April and Andrew Hot erotic story

Allow me to start by introducing myself. My name is April. I am 29 years old, and have been seeing my current boyfriend, Andrew, for 6 months or so. My friends would describe me as a homebody, but then again they really don’t know me. You see I like to get involved in groups from my church as well as doing volunteer work. I’m not much of a party person, so whenever I am asked to go out, I tell them some lame excuse allowing me to stay home.

If someone were to ask me to describe myself, I would say I’m average looking. I stand 5’8; have shoulder length red hair, and brown eyes. My bra size is 38C. I’m just average having a medium frame. I run in my spare time and this has given me strong thighs. I would probably have a fitness geek physique if it weren’t for my other passion, cooking. Anyway, that’s enough about me.

Andrew and I met one day while we we’re working a community cleanup project together. Neither of us had ever met before, but somehow we got paired up on this project. We just hit it off. Andrew is 5’6 with a stocky frame and has brown hair and eyes. I think his eyes and smile are his sexiest attributes; well his cute ass is nice too. One day he just up and asked me out. I was hoping he would, but was shocked when he did.

Our first date felt kind of strange, Andrew was really shy and we didn’t talk much. We did eventually loosen up, and warmed up to one another. I think he was probably a virgin when we met. I still don’t know for sure. He moved very slowly, in the romantic sense. We didn’t kiss until the third date; we didn’t have sex for the first month.

On this night, Andrew went over to my apartment and made us a romantic dinner, while I was at work. Andrew went out and bought a bunch of candles, and lit the apartment with them. The room smelled of vanilla and berries, with a hint of lavender. He bought all 3 of my favorite scents. When I arrived home, Andrew removed my coat and hung it in the closet. He then escorted me into the living room where I saw all of the candles. The room was so warm and inviting, even though lit only by the candles. Andrew sat me down before going into the kitchen to fetch dinner.

Andrew returned from the kitchen with our dinners on a large platter. He had prepared a wonderful garden salad, pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, and glazed baby carrots. We sat and ate our dinner, conversing about how the day went. I complained to him about how this and that. Andrew just sat there quietly allowing me to get my frustrations out. When we finished dinner, Andrew cleaned the table and the dishes. He returned from the kitchen with a bottle of expensive wine and two glasses. We sat on the couch next to one another enjoying the wine and each other’s warmth.

I was kind of awe struck with this treatment I was receiving. No other man had ever done anything like this for me. We began to kiss one another; his kisses were soft and passionate. Our kissing became more and more heated; we were soon making out like two school kids. I tried, in vain, to slow things down a few time, but both of our sex drives were now in high gear.

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Andrew began kissing my neck and slowly unbuttoning my blouse. He stopped unbuttoning it when my breast became accessible. Andrew kissed me from my neck down to my bra-covered breast. I could feel him nibbling and licking at my erect nipples through my bra. This was driving me wild, and my juices began to flow. I arched my back, pushing my breast out to meet him. While Andrew continued licking and teasing me, I reached behind myself and undid my bra. Soon I had my bra loose, and then finished unbuttoning my top. I pushed Andrew away long enough to remove them allowing him to get at my flesh. His breath felt hot and steamy on my nipples as I pulled him tightly to me.

It soon became obvious that Andrew’s 7-inch cock had come to life. He was gyrating around, trying to get enough room for it to become comfortable for him. Normally, I am rather submissive when it comes to sex, allowing him to make the first move. However, Andrew was taking too long, in my mind to get to the real thing. My body was craving his cock big time. I pushed Andrew onto his back, and quickly removed his pants and underwear. His cock pointed straight at the ceiling.

My hungry mouth quickly found his cock; Andrew let out a moan of pleasure as my mouth slid down the length of his shaft. I started slowly with long strokes up and down the length of his cock. When I got it almost all the way in, I felt pressure at the back of my throat. This caused me to gag a little. Andrew just laid back enjoying it at first. When I stopped and started licking his balls Andrew grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head. He stopped me and asked if we could move to the floor to have more room.

