Analism in the Prison true sex stories

Synopsis: Karen goes to prison after finding her husband in bed with another woman. Elsa, the prison guard takes a liking to her, introduces her to lesbianism (and more) and makes Karen her personal slave.

Warning: This story is meant for adults only. It involves scat activities between women. It is a fantasy and all names are fictitious.

After only a year’s marriage, Karen had come home to find her husband in bed with another woman. She went into the kitchen, took out the loaded revolver and went back into the bedroom and shot her husband and chased the girl out. Then she called the police. At the trial, she was given 10 years and taken to a women’s prison in upstate New York.

After she was strip searched and showered, she was taken to an office of the ward supervisor. The ward supervisor was named, Elsa, a strong nordic image. She was 5’10” and weighed around 135 lbs. There was not an ounce of fat on her body, just full figured and firm.

“So you’re our new girl,” Elsa looked through her file. “Karen, huh? A nice pretty name. I’ll be the judge of just how pretty you are.” Elsa laid the film down and came around the desk and sat on the arm of Karen’s chair, and began running her fingers through Karen’s hair.

Karen leaned her head away from the woman’s touch.

“Timid? You’ll get used to that. There are a lot of things you’ll have to get used to around here.”

“Such as?” Karen asked.

“One thing, get that snotty attitude out of your head. You belong to me now and this prison. Be good to me and I’ll be good to you. I’ll see that none of the other women mistreat you in here. You know, one hand washing the other, so to speak.”

“Sounds very good to me,” Karen shivered.

Elsa’s fingers dropped down to Karen’s blouse and came to rest right over one of her breasts. Karen involuntarily flinched but let the hand stay there.

“You see, Karen, I am a lesbian,” Elsa began moving her fingers, “and you are such a pretty girl. It said in your file that you are only nineteen. Have you ever made love to another woman?”

“No, I’m not that kind of girl,” Karen moved aside from the fingers.

“You will learn to be that kind of girl in here. In here, you have a lot of time to just think and everyone needs some sort of release from sexual feelings. That’s where I might be able to help you.”

“I’d just die if I had to do that,” Karen looked up at Elsa.

“What do you think making love to another woman would involve?”

“I’d rather not think about it,” Karen said.

“I’m commanding you to tell me everything you’ve heard about our kind of love.”

Karen swallowed hard, “They kiss a lot.”


“They suck on each other’s breasts a lot.”


“And… and they lick each other,” Karen replied nervously.

“Where do they lick each other? Tell me, honey. Where do girls lick each other?”

Karen looked up into Elsa’s face and dropped her hand into her lap, sliding her fingers down into her crotch. “Here.”

Elsa smiled at that, “And what is that called?”

“A… a… pussy.”

“That right, honey. A girl licking her Mistress’s pussy. Licking it all over. Of course I would have to teach you, since you’ve never done it before,” and again Elsa dropped her hand onto Karen’s breast.

Karen let the hand remain and Elsa began unbuttoning her blouse top. Button after button, all the way down into the pants and pulling the blouse out of Karen’s pants. Then she reached behind Karen and unsnapped her bra and her breasts fell free.

“They’re beautiful! Simply beautiful,” Elsa remarked as she took each one in her hands and began rolling them around.

Karen turned red at this caress.

Elsa turned them loose, “Take your clothes off, all of them.”

A tear started to form in Karen’s eyes.

“I said do it!” Elsa snapped.

Karen stood up and slid her blouse off, then slid her pants down.

“Even your panties,” Elsa again snapped.

Karen slid her panties down and off. Elsa stood up beside Karen and slid a hand between her legs and began fondling her. Karen had a red face.

“Now sit back down in that chair. Drape your legs out over the arms. I want to see your pussy,” Elsa got down on her knees before the chair.

Slowly, Karen put her legs in the position Elsa asked for.

Elsa sucked in her breath sharply at the sight. “You have a pretty pussy, Karen,” and she began playing with it. She had played with it only a few seconds when it began to get wet and juicy. “Damn, you’re getting wet already. You may not be a lesbian, but you sure get wet when one touches you. Now reach down and spread the cheeks of your ass. I want to see your asshole, see if it’s pretty too.”

Karen just stared at the woman a second then, reaching down, she spread the cheeks of her ass wide apart.

“Oh fuck, it’s pretty too!”

Karen again colored and released her hold on her buttocks and dropped her legs.

Elsa got to her feet, “Girl, you are going to be a lot of fun to be with. Treat me real nice and I’ll do you little favors. Like staying right here with me in this room. It’s a lot better than one of those cells in our prison, a lot better. And there won’t be a lot of women using you either. Do nice things for me, Karen, and I won’t assign you to one of those cells.”

“If you assign me to a cell, will those other women in there use me?” Karen asked.

“You can depend on it. Maybe all night long too. Each one of them, maybe over and over. The women here in this prison are hungry for sex, and to have a young girl like you…” Elsa shuddered.

“Do I have a choice?” Karen asked.

“Of course you do. You can stay here with me or get taken to a cell with women like animals. I can guarantee you that they would use you all night long that first night.”

“I’d rather stay here with you,” Karen colored again.

