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The mission had been relatively uneventful for the last two months since the craft had winged it’s way into the heavens toward Pluto. Yup, we were going to the edge of the Solar system and back, a 6-month deep space trip testing the new fusion propulsion. Just me and Ted Brown, handpicked for the job. I led two of the earlier test flights and had 20 years experience in flying everything that took to the skies. I prided myself that despite all the time in space I was still one of the most physically fit astronauts in the program. Six feet two inches, no body fat, I could out run and out bench-press all my peers. Unlike my counterpart Ted, who only comes up to my chest and looks frail, but at least he wasn’t a porker like some of the others I knew. Ted was a civilian scientist who was selected because of his 15 years of extensive fusion propulsion expertise – if something went wrong during the test, it was up to him to get us back. I could fly the bird to Pluto and back with my eyes closed, but the technology was his bag. So I could put up with him even though he wasn’t one of the regular space program studs who went jogging in the morning and girl hunting at night. Too bad they couldn’t have hooked me up with one of the female technicians; this was already a long two months.

We had settled down into a regular routine. The 12-hour “day” (it was all dark this far away from the sun) consisted of systems testing, routine maintenance, eating bland food, and the daily communication back to Earth. Just a routine report back and forth that was time delayed due to the distance, like an echo, but it was nice to hear another voice once in a while. The 12-hour night was our own. We had private compartments just off the control room-one of the good things that the early flights had shown was a propensity to get on each other’s nerves if there was no privacy for that much time. We could watch movies, play computer games, read tech manuals, whatever it took to get us to fall asleep in all this boredom.

I had just started to dose off when the alarm started to shriek throughout the whole ship. The weak red battery powered emergency lights switched on and the sound of the engines was different, almost quiet. Despite the almost darkness, I raced through the compartment hatch and made it to the master control panel just moments ahead of Ted. My fingers started to dance over the series of indicators but it wasn’t a problem with flight controls or power distribution, it was the main reactor. Ted initiated the emergency reset program, just like in training, and moments later we had internal power and propulsion again. We still had not perfected the fusion plant, it tended to spike high and trigger the automatic shutdown protections, for no apparent reason except to frustrate those involved. But the deep space mission was a political priority, so it was pushed through on schedule anyway. We had just learned to live with the bumps in the road.

I took a deep breath as my eyes adjusted to the restored light. I turned to Ted to congratulate him on the quick recovery, but my jaw dropped and it was all I could do just to breathe. Ted wasn’t wearing his uniform, he wasn’t wearing shorts like I was, and he was wearing a red teddy. Only he really filled out the top part, and I couldn’t see a bulge below. After two months in space, both our hair had started to grow longer, but I had cut mine with scissors, his was combed down the middle and off the shoulder. My eyes adjusted to the light and I could see that Ted had eye makeup on, and red lipstick, really red lipstick, and his whole face looked so feminine.

Ted collapsed into the chair and started to cry. He mumbled something but I’m not sure what, I instinctively put my hand on his shoulder and told him to calm down. He quieted down and just looked up at me with those doe eyes. It was all I could do to keep my cock from getting harder, Ted was a real knockout. I just kept my hand on his shoulder, not noticing that his head was now inches from my crotch. He, however, did notice. And he saw the slight bulge in my shorts. Next thing I know his fingers were parting my shorts and out popped my cock. I looked down and saw red fingernails encircling my cock and slowly stroking it. I got hard without even thinking of what was going on. It was like a slow motion dream. I was still drifting when I was jerked back to reality when I felt a wet tongue on my cock. Ted started to lick around the head; then he looked up into my eyes, didn’t see any resistance, and took the whole cock into his mouth. It was so warm and wet, he was pumping and sucking, it had been so long, it didn’t take much time for me to cum really hard. I saw my cum trickling down the edges of his mouth as he tried to swallow it all. I collapsed into the chair next to his and didn’t say anything.

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Ted explained that he had always wanted to be Teressa, and had brought some clothes on board in his personal locker. Obviously he had some experience but I got the impression that he didn’t have a serious relationship. We talked and I couldn’t believe that it was me saying that it was OK if he wanted to spend the rest of the voyage as Teressa. It was all in a fog, like a dream. I stumbled back to bed and slept 8 hours.

I woke up thinking that it was all a dream until I walked into the control room. There was Ted – uh, Teressa, all dolled up. She was wearing a short black miniskirt, a white blouse that buttoned down the front, 4-inch heels and black thigh highs. Her long blonde hair was recently combed and she had on some serious makeup. I was starring again as she walked over and kissed me on the lips. I could feel her mouth opening and I instinctively opened mine, then we were French kissing. My arms went around her and drew her toward me. Her arms went around my neck and pulled me into her. My hands felt a bra strap and I could feel something crushing against my chest. I don’t know if it was falsies or rolled up nylons, but it felt good. My hands slipped down until I was cupping her ass. She wiggled against my hands then rubbed against my crotch. I was really getting turned on by all of this, but why? Because I was in space so long? I was straight all my life, now all of a sudden I had a burning urge to take Teressa right then and there.

