Another Taste of Heaven Erotic story

I had been travelling for three hours. My goal was to reach Sharpsville by night fall, and stop for a good meal. Then a good night sleep, and continue to Abbotsville for my job interview at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. I am a computer analyst, and usually work on a contract, this particular one is for six months. This is longer then usual, however, the descriptions of the work involved updating a complete plant and justified the length of the contract. Beside the money was excellent. Sharpsville was 36 miles ahead, which would put me at the motel at 4:30, plenty of time to relax and mentally prepare for tomorrow. There was a nip in the air. October in the mountains was beautiful. The leaves were changing colours. Up a head, I noticed a person standing by the road. It was a pitiful sight, as I could see the body shaking, shivering. Stopping, I could drop him off at Sharpsville, and feel good about myself. Stopping, the lad had picked up his knapsack and was running toward the car.

“Thanks for stopping Sir,” said the lad.

However, the lad had a female voice. I looked and an attractive chocolate face nearly all covered with her hood. She was a young lady. Putting her belongings in the back seat, she climbed in beside me.

“Where are you going, sir?” She asked.

“Just to the next town, then I will drive to Abbotsville tomorrow.” I don’t know why I told her that as I was only planning to take her to Sharpsville.

“It is getting cold.” She advised. “I left my heavier clothes at home.”

“Where is home?” I inquired.

“Duncan, about 300 miles from here, I am going to Abbotsville to visit my Dad.”

“And you are hitchhiking in this weather?”

“Well mom gave me the bus fair, but I thought I could use the money for other things.”

“Well you are taking chance. There are a lot of wackos on the roads.”

In the conversation, I learned her name was Cindy Ryan, her parents had been divorced over a year, she visited her dad usually four times a year, and enjoyed being with him because he spoilt her with all kinds of purchases of new clothing and other gifts. She had just turned fourteen. As she warmed up, she dropped her hood, so I could now see her full face. Cindy was very attractive, and I have had a soft spot in my heart for dark complexions. Her lips were full, and her eyes were shining. We chatted about the weather, her favourite colours, her school life etc. She did not have a boyfriend at this time. Said the last one she had was too immature. The car was warm, when Cindy asked if she could remove her coat. I nodded, and she wiggled out of it. The view was fantastic. Her breasts were well filled in. She had on a light clinging sweater, and it showed she had a bra on, and her nipples were very noticeable. Her tummy appeared flat, and Cindy had long well shaped legs, quite a vision for one so young.

The time past quickly listening to Cindy’s relaxing voice, and then I was in the outskirts of Sharpsville, seeing my motel sign, I pulled into the parking lot.

“Well this is the end of the line for me, hope you get a ride quickly.”

“Thank you for the lift, just getting warmed up was great.”

Cindy put on her coat, adjusted her hood, got her knapsack, smiled and left the car. I checked into the motel, and as I drove to my unit. Cindy waved at me, but had her thumb out for the next car that was coming down the road. I wondered how Cindy would be in bed. I could not believe I thought of that, she is so young.

Just taking what was necessary for my overnight stay, I entered a large, bright room containing a Queen size bed, a couch, easy chair and a colour TV. The shower was calling me. Watching the news, it was all about the storm that was coming tonight, I wondered how Cindy was making out. My stomach reminded me, the last time I ate was at 7:00 in the morning. When checking in, the restaurant next door looked and smelled inviting. Cindy was still at the side of the road. There was a very noticeable change in the temperature, since checking in, very bitter cold. My mind was thinking about Cindy, how cold she must be standing in the open hitchhiking. I decided to ask her to come for dinner. Approaching her, you could see her body trembling with the cold.

“Why don’t you come with me for something to eat? My treat.”

“I really wouldn’t want to impose, I am thankful for the ride, you have done enough for me.”

“Don’t you be ridiculous, your body is shivering from the cold, and you are likely hungry, when is the last time you ate?”

