A Soul’s Cry Adult stories

The parking lot was the epitome of a soulless void, save for the few cars that dotted the asphalt landscape. They had long since been abandoned by their owners for the night. Their shadows danced with the sole flickering light post that haunted the center of the lot. The amber tendrils of light barely traipsed their way down to meet the driveway from the road.

Random vehicles teased its entrance in their passing with their own hints of light. Satisfaction coursed its path after a few moments, bearing the strains of a Garbage song. The sultry timbre of the singers voice overwhelmed the purr of the car as it slipped into the drive. The amber warmth of the light poles glow enveloped the car as it drew near. Past and beyond it went to rest behind the far side of the dumpster. The dumpster had been neatly walled in.. or maybe it was stupidly. The wall blocked the single source of light in the space between her car and the door.

“Lately… I’m not the only one… I say… Never trust anyone…” Two voices mingled with the melody before it was abruptly cut short. Wry hints of a smirk managed to taint the velveteen curves of her lips. “No shit Riana… You knew better. Cheating bastard…” Her mutters fell silent into the darkness as she leaned against the seat. The fragments of anger she’d managed to dredge up quickly dissipated into the night. The truth of the matter was, she just didn’t care. She had known he didn’t love her from the beginning. God only knows why she had pursued it. Maybe it was the excitement that his flamboyant personality, not to mention deep pockets, had to offer.

Nimble fingertips angrily gathered the books that had sprawled over the passenger side floor. The bookstore she worked at had stripped the covers of some books for returns. Naturally, she gathered the ones that vaguely interested her. She never was picky over something free, especially a book. They were going to throw them out anyway. She stared a moment at the face on the plastic bag.. He was some long dead author she couldn’t quite place. “I wonder if you ever cheated on your woman…” There was a slight snort of disapproval preceding the utterance of “Men” in sheer disgust.

Ice laced the wind that snaked its wintery fingers around her frame when she opened the car door. She shivered. It caused a slight rising of those nipples through the fabric of her shirt. She felt self conscious, so she pulled the leather jacket tighter around her. The familiar sound of the locks sliding into place reached her ears after she pushed the button. She closed the car door with the slender curve of her hip while she fumbled on the key chain for the key to her apartment. She was so disgusted with her own self, it took her a moment to slide the right key into the lock. Her numbed hands reached for the handle of the door… And that was where her life changed completely.

“Open the door quietly, and step inside,” he said. The voice that met her ears would have been pleasant with its deep resonance, had it not been for the situation. Cold metal was pressed against her ribcage as the stranger so leisurely slipped his arm around her waist beneath her coat. She slowly felt his massive hand rise along the thin cotton shirt to feel the rounded globe of her left breast. She immediately stiffened. This would be why the walled in dumpster would be a stupid idea. If anyone could see them, which they couldn’t, they would have simply seen two lovers slipping inside an apartment. She didn’t look back to see her perpetrator’s face. The tendril of fear coursed through her for a brief moment. He must have felt her tremble. It only brought the gun more painfully into her side, and a pair of fingers to pinch a nipple. Her delicate hand turned the knob of the door… Allowing her, and the stranger into the warmth of her home.

“Look what I’ve got here, nice tits, nice ass… Fun night ahead.” Wicked thoughts raced through his mind as he slipped from the convenient concealment of the dumpster’s cubicle. Apparently the stealth he’d learned in the service was still with him. He had crept up on her with the grace of a feline. In his eyes, she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. He was struggling with the impulse to take her on the very spot. He knew he had surprised her when she gasped from their contact. Her obsidian curls were a distraction.. Part of him whined about the light scent of lavender that wafted from their silken texture. He knew better than to succumb to the impulse of nuzzling into them. It was too early for that.