She must have sensed my needs and my confusion, because she took charge. She drew me over closer to the control panel. She turned away from me and leaned over the console. I could see the skirt ride up over her ass, showing the tops of the stockings, and she wasn’t wearing any panties. I was rock hard and tore off my pants. It was so inviting seeing her draped over the panel, her tits hanging off over the edge and wiggling her ass, giving me a show. I rammed my cock into her man-cunt and was surprised to find it well greased – she was well prepared. I came in her hard and fast, she was moaning the whole time. No foreplay, just good sex. Teressa certainly didn’t seem to mind.

She stood up and smoothed down her skirt, giving me a little smile. She came over and sat on my still naked lap. I started to kiss her gently, then more passionately. Next thing I know I was hard again. She stood up slightly then came back down hard onto my cock. She did all the work, riding me up and down, enjoying every minute and every sensation. She started to pump up and down faster, I came and I came. She leaned back and kissed me. Then we broke it off because we had to get ready to send the daily transmission to Earth, and we had to be ready in our uniforms. I remember looking over at Ted in his uniform now and dreaming back to earlier in this morning.

That night Ted asked me to fulfill one of his fantasies. He told me to wait while he went into his cabin. It seemed like it was forever, then I heard him say OK to come in. My eyes adjusted to the dim lights and my cock sprang to life as soon as I saw Teressa. She was wearing a crop top shirt that had a plunging neckline and showed her tight belly. She must have had a push up bra on because her “tits” were jutting out at me. She had on a pair of Daisy Duke shorts and a pair of knee-highs. She twirled on her 4 inch high heels and showed me how the shorts were cut away in the back, showing her ass cheeks and more. The heels made her arch her back and her ass just out. She started to talk to me like she was the teen-ager from hell, what a mouth.

So this was her fantasy, to be a bratty teenager, since she could never cross dress when he was a real teenager. OK, I could play along. So I told her shut her mouth before I shut it for her. How? How about I stuff something in it to quiet you down? Just laughing, OK, then I will show you. I took off my clothes and my cock was already jutting out.

I walked over and put my hands on her shoulders. She was just mouthing off like a brat. I slowly pushed down gently on her shoulders and she dropped to her knees. She was eye to eye with my hard rod, just keep on talking I thought. So I shoved my cock into her mouth, all the way. Finally, silence except for the slurping and the drooling. There was a slight curl of a smile on her face as she attacked my cock. Obviously she had what she had always wanted but could never have before. She would take a break from swallowing my cock by licking it, just looking at it proudly as it stood straight out, proud of her handiwork. Her eyes would meet mine as she swallowed my cock again, pumping her mouth up and down my shaft. She had me to the point of no return; I grasped the back of her head while I exploded into her mouth. She let the cum spill out this time instead of swallowing, it just ran down her chin and spotted her blouse. I almost blacked out from the excitement and being drained.

The next night it was as if I was with her all my life, it seemed so natural. Turnabout was fair play I thought, so I asked her to act out one of my fantasies. I went through her personal locker and picked out what I thought might work. First, the red teddy she wore the first night we were together. And some stay up black fishnet stockings. Then the micromini skirt and high heels. And I told her to put on ridiculously a lot of makeup. She looked like a whore who was obviously after just one thing, and I was going to be the one who gave it to the slut.

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But first there was one last special thing – I took a scarf and tied it gently over her eyes like a blindfold. She got into the role by asking for money, coaxing me to come over and smell her perfume, big boy. I simply caressed her shoulders. I moved her hair to one side, and then brought my hands down over her tits and along her sides. She trembled in excitement and anticipation. I moved her hand over to my cock and she slowly gave me a hand job. I wouldn’t let her give me a blowjob this time; I had something else in mind. I leaned her over so her hands were on the bed with her ass sticking up in the air. I undid the snap of the teddy, and slipped the skirt up over her tight butt.

I slowly started to enter with my cock, giving her more time to get used to it, and she quivered as I moved deeper and deeper into her. She couldn’t see anything, but her imagination was running wild. I started to get a fast pump going, I looked down at her and realized that here she was all dressed up for me, wanting me, and needing me. That thought was what brought me to finally cum in her ass as she groaned with pleasure.

We experimented with zero gravity as well. Turned off the artificial grav, we would later tell Earth that it was for equipment maintenance, and just floated. Teressa was wearing a flimsy little black dress. Just for her, I wore nothing. She floated above me, facing upwards; I came up under and behind her. I grabbed on to her, she grabbed onto a beam, and for minutes I just pumped in her ass suspended. She let go and we floated around the room with my cock still stuck in her ass. The feeling was amazing.

Six months had passed; we made a perfect touchdown at the desert airstrip. We walked down the ramp in our wrinkled uniforms to a marching band and swarms of photographers. One week of quarantine and mission debriefing, then we would get some vacation time. I looked at Ted and had thoughts of another kind of de-briefing for our joint vacation…