A Slut’s Sex Story

“I’ll give the money back. Please don’t call the police. I’m really sorry.”

I was in conference with the big boss and she was so mad her face turned red.

It started earlier in the day when I was informed that I had to report to Miss Hecate’s office at 3 PM sharp. I’d never set foot in the inner sanctum and had no idea what she wanted. When I saw the two paychecks laying on her desk, my eyes filled with tears.

“Katie McN, you knew the computer overpaid you. Four thousand dollars is a lot of money to steal from a company that’s been so good to you. You’re the youngest Telecommunications Product Manager we’ve ever had and now you’ve gone and thrown your career away.”

Two weeks ago my paycheck had an extra two thousand in it. Same thing last week. I had some unexpected expenses and was really short of funds so the windfall looked like an opportunity to catch up. I was going to pay it back eventually, but I really needed the money now to help pay my bills and so…

“I’m going to call the police, Katie. It’s company policy. The amount raises the crime to a felony so you’ll be doing some jail time, no doubt. You’re finished professionally and all for this little bit of money. I just can’t believe it.”

“I was having money problems, Miss Hecate, and I thought I’d borrow the money until I got back on my feet. I didn’t think it was stealing.”

Of course I knew it was theft and now I was caught. I was going to lose everything I had and end up in jail for who knows how long.

“There may be a way out of this, Katie. The Board of Directors really wants that Wheeler account you pitched three weeks ago. If you close it, I could say the money was a bonus and no one would be the wiser.”

The product demonstration went very well. I thought for sure the sale was already in the bag and told everyone that I had another success to add to this year’s total. Well, I was wrong. No one at Wheeler would even take a call from me and I was frantic. What happened to change things?

“I don’t think we have a chance with them, Miss Hecate. I can’t even get them to return my calls.”

“Don’t worry about it, Katie. I have an idea how you can make the sale. We’ll go over the details at dinner tonight. Be at my place promptly at 7 PM.”

There was some talk that Miss Hecate might be a lesbian. If so, I knew what she would want in payment for her help. Well, I was ready to do anything to save my job and not go to jail.

Miss Hecate showed me around her home and then we sat down for one of the most elegant dinners I’ve ever had. There were seven courses with the correct wine served with each. I’d never had Cherries Jubilee and the dessert tasted even better washed down with several glasses of Schramsburg Mirabelle Brut.

I was a bit tipsy when we adjourned to the sitting room where she insisted I have a B & B and coffee while we talked. We discussed everything but work and she never mentioned the horrible problem she uncovered today. I felt quite relieved at first.

“Katie, I’m disappointed in you. We would have worked something out, but you took the coward’s way and now you have to pay a price.”

Yes, I’d thought of telling her what I did, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Now I wished I had, but it was too late for thoughts like that.

“You’ve let me down and it will take some time before I can trust you again. Perhaps that day will never come.”

The look on her face said so much more. She seemed torn between making a last effort to help me and just washing her hands of the whole thing.

“Please, isn’t there a way to get by this problem? You said something about making the Wheeler sale and perhaps calling the money a bonus.”

“No, that won’t work, Katie. The accountants would notice the payment before the sale. I can’t take a chance that we’d get caught.”

She said we had to make it look like a loan. I agreed to sign the loan document she gave me and put my copy in my purse. I didn’t have the money to repay the loan, but at least I wasn’t going to jail.

“I called the Wheeler Company myself and had no trouble reaching the Head of Procurement. He said he liked everything he saw at your demo and is willing to buy, subject to one condition.”

There was a chance I might get out of this after all. I was beginning to feel relieved until I heard the condition. I couldn’t believe it. What kind of a low life person do they think I am?

“You can’t make me go over there and fuck everyone who was at the sales presentation, Miss Hecate. I don’t care if they think I’m hot. I decided a long time ago to make it on hard work and I’d never use sex to get ahead. It’s against everything I believe.”

“Katie, Katie, Katie. Not only are you going to trade your ass for a signature, but you’re going to make everyone there think you like it.”

“No I’m not. I’ve got the loan papers in my purse and you haven’t got a thing on me now, Miss Hecate.”

“Oh Katie dear, you didn’t read what you signed. How thoughtless. You signed a confession, not a loan paper, and the original is tucked safely away now and won’t be seen again unless I have to give it to the police.”

She was right. I read my copy and realized that it was a confession. I admitted my guilt and promised to pay back the debt once I got out of a drug rehab. My god, I confessed to theft, drug addiction, forgery and several other crimes that would put me away for a long time.

“You’re going to go over to the Wheeler Company and do everything they want. Everything. Do you understand?”

Jail wasn’t something I believed in either and I somehow found myself agreeing to trade my body for my freedom.

