A Sex Story For Women

His name was John. I knew because I’d heard him answer his phone but I didn’t get the last name. I’d seen him every morning since I started working in the newsagents He’d rush in on his way to work, buy a pack of Marlboro, pay with the right change and leave just as fast as he’d come in. I’d always wanted him to say something to me but he just didn’t seem to notice anybody. Jane, my supervisor, who was in her late forties and had worked there since anyone could remember, had said “He fancies you he does,” and I’d giggled out of embarrassment.

“I don’t think so, he’s never even looked at me let alone said anything,” I replied. “Always says ‘ello to me, he does. That’s how I know. If he didn’t fancy ya, he’d talk to ya stands to reason it does, he’s just a bit shy,” she’d said.

I couldn’t quite see it myself, but it made me happy to hear her say it.

One morning he arrived, looking as smart as ever wearing a three piece suit, briefcase in one hand and mobile in the other held to the side of his beautiful, clean shaven face. He was talking hurriedly one minute then the battery ran flat and cut him off. He dropped his case and stood there furiously bashing at the dead buttons but it was useless. He gave up on the phone, opened his jacket and slid the phone into his inside pocket.

“Excuse me but may I use your phone, it’s very important?” he said.

It was the first time he’d ever spoken to me, I was taken off my stride by his soft and syrupy voice.

“Oh, let me just ask my boss. We’re not allowed to let customers behind the counter,” I said desperately trying to hide my embarrassment, even though I knew that I’d started to blush.

I found Jane in the stockroom and told her what had happened. She said I’d have to go into the office with him and so long as he wasn’t making a long distance call to him auntie in Australia it’d be alright. I went back to the counter and told him that he could use the office phone then asked him to follow me through. All I could think was how beautiful he was, and with every step I took I knew that his eyes were fixed on my skirt, watching my arse wiggle as he followed me along the narrow passageway.

We passed Jane in the narrow corridor as she headed out to the front of the shop and to my utter disbelief she said with a laugh,

“You two behave yourselves in there now.”

I was consumed by self-consciousness and thought I’d die on the spot.

We walked into the dimly lit office and I stood in front of the cluttered desk moving paperwork from on top of the phone. I turned round and said

“Mrs Walker says you can’t phone any auntie’s in Australia,” hoping that it would make the atmosphere easier.

“I don’t have any aunties.” He said

“It was a joke, I thought it was funny myself.”

Oh, right, I see,”

he said as the sides of his mouth broke into a smile displaying his white teeth.

“A bit of a comedienne, is she?”

“I suppose so, she keeps us all sane working in this place,” I replied.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to stay with you while you’re in the office, security, you know. I hope that’s not a problem.”

“No problem at all, I’ll be quick anyway. It was just one of my clients getting jittery about some shares he bought last week. Seems the price dropped suddenly overnight. I’d told him it would happen and it was nothing to worry about, I’ll only need a few seconds to calm him down.”

He made his call while I stood in the doorway. I was watching his mouth as he spoke and suddenly realised that I really fancied him. I’d had several relationships in my twenty two years but it seemed that the men I went out with were only interested until they got into bed with me and then they were off chasing some other piece of skirt. John looked like a genuine sort of guy, he oozed class.

When the call was finished he gently replaced the handset and looked up at me with a fixed smile and said.

“There, all sorted now. I knew he’d calm down and it would all be alright. Now, what am I going to do to repay you for your kindness; how about dinner tonight?”

I was surprised by his forwardness. He hadn’t spoken to me in all that time I’d served him then just one good deed and he’s asking me out. Before I could think about my answer, I heard myself saying, “Yes, fine. What time?”

“Excellent,” he said “I’ll meet you in town after work. Do you know The Bowling Green in Convent Garden?”

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“Errrm, I’ll find it,” I said “What time?”

“I’m usually finished by six thirty so let’s say seven thirty. OK?”

We said nothing else as we walked back through the corridor and out into the sales area. He waved as he walked out of the door and then repeated

“Seven thirty, Bowling Green.”

I told Jane what had happened and she gloated about having known all along that he’d fancied me

“Must ‘ave been a little embarrassed himself, he forgot to buy his fags!” she said with a laugh.

I finished work and decided to get a few things from the shops. Nothing in particular, I just wanted to make a bit of an effort, maybe a new perfume, perhaps some new underwear not that John would be seeing it, I just wanted to feel good about myself and buying new things always made me happy.

By six I was ready and kicking my heels waiting for the taxi to show up. My flat was about ten minutes from the city and then the walk through Convent Garden looking for somewhere I’d never been before. I knew I’d be there early but the last thing I wanted was to be rushing and end up all sweaty when I arrived.

