Best Friend’s Visit Sex stories

Keisha and her mom were coming into town for a visit. Keisha’s mom had some kind of conference to go to, and they would be staying at Leah’s house. Leah and Keisha had been the best of friends for as long as Leah could remember; they grew up next door to each other, until Keisha’s mom got transferred. That was almost a year ago. But, she was coming back today. They would be here for the whole weekend, and Leah couldn’t wait.

Keisha’s mom was a single woman who had worked her way up the corporate ladder. She had not let the birth of her only child slow her down. Nor had she let the fact that she was white, and her daughter black slow her down in her ambitions. Yes, the people of the neighborhood had talked, and, yes, some had even forbidden their own children to play with “that nigger kid”. Tammy held her head up high in front of the neighbors, but, alone at night, she cried herself to sleep over the injustice and prejudice of the middle class neighbors.

When Sally and Tim had bought the little house next door, they brought their little girl, Leah, with them. Leah and Keisha were the same age. Sally showed no hesitation about letting her little blonde haired girl play with the dark haired, dark skinned girl they were lucky enough to live next door to. Tim, a Major at the nearby Army base, also had no trepidation about letting the girls play together, or even sleep over one another’s house. When other neighbors confronted him about this, he glared at them and said, “When there’s guns blazing, I don’t give a fuck who’s covering my ass, black or white, And when there’s friendships and neighbors, I don’t give a fuck who’s covering my ass, black or white. I do, however, give a fuck about stupidity, black or white. So, get your stupidity the fuck out of my face.”

Tammy loved her new neighbors, and adored the sweet little blond girl that didn’t seem to notice that her best friend was black. When she was promoted and transferred seven years later, all five people stood in the yard and cried when the moving van was finally packed and ready to move on. The two twelve year old girls even hatched a plan to run away together, so that they would not be separated. When Tammy called Sally about the upcoming conference, there was no question of the two staying in a hotel room; they would stay at Sally and Tim’s. Tim was, unfortunately, out on maneuvers, so he would not get to see his friends, but Leah and Keisha would have plenty of time together.

The car pulled up into the driveway, and before Tammy could kill the engine, Leah was out the front door, and Keisha was out of the car. They hugged each other frantically. Sally and Tammy also hugged, but not as earnestly as the two girls did.

After a quick lunch, the two girls disappeared. They scampered into Major Tim’s “workshop,” an old shed in the back yard, where Tim went to get away from his wife and child. Under a pile of rags, he had some dirty magazines, and behind some toolboxes, he hid the booze. Sally frowned on hard liquor, and didn’t allow it in her house. Wine was about all they ever had.

Leah and Keisha sat down on the floor facing each other. In the span of a few months, their bodies had begun to change dramatically. Keisha was even wearing a bra. Leah had noticed that when they hugged.

“So, what’s been up?” they both breathlessly asked each other, then laughed. Then they lapsed into silence. Keisha brightened.

“I know! I went to this party last Friday! No parents, either!”

“Really? What’d you do?” Leah asked. She could never go to a party where at least one parent wasn’t around, spoiling everything.

Keisha smiled secretively.

“We played this game, called ‘Truth or Dare.’ It’s sooo bad!”

“How do you play?” Leah asked.

“Well, it’s kind of hard to play with just two people, but here’s the rules. I ask you a question, like, um, ‘You ever kiss a boy?’ and you either answer it, and you got to tell the truth, or you take a dare. The dare can be, you know, like, um, let Farrel, you know, touch your boobs, or something like that.”

“No! So, did you?” Leah exclaimed.

Keisha smiled knowingly. Leah felt a pang of jealousy.

“So, what was it like?” she asked. “I mean, letting some boy touch your boobs.”

Keisha shrugged. “It was all right, I guess. I mean, he was kind of rough, you know?”

Leah nodded her head yes, although, no, she didn’t know. They sat silently for a moment. Keisha remembered that Friday night. She’d masturbated twice in the bathroom at the party, and once more upon arriving home. Farrel had been rough, but it still felt good. She was getting excited just thinking about it, and wanted to masturbate. But she also wanted to be with Leah. They had not seen each other in a long time.