“This morning, mom made me eat a bowl of cereal.”

“Well, you are coming with me,” I picked up Cindy’s knapsack, took her hand and walked toward the restaurant. The menu offered a good selection. Cindy ordered a small steak and all the trimmings. She ate with gusto, devouring every thing on the plate, and a large dessert. I must admit. I enjoyed her company. She was knowledgeable on many subjects, and reflected maturity. Cindy was not longer a child but a woman.

I paid the bill, as Cindy was getting her coat on. The weather had turned worse, and it had started snowing, not the best time to be attempting to hitch a ride. Traffic was none existence.

“Do you have enough money for a room?”

“No, I was supposed to take a bus, and I would have been in Abbotsville four hours ago.”

I notice that there was a tear in her eye. Cindy was frightened. Being a good Samaritan, I suggested she call her father and tell him what happened, and I would get her a room. Cindy’s smile returned grateful she wouldn’t have to stand in the cold. Well as it turned out, many travellers had checked in due to the weather. The motel was full, and all locate motels were the same.

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“Why didn’t I take the bus?” I heard her say.

This caused me some concern. Cindy was a beautiful, young lady. I wanted her. I knew that was very wrong. Someone, so young, should not have the effect Cindy was having on me. I could hate myself for the thoughts I was thinking at the moment. Was this taking advantage of a very young impressionable young lady? Shame on me.

“Well I have a suggestion, my room is large, and has a large comfortable sofa, you are welcome to stay with me.”

I was nervous about this situation but it was the only option.

“Could I?”

“Yes, I don’t mind if it doesn’t bother you.”

Cindy put her arms around my neck in kissed me. I was stunned. You know the effect that a young lady kissing you has. My erection was immediate. I picked up her knapsack and headed to my room. Once inside I asked her if she had a nightie, she smiled a yes.

“If you want a bath or a shower before we turn in, go right ahead. I showered before supper.”

Cindy took her knapsack and headed for the bathroom. The shower was turned on, and I could soon smell a fragrant soap in the air. Cindy must have her own soap and shampoo. I use the free stuff, and it certainly doesn’t smell like that. It certainly did not help my sexual arousal. It told me it needs relief. Rubbing the shaft, I knew it would have to wait.

The shower turned off, and I wondered what sight I would see coming out of the bathroom. I was listening to the news, and the storm was one of the most serious the area received in years. Roads were being closed. I was wondering if I would be to Abbotsville tomorrow. The bathroom door opened, Cindy came out wearing a lacy white baby doll. I just about came just looking at her. The contrast of white against her skin was striking. Cindy had legs that were well formed. Her small panties left nothing to the imagination. Her bum was tight and very inviting. I could see that she had a trimmed bush over her pussy. The view didn’t help my condition. Her breasts did not need a bra, they stood out proud, and her nipples were erect. At fourteen, Cindy was a vision. I could smell her shampoo and body splash.

“Well I have to get up early, because I have to be in Abbotsville by 2:00 to be at my meeting, I suggest we turn in.”

I had made up a bed on the sofa, while Cindy was in the shower. She lifted the covers, looked at me and smiled. Shutting off the light, the room had a soft glow as the motel sign provided some light seeping through the curtains. Sleep was quick, in spite of my very hard erection.

Sometime during the night, the power went off, and since the room was electric heat, it got very cold. I felt a weight on the bed, and a hand now resting on my chest, and it was moving downward. Cindy had come to my bed seeking warmth, her hand was now caressing my Woody, it felt great. Then I realized what was happening. This could be trouble.

“Cindy,” I said, “Do you know what you are doing?”

With that she kissed me, not a father daughter kiss, a passionate wet kiss, and force my head down to her breasts. They were firm and nipples still hard. Lifting her top, my mouth targeted her nipples. They tasted and felt great. Cindy was pumping my penis. My foreskin was pulled over the large purple head, if Cindy continued, cum would be spurting shortly. Her hand had left my Woody, and she lifted my head and kissed me again. Her warm soft body pushed against me. My hand ran up and down her back, going under her panties, feeling her bum cheeks. Her skin was so soft, and her body smelt so good. Then her age kicked in, fourteen. What was the age of consent in this state, I wondered? My body wanted her, and my mind was raising an alarm.