Once on the floor, I again attacked Andrew’s hard meat. Andrew removed his shirt. He then started moving around; before I knew it he was beneath me in the 69 position. Andrew pushed my skirt up and started licking my pussy through my wet panties. I could feel the silkiness of my panties entering me as Andrew pushed a finger into me. With Andrew’s panty sheathed finger fucking my cunt, and his tongue working my clit, my lust for cock made me lose control. I don’t know how long we went at it in this fashion, but I couldn’t get enough of his cock. Suddenly, I felt a powerful stirring in my loins and my body began to quiver. I was cumming. The pleasure was intense, so much so that I couldn’t hear Andrew’s moans and warning of his impending orgasm.

Without any warning, I could feel Andrew’s cock jumping in my mouth. I suddenly became aware that he was cumming. My lust wouldn’t let me remove my mouth; I kept mouth fucking his cock as he pumped his warm cum into my mouth. Andrew just kept pumping cum into my mouth. I decided to swallow. This was new to me; I had never tasted cum before, not even by accident. Whenever I gave a blowjob I usually pulled off in time to give my partner a hand job as he came. Oh, how wonderful the sensations were. Tasting Andrew’s juices for the first time. I got somewhat of a head rush; this time I completed the job.

Andrew was shocked with this turn of events. He was speechless. My cunt wanted more, but I wasn’t sure if Andrew could keep going. He told me his head was spinning from the sensations he had just experienced. I pulled off my skirt and panties and lay next to him. Andrew’s cock was still rock hard, and my cunt was screaming for a cock. I mounted Andrew and began fucking him. He lay almost lifeless beneath me, but I didn’t care. His cock was hard and that was good enough for me.

Andrew slowly regained his strength and started raising his hips to meet me. It was almost painful, but I didn’t care. My lust was out of control. I soon began feeling as though I were ready to cum again. Andrew put me over the edge when he started caressing my breast and pinching my nipples. My whole body shook, no convulses, as I came. Andrew’s face contorted as my cunt tightened around his cock. He looked almost pained, but he kept thrusting to meet me. He commented that he could feel my juices shooting and hitting the head of his cock.

My body still wanted more, but exhaustion from my physical exertion was getting to me. I continued fucking Andrew’s willing cock for a few minutes; soon feeling another orgasm preparing to shake my body. I leaned back just before my orgasm arrived. This must have allowed Andrew’s cock to hit my G-Spot, because when I came my whole body lost control. I fell back onto the floor shaking, gasping for breath, and crying. The sensations were almost too powerful.


Andrew moved on top of me and we began to kiss. His kisses were wonderful. I felt like a whore for the way I had fucked him, but Andrew’s kisses reassured me that he loved me. Andrew then kneeled between my legs and pointed his cock again at my cunt. As he inserted it into me, my body began to shake again. I was in sensory overload. My cunt was so sensitive that it almost hurt to have him in me. I began to gasp for breath again, and soon found my eyes tearing up.

I wanted Andrew to stop, but I knew he was still horny. He wanted to cum again. My body fought with his cock, not wanting it anymore. I forced myself to accept him. Andrew could sense something was wrong, but couldn’t figure it out. My cunt began to spasm around his probing cock. He remarked that the feeling was incredible. I began to beg him to stop, but didn’t use the word stop. “Please Andrew, please cum.” This drove him absolutely wild. He began thrusting into me harder and harder with each plea. My cunt was becoming more and more sore with every thrust.

I began to yell at him. “Fuck Andrew, please cum! Please cum deep inside of me! Fuck me! Cum God damn it.”

My demands did what I wanted them to do. Andrew’s face contorted. With one loud moan Andrew sent his cum pumping deep inside of me. His cock was still pumping cum when he pulled out and hot cum shot all over my clit. I damn near jumped up off the floor.

We lie there and fell asleep for an hour or so. Eventually, we woke up and began kissing and caressing one another. Andrew told me that he had never heard me use such language before. He said it took him by surprise, but that it was quite a turn on.

Andrew and I have been together for about a year now, and the sex has been wonderful. Looking back, I don’t know why I was so afraid to have a man cum in my mouth. I have found it to be a loving end to the act, which I am performing. The other thing I have learned is that I can make Andrew cum whenever I want him to, by talking to him like I’m a whore.