“You, um, want to play?” Leah whispered, and blushed. She looked at the ground. Keisha looked at her friend. Leah’s breasts were also beginning to grow, and the four foot tall girl was also beginning to develop a waist. Her shorts were getting too small for her rounding ass, and Keisha felt an unexplained surge of wetness between her legs.

“Well, yeah, but, there’s only you and me,” Keisha blurted.

“That’s all right,” Leah said, still looking at the ground.

“Well, okay, but I go first, since I’m the one that knows how to play,” Keisha declared.

“Um, Leah, Truth or Dare. Have you ever kissed a boy?” Keisha asked.

“No,” Leah said. “Now what?”

“Well, then, it’s your turn,” Keisha said, disappointed. She’d hoped to have Leah do a Dare. She had no idea what she’d have had Leah do, but, still..

“Okay, Keisha, Truth or Dare. Have you ever seen a naked man?”

Of course Keisha had not, but she wanted to see what her friend could dream up.

“Dare!” she exclaimed. Leah looked at her, baffled. She thought for a moment, then shrugged her shoulders.

“Um, okay, um, I dare you to, um, take off your bra,” she finally stammered. Keisha’s boobs were looking very large in their tee shirt, and Leah secretly thought that perhaps the bra was stuffed with tissues. Keisha hesitated for a moment, then reached under her shirt and unlatched her bra. She wiggled out of it, and ceremoniously dropped it on the floor. Leah looked at the sturdy white cotton bra. There was no tissue paper in the cups.

“Okay, Leah, Truth or Dare. Have you ever seen a naked man?” Keisha said.


“Then, take off your bra,” Keisha demanded.

“I don’t got one on,” Leah admitted. “Mom says I ain’t big enough yet.”

“Oh, well, then, take off your top,” Keisha concluded.

A brief hesitation, then Leah shrugged the top off. It joined the bra on the floor. Keisha stared at her friend’s very small breasts with their light pink nipples. They were barely perceptible, but if you were looking for them, you could see them. The nipples began to harden slightly. The two girls looked at each other for a moment.

“Um, okay, Truth or Dare, have you ever seen a naked woman,” Leah said.

“Dare,” Keisha whispered.

“Take your shirt off,” Leah commanded. Keisha quickly slipped the tee shirt off. Leah stared at her friend’s breasts. Their shape was conical, and each was capped with a dark purple nipple. These dark purple dots were already stiff, almost painfully so. Leah could not take her eyes from them.

“Can I touch them?” she breathed.

“No, you have to wait, because it’s my turn,” Keisha smugly said.

Leah tore her eyes from them and looked into her friend’s face.

“Okay, Leah, truth or…”

“Dare!” Leah grunted. Her little tummy was quivering with tension, and she felt a wetness in between her legs. She didn’t know where this game would lead, but she was anxious to go on.

“But, I didn’t even ask the question!” Keisha complained.

“Doesn’t matter, I said dare,” Leah demanded.

“Okay, then, I dare you to take off your shorts,” Keisha said, sure her friend wouldn’t. Even though they were in Tim’s workshop, detection was possible. Instead, Leah stood up and wiggled her shorts off. She stood in front of her friend, dressed in only her white cotton panties, tennis shoes, and white socks. Keisha looked at her friend’s slim body and felt a nearly blinding surge between her legs as she orgasmed. Without even touching herself!

Leah sat back down and looked intently at her friend.

“Keisha, truth or dare. Do you like seeing me almost naked?” Leah asked. Either way that Keisha went, either answering, or accepting a dare, Leah felt a strong sense of power. Keisha was flustered. She did like seeing Leah’s pale, slim body, and wanted Leah to remove the white panties, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to admit that out loud. Leah waited in breathless anticipation.

“Dare,” Keisha finally blurted out. Leah let out a sigh of happiness.

“Okay, I dare you to take off your shorts, too,” Leah said.

Keisha did so, but rather than stand in front of Leah and display her rounding hips and buttocks, she simply wiggled out of them from a seated position. Her pale pink panties shone against her dark skin. They sat and looked at each other.

“Okay, it’s your turn,” Leah finally said. Keisha took a moment to think this next one out.

“Leah, truth or,”

“Dare,” Leah interrupted.