“Are you a virgin?”

“No, that is why I enjoy spending time with my dad, he taught me how to please myself and a man when I was twelve.”

“How did that happen?”

Cindy snuggled close, and I feel her hand stroking my tool. It felt wonderful. Then she told me the story about her and her dad. My hand was feeling her ample breasts and hard nipples.

“Well Daddy was always there for me until he and mom separated. Maybe that is why they parted. I was very close to Daddy, and one night when mom was working late, we got very close.” Cindy smiled at the thought.

“I had come home from school, with a bruised knee and thigh, as a result of a track accident. I had a really bad fall. Daddy helped me, get ready for a bath, my leg was so stiff I couldn’t sit down properly. My dad bathed me as I propped myself with my arms. When he got to my slit, I told him to wash everything. From that point, we were very close.”

“After the bath, he dried me and helped me with my nightie. He noticed my nip ples were very hard. He carried me to bed and started massaging my sore leg. When he got to my pussy, he rubbed it, and I started to moan. I felt him spread my legs, and then felt is warm tongue on my slit. From that point on, I forgot about my sore leg.”

“Later, he showed me his woody, and told me what to do to make him happy. I l earned how to suck cock that night. In the morning he was inside me. It hurt, but after my first climax I never thought about it again.”

Cindy kissed me again. She liberally used her tongue. My erection was like an iron pipe. It may have been cold on the outside, but it was warm in our bed. My hands were all over Cindy’s body. Her panties off, the essence, of her sex, was overpowering, kissing and sucking her pussy was the only answer. Softly moving Cindy on her back, spreading here legs, my tongue found its goal. Her tasty pussy produced an endless supply of liquid. Her clit was large for one so young. Her body tensed when it was sucked. Heaven couldn’t be this wonderful. How could this be considered bad? My mind was trying now to justify the enviable. Cindy’s body started to quiver, a climax was close. Her hips rose. My hands were on her bum and feeling her cheeks and brown star, her very tight brown star. Now that I would love, hoping it was still a virgin hole. My face was covered with pussy juice, and my finger was pushing against her bum hole, slowly making head way to the first knuckle, the hole was very tight. Cindy was moaning as my finger started pumping in and out of her bum hole. It was into the maximum, her bum muscles were grabbing it as it was pulled out, then shoved back in. Sucking Cindy’s pussy continued, and another climax was the result. Her body tensed with pleasure. This was the true taste of heaven.

Cindy pulled me up again, and kissed my juice coated lips. Then she moved down my body, and grabbed my erection and started sucking. The feeling was unique. Cindy worked her tongue, licking the large head. This would not last long. The feeling had me on the clouds.

“I am going too cum.”

Cindy pulled me deep in her mouth, and the sperm was building up in my balls. Then with a gush, cum started to pump, Cindy drained me. I could feel her tongue cleaning up every bit of sperm. Nothing could match the feeling. My eyes closed. My body was mush.

“Was I good?”

“You were great, but I still would love to make love to you.”

“Oh, you will, I want to feel you inside me.”

“Have you had it anally?”

“Oh, I love that feeling.”

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That comment told me, Cindy’s bum wasn’t a virgin hole. I wonder who got that cherry? Cindy provided the answer.

“Daddy taught me the joys of my bum. He used to play with my bum when he was sucking my clit. I soon found out the sensation was very unique. I enjoyed the feeling.”

“Then one night Daddy asked me if he could take me in the bum. Of course I said yes. He rubbed jelly all over my opening and on his penis, and slowly pushed his seven inches into my waiting hole. It felt great, and after pumping slowly, and then faster I had my first anal climax, and wasn’t the last. We do it about once a week when we are together.”