“Wonderful. I was hoping you’d say that. Now let’s kiss and make a pact on it.” Elsa took Karen into her arms and, leaning forward, began a kiss. Just a little kiss, and Karen pulled back.

“Damn, you call that a kiss? I was hoping you’d really give me a kiss, a full long french kiss,” Elsa stared at Karen. “Let’s try that again.”

Leaning forward, Karen placed her mouth right on Elsa’s mouth and began kissing. She kissed a full long second before Elsa felt her tongue probing her lips. Letting Karen’s tongue slide between her lips, she let Karen play with her tongue a few seconds until she too began to use her tongue. Reaching down, she began pulling gently on Karen’s nipples, then slid one hand down between her legs and began toying with her clit. At once Karen pressed her mouth more firmly to Elsa’s mouth, sucking on Elsa’s tongue as she worked her mouth back and forth. This kiss lasted longer than a full minute and Elsa pulled away. “Damn, when you get heated up, you kiss up a storm. Your little pussy is drenched now. It’s been some time since you’ve had sex, hasn’t it?”

Karen nodded her head

“It made me hot too, but first we’d better sit down and discuss a few things. Things like how you can please me,” Elsa smiled. “First, you know that I’ll want you to lick my pussy. But most of all, I want you to tongue-fuck my cunt hole. Push your tongue up that slippery hole and move your tongue in and out real fast and you’ll be able to lap up all that female cream.”

“I don’t want to do that. But I want to,” Karen said.

“Why two different, opposed feelings on this?”

“If I don’t, then you’ll take me up to a cell with those other women.”

“That’s right, sweetheart. You’re learning fast. So why don’t we try it.”

“I’m afraid, Mistress Elsa. Have patience with me,” Karen stammered.

Elsa stood and began removing her clothes. Karen watched the whole time, realizing that Elsa was a beautiful woman. Big full breasts with rosy nipples, a slender waist with a flat tummy, a pussy covered with blond hair, a big firm ass, legs that would make any woman jealous.

“Get down on your knees, bitch. I’m going to make you do something to show you who’s boss. Now walk on your knees over here,” Elsa pointed to a position on the floor.

Slowly Karen started walking across the floor on her knees. When she got to Elsa, the woman turned around. “Lick my asshole, cunt! Lick it real good. I know you know how to do that. Lick it, cunt!”

Karen leaned forward and stuck out her tongue, the aroma of Elsa’s asshole cloyed with her nostrils. Karen closed her eyes because she didn’t want to see what she had been ordered to lick. Her tongue touched Elsa’s ass, off to the side about an inch.

“Slide your tongue over, get it right into that smelly hole,” Elsa ordered.

Karen slid her tongue over and felt it come into contact with Elsa’s asshole and she began licking it.

“Kiss it bitch! Kiss my asshole. Show it that you really love it.”

Karen kissed, her lips making a smacking sound.

“Don’t you just love kissing a lady’s asshole, Karen? Kiss it some more, then you may go back to licking it.”

Karen kissed again and again. Each time smacking her lips loudly.

“Grind your lips on my asshole. Give it a french kiss.”

Karen began to grind her lips against the other woman’s asshole, pressing her lips firmly against the opening as she again brought out her tongue. Searching for the very center, she started pushing her tongue in as she worked her mouth back and forth.

“Hold it a second,” Elsa stood up. “Let’s go over to the bed and that way I can lie down. You’re making my legs weak.”

Elsa walked over to the bed and laid down on her stomach and turned to Karen and motioned for her to come over. Still on her knees, Karen kneed her way across the room to the bed and crawled between Elsa’s legs and fastened her mouth to her back door hole. She had just started french kissing it again when the door opened. Another matron entered. Karen was too embarrassed to raise her head and look at this other woman, she just kept her face hidden between the moons of Elsa’s ass.

“Is this the new girl? You sure didn’t waste any time with her. But I don’t blame you one bit. It looks like she is a very nice girl. How is her tongue?”

“She’s doing quite well, but she’s only been doing this about ten minutes now. Get your tongue in deeper, little cunt,” Elsa ordered.

“Are you going to make a toilet mouth out of her?”

“You can bank on that,” Elsa groaned.

“Bring her by to see me when you get her good and trained,” the lady laughed. I just came by to pass the time, but I see you have better things to do. So I’ll slip back out. Enjoy this twat.”

Karen continued to lick and tongue-fuck and kiss the woman’s asshole.

“You’re licking me right where I go to the bathroom. Shit comes out of that hole you’re licking.”

Karen drew her mouth back.

“Get your mouth back down there bitch. I didn’t tell you that you could stop.”

Karen settled her mouth back on the woman’s asshole and began again.

“Lick it, lick it. What a nasty girl you are, licking at that spot a woman shits out of. And I think you are enjoying it, I know I sure am. To have a pretty young girl licking my shit-hole is a pleasure beyond compare. Run your tongue into my shit-hole. Oooooh, deeeeppeeerrr!”