Last time I visited the Wheeler Corporation I was dressed like a young woman on the way up. Today I looked like a hooker from some trailer park who was sure she was on her way down. The tiny mini-skirt barely covered the straps holding up my seamed stockings. Well, barely covered me unless I moved too fast in which case people got to see a lot of my private parts. It was so tight and form fitting that you could see the dimple on my left ass cheek.

The push up bra made it real easy for people to tell I was a girl and the skimpy tank top didn’t do much to hide things. I had to practice walking in the four inch heels for two hours just so I wouldn’t fall over making my entrance.

A slight breeze reminded me that I wasn’t wearing any panties. One false move and I’d be putting on a show for anyone who happened to be looking in my direction. And the make up. God, I felt like Salvador Dali’s practice dummy.

Worst of all was the hair. I’d been able to add a new meaning to the words ‘Big Hair’. My hair was so teased out and lacquered I felt like I was wearing a giant scrub pad for a hat.

As I walked into the front door of the Wheeler Company, I could feel the people staring at me as if I was the living definition of the word slut.

“Come in Katie, everyone is waiting for you.”

There were ten people in the room. I knew most of them from the last time I visited the company. I wasn’t very happy standing there in my hooker uniform, but I could tell from all the looks I was getting no one else was having a problem with it. I felt my face heat up from embarrassment, but didn’t think anyone could see my blush through all the make up.

The Head of Procurement was a middle aged fat man and the rest of the people in the room seemed to be about the same. Even the two women managed to look more disgusting than most people their age. I promised Miss Hecate that I would act like I enjoyed everything they wanted me to do, no matter how bad it got. Just being in the room with these people was horrid now that we all knew why I was there.

“Okay, Katie, Hecate told me you’d be willing to do anything to get us to sign the contract. I didn’t get to be Head of Procurement by giving the store away. So everything better mean everything if you get my drift?”

He was making it easy for me to understand what he had in mind. He casually placed his hand on my ass and was squeezing my butt cheek like he was trying to find the right tomato at the supermarket. I could see that the rest of the people were interested in getting their hands on the merchandise, too, and figured I was in for a rough afternoon.

The procurement guy stepped back and said, “Why don’t we start out easy, Katie McN? Take off your top and let’s see how sexy you can be when you strip.”

There was no turning back. I only had to make it through the afternoon and then it would all be behind me. I was determined to do it right. My top slowly moved up as the audience watched with anticipation. I tried my best to look seductive. I must of done it right because the cat calls and whistles started then and didn’t seem to stop until sometime later in the afternoon.

My red push up bra caused quite a sensation. One of the women came over and felt my tits through the bra and commented on how nice they looked. She seemed to be thinking how much nicer they were going to look when the bra came off and maybe how nice they would look in her mouth. I shivered inside. Here I was in the room with two old dykes who were going to get to do anything they wanted with me. It was just a matter of time.

“Why don’t you make her show us her tits, Dave?” The woman who just felt me up couldn’t wait to have me show something.

“Yah, good idea Wendy. Show us your tits, Katie. Looks like you got a nice set of knockers there, babe.”

As soon as my bra was off, Wendy started playing with my nipples. In no time at all she had them hard as a rock and sticking out for the world to see. I couldn’t believe it, but for some reason I was getting turned on standing in front of all these people topless with an old woman playing with my boobs.

It was a struggle getting my skirt off but it finally fell to the floor and left me standing in nothing but high heels, stockings and a garter belt. I felt like one of the porno stars from the Internet. Dave didn’t waste any time and grabbed my pussy as soon as my skirt was gone. He rubbed his finger up and down the slit between my legs and pretty soon just forced it inside me. His hand pressed against my clit as his finger moved in and out of my cunt. I had to stand there while the people watched me get turned on.

He was relentless and kept it up for almost two minutes. The more I tried not to come the closer I got and soon I was making load moaning sounds as everyone in the room laughed at me. I couldn’t control myself and felt like a fool.

Dave took his finger out of my pussy and wiped it off on one of my tits. His glistening finger let everyone in the room know just how real my orgasm was.

“Why don’t you sit on the edge of the desk, Katie? Play with your tits with your left hand and do yourself with the other one. Get going, we ain’t got all day.”

I usually like to get it together before I try for another orgasm. Not this time. He had me doing myself while the others closed in for a better look. They started getting helpful and shouted out comments and ways they wanted to see me frig myself. It took a lot longer for me to come this time, but no one seemed to mind. They were having too much fun watching me humiliate myself. Suddenly it came over me like a wave on the beach. The most powerful orgasm I’d ever had and the sounds hidden in some dark place inside me broke free to let everyone know what happened.

The bulges in the men’s pants told me we’d be moving on to the next stage very soon. ‘Take charge’ Dave got it going right away.

“Okay, Willie, drop the pants and lie down on the couch face up. Katie, get on top of him and put that big dick deep into your pussy. Might as well give Chuck a blow job while you’re at it.”