I found the Bowling Green and went inside. There were little old fashioned booths all around the place and the light was dim, almost like candlelight. The barman asked me what I’d like to drink.

“White wine and soda, please.” I said as I sat down on a stool at the end of the bar. God, I was nervous.

John arrived at exactly seven thirty. He strode through the door like he owned the place. He saw me immediately and smiled one of those gleaming smiles as he cast his eyes over me.

“You look fantastic.” He said.

I smiled and blushed a bit.

“I’m really sorry about this but I never asked your name.” He said.

“Sarah and you’re John, right?”

“Right, how did you know that?” he asked.

“Oh, You’d be surprised how much a girl can learn about people without them saying anything Actually, I heard you answering your phone one day in the shop.”

We laughed and that set the tone for the rest of the night.

He ordered drinks and we went into one of the empty booths. He took off his jacket and unbuttoned his waistcoat before sitting down opposite me. Next was the tie and unbuttoning his shirt to show just below the collar. I watched intently and found myself imagining the rest of his body. He was in his early thirties and was a regular in the gym, he played squash with one of his workmates. Never married, a true career guy. He seemed perfect.

We stayed in the pub for most of the evening, I was drinking white wine spritzers and he was on expensive bottled water. I was beginning to feel a little drunk and remember asking why he wasn’t drinking. He told me that he lived north of the city and had his car outside, for some reason I didn’t think he had a car, none of my friends did. Then he said that we really should get going if we were to have dinner before the restaurants all close.

We strolled out of the Bowling Green and walked around the side of the building. He strolled over to a gleaming Porsche and told me to get in.

“Wow, I’ve never been in one of these before,” I said, trying not to sound too impoverished.

“It’s just a car, come on hop in.”

We got in the car and set off for what I can only describe as the most romantic meal I have ever had. He’d planned this alright, flash restaurant where most people can’t get a table even at a weeks notice.

John was charming and very easy to be with. I really liked this guy.

After dinner he told me that he had to prepare for a heavy day full of meetings and needed some rest. He suggested that we called it a night and offered to take me home. He drove me back to my flat and as he pulled up I decided that it wouldn’t be reasonable for me not to invite him in for coffee. He accepted and we held hands in the lift to the eighteenth floor.

Once inside, I made coffee and John chose some music from my collection of c.d.s in the sitting room. When I came in he was sitting on the settee and said.

“I prefer classical music at this time in the evening,” he said “but this is fine for now.”

I passed him a cup and our eyes met. I don’t remember how long we were looking at each other but his gaze had me transfixed. I felt like a rabbit in a car’s headlights, powerless to move. Then, without looking away he took my coffee cup, sat it down on the table, leaned back and then reached his muscular arm around my shoulders. I was pulled forwards and our lips met. We kissed long and deep. I felt as though I was totally under his control.

He drew his arm upwards, cradling the back of my neck with his hand, slowly massaging me and letting my hair fall over the back of his hand. His other hand began to move its way up my side. Glancing against my breast and continuing until it reached my armpit. Then it followed down my arm all the way to my hand. He gripped my fingers and entwining our hands as he raised our arms skywards. The hand left mine and ran back down my arm. Both of his hands were behind my neck now and I felt the zipper on the back of my dress begin it’s journey downwards. He was undressing me in my living room and I knew that I couldn’t stop him even if I had wanted to.

I couldn’t speak, I don’t think I wanted to anyway

“Here or in your bedroom?” I heard him say.

“Anywhere you like,” I replied totally entranced.

He stood up and dragged me to my feet. I could see the bulge in the front of his trousers and without thinking, reached out to feel it. His cock was so hard and bursting to get out. I lowered his zip as he pulled my gaping dress forwards over my shoulders and let it fall to the carpet. I stepped out of the crumpled pile of cloth on the floor and stood in front of him in my lacy thong knickers and stockings, he gasped in appreciation. I reached out to unfasten his belt and trousers and then set about his shirt. He had an erection like I’d never seen before. It looked as though it really was going to burst, the foreskin was pulled back and it’s head was an angry purple.

I slid his shirt over his shoulders to reveal his muscular chest and strong arms.

“On your knees and suck me,” he demanded.

I did exactly as I was told. Taking his cock in both hands, I knelt before in as in some bizarre act of worship. I opened my mouth and slid my lips around his hugely thick cock as he thrust forwards making me gag a little. Gently I bit, chewed and sucked on his dick and he groaned in ecstasy. I pushed the end of my tongue into the slit at it’s top and gently squeezed at his heavy ball sack.

“Stop now or I’ll cum.” He moaned.