For over an hour Karen made love to the woman in this unnatural way, listening to the woman babble, at times incoherently. Finally Elsa reached a spine-tingling orgasm as her hips bounced up and down on the bed. Still Karen kept her mouth glued to the anal opening, beginning to feel elated that she was able to bring the woman to this sort of climax. When Elsa had settled down, Karen kept her mouth in place on the asshole, continuing to lick at it.

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“Hold up, little girl. I think you’re starting to like that too much. Later perhaps you can do it again for me, but there are so many things to teach you, like pussy eating.”

“Did I make you cum? Just by licking your anus?” Karen asked Elsa as she turned over.

“You sure did, and you did a very nice job too. I’m going to really enjoy you and that mouth. But let me turn completely over and I’ll teach you all about eating pussy.”

Elsa turned over. “Now, sweetheart, you have a pussy too. Have you ever played with it?”

Karen nodded her head yes. “When I was younger.”

“You should know all those secret little spots that a woman has on her pussy. So you should also know just where to lick and suck.”

“Please… be patient with me,” Karen begged.

“I’m glad you’re begging. That shows you really want to please your Mistress. And I am your Mistress, don’t you ever think different. Now get your mouth down there and start licking. From time to time I will tell you what to do because you’re not an experieced pussy eater… yet. But you will be soon.”

Karen began licking Elsa’s pussy.

“Boy, do you ever need training. That’s all right though. I like to train a girl just for my pussy. Now spread the lips of my pussy. That’s it. Now you see that little node right there at the top, that’s my clitoris. You have one too, that’s probably where you rubbed when you were masturbating. Notice now, it’s out from under its hood. When I’m not hot, it lays beneath that hood. But now, girl, you have made it stand completely out. Lick there first.”

Karen began by licking Elsa’s clit, over and around it.

“Take it in your lips and suck at it, gently, as you lick at it… ooooooohhh, that feels so good. More, more, more! Suck my clit, cunt! Suck it… suck it… ooooh that’s it.”

Karen continued sucking at Elsa’s clit as her tongue worked back and forth across it, at times working up and down.

“After you’ve done this a few times, I expect you to notice that one side of my clit is more sensitive than the other. I expect you to pay full attention to everything my body does to you. Now lick down each lip and back up the other. You will also notice that one lip is more sensitive than the other. I expect you to pay attention to this sensitivity. Now go down to my cuntal opening. Push your tongue it. Suck at that hole as you move your tongue in and out as fast as you can. You will soon be lapping up my cream. Lots of cream.”

Karen pushed her tongue up into Elsa’s cunt hole, feeling the warmth against her tongue. Slowly Karen began sliding her tongue in and out.

“Faster! Faster, bitch! Eat my cunt, faster, harder! You’re almost there… oohhh bitch, your mouth was made for a pussy. Ooooohhh yes, yes, yes. I’mmmm geettttilinnnggg readddddyy! It’s cummiiinnggggg! I’mmmm cuummiinnggg innnn yourrrr moouuthhhhh!”

Karen was lapping up heavy female cream, flowing out onto her mouth. She licked at the swollen pussy for five more minutes before Elsa pushed her aside. “Now for your treat. You did such a good job, I’m going to give you a treat,” and Elsa squatted astride Karen’s mouth, her pussy only inches away. Are you ready for your treat?”

“What are you going to do?” Karen was worried.

“I’m going to pee in your mouth. Want it?”

“No, no. Don’t do that. That is nasty,” Karen begged.

“Open your mouth, bitch, hold it open wide for me to aim at,” Elsa directed.

Reluctantly, Karen opened her mouth and kept her eyes wide open. A thin stream of piss squirted from Elsa’s pussy.

“Swallow it, bitch. Swallow that sweet piss,” Elsa commanded and Karen swallowed it.

“There now, didn’t that taste good?”

“It was salty,” Karen answered.

“Of course it was salty. It was water flushing my system out. Open your mouth and I’ll give you some more,” and Elsa squirted more into Karen’s mouth. “You’ll get so you love that taste. You’ll want to drink all my piss. Oh damn, is your face ever pretty with your mouth open wide for more.”

Elsa squirted mouthful after mouthful into Karen’s mouth and Karen swallowed every last mouthful, every time.

“Lick those last few drops from my pussy, that’s it. Ooooh, you’re already learning to love that taste, aren’t you, little cunt?”

Karen was now wallowing her tongue around between the lips of Elsa’s pussy.

“Getting hot, huh? Well, we’ll just have to do something about that,” Elsa rolled over. “I’m going to fuck you. little girl.”

“How are you going to fuck me? You don’t have the equipment,” Karen wondered.

“With this,” and Elsa held up her hand.

“You mean you’re going to hold a dildo in that hand?”

“No dear, I’m going to put my whole hand up in your cunt. All the way in,” Elsa smiled.

“You can’t do that, it would kill me. I hurt like hell the first time I ever fucked.”

“I’ll work slow,” Elsa began smearing jell on her hand and wrist. “This will really make you feel good,” and Elsa pushed her index finger up into Karen’s cunt. “Like that, honey? Before long you will feel like you’re in heaven.”

“No. No! Don’t do that to me. My poor pussy will be stretched all out of shape.”

Elsa pushed her second finger in and began moving both in and out. Karen was scared but at the same time was beginning to get really hot. Elsa pushed her third finger in.