The rest of the people watched as I fucked Willie and gave Chuck head. Willie was slamming into me and Chuck was trying to set deep throat records. I didn’t realize what was happening until I felt a big dick try to force its way into my little asshole. Chuck almost lost his manhood then, but soon my brownie opened up and let the monster in. I could hear Dave laughing as he pumped his cock into my butt hole.

It was obvious that the procurement team was used to working together. They soon had a motion going and got down to some serious fucking. I tried to get into it like I was supposed to, but they really just carried me along and did anything they wanted. The people who weren’t sticking something into me decided to see what my body felt like. My tits were squeezed and my hands found themselves holding dicks and pussies.

It didn’t take long before the original three got off. As soon as one shot his load into me, another one jammed his cock in and continued on as if nothing happened. As the people watched they got turned on again and soon were ready for seconds and thirds.
I lost track of how many blow jobs I gave, how many times someone came in my ass or how often a load got shot into my pussy. Eventually the guys seemed to get tired out and things slowed down to a stop. I thought it was over, but I was wrong.

“Okay Katie, it’s time to do the lezzies. On your knees bitch and get that tongue a-working.”

Wendy had her skirt pulled up to her waist and she wasn’t wearing panties. I was forced to my knees and ended up between her legs. She lay back on the couch and pushed my face down on her pussy. She was already aroused and I could smell the difference between a man and a woman. Once I started licking her cunt it got easier. I was able to get my tongue inside her and realized I must be doing it right. She was making sounds just like the ones I made earlier. I got her off in no time at all and soon found myself doing the same thing for Mary.

The guys were getting turned on watching the girl-girl action. I could hear the same hollering and yelling going on again and I knew I was in for another round from the guys.

I was right. The men all stood in a circle with their pants and shorts down to their ankles and I had to go around and give each one a blow job. It didn’t take long for me get them off since watching me being forced to suck them all off was a real turn on. I was glad they didn’t take off all their clothes since they had some of the ugliest bodies I’d ever seen. Rocco had to weigh at least four hundred pounds and if he didn’t have a big dick, I don’t think I could of found it under all that flab.

I was fucked on the desk and table. I was bent over the arm of the couch and fucked in the ass. I thought I was going to get calluses on my lips from giving so many blow jobs. I wondered if swallowing all that pussy juice would cause me any problems.

It was five hours later before we were done. I could hardly move and felt like every part of my body was beaten with a rubber hose. My stockings were torn to shreds and one of the straps was missing from my garter belt. Someone must have taken my bra as a souvenir. The skirt and tank top were rags and could never be worn again.

“We’re done here, Katie McN. Too bad you don’t have any clothes, but it’s time for you to leave. You can go out the back door and maybe no one will see you.”

As soon as I went out back I realized that Dave played a trick on me. There was a major construction project going on behind the Wheeler Company Headquarters and dozens of construction workers got to see me run out of the building completely naked. I tried to get back in, but found the door was locked. Those guys are pretty bad when someone comes by who is fully dressed. Well, in my case they said things that I never heard before and it was pretty obvious that I needed to get out of there before they decided to run a train on me. I was sure I couldn’t take on 20 or 30 more guys after what I’d just been through.

I ran around the building and finally arrived at my car. It was then I realized that my purse was still up in Dave’s office and I was naked in the parking lot with no way to get into my vehicle.

A newspaper boy rode up on his bicycle and said that I better get going because the shop was going to let out in two minutes and the parking lot would be full of factory workers. When I panicked, he told me to hop on his bike and off we went.

We didn’t go far.

He pulled behind some bushes and told me he’d give me a ride, but I had to do something for him first. By then I’d fucked so many people that one more didn’t seem like that big a deal. I let him do me behind the bush and then we were on our way.

I tried real hard not to notice all the people in the cars starring at me as we drove down the street. My office was four miles from the Wheeler Building and it was rush hour. Even when I kept trying to tell myself it was almost over, I had a hard time believing it. Cars started to slow down and pace us as we moved on toward my office. People coming out of office buildings couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a nude woman on a newspaper boy’s bike.

We finally got to the back of my building and I was able to sneak up to the 18th floor using the freight elevator. No one saw me run down the hall and into the suite. There were only a few people left in the office since it was getting late, but I was sure everyone would know all the details by start of work in the morning.

I saw Miss Hecate standing in the doorway of her office and ran to her with hopes of getting away from all the other people.

“Well, Katie, looks like you had a tough day, but it was worth it. I just got a call from procurement at the Wheeler Company and they’re signing the agreement as promised.” She was trying to act serious but I could see she was almost ready to laugh at me. “They said you could drop by anytime you needed to get laid and they’d be glad to help out.”

