I could remove clothing before the top clothes. Still I had less chance of losing as there were two of them so I felt quite safe.

The cards were dealt into three packs and as if to assure me that no skulduggery was going on John let me select the pack I wanted. I slid the pack nearest me across the table then changed my mind and swapped it with Jon’s pack.

“Well who starts?” I asked. “Alright I will.”

I turned my card over, it was a five, a smile crossed both their faces. John then turned his card over, a jack. Finally Jon turned his card over, relief crossed my face it was a two.

“Right Jon, trousers off I think,” might as well go for the jugular I thought.

“Hold on, just a minute,” blurted John, “I had the highest card so I say what comes off, take a sock off.”

Well poo I thought, jumped the gun a bit there.

The next round Jon lost again and this time it was his trousers that came off. It wasn’t Jon’s night because he lost again with me winning and off came his underpants.

As he stepped out of them his cock was semi-erect and even so was not a bad size, nothing extraordinary but not bad. He looked a little embarrassed and tried to cover himself, I stared at him and said don’t you dare.

John lost the next round and a sock came off, so far so good.

The next I lost and my jumper was gone, and the next round my bra was gone. I didn’t hesitate taking it off, I knew my body was pretty good.

This temporarily brought the game to a halt as they both stared at my bare tits, I could feel the hardness of my nipples and the pulsing of my heart hammering against the inside, I now wanted to lose, I wanted them, I needed them. I could feel the first signs of dampness between my legs, the electricity charging through my body. I had never felt so much in need of sex before, my body was aching for it.

“I’m sorry guys but there is no way I can continue with this game.”

“Oh come on, don’t be such a spoilsport it’s just a bit of fun.”

“That’s not what I mean,” I nervously said. “You can have me, both of you, but I want it now.”


They made no move to put me out of my misery, so I began removing the rest of my clothes until I was completely naked. I stood before them. Still they did not move, through shock or what I don’t know. Maybe they really didn’t want to do it. I could stand it no longer. I was horny, I was hot, wet and ready for anything. I eased my fingers inside my cunt, if they were going to do nothing then I would release my own frustration. It felt good, no I lie it felt wonderful. I sat back on the sofa, opened my legs wide, closed my eyes and while one hand was squeezing my nipples my other hand continued to ease my frustration, at least three of my fingers were.

I could feel the heat rising between my legs, my toes began twitching I was coming, both of the guys were watching me masturbate myself to an orgasm. I lost control of myself groaning, writhing from side to side, it exploded upon me like none I had ever had before.

I collapsed into a heap, my fingers still rubbing my clitoris, but ever so gentle now. My eyes remained closed, I didn’t want to move, ever. It was then my hand was moved away and the gentle movement of a tongue up and down my slit made me shiver at last there was life in these guys.

His tongue probed into me, I could do nothing more than let them do what ever they wanted because I wanted it too.

A finger pressed against my anus made me clinch my legs together tightly around his head. It was so nice I wanted it deeper in me and my wish was granted as inch by inch he inserted his finger up my arse, twisting it back and forth as he did so.

I wondered what it would be like to have a cock in both holes and to make sure it happened I slid off the sofa pushing John onto his back on the floor.

I mounted him, his throbbing cock sinking deep into me, my body riding it slowly up and down, my cunt slipping over his cock letting it come almost out then sucking it back in again.

I looked up and beckoned Jon over indicating with just a nod to take me from behind. He understood and very quickly was behind me, his helmet pushing against my arse, for a moment I thought he wouldn’t enter me but after the first bit of pressure it slid in easily inch by inch.

Three orgasms hit me one after the other as between them they pushed and thrust into me, never had I ever felt such sensations before

My arse and cunt were burning up, the sensations wracking my body and bringing more and more orgasms. I had lost count of the thrilling sensations making every part of my body tingle when in unison they both came together.

Jon collapsed on top of me as the other John swung his hands up and around me to stop the movement. Jon rolled off me and I rolled off of John.

We all three lay there for what seemed ages, the heavy breathing of us all slowly subsiding. I didn’t want to move, ever.

The thoughts of what I had done suddenly overwhelmed me with guilt. What would they think of me, but hold on what did I think of them. Dirty sods, then I was too. Oh shit who cares it was worth it.

I awoke early the next morning, I was covered over with a blanket. Both the John’s were missing. I pulled back the cover and felt embarrassed by my own nakedness. Quietly I rounded up my clothes and got dressed, crept down the stairs and out of the door. As I walked up the hill the memory returned, it kept me warm all the way home.