“I thought you said you were tight,” Elsa commented as she worked her three fingers in and out rhythmically, making Karen’s legs move. Then Elsa began pushing in her little finger and then she folded over her thumb in a ball and pushed it forward.

“Noooooo, oh no!” Karen begged.

“Oh yes, bitch,” and Elsa began grinding her hand back and forth, each thrust making her hand go deeper as Karen was rolling her head back and forth across the bed.

“Feel good, bitch? It should feel real good. I have a little bitch up in corridor three that goes crazy when I fist her cunt. Maybe I should go get her and put you in one of those cells upstairs.”

“No, please don’t. I’ll let you continue fisting my cunt. Make it real big.”

Elsa continued to work, her hand going deeper until the fattest part of her hand was right in the opening. “There, cunt, you’re stretched out real big now. Reach down, see how big your cunt is,” and then Elsa laughed. “See, cunt face, I told you I could make a cavern between your legs,” and Elsa gave a final shove and her whole hand slipped on into Karen’s cunt, her lips clasping around Elsa’s wrist.

Karen began masturbating.

“That’s it girl, go to it. Make your cunt explode with pleasure. Make it feel real good. You’re coming now like it’s been a long time for you. Do it girl.”

“Elsa, you’re going to make me cum,” Karen shrieked. “I’m commmmmiiinnnngggg!!!”

Elsa continued to jab into Karen’s cunt till Karen had started to settle down and then she slowly started removing her hand, watching Karen flinch with each little movement. Then when Elsa had removed her hand, she slid up beside Karen and held her hand up to Karen’s face, “Here, cunt, lick your own cream off my hand,” and immediately Karen took the hand in hers and began licking it.

“You like cunt cream, don’t you, girl? You can’t get enough of it.” Elsa watched her for several minutes, “Cunt, I have to leave for awhile. But I’ll be back for more of this formal acquaintance. We have a whole evening to get acquainted with each other. I’ll teach you a lot more. But meantime, take a shower, do whatever you feel like.”

Karen laid there on the bed for several minutes after Elsa had left. Then she got up and tried the door. It opened. But Karen closed the door because she knew she couldn’t get anywhere. Walking into the shower, she started taking a bath. She lathered up real good, feeling every little spot that Elsa had touched. Her fingers caressed each spot as her mind played games with her. Then toweling off, Karen found a robe and put it on. Then back into the bedroom area and she plopped back down on the bed. She was beginning to wonder what else Elsa could teach her.

One hour later, Elsa returned. “Why don’t you give me a bath,” Elsa grinned.

Karen crawled off the bed and together they went into the bathroom. Karen helped Elsa strip down and began lathering her up. Elsa was pleased by the way Karen was progressing, she had ideas that Karen might make a real good slave.

After they had toweled off, Elsa laid back on the bed, pulling Karen on top of her. “Are you ready for your next lesson?”

“Next lesson? You spoke of that. What else can you teach me?”

“There are several things for you to learn yet. But I want to fuck you again first.”

“Oh no, not that again. I liked it but I’m too sore now. Please have mercy on me.”

Elsa slid from beneath Karen. “This time I won’t fist your cunt. Want to guess where I’m going to put my hand now?”

“Not in my cunt? Wherever would you put it then?” Karen was disturbed.

Elsa reached down and slapped Karen on the ass, “In there.”

“You’re playing with me now,” Karen said. “Right up my asshole?”


“But that hole is too small for a whole hand to get in there. That would hurt terribly.”

“It can be done and I’m going to do it to you. But first, I need to pee again and I think you need another taste of my piss.”

“Won’t that stuff make me sick?”

“Drinking piss never made anyone sick,” Elsa said as she straddled Karen’s face and began pissing in her mouth. A full slow stream came out this time, splattering against Karen’s teeth and tongue. “Drink it all, piss-drinker, don’t get the bed wet.”

After Elsa had stopped pissing, she got down off the bed and took up a slippery substance and began smearing it all over her hand and arm. “Roll over on your tummy, piss-drinker. I’m going to start. Reach back and spread the cheeks of your ass for me.”

“I’m afraid,” Karen cried.

“I’ll be gentle. It’ll hurt some, but not nearly as bad as it would if I took you up to a cell. There every woman would do you this way, and they wouldn’t be gentle either.”

Karen stared at Elsa a moment, then rolled over, reaching back to spread the cheeks of her ass. Elsa began smearing lube all around and in Karen’s back door hole, then slowly pushed a finger in to the third knuckle.

“Yeeeoooowww,” Karen yelled.

“That hurt? I’m sure you’ve had bigger things than my finger come out of there.”

“Yes, but that was coming out, not going in.”

“Don’t fight my fingers. Relax and push out, that way you won’t feel so much pain,” Elsa cautioned as she pushed in a second finger and began moving them in and out. “Does that feel better?”

“Not much, but the pain is minor,” Karen admitted.

“You have so much to learn,” Elsa pushed a third finger in and began that same in and out movement.

“How many are going to push in this time?” Karen asked.

“I’m going to put in my whole hand this time,” Elsa slipped her little finger in.