“I’ve done everything you wanted, Miss Hecate. I feel like a slut standing here naked and I want to go home.”

“I can understand that, Katie, but seeing you like this has turned me on so you’re going to have to do another little service for me.”

It was cramped under her desk, but I decided that I could do anything now that my ordeal was finally coming to an end. I’d never seen leather panties before and the slit made it possible for me to lick her pussy while I got a taste of leather in my mouth.

My tongue slid easily into her wet pussy and tasted her hot juices as they filled my mouth. I knew she was almost there and decided to get it over with by teasing her cunt with my tongue while my hands roamed over her legs and ass. When she started to move and buck into my face, I held steady and made sure her orgasm was finished before I stopped.

“That was very unfair. You got me off in a couple of minutes and I didn’t really get much of a chance to enjoy you pleasing my body, Katie.”

She was taking off her clothes while she was talking and I knew she was going to go for it again.

“I want you to rim me first, Katie and then we can decide what to do next.” She turned and waited for me to put my tongue into another one of her secret places.

“I can’t do that Miss Hecate. It’s not right.”

“I’m going to show you something that will make it right.”

She showed me the video of what happened at the Wheeler Company. I didn’t realize a camera was hidden in the room and certainly never thought she would be able to record every detail of what happened. I was more successful that I thought in pretending I was enjoying myself. I looked like I was trying to seduce everyone in the room and every time something humiliating happened, I
looked like it was just what I wanted.

I thought I’d seen the worst, but was wrong.

“Wasn’t that Newspaper boy a cutie? Yes, I’ve used Kevin R a number of times and he is always reliable.” Hecate put a new video into the player and showed me when else she filmed.

This time I was letting a 14 year old boy fuck me and I realized this was the worst evidence of all. I was having sex with a child and she knew the boy. I imagined him acting as a witness against me as I was sent to jail for ten years.

She leaned up against her desk as I spread her ass cheeks with my hands. My tongue circled around her asshole at first, but soon found the target. My tongue was trying to force its way into her again and this time through another entrance. It’s wasn’t making much progress, but I could tell from the sounds Hecate didn’t care that much.

I slipped an arm around her legs until my hand could reach her pussy. I circled one finger on her clit and felt it get even harder. I applied some pressure and moved my finger around in a quick circular motion. Faster, faster, faster. I could tell that she was getting ready to come again and backed off. I wasn’t going to let her accuse me of getting her off too fast this time.

I brought her to the brink and let her go three more times. I could hear the frustration in the moans coming from the depths of her steaming body.

“Katie, get me off now if you know what’s good for you.”

My finger plunged into her hot pussy. I used a finger on my other hand to attack her clit with a vengeance and my tongue almost crashed through her brown barrier. She screamed and screamed again. Her body exploded in ecstasy and I could feel her cum cover my finger as her orgasm took control and she was lost to some hidden passion that could only be felt and never explained.

We did more of course. She wouldn’t let me stop until she could do no more than sit in a chair and look at me. It didn’t matter. She had sucked me dry of every bit of pride and dignity and now sat back to enjoy her ravagement.

“I’m going to the ladies to freshen up.”

She pulled a wrinkled dress from the bottom drawer of her desk and threw it at me. It was ugly and much too small, but I still welcomed it because it covered some of my nakedness.

Hecate made me wait a long time before she finally returned in the company of a man. He was quite handsome, but had the sinister air of a person of mystery.

“Katie, I’d like you to meet my friend, Rui Jorge. I just sold him your four thousand dollar debt and now you owe it to him.”

“Wait a minute, I thought I was clearing it off by fucking all the people over at Wheeler’s?”

Hecate laughed at me and said that I should get everything in writing since no one would ever listen to a slut like me. She told me I was no longer needed because I was nothing but low life trash and there was no place for a person like me in the business.

I was stunned and couldn’t move until I heard a deep voice behind me.

“Come on bitch, you got to get downtown and start paying me back for your contract.”

Rui Jorge was very well dressed. His silk suit and wool overcoat with ermine collar made a fashion statement. His Stetson hat and patent leather shoes said a lot about how he lived. He had a large gold ring on every finger and a series of thick gold chains around his neck. He was a big man and his full beard made him look even more overpowering. He was Rui Jorge.

I found myself being pulled out the door and soon was heading downtown in Rui Jorge’s Rolls Royce. He told me he kept his girls working hard and deserved to live well for all the effort he had to put into the business.

He decided that after interest and expenses I would be able to pay him back in six years if I worked real hard and learned fast. He assigned me to a street corner with a couple of other girls. Every once in awhile Miss Hecate comes by for old times sake and I go down on her in the alley near the street corner where I work. Each time she comes by I beg her to buy me back and take me off the street, but she only laughs and drives away.

I’m beginning to forget everything except that I’m a slut and will probably be on the street forever..