I didn’t care, I wanted him to cum and I wanted it in my mouth, I wanted to please him.

I used my spare hand to wank his foreskin back and forward never stopping my rhythmic strokes with my lips and tongue. Suddenly I felt him tense and then jet after jet of his jism spurted into my eager mouth.

John’s head had rolled backwards and he was moaning softly.

“Ah, baby you’re fantastic,” he said, “now it’s your turn.”

He reached out for my hand and lifted me onto my feet then he kissed me again. Not many guys would do that after they’d shot their load into a girls mouth. Then he led me to the settee and placed both of my hands onto its back so that I was bent forwards over the cushions with him standing behind me.

“Stand there and do not move,” he said.

I felt him run his hands from my shoulders all the way down my spine to my buttocks and then he grasped one in each hand, squeezing tightly but not hard enough to hurt. I was wondering what he was going to do when he pulled the thong from between by cheeks and sank his face into my crack. He inhaled deeply and then began to lick his way around my cunt. I was desperate for him to touch me but he wouldn’t, I wanted to feel his tongue on my cuntlips but he just teased around the edge. I repositioned myself so that he couldn’t avoid my clit and then I felt the sting of his hand on my arse, it was as sharp as the noise that echoed around the room.

“I told you not to move,” he snarled.

Then he looped his thumbs into the waistband of my knickers and wrenched so hard that they cut into my skin just before the lacey material split and they were dropped to the floor. I looked round to see John crouched down behind me he was playing with his cock and it was rapidly growing back to it’s former size.

“Spread your legs. Now!”

I did as I was told for fear of another ringing slap on my arse, I wasn’t scared or anything, truth be known I actually liked the way he’d slapped me, it was a new experience and it let me know that he was the boss. All the same, I kept my head down so that I could watch what he was doing.

I was so turned on by the situation I found myself in, John was kneeling behind me sniffing at my wet cunt and pulling at his cock. Then he lifted his mouth and contact was made his tongue slipped right inside me and I felt my knees go weak as I teetered, desperately trying to regain my balance.

“You don’t speak from now on!” and I didn’t. He had become a wildman, furiously licking at my dripping pussy. I had become a grateful recipient, loving every frenzied stroke of his tongue and my cunt juice was flooding down my legs like I had never known before.

John stopped licking my cunt and stood up, he jammed his hand between my legs and massage my cuntlips with his fingers, then I felt both of his hands on my buttocks, pulling me apart. Oh, my god, he’s going to fuck me I thought to myself. His fingernails were digging into the flesh of my arse and I could hear him panting like a dog, I began to cum and knew that I was going to flood.

My juice ran over his frenzied hands and down the insides of my thighs. He kicked my ankles apart to open my legs and I could feel the tip of his cock butting against my cunt. Then he entered me. “Fuck, he was big!” so big that it hurt. I felt like I was being fucked by a watermelon. He stood behind me thrusting his cock deep into my body, his speed and ferocity was building all the time, he grunted with each dynamic thrust. I could feel his sweat running down between the front of his legs and my buttocks, I was being fucked harder than I had ever known before.

Just then he stopped, withdrew and knocked the back of my knees, sending me straight to the floor via the front of the settee. I landed and rolled onto my back with my legs spread. John was towering above me, his muscular torso was dripping sweat from his furious efforts me and his expressionless face sent a shiver through my bones. He lowered himself onto me, forcing my knees apart with his thumbs and exposing my dripping pussy. With one great stab his cock was back inside me and the relentless thrusting began again.

He moved his hands underneath me and gripped my buttocks, I could feel his nails digging into my soft skin and knew that I was being marked. His head was thrown back and the trails of sweat ran down between the lines of muscle and over his stomach, pooling where our bodies met. His grip tightened as the strokes became more frenzied and then he began to groan. It sounded like a wild animal, trapped and in pain. Then I felt the pressure building and waves of electricity ran through me as he gushed his cum deep into my sopping cunt.

He lay on top of me for a few minutes without speaking then as his limp cock slid out of me, he lifted himself onto his hands and knees and moved himself backwards. He lowered his face onto my breasts and slowly moved down, licking over my belly and down to my cunt. He wormed his tongue into me and began to suck and chew at my cuntlips, slurping our juices out. He licked at me for ages sending me into rapture then without warning he stopped, calmly stood up, dressed and left the flat. He didn’t say a word.

I eventually composed myself and had a shower, there were nails marks deep in my flesh all down my buttocks and inner thighs, there were raised welts all down my back where he had scratched me and the water stung and burned as it cascaded over my bruised body. I dried myself off and went to bed, I was wondering if I’d been raped and also if I’d be seeing John Bruise for his Marlboro in the morning.