Karen grunted with the addition of this fourth finger.

“Now is going to be the hardest part for you,” Elsa folded her thumb over. “It’s getting this part of my hand, the widest part, to go into your asshole. But it will go in there. You can depend on it.”

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Karen grunted again as Elsa pushed her thumb in and began working her hand back and forth. Time after time she twisted her hand, going only a fraction of an inch further each time. Slowly but surely, Elsa’s hand slid deeper and deeper as Karen continued to lay there and grimace from the discomfort. When Elsa had her hand at the widest part, she twisted once more and pushed her hand in.

“Yeeeooooowwwww,” Karen bellowed.

“Just hang on, little twat, that pain will go away,” Elsa drove her fist deeper.

“Oh, how much deeper are you going to go?” Karen asked as she looked down.

“You should be able to take my fist halfway to your elbow this time. Later, you should be able to take it all the way to my elbow and beyond,” Elsa pushed deeper. “But for now, this is enough. I have something else I want to do to you.” Elsa began pulling her hand back out. “See there, it didn’t take long and it didn’t hurt much, did it? Before long, you will be able to take my fist without any pain at all.”

“What are you going to do to me now?” Karen asked, fear in her eyes.

“Now I’m going to degrade you in the filthiest way possible.”

For a moment Karen just looked at her, then asked, “How?”

Elsa smiled back at her, then said, “I’m going to put something right in your mouth.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask,” Karen was getting scared now. “What are you going to put in my mouth?”

Elsa rubbed her crotch, “I’m going to shit right in your mouth… and… you’re going to have to eat it.”

Karen swallowed hard, “I won’t do that and you can’t make me.”

“Oh, I won’t make you do this, you’ll do it on your own,” Elsa smiled.

“Why would I do something so disgusting?” Karen questioned.

“Remember that cell upstairs? Those ladies would all use you this way. I will give them instructions to do this to you. Three ladies will use you this way. I’m only one. You have a choice,” Elsa stood up and moved towards the bathroom door then turned around. “I’m going to shit right now and then I’ll get dressed and take you up to this one particular cell that I was thinking of… unless you have something to tell me right now.”

For a moment Karen hesitated, then slid to her knees before Elsa. “Please don’t take me up to that cell.”

“And what will you do for me?” Elsa smiled as she leaned against the door.

“What if I throw up?”

“You better not throw up and ruin my carpet,” Elsa warned. “Besides, you haven’t started to tell me what you will do for me.”

“Why are you degrading me like this?”

“I’m waiting. I have to shit real bad too,” Elsa snapped.

Karen knew she had pushed Elsa about as far as she could be pushed. “Do it in my mouth.”

“Look up here at me when you say that,” Elsa slapped Karen. “What do you want me to put in your mouth? And what will you do with it?”

Karen again swallowed hard as she raised her eyes to Elsa. “I’ve never used words like that.”

Elsa turned and started into the bathroom and Karen scrambled after her on her knees, “Shit in my mouth… and make me eat it.”

Elsa smiled down at Karen on her knees, “Beg me for it, my shit. Beg for my shit!”

Karen slid her arms around Elsa’s hips, “Please, Mistress Elsa, please, please let me eat your shit! Please, please.”

“I suppose that’s good enough for now, but even begging you have a lot to learn. Come on back into the bedroom and lay down on your back.”

Karen crawled back to the bed and stretched out on her back.

“I have a big load for you,” Elsa said as she straddled Karen’s face. “You should feel honored to receive this big amount of my smelly shit. Kiss my asshole and show me you really want it.”

Karen kissed Elsa’s asshole.

“That’s a good girl. Now open your mouth real wide. That’s it. Now watch that delicious filth coming out of my asshole,” and Elsa began grunting and her asshole opened wider and wider and the end of Elsa’s turd began to show itself as the odor assailed Karen’s nostrils. She flinched at this foul odor but kept her mouth open. Slowly, Elsa’s turd crawled out, stretching the wrinkles all out of her asshole, getting longer and longer until it was starting into Karen’s mouth, but still the turd continued to crawl out. It reminded Karen of a snake crawling out of its den, inch by cautious inch. The section that had been dropped into her mouth tasted very foul. It tasted very bitter! The turd finally stopped coming out of Elsa’s asshole and dropped along her cheek in a moist pile. Elsa turned around to look at the amount she had deposited in Karen’s mouth.

“Start chewing it, sweetheart. Eat it all up. The part out of your mouth I will feed you bit by bit until you have swallowed it all. Eat it, bitch!”

Karen started chewing and winced over the taste and made a bad face as she was chewing.

“You’ll have to learn to eat my shit without making a face, but this time is perfectly all right. Eat it, bitch, eat it like a good little girl.”

Karen swallowed lump after lump, trying her best to rid her mouth of the foul taste. When she had chewed up the last of the turd, Elsa picked up the piece on her cheek and began feeding it to her. Karen thought this last part of Elsa’s turd was even fouler tasting than the first part. Suddenly Karen said, “I have to throw up.”

“Don’t you dare, little girl. That would be very disrespectful to me. Treat that turd like it was sugar.”

