Ash and Me Erotic story

Ash and me had been best friends since first grade. Everyone teased us saying we were boyfriend and girlfriend but we would always defend with, “Yuck, no way!” He was a great friend, always defending me. We stuck together all the way until we were both twelve.

After that we were much closer. That summer after school let out we started experimenting with each other. He was my first everything.

“Ash is here,” my mom would yell almost every morning as I got dressed to go explore the world with him. Every day we found something great during our summer explorations, whether it was a tree perfect for climbing or a way to make money to spend on junk food.

Today was a particularly special day.

As we walked down my front steps I looked at Ash and could tell he was about to burst from the secret he was keeping. I tried to hide my excitement as long as I could but when we turned the corner leading to the farmhouses I couldn’t wait anymore!

“Spill it!” I cried.

“Huh? Oh, its nothing,” Ash said coolly. He was lying and I knew it so after wrestling him to the ground and threatening to punch him in the stomach, he let me in on it. “I know where there’s an old farm house that no one knows about but me!” he said almost spitting the words at me.

Along the way Ash and I talked about how it would just be ours and we could have a secret club and all the other things a kid that age can dream up.

About fifteen minutes later the wondrous house loomed before me. It was perfect! No one could ever find it and try to make it theirs besides us it was so well hidden.

The place was an absolute mess which made it even better! There was still furniture but most of it was broken. We spent the entire day searching that place. Out of all the rooms the master bedroom was the most well kept. The bed was intact and the rest of the furniture too. We jumped on the bed and noticed that the springs were busting through. This place had charm!

Most of our days that summer were spent in our old house. By the middle of the summer we had it cleaned up the best we could and Ash even stole a blanket from his mom to but on the master bed. One night we both told our parents we were sleeping at someone’s house so we could spend a night in our house.

When the sun went down we were without electricity so we spend all night in that bed together hugging close pretending not to be scared.

“Have you ever kissed a boy?” Ash asked one day as we were dropping our bikes off beside the house.

“No,” I said bluntly, “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

He went on to tell me that he almost did but the girl got scared. I think it was the other way around. The question was forgotten and we went on our way to play.

Upstairs in the master bedroom we were once again jumping on the bed when a spring went into my foot. I cried out in pain and Ash ran to the rescue. He pulled the spring out and held me as I dried up my tears.Then one magical moment later, our eyes locked, then closed and our lips met. We kissed for like five seconds straight. It was slowly broken and as we parted from the kiss we knew our lives would never be the same.

The whole thing swept me away! I had no idea what to think or how to act. We kissed on a regular basis now. Every time one of us had to go home we would stand at the doorway of our farmhouse and kiss.


It was like we were married! One night we were spending the night at our house(we brought candles this time!) and as we lay in our bed, Ash turned on his side and started rubbing his hands all over me.

Not a word was spoken as I just laid back and let him do what he wanted. Next thing I know he was unbuttoning my shirt. Next was the bra but he could not get it unhooked! I reached behind and undid it for him. I was so self conscious because I had barely started developing and I had more nipple that breast.

Ash gasped when he saw my naked chest, then his hands went right for it. The feelings were incredible as he rubbed and sucked my nipples. I had no idea what my body was doing but next thing I knew, my pussy was wet.

Things kept getting more intense by the second and pretty soon we were both completely naked with him laying on top of me. My pussy was throbbing and dripping in anticipation. “Should I put it in?” he asked softly. I nodded my head yes and he put the head up to my hole. I was so worked up that I came just from it being there! Ash pushed and at first it would not budge. We kept trying and with me pushing my wet cunt against his cock we finally got it in. My cherry was our next obstacle. “I don’t want to hurt you,” Ash said as he rested his cock head against my cherry.

Always pretending to be tougher than I was I said, “It won’t, just push real hard.” Holy shit was I wrong! As he tore through my cherry I felt like my whole body was on fire! My body stiffened in pain but he just thought it was pleasure so he kept going. After a few pumps I loosened up and felt the best feeling I had ever felt. Sex! For both of our first times it was pretty impressive! I had an orgasm and he lasted almost thirty minutes! I humped my hips against him to meet his thrusts and he went faster and faster until he exploded deep inside me. We laid there with him on top and still inside of me catching our breath.

Our summer was filled with secret rendezvous at the farm house for sex but none topped our first time.

School time came again and we seemed to separate from there. This was the time of your life where girls stay with girls and boys stay with boys. It hurt so bad but I knew it had to be that way. As the years went on and we went to high school Ash got girlfriends and I got boyfriends. I was happy for him but inside I still had a longing for my best friend and first lover. After high school graduation I moved out of the state with my boyfriend and didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to Ash.