“Fine. I dare you to, to, um, to take it all off,” Keisha said, and quickly looked away from her friend. Leah stood up and hooked her thumbs in her waistband, then felt a sudden attack of self-consciousness. Keisha’ body was so much more developed than hers; suppose Keisha laughed at her? Pushing the thought aside, she shimmied out of her panties and shoes and socks and sat back down.

“My turn, Keisha, truth or,”

“Dare,” Keisha answered and prepared to remove her own panties. Her friend’s Dare surprised her, though.

“I dare you to let me touch you,” Leah said. Keisha nodded her head yes, and Leah’s trembling hands reached for her friend’s breasts. The touch was electric. Her soft fingers trailed all around the cones, and brushed several times against the stiff nipples. Then, with one hand cupping a breast, Leah trailed over her friend’s belly to the waistband of the pink panties. Keisha groaned as her friend’s fingers explored the fringe of kinky hair that was beginning to sprout between her legs.

“Here, let me help,” she gasped, and struggled out of the panties. Leah continued her light touches, and when her fingers grazed Keisha’s clitoris, Keisha shuddered into a second orgasm. Leah felt a gush of wetness on her fingers and looked at her friend’s contorted face. Her friend’s eyes were shut tightly. She brushed the little dark pink bump again, and Keisha grabbed her hand, holding it on the bump for a few seconds, then released Leah’s hand. She opened her eyes and looked at Leah.

“Oh, that was so good!” she exclaimed. “My turn.”

Leah reluctantly let her friend’s breast go, and sat back down from her kneeling position.

“Okay, Leah,” Keisha started.

“Dare,” Leah said.

“I dare you to, um, I don’t know,” Keisha started, then watched as her friend smelled the hand that had touched her clitoris, then licked some of the wetness from the fingers. “What do you want to do, Leah?” she asked.

In answer, Leah leaned over and kissed her friend fully on the lips. Keisha opened her mouth in surprise, and Leah instinctively thrust her small pink tongue into Keisha’s mouth. The shock wore off, and Keisha returned the kiss with fervor.

Inside the house, the two women were also playing a version of Truth or Dare, but in the adult world, it’s simply called ‘Girl Talk.’ They sat at the kitchen table and drank yet another glass of wine each, and giggled.

“Yeah, Randy says he wants us to be a family, and he says it doesn’t bother him, Keisha’s being half black,” Tammy beamed. Sally smiled her happiness.

One thing, though,” Tammy went on, and her smile somewhat faded. Sally leaned closer.

“Well, it’s probably silly, but,” Tammy blushed and looked at the floor. Sally was surprised. Her friend, medium height, with short dark hair, and trim body, had never struck her as being easily embarrassed.

“Tammy, it’s just us! What are you worried about?” the tall, fair skinned Sally laughed. Tammy looked up and smiled uncertainly.

“Well, he, uh, every time we’re sleeping together, he, uh, he wants to do it, you know, in my ass,” Tammy finally stammered out.

“And? Tammy, you’re a grown woman! You mean to tell me, you’ve never had anal sex before?” Sally queried. Tammy shook her head no.

“Oh, Tammy, it’s so easy! And, you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant that way. I mean, well, I suppose some sperm could leak out, but, other than that, it’s relatively safe. And, yeah, I got to admit, it did hurt a little, at first, but, you get to where you look forward to it,” Sally declared.

“You and Tim, you do that?”

“Oh, yeah! See, I had such a hard birth with Leah, we didn’t want to take any chances, so Tim suggested we just have oral sex until I got my tubes tied. But,” and she leaned close to Tammy’s ear. “Tim just doesn’t know how to lick, you know?” They both laughed out loud. “So, we were getting really frustrated, and then Tim busted some poker game on the base and confiscated some video tapes. Well! The first one we watch has this girl taking this guy, right up her ass! We watched the whole tape, and that’s all it was; anal sex! We just had to try that, so we greased each other up, and Tim just starts trying to shove it all in. Hurt like hell, but, thank God, he came in about ten seconds.”

“That doesn’t sound all that great,” Tammy declared. Sally smiled knowingly.