Karen fought back the urge to vomit and continued eating the pieces that Elsa was placing in her mouth. Then, when Elsa had put the last part of her turd into Karen’s mouth and she had swallowed it, Elsa held out her hand to Karen and had her lick her fingers clean.

“Now you are shit-eater! A filthy shit-eater! Does that make you happy?”

“No,” Karen replied.

“There will come a day when you won’t be able to get enough of that stuff. You will beg me for it and you will be begging me properly at that time or you won’t get any.”

Karen was gagging by this time.

“Al right, if you have to, run into the bathroom and throw it up. But I warn you here and now, soon you won’t be allowed to throw that stuff up,” and Karen hurried into the bathroom and hung her head over the stool and began vomiting. She gagged for fifteen minutes before she was able to control herself and the gagging impulse and slowly she went back into the bedroom with Elsa.

You will have to do this for me every three days at least or until you get so you love the taste of my shit. And little girl, you will learn to love that taste. I have trained maybe a dozen girls at this and they all got so they loved the taste. And you too will learn to love the filthy taste of my shit!” TWO YEARS LATER

Karen was down on her knees, begging Elsa to shit in her mouth. She had been in position for thirty minutes, begging the whole time when Elsa stood up and picked up the phone. For a good hour she talked to someone, then turned to Karen, “Strip your clothes off, everything. You want to eat shit?”

“Oh yes, Mistress, I want it very bad!” Karen remarked as she tore her clothing off.

“Today you’re going to eat shit, I mean a lot,” Elsa smiled at Karen.

Karen pulled her panties down, her last piece of clothing and waited for Elsa to tell her to go down on her. Instead, Elsa unlocked the door and motioned Karen to follow her. This was all new to Karen, but she followed her Mistress. Down a hall and into a small room, where nine other ladies waited. At once Karen tried to cover her nakedness.

“Karen, these ladies are the other ward supervisors. There are ten wards here and there are ten supervisors. Tell these good ladies what you want to do.”

“I can’t tell these ladies that,” Karen whispered in Elsa’s ear.

“They know all about you. I made a video of you doing that,” Elsa revealed.

“You made a video of me eating shit?” Karen asked incredulously. “Of me eating it?”

“Every last bite,” Elsa patted Karen on the rump. “Now get down on your knees and tell these nice ladies what you would like to do.”

At once Karen dropped to her knees and hid her face in her hands.

“Take your hands away from your face and tell them,” Elsa ordered.

“They already know,” Karen said.

“It’s the first time you’ve ever told them,” Elsa remarked.

Karen looked back up to the ladies, hesitated a moment, then said, “Ladies, I would like to… to eat… your… your… your shit!” And then Karen blushed furiously.

“Shit-eater,” one of the ladies yelled.

“Which one of you ladies would like to be first?” Elsa asked.

One of the ladies stood up, “I guess I will be. I’ve wanted to use your girl for a long time.” The lady pulled her skirt up, showing she wasn’t wearing any panties. Then, squatting down, she began to shit while all the other ladies watched. When the lady had stopped shitting, she backed up to Karen and had her lick her asshole clean, completely clean.

“Karen, shit weighs approximately an ounce per inch. After each lady has shit, we will measure it to see just how much shit you will be eating. This first lady’s turd was about 8 inches long, thus would weigh something like 8 ounces, or a half a pound.

“Eat that shit!” The lady pointed at her shit. “Eat it, eat shit!”

Karen slithered up to the turd and opened her mouth, the foul odor striking her. But it was this smell that Karen had come to love so much, it meant shit. Even if she was blindfolded, she would know that foul odor. She sank her teeth into the turd and munched off a big bite and began chewing it and swallowed it quickly before dropping her mouth down to the turd.

“Slow down, bitch. Make it last. I’ve never seen a girl wolf down shit like that. Take it in your mouth and chew it all up, make sure there are no lumps before you swallow it. Make it last for me and you,” the lady said as she began fingering herself.

The next bite, Karen chewed it all up, checking occasionally for lumps in the lady’s shit. When there would be no lumps, Karen would swallow and drop her mouth again. It took her about fifteen minutes to finish the first turd and immediately another lady took her place. But this lady dropped a 12 inch turd!

“See how creamy that turd is?” the lady observed. “Nice and creamy, no lumps at all for a shit-whore like you. Start eating it.”

Again Karen dropped her mouth and bit off a big bite. She chewed the foul lump thoroughly. The minute the brown slime started sliding down her throat, “I’mmm gettiiinnngggg readddddyyy tooo cummmmmmmm. I’mmmm cummmiiinnnggg!”

Karen quivered and clenched her teeth in orgasm.

“Look at this nasty bitch, she’s cumming just eating my shit. But that won’t let you off the hook, keep eating it.”

“Thank you,” Karen grunted around another mouthful of shit.

“You fucking pig, shit pig,” the lady proclaimed as Karen took the last bite of her shit.

Another woman dropped to the floor and dropped out a 9 inch turd for Karen. “There, you filthy shit-eater. Elsa, you sure know how to train these girls. This is by far the best you have trained yet. Look ladies, look at this little bitch eating shit!”

“I love it! I love it! I love it!” Karen rasped out.