“My god has it been twenty years already?” I thought to myself as I held my twenty year high school reunion invitation in my hand. “What’s that?” asked my daughter Ashley while she stared at the paper in my hand that was giving my such a distant look. I told her and she kept telling me how I should go. I didn’t think it would be a good idea leaving her alone for a little over three days and besides, it was almost five states away!

“Have fun,” Ashley called to me from the front steps as I rode off towards the airport on my way back to my old town.

After the flight I got my rented car and made my way to the hotel. My reunion was tomorrow night and I already had butterflies in my stomach! I thought about all my old friends and then my mind wandered to Ash.

Would he be there? If so, would he be as happy to see me as I him? All those thoughts spinning in my mind made for a restless nights sleep.

As I slipped on my black velvet dress I remembered all the wonderful times Ash and I had together. More butterflies! After checking my hair and makeup fifty more times I headed out to the door. For a while I just sat in the car feeling silly for being so nervous. We were friends a long time ago, a very long time ago. “This is ridiculous!” I thought to myself and started the car.

It was so great to see all my old friends again. Almost all the girls had married and had children so we all sat back and laughed about how we never thought we would be this old! It was getting late so I started asking around to everyone if they had seen Ash. No one had. I waited up until the very end of the reunion ended for him. He never showed. I kept chastising myself inwardly for making such a big deal out of it. I made one last look around the auditorium for him then headed out to my car.

“Why the hell weren’t you there?” I said out loud. I had so much left over energy that I wasn’t ready to go back to the hotel. The town was old fashioned so everything was closed. I drove aimlessly for a while until it hit me. I could go visit the farmhouse. At least I could relive old memories, even if Ash couldn’t be there.

There it was. Surrounded in darkness was our old farmhouse. The years had done more damage but it still remained standing, like a symbol for me. I got out of the car and made my way to the front steps. The rickety old front door was now torn off so I could see inside the pitch black house. Shivers ran up and down my spine. After all these years it was still spooky!

“Still scary isn’t it?” I heard a voice behind me say. I spun around on my heels and out of the darkness the figure appeared. “Ash!” I cried running up to him and throwing my arms around him. I clung to him for dear life as tears welled up in my eyes.

“Where were you? Why didn’t you show up?” I whispered in his ear while we held each other tight.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t be there,” he whispered back. “I wanted to come back to our house and relive old memories even if I never got to see you,” he said as he broke from our embrace.


“I can’t believe it’s still standing,” I said as we wandered around inside. We came across some of the old things we had left behind and gushed out memories to each other.

“Do we dare?” Ash asked walking towards the staircase. I grabbed his hand and we crept up the squeaky stairs. We walked into the doorway of the master bedroom. Our lovenest stood frozen in time. His mothers blanket still lay on the bed and our candles and matches were still where we left them. Ash walked over and lit one repeatedly until it finally caught the flame.

Ash seemed to have barely changed over the years. He still had the boyish look in his eyes and as I stared at him in the candlelight I was thrown back to the first night we had sex. He laid on the dusty bed and held open his arms so I could lay on his chest. I felt twelve again. We talked for hours about our lives now. I told him about Ashley and he got such a proud look on his face. “How could I not name her after my first love?” I asked.

Next thing I knew we were locked in a kiss as we ripped each others clothes off. He spread my legs and dove his mouth into my pussy. His tongue teased my clit and fucked my hole as I pushed his head into it.

I returned the favor and laid him on his back and took his cock deep into my mouth tickling the head with my tongue. We were both so close to coming but didn’t want it to end this way. Ash pulled me down and put me on my back then got in between my legs. My whole body was quivering in anticipation. I don’t think my pussy had ever been wetter. “Should I put it in?” he asked.

Just like our first time. I screamed and pulled him close, plunging his cock into me. Both of our thrusts meshed together in liquid movements. I never wanted it to end but we were both so close. With one final plunge he collapsed on top of me and shot his cum deep inside. Feeling his cum splashing into me was too much to take. I orgasmed hard around him, squeezing his cock with each contraction of my pussy walls. We fell asleep in each others arms in our old farmhouse.

As I was dressing I looked over at the bed and saw his mother’s quilt. I wanted to take it with me so badly to have a little piece of our life. I picked it up and held it close.

“Leave it here,” Ash said from the doorway, “You know it belongs here, all of it does.” He was right. Our special place deserved to be frozen in time. My flight was only a few hours away so I had to scurry out of the house. On my way out I stopped at the front door with Ash following behind.

“I gotta go,” I said turning around to face him.

“I know,” he said back. That’s was the last thing he said.

Just like the way it was back then, we stood in the doorway and had our goodbye kiss. As god damn hard as it was, I broke from our kiss and went to the car, soon to be reunited with my “now” life.