“No, it wasn’t. But, I thought to myself, ‘Well, the first time I had vaginal sex, it hurt like a son of a bitch,’ and watching that video got me pretty excited, besides, and I could tell Tim was pretty frustrated, so I started practicing. You know, seeing how many fingers I could put in there and things like that,” Sally continued.

“Sally!” Tammy exclaimed, shocked. Intrigued, however, she looked at her friend. “So, how many fingers can you get in there?” she asked.

“All of them,” Sally answered, matter of fact. Tammy sat back and nervously drained her glass of wine.

“Oh, come on, Sally! All of them?” she blurted out. The wine was getting warm in her blood. The wine was flowing easily in Sally, as well, and she tingled with just the thought of Tim’s good sized, eight inches of meat slamming into her bowels. She nodded her head yes.

“I can’t believe!” Tammy said. Sally looked at her friend and blurted out, “Want me to prove it?”

Tammy looked up in surprise. The two women looked around, but the girls were nowhere in sight. Tammy nodded her head yes. Sally got up from the kitchen table and walked to the bathroom. Tammy sat still for a moment, then followed her friend into the bathroom. Once inside, Sally closed and locked the door, and unzipped her blue jeans. Tammy watched as her friend wiggled the tight blue jeans off of her slim hips. She pulled her plain white cotton briefs down, exposing to Tammy her smooth shaven vagina. Tammy blushed as she saw the lips protruding, swollen and wet with excitement. With a jolt, she realized that her own vagina was wet, and she could feel her clitoris throbbing against her black satin panties.

“Tim likes a smooth pussy,” Sally stated. Tammy mutely nodded her head yes.

Sally left her short sleeved blouse on, and knelt on the floor. She leaned her torso over the edge of the bathtub for leverage, thus baring her slender, boyish buttocks to her friend. She reached underneath herself and wet her fingers with her own vaginal juices. When all four fingers and thumb were slick, Sally reached over with the other hand and pulled her buttocks as far apart as one hand would let her. Tammy stared at the wrinkled pink opening, quivering in anticipation of the approaching hand job. Sally worked one, two, three fingers in with no difficulty. She worked the three in and out of her anus a few times, then jabbed the fourth finger in. She gasped and shuddered for a moment, then fucked the hand in and out a few times. With a grunt, she thrust the four fingers, and her thumb into the now stretched anal cavity. She held still for a second, breathing hard, then slowly pulled the hand out. She tensed for another second, then rammed the whole hand into her ass. Tammy watched as the hand disappeared, up to the wrist, in her friend’s ass. Her legs felt weak, and she almost sank to the floor, especially when she saw the other hand frantically rubbing her friend’s slick pussy. Both hands worked at both openings, and Sally gave a quick scream of pleasure. At this point, Tammy ripped her own jeans down and shoved her hand into her own pussy. Two flicks of her clitoris, and she too orgasmed. Sally caught her breath and slid her hand out of her now gaping rectum.

“Oh, God, that was good,” Sally gasped.

“Yeah, it was,” Tammy agreed.

Sally looked over her shoulder at her friend and smiled, a little embarrassed. She tried to blame it on the wine, but she knew the truth was that, with Tim away, she was feeling very horny. Tammy’s question had just provided an excuse. Her eyes traveled down from her friend’s flushed face to her rather large breasts as they strained against the simple oxford blouse. Even though Tammy had a brassiere on, Sally could see her nipples poking straight out. Her eyes traversed down to the thick patch of dark hair that covered her friend’s labia. Her mouth filled with saliva at the sight of Tammy’s fingers damp from masturbating herself. She broke the silence.

“Why don’t you try this?” she quavered. Tammy’s eyes flew open.

“My whole hand? I don’t think I could get one finger in there!” she cried out.

Gently, but firmly, Sally pulled Tammy to her knees, and bent her over the tub’s edge.

“Not all at once, silly,” she chided. “We’re going to take it real slow.”

Tammy allowed herself to be pushed and prompted into position. Her jeans were gently pulled from her legs, and Sally forced her to part her legs far apart.