A fourth lady dropped down and began to shit, a tremendous turd! It was at least 14 inches long! “Drag your nose across that and tell me that you love the smell.”

Karen did as directed, rubbing her nose back and forth across the length of the turd, her face getting brown smears. “I love the smell of shit. I know it’s shit right under my nose, waiting for me to gobble up.”

“Eat my shit, eat it all,” the lady demanded but Karen didn’t need any coaxing, she was already starting to gobble it up. “Thank you, lady, for giving me this big turd.”

All at once, the lady bent down, grabbed Karen by the hair and raised her head, planting a firm tongue kiss to Karen. Karen responded by driving her shit coated tongue to the back of the woman’s mouth. Karen started sucking the woman’s tongue and the woman pulled away. “Now eat the rest of it, you toilet mouth bitch.”

By now, Karen had slowed down on her eating, her stomach was already starting to feel the effects of so much shit, but she continued just the same.

Another woman shit out another monster turd for Karen, this one also measured 14 inches long. The woman turned around and began to chant, “Eat shit, eat shit, eat shit, eat shit, and the other women started chanting with her. The woman picked up her turd and began cramming it into Karen’s mouth. Karen swallowed as fast as she could, she didn’t want any of this shit lost.

A sixth lady dropped down to the floor, but before she dropped her load, she began kissing Karen, full mouth kisses. They kissed for about a minute and then this sixth lady turned her back to Karen and began to shit. A 10 inch turd dropped from her ass and she turned around, picked up her turd and broke off a piece and hold it up to Karen’s face. “Eat it, baby, eat it nice and slow. You’re a perfect shit-eater, you eat shit like you love doing it. You’re like a dog, they shit, then turn around and eat it. You’re just like a dog. Of course, not all dogs will eat their own shit, some have better taste than to eat their own shit.”

“But I love the taste of your shit, lady. It’s all bitter and nasty tasting. I love that nasty taste.”

“Hasn’t your mistress taught you to say that one word that we all love to hear from you?”

“It’s so nasty tasting, but at the same time I love it, it’s delicious.”

The whole group of ladies broke out in applause.

“Do you think my shit is delicious?” the lady asked.

“Yes, oh yes. Your shit is so spicy, so tasty, so rich. Please give me more.”

The lady placed another bite in Karen’s mouth and she cried out, “I’mm cummiinnngggg agggaaaiinnnn! Youuulvvee mmaaddeee meeee cummmm agggaainnnn jussttt bbby eaaattinnng youuurrr shhhhiiiitttt!” Karen then leaned forward and began rubbing her face in the lady’s hands till her face was covered with shit. The lady then made Karen lick and suck her fingers clean.

Another woman dropped down and began to defecate for Karen. She turned around, “Do you think you’ll be able to eat that?” The turd was 11 inches long.

“I want to try,” Karen responded. “I’m a shit-eater.”

“I’ll say you are,” the lady said and watched Karen begin eating up her pile of shit.

Karen ate slower and slower until she had finished the turd. The eighth woman dropped Karen a 9 inch turd, the ninth had an 11 inch turd. By this time, Karen was chewing very slowly. But then it was Elsa’s turn. “Ladies, I’ve saved my shit up for this occasion. I feel like I need to shit more than I ever have in my life.” Elsa turned around and dropped out a tremendous turd – 18 inches!!!

“Mistress! I can’t eat all that!” Karen gasped.

“You WILL eat it! Do you understand? I’ve brought you before these ladies to eat shit and shit you’re going to eat,” Elsa stated. “Get started.”

Karen lowered her mouth and looked up at Elsa. “Mistress, I’m going to be sick.”

“Are you telling me that you are tired of eating shit?” Elsa smiled.

“No, I think shit is wonderful, but you just gave me too much.”

“That’s too bad,” Elsa responded. “Get your mouth down on that shit. Eat more shit. Eat everything we put out. If you don’t, I won’t give you any more of it.”

At once Karen lowered her mouth and bit off a big mouthful and began chewing it as she looked up at Elsa. “Mistress Elsa, I think your shit is absolutely delicious. It tastes much better than that of the other ladies.”

“You dirty crap lover,” Elsa responded.

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“Yes, I’m a dirty crap lover,” and Karen swallowed it. “Watch this,” Karen said as she started licking the turd from one end to the other as she began talking to it, “Pretty turd, your Mistress gave you to me. My Mistress is very good to me, giving me all this shit, but you taste the very best… yummy, savory, appetizing,” and Karen bit off another mouthful. “Oh pretty turd, you are so sweet, I can’t get enough of you. I’m going to cum agggaaain. I’mmmmm cccuummiiinnnnggg. I’mmmm ccuummiinnnggggg! Sweet shit, you make me cum when you slide down my throat!”

“This has got to be the nastiest exhibition I’ve ever seen,” one of the ladies remarked.

“She is nasty, isn’t she?” Elsa watched as Karen took another bite. “She’s my shit eater, I do train girls very well. Eat it all Karen, eat all that smelly used up food out of my ass. You like to eat dirt like this, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” Karen replied as she took another bite.

