Alone in home hot erotic stories

My little sister, Megan, and I have always been really close. We live a good five miles from anyone we know, so we always spend most of our time playing together. She is now 18, and I am 19. She has always been kind of a slow physical developer, and guys her age didn’t like that, even though she was pretty, so she was pretty shy and uneducated about sex. My family has never really been modest about seeing each other in underwear, so that’s usually how we were dressed around the house.

The other night my sister and I were watching TV by ourselves. Our parents had gone out of town for the night and wouldn’t be back until late the next morning. Megan had nothing but a long white shirt on, and I was in just my boxers. Megan kept yelling at me to change the channel to her favorite show, but I couldn’t miss the big game, so I kept refusing.

“Damn it Mike, change the channel before I have to come over there and beat your ass,” she yelled.

“Oh yeah, like that could ever happen,” I replied, mocking her.

She then stood up, walked over to me, and starting trying to grab the remote.

“Don’t make me tickle you, Mike!” she screamed at me.

I pulled the remote away and stuck it behind my back. Megan jumped onto my lap, with her legs straddling mine. As she reached around my back, I could feel her hairless pussy rubbing against my leg. I thought nothing of it at first, but as I started to notice it more and more, I began to get a raging hard-on. It was bulging against my boxers, but Megan was too busy reaching for the remote to notice it. As she kept reaching behind me, my dick kept rubbing against her stomach through my boxers.

“That’s it, you asked for it!” she yelled. “Time to get tickled!”

She started tickling my sides, and I tickled her back. We started wrestling around on the couch. As we were rolling around, her shirt had come up to about her stomach, and I had a full view of her young virgin pussy. It looked so nice. I thought to myself how nice it would be to see her little under-developed tits, so I kept tickling her, moving her around to try to get her shirt to lift up. I wasn’t paying attention to my massive boner though, and before I knew it, my dick popped out off the fly hole in the front of my boxers. My sister noticed it right away and stared at it with amazement.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Um, well…it’s…uh…my dick,” I replied.

“Dick? I don’t have one of those.”

“I know, only guys do.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard about those. Daddy has one too. I saw it when I was younger when I used to shower with him. Plus all my friends talk about them.”

Still embarrassed as well as horny, I was about to change the subject when my sister chimed in, “Do you know what I have there…instead of a dick?”

I didn’t know what to say. I mean, I knew girls had a little slit there called a pussy, but that was about it. “Um…well…sort of.”

“Do you want to see it?”

“Uh, Meg, I don’t know if I am supposed to look at that.”

“Oh, c’mon bro, we’re family! It’s ok, I’m sure.”

“Ok Megan, if you say so…sure, I’d like to see it.”

Megan lifted her shirt off, exposing her nice little breasts. This got me even harder. “Oh, these are starting to get a little bigger lately. Do you know why? It is really bugging me.”

“Oh Meg, those are just your tits. They will keep getting bigger. Don’t worry, it’s just natural. Guys like em big. Trust me.”

“So anyway, back to my pussy.” She sat back on the couch and spread her legs apart to give me a good view. “A lot of girls at school talk about playing with it, but I’ve never tried it. Do you ever play with your dick?”

“Oh yeah, all the time. It feels really good.”

“Really? Do you know how I could play with myself to make me feel good?”

“Well, not really, but I could try.”

“Ok. Oh, but first will you show me how you play with your thing? I think it would be kind of fun to watch.”

“Ok. You can even help me out with it if you want. Don’t worry, as long as you do what I say you won’t hurt me. Trust me.”

“That sounds like fun. Ok, what should I do first?”

I pulled my boxers off and sat beside her on the couch. I grabbed her hand and wrapped it around my dick. I then showed her how to move it up and down, stroking it. “Just do it like this.” She continued to do it for a while, then she asked if there was any other way to play with it. “Well, I’ve never tried it, but I heard sucking and licking it makes it feel really good. You want to try it?”

“Sure,” she replied. She stood up and I lay back on the couch. I told her to kneel down beside the couch and put my dick in her mouth. She did it, and immediately started working it around with her tongue.

“OOOH. That feels sooo good, Megan!”

“I’m glad you think so Mike. It tastes pretty good too.”

Just then I got an idea. “Hey Meg, I think it’s time I show you the best way to make your pussy feel good. Lie on top of me, face down, and place your mouth over my dick and your pussy over my mouth.” ] She hopped up onto the couch and positioned herself perfectly. She continued sucking on my dick, while I began licking her pussy. She tasted really sweet. “OOOOOOH. Mike! That does feel good! REALLY good!”

“Well I know a great way to make us both feel even better.”

“Oh? How?”

Well straddle me so your pussy is right over my dick.”


She spread her legs over my dick, and it immediately started to penetrate her tight lips. I continued to shove it in her, and as I did I realized she must have already gotten popped…probably by her excessive biking. I started pumping up and down. I felt an orgasm coming, so I pounded her harder and harder until finally I shot my load deep inside her. I picked her up and carried her to my room, and we continued to fuck each other all night long. Now each time mom and dad go out of town again, we at least have something else to do besides watch TV!