He found himself surprised. She hadn’t cowered in fear like he expected her to. No, instead she stiffened like she was about to tear off some vital appendages. He was bigger than her though, so it wouldn’t be a problem. He wondered for a moment if the clicking of the door sounded as loud to her as it did to him when it shut. His gaze wandered over her small apartment. It was just a small, one bedroom hole in a ground level wall. He saw that she kept it clean… And comfortable. He almost found humor in the large, and apparently lazy cat as it stretched languidly before sauntering its way towards her. The cat stopped in mid-stride, finally noticing the male behind its Mistress. That was cause enough for the complete about face and mad dash for the safety beneath the bed.

“Don’t scream, and I’ll release you … do you understand?” He lowered his voice, putting a vicious edge to it.

“Put the gun away and I won’t scream.”

He couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped at her reply. She had spirit; he could give her that. It was if she didn’t particularly care that his sized dwarfed her own. His grip loosened on her waist as he tucked the gun in the holster strapped to his back under his jacket. It was his turn to draw a breath as his own mocha gaze met her enigmatic emerald. There were golden sunbursts that streaked from her pupils outward in their depths. They mirrored the fury that burned within the tempestuous creature. Her apathetic expression read like she couldn’t believe he would dare invade her territory. He couldn’t quite restrain the second pang of arousal that caused the stiffening in his loins. He saw the swollen redness around those opulent gems. She had been crying, and he’d just made her night worse.

“I’m going to warn you. I’m not afraid to kill with my bare hands. Do what I say and you wont get hurt…. Much,” he said. A malicious grin spread over his features. His eyes seemed to be undressing her even then. He was ready for another taste of the breast he’d fondled earlier. He snickered as he watched her pale; she’d be a fun one. He glanced over to the CD player on the wicker stand, and crossed over to look at the CDs she had. Perfect, she had an old CD of Nine Inch Nails. He put that into the player and what would be playing but “Closer.” He took one of the dining table chairs and put it up against the only exit she had. “Strip to the music, slut,” he commanded as he sat in the chair.

She looked at him like he was crazy. Maybe he was crazy. He looked serious enough though. She growled softly but complied. She had a lithe, swanky frame that she had always enjoyed keeping athletic and fit. She began moving to the rhythm of the steady beat the song offered in its beginning. Eventually she got into they rhythm a bit more. She began undoing each button of the thin cotton three quarter shirt provocatively. Each button provided a closer view of that ample flesh. The sheer cups of her lace bra became visible as she let the shirt shrug off her shoulders. Her hands ran across the smooth surface of her abdomen; before they lifted to squeeze her nipples through the thin fabric of the bra. The dark buds of her nipples were easy to see through the fabric. It especially was when she came close, but always just out of reach. Her hands dipped lower to rub against the apex of her thighs in a slow, sensual movement. She was surprised at how excited she was getting from this. She never thought she’d be so turned on by performing like a slut in front of a man that wanted to ravage her.

“That’s a good little whore. Now lets see what else you’re capable of,” he growled, his lust was apparent in his voice. He had run out of patience. His clothes had been discarded as he watched her performance. His massive organ had hardened fully at her teases. It was almost like she wanted it. Well, she was going to get it. He lunged at her roughly to pin her down on the couch behind her. His fingertips hooked around the front of the bra and gave it a hard tug. The thin fabric gave way easily, and he pulled it off to expose those delicious breasts. He kept her pinned despite her squirming to get released. His free hand traveled over the curve of her breasts before going for the button of her pants.

It was a matter of moments and her salacious frame was completely bare beneath his. His roaming hand fell between her thighs to explore that coveted snatch. What a surprise… It was perfectly shaven. He liked that. Twin fingers roughly jammed into her tight cunt. Perfect, she was already soaking. He grinned at her yelp when his fingers pierced her. “Get used to it, Slut. What’s coming next is a lot bigger, ” he laughed.