“Ladies, my toilet girl has now eaten over seven pounds of shit. I would have you piss in her mouth but I don’t think she can hold that much, but I would like to invite you, anytime you like, to come over to my office and use my toilet mouth. Anytime. Remember, this is a treat for her.”

Slowly, one by one, the ladies started leaving.

“Remember ladies, come back to use my cunt,” Elsa closed the door. “Karen, you have made me so proud by eating all that shit. Never before have I had a girl eat that much. You were superb! But remember, I invited them back and I’m sure they will all be here tomorrow, at various times.”

Karen went into the bathroom and began throwing the vile food up. She vomited for fifteen to thirty minutes before she was able to regain her composure. Then she washed her face, brushed her teeth and gargled. When she came out of the bathroom, Elsa was nowhere around, until she looked in her private bedroom. And it was what she was doing thlat made Karen gasp. Elsa was lying on her back, still in the nude. But what was so bad, the head lady of the ten cells was squatting over her face and defecating right into her Mistress’s mouth. Karen got aroused again just watching this, watching her own Mistress eating shit from another woman. Karen watched the whole thing, feeling revulsion on one hand and arousal on the other. It looked to Karen that her Mistress was having trouble getting it down. Without realizing it, Karen had slowly entered her Mistress’s bedroom so she could watch closer. Her Mistress’s mouth was only about three inches from the woman’s asshole and the turd made a straight brown line into her Mistress’s mouth. She could see her Mistress chewing and the brown streaks running down off her Mistress’s cheeks. Suddenly Karen bumped into a coffee table, causing the woman to turn around.

“Come on in, Karen and see what your Mistress is doing,” the woman said. “Elsa, Karen is here with us now.”

Elsa tried to wiggle free but the woman held her face, “Keep eating it. It’s all right for you to feed her, but you have a problem eating it yourself. Come on over here, Karen. Sit right down on the bed with us. Isn’t it disgusting?”

Karen watched her own Mistress eating shit. When the turd finally dropped from the woman’s asshole, the lady turned around to get a better view. At once Karen started to climb on her Mistress and help her eat this turd, but the lady said no way, this was Elsa’s shit to eat. When Elsa had finished the turd, the lady straddled her mouth again and started pissing in Elsa’s mouth. Elsa swallowed mouthful after mouthful as Karen sat there watching.

“Did you know your Mistress was a shit-eater too?”

Karen shook her head no as she watched. When the woman had drained her bladder, she got off Elsa and began dressing. “Explain to Karen about being my piss-drinking, shit-eating whore,” the woman finished dressing and left the room. For a while, Elsa just lay there, her eyes avoiding Karen’s. Then she too got up to dress. Then Elsa sat back down. “Karen, I’m sorry you had to see that. You must be punished for that, but maybe I should explain. How do you think I got this job in the first place? Do you think I just applied for the job? I had to do for this lady exactly what you saw me doing. It was terrible then and it still is, but I have to do it to keep my job. That lady will go to another Mistress’s bedroom every day and do that very thing. She has not sat on a toilet in years. All she does is sit on our faces. I have to do that about every other week for her. It’s terrible. Now that is all I’m going to say about it so don’t ask me about it. And as I said, you must be punished for walking in here. And, since you love my shit so much, I am going to cut you off.”

“Oh no, Mistress. Please, oh please don’t do that. I love the taste of your shit so very, very much. I love that sugar that comes out of your candy hole.”

“I’m also going to tell those other ladies what you’ve done so you won’t have any of their shit. Girl, you are going to hate the day you watched me eating shit.”


“Karen, your parole has come up, it will convene one month from today. What we should do is check with you see what your ambitions are, your incarceration here and what it has taught you. We will be deciding your viability in the outside world now. Are you ready for this?”

“To tell you the truth, I hadn’t given it much thought. You, Mistress Elsa, have kept me happy being right here,” Karen flushed.

“Would you like to stay right here? Work for me? It could be arranged?”

“I really haven’t a place in the outside world, with that little misunderstanding I had with my husband. I’d have to move far away.”

“Now you realize that you would have to go on serving me or any other senior member here, just like before. But of course you would be able to get your own toilet girl and use her just like I am using you. It’s quite exciting to use another girl this way. I could teach you all of my tricks to use on a new girl. Naturally the girl wouldn’t be as pretty as you are, because the other women here get first shot at any new girl. But you will get your own toilet girl to use in any way you choose, anytime. And naturally you will have to continue serving me and the other ladies here, in the same way. But, beware, don’t let any woman come in that you choose and use catch you serving one of us other ladies. That has a very negative influence on the new girl or woman… unless she is like you and gets very aroused over this game.”

“I think I will take you up on this offer,” Karen smiled at Elsa.

“I’m glad you decided that. And for a celebration on this decision, I think I would like to take you out along the cells and let you see any girl that you might like to own. But meantime, I have something for you, a nice sweet turd. Would you like that?”

“Thank you, Mistress. But there is one thing that I would like to ask you if I may. If you ever quit, would you take me along with you? I’d die without that nasty/sweet taste of your shit.”

“I promise.”

NOTE: This story was not written by me. The author would like to correspond with other lesbians or bi-women, by regular mail, with similar interests.