I hugged her, then snuggled into her body, and we feel asleep.

When I awoke, Cindy was still curled up in the crook of my body. Cindy’s body was warm and firm, I ran my hands up and down her breasts, and her nipples started to harden.

“Good morning.”

She turned toward me. Her face was radiant. Her moist lips were very kissable. I could feel my woody getting hard, after last night I thought I was done for a month. It was fully erect. Cindy started to cress me. She moved up and kissed me. Cindy’s perfume was still evident, on the bedding. My hands started to roam all over her body.

“Well what would you like to do.” Cindy moaned in my ear.

“Do you want to get up?”

With that I laid her on her back and spread her legs, mounted, and slowly felt Cindy’s pussy engulfed my stiff woody. Kissing her deeply, I started to pump slowly. Her young body started to react, and her hips met my every thrust. Just feeling her beneath me, made me excited. At her young age, Cindy was very comfortable on how to make love. I didn’t want it to end. Cindy’s body started to tremble, and she was moaning. She was close. It felt so good to be inside Cindy. This was going to be a great day.

“Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” came from Cindy.

She thrust her hips up hard to meet, stiffen and then came down from her high. I felt that feeling, and started to pump my load deep inside Cindy. I didn’t think I could produce so much cum in so little time. Cindy had that effect on me. Slowly my erection disappeared, and came out of Cindy with a sloppy pop. Rolling off her, the feeling of total bliss came over me.

We must have fallen asleep, as it was now eleven o’clock. Getting up, I opened the drapes, and seen mountains of snow, it had apparently snowed all night. Calling the desk, we learned that all roads were closed, and no plows were expected in this area of the state till late this evening. Well, there would be no interview this afternoon for my new job. Dialling the firms number, a lonely female voice answered. I explained who I was, and was advised that she was the only one in the office, and my contact had called in and arranged the meeting for Friday two days hence, thanking her I hung up. Well what was I going to do for two days. Cindy smiled and the answer was obvious. She called her father and told him, he apparently was worried until she called. He gave Cindy a Credit Card number so she could continue to rent the room for another two nights, and charge her meals. She hung up and had a smug smile on her face. “Well this is going to be an interesting two days,” Cindy remarked.

“And I am going to enjoy them to the fullest, with you.”

Cindy turned, her back facing me, leaned over to put on her socks, her bum opened and I could see her brown star, all puckered up. That was going to be my goal for today. She turned around and seen me staring.

“Do you like the view?”

“You bet. I like looking at you.”

“Well we have the whole day and tomorrow.”

Thinking of her brown star, my penis started to respond. Cindy had a beautiful bottom, and the puckered star was a very attractive bonus.

“Let us have a shower, then go for breakfast. I really need it after all the exercise I have been doing lately.”

Cindy headed for the bathroom, then the shower was running. I called the desk and advised them I would be staying for two more nights, and there were two in the room. Apparently most of the rooms had doubles, as people were stranded. Since they did not ask me who my partner was, I didn’t volunteer. With so much confusion because of the storm, nobody knew who was with whom. They advised me the restaurant would be open, as it was fully stocked for four days all of the time in this season.

After breakfast, we took a short walk outside. Snow drifts were everywhere, people were talking about this being the worst snow storm in ages. There was little panic, as everybody accepted it. Cindy looked cold, and I suggested we visit the store attached to the motel, and see what we could get. After purchasing an all season jacket, and four pairs of panties, we headed back to the room.

“I don’t know how I can repay you for all this.” Said Cindy.

I looked at her, smiled and replied.

“Well you don’t owe me a thing after what you did for me last night and this morning, consider the clothes as a gift.”

“Well you are going to get a lot more of the same for at least two days.”

Now that was a nice warm thought. The view of her bum cheeks came to mind, I was going to enjoy this uncalled for vacation.

Watch for more Heaven Features in the near future.