He positioned his body over hers in a way that he forced her thighs wide open. His mouth fell to her right breast, biting down roughly on the sensitive nipple. She cried out, but not with pain alone. There was pleasure in the cry. He’d heard it before. The tip of his swollen cock quivered as it barely pushed past her swollen pussy lips. He brushed it along that hot slit, and circled around her clit. “My… what a nice cunt you have. I think I’ll like this. “

He groaned with pleasure as his cock sank its full eight inches to the hilt with one fell stroke. God she was tight, and he loved it. She moaned too, apparently she was starting to like the treatment being given. He began to find a rhythm as he slammed within her. He wasn’t with mercy tonight. It was hard, rigorous fucking. He grinned at her as he felt her hips lifting back into his, returning the thrusts he gave to complete the rhythm. One of his hands slipped down to play with her swollen clit, teasing the sensitive bud.


Her moans were hard to hide. It had hurt at first, and of course she was scared of him, but god it felt too good. It was the sort of thing she used to fantasize about when she would lay alone in her room. She felt so cheap, but god he was an awesome lover. Few of the lovers she had, knew about shifting direction with each stroke, or playing with her clit while they fucked her. She felt herself submitting to this man she didn’t know. Her hips thrust back against the strokes he gave her. He was going deep and hard. It excited her beyond excitement she’d ever received. She bit down on his shoulder as her orgasm finally hit her, sweeping with that intoxicating pleasure. Her moans caressed his ear louder than before.

He felt a twinge as she bit down on his shoulder. Her orgasm triggered his own, as load after load of that thick cum exploded into her tight hole. He rammed into her harder during this, brutally extending his orgasm. He had switched to her left breast a few moments before. He bit down roughly as he growled with the pleasure. Each thrust brought a new wave of cum into her hot cunt. Last he pulled out, letting the final load decorate her abused pussy lips and up along her stomach. He paused then, kneeling there before her. His cock was slowly but surely shrinking to its soft size. He looked down at her for a moment. Movement stirred them both as he placed an arm behind her back and another behind her knees. He lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom. He laid her on the bed gently, pulling the covers back before slipping within beside her.

He was perfect. That’s all she could think. God what a gorgeous specimen of the male species. She watched him as he knelt above her for a moment, admiring his frame. Her arms slipped around his neck when he picked her up. That had surprised her. It surprised her even more with how gentle he was when he lay down beside her on the bed and drew her into a warm embrace against his chest. She looked up at him in wonderment. She was still a little dazed from the events, but she was definitely satisfied.

He drew her closer to his body to savor the scent he’d noticed at first. Now was the time to nuzzle his nose into her softened curls. He wasn’t letting this one go. Not a chance. “My name is Damian Giovanni, I’m from Italy. Riana, I chose you from your book store. I have much influence in my country and I found who you are. Don’t hate me, I love you. I would be pleased if you would marry me. You would be well provided for, and we will live in my villa beside the sea. ” His gaze had taken this boyish pleading look with her. He realized he might have gone a little too far; but he was always up for being original, even when it came to a marriage proposal.

She just looked at him in total shock. He was asking to marry her? This was crazy. He was a total stranger. It dawned on her then, that crazy look in his eyes. It hadn’t been insanity, it had been love. The more she looked at him, the more she got that odd feeling. It was like he knew her. It was like she knew him. She had heard her grandmother speak of such things. Soulmates who recognize each other, even if they couldn’t pinpoint it. She had told her about the stories where the soul you carried was actually half a soul. Supposedly, the souls reconnect during each life time, until the jealous Lord of Death tore them apart again.

Well, here he was. Her soulmate had found her. She knew it… Even if she couldn’t pinpoint it. It was that creepy, ecstatic feeling that was too addictive. Her lips lifted to softly brush against his. “Yes… I will marry you. I love you too Damian,” she whispered against his lips. His bright smile was all she needed before she cuddled closer against her lovers chest. For the first time, she felt completely safe. Odd isn’t it? Especially after what had happened. She was glad it did now. Her arms tightened around him, as his did the same. So they each fell asleep together, dreaming of the bright future ahead of them.