“First, we need to lube it up a little,” Sally said, then slipped one, then two, then three fingers into Tammy’s hot, wet vagina. Tammy gasped as she felt her friend’s fingers slide in and out of her pussy. Just when she was about to orgasm, Sally pulled her fingers out. Tammy groaned. She stiffened up when she felt Sally’s index finger press against her virginal ass hole.

“Loosen up, Tammy. Here, reach back here and pull your cheeks open,” Sally grunted. She was teetering on the brink of orgasm, looking at her friend’s tight puckered anus, and her hairy lips. On impulse, she snaked her tongue out, and lapped at Tammy’s tight opening. Tammy gasped and pulled her cheeks apart. Sally’s tongue penetrated slightly, and Tammy shuddered.

Out in the workshop, Leah and Keisha had abandoned their game of Truth or Dare, and were busily exploring each other’s young bodies. Leah looked down and saw Keisha’s dark head between her legs. Keisha licked and slavered into Leah’s small, almost hairless slit, and Leah felt yet another orgasm approaching. She wiggled her hips in anticipation, and was rewarded by even more frantic licking from her friend. Her hips began to buck, and she grunted and groaned into orgasm. Keisha stopped and rolled over onto her back.

“My turn,” she gasped. Leah got to her knees and crawled over to her friend’s
prone body. Still on her knees, she dove into her task. Keisha squealed as Leah’s mouth encircled her clitoris and Leah’s tongue wiggled all around it. She looked up and saw Leah’s wiggling buttocks within reach. An inspiration came to her, and she twisted herself toward the upturned buttocks.

Leah gasped as she felt her friend’s tongue pushing its way into her pussy again. She twisted herself until she and Keisha were in a ’69’ position. Securely locked together, they resumed their efforts on each other. Keisha’s pubic hairs tickled and Leah edged her tongue down to where Keisha was not so abundantly furred. Her tongue slid easily into the girl’s excited vagina, and she lapped at the girl’s juices. Further down her tongue traveled, and she tasted the other girl’s tight anus. Keisha gasped as Leah tried to force her tongue into her ass. Leah’s fingers dug into Keisha’s buttocks, and Keisha responded in kind. They licked and probed each other’s anuses for a few moments, then slowly worked their way back to the other girl’s throbbing clitoris. Another orgasm rippled through them, and they finally fell apart.

“Is that what they call ‘eating out’?” Leah asked her friend. Her friend nodded her head yes.

“Yeah, I think so,” she gasped. “Though, I don’t think doing that to each other’s butts is supposed to be part of it.”

“Really?” Leah asked. Keisha shrugged her shoulders. Leah crawled over to where her friend lay, and put her head on her friend’s belly. She absently and lovingly stroked her friend’s thighs. Keisha reached around and traced her friend’s small nipple. Leah’s fingers came closer and closer to Keisha’s wet pussy, and she ran a fingertip up one lip, and down the other, avoiding the all too sensitive clitoris. Keisha shuddered and released her friend’s breast. She trailed her dark hand down the pale white back of her friend, and reached for Leah’s vagina. Instead, her fingers found Leah’s saliva moistened anus. Leah stiffened, then relaxed.

“Oh, man, that feels good,” she grunted. To emphasize her point, she also touched Keisha’s anus. Keisha also grunted, and agreed. Together, they worked a finger into each other’s tightly puckered anal openings, then, as if on cue, began thrusting their fingers in and out of the tight holes. Again, they twisted and crawled into a ’69’ position, and continued their anal pleasures. Leah took the next step by working a second finger into her friend’s inviting ass, and then her mouth found her friend’s wet pussy lips. Keisha took the cue and shoved another finger into Leah’s shaking ass, and likewise began lapping in earnest. When Keisha shoved yet a third finger in, Leah sat up straight and pulled her buttocks as far apart as they would go. Keisha obliged by jamming her fourth finger into her friend’s stretched anal opening. Leah screamed out in orgasm, and collapsed onto the floor. Keisha gently freed her fingers one by one, and Leah groaned in dismay as the last finger left.

When she caught her breath, she looked at Keisha and smiled. They kissed deeply, and Leah gripped her friend’s breasts, almost savagely. She pulled out of the kiss and sucked one, then the other nipple. Keisha groaned and bucked in delight. But she wanted something different. She wanted what her friend had wanted; a good deep ass fist fucking. Leah sensed this and pulled her mouth from the delicious dark nipple and worked her mouth down her friend’s body, working her way toward her friend’s waiting ass.

Tammy felt the tears spring to her eyes as Sally thrust yet a fourth finger into her already punished ass hole. She shook her head no and tried to dislodge the intruder. Sally, overcome by excitement, slapped her friend’s buttock, hard.

“Be still,” she growled, and Tammy froze.

Taking mercy on her friend, Sally pulled the last finger out of Tammy’s tight, too tight, anus, and continued to masturbate her friend’s ass with just three fingers. Tammy began to relax again, and again, began to enjoy the wonderful fullness and friction that Sally was giving her. Almost involuntarily, she began to push against Sally’s hand.

“Maybe if you used some more lube,” she gasped. Sally readily agreed and reached into the vanity. Without pulling her fingers free, she groped around until she found the tube of lubrication she kept in there. With her free hand, she squirted some of the gel onto her fingers, and slowly worked the fingers in and out. Tammy shivered as the cool gel touched her already sensitive skin, and then groaned as the gel eased Sally’s thrusting somewhat. With the newfound ease, Sally picked up her thrusting pace, and Tammy felt another orgasm approach. Sally sensed this as well, and took this opportunity to work the fourth finger in. Tammy hardly even noticed, so Sally took a brave step. With her other hand, she pushed three fingers into Tammy’s vagina. Tammy’s bucking became faster, and Sally worked a fourth finger into that opening as well. Tammy grunted and whimpered as her orgasmic spasms began, and Sally pushed her entire hand deep into her friend’s dripping wet pussy. She balled her hand into a fist and Tammy screamed and collapsed, half in and half out of the bathtub. Sally worked her two hands in and out, then slowly pulled the four fingers from Tammy’s stretched and sore rectum. Her fist slid out of Tammy’s pussy, and Tammy rolled over and fell to the floor, gasping for breath.

“God, I need a cigarette,” she finally gasped.

“You don’t smoke,” Sally laughed. The two women laughed together for a moment, then embarrassment overcame them. They both struggled into their clothing, then looked at each other. On impulse, Tammy leaned forward and kissed her friend. Her intention was to simply kiss Sally on the cheek, but she missed and caught her on the lips. Sally opened her mouth, and the two women touched each other’s tongues briefly. They pulled out of the kiss and looked at each other.

You, um, you know, you don’t have to sleep in the guest bedroom tonight,” Sally pleaded. Tammy nodded her head yes.

“Yeah. I mean, Keisha and Leah are probably going to sleep together, you know those two, inseparable, and, okay,” Tammy agreed. They kissed again, checked their hair in the mirror, and exited the bathroom.

Her legs around Leah’s waist, Keisha watched in amazement as Leah worked a fourth finger into her stretched rectum. Leah slowly pushed it in deeper and deeper, then slowly pulled all four fingers almost completely out, then worked them in again. Her other hand roved from one dark breast to the other. Her friend’s large breasts, with their hard purple nipples, fascinated her. She rested her hand deep inside of Keisha’s ass, and bent forward to lick and nuzzle a breast. Keisha groaned and held her friend’s head to her chest, then screamed out loud as an orgasm swelled and coursed through her body.

The two girls finally pulled themselves apart, dressed quickly and ran inside. They found their mothers in the kitchen, right where they’d left them after lunch. Leah looked at the clock on the wall. It read 5:12. She flushed a little. She’d had no idea that they’d been gone so long, making love for so long.

“What’s for dinner?” she demanded. Sally looked at the beautiful little blond girl, and at the beautiful little black girl and smiled warmly.

“Well, I thought we’d all have finger sandwiches,” she quipped. Tammy almost choked on her glass of wine. “But, I guess we’ll just have pizza instead. “You two go get washed up, and we’ll go down to Cumona’s Pizza.”

The two girls ran into the bathroom and closed the door. Leah pulled her shorts down, as she had to pee. Keisha looked at her beautiful, pale skinned little friend and smiled.

“Hey, Leah, Truth or Dare,” she whispered and leaned over and kissed her friend on the thigh.