Birthday Present from My Wife Sex stories

My wife Carol and I have been married 11 years, she is 38 and I am 43. It is the second marriage for both of us. After both making mistakes in our early twenties we feel very fortunate to have gotten “lucky” in love the second time!

About one year ago, after being married 10 years, we finally began to share our sexual fantasies. It’s not that we are or were prudes; we simply hadn’t talked much about them. We agreed to be TOTALLY honest and not just make up silly things like, “Sex in public” or “Playing handsey and footsey in a restaurant! Hahaha….”

I hesitated for a minute and she said, “C’mon, honey!!…”

Then I told her how I often had fantasized about her with other guys and she jumped up in bed and said, “Wow…honey, that is amazing!”

Then she proceeded to confess to me that her biggest fantasy was to have a threesome with another guy and myself! Her other fantasies were to flash her tits to truckers on the interstate traveling down the highway and to suck my cock while we were driving down the freeway and to let truckers see that! I was surprised that my wife would have those fantasies and thoughts. I must admit that it turned me on when I thought about it for the next several days.

We proceeded to talk about it while having sex for the next few months or so. I would eat her pussy, and she would talk dirty telling me how she desperately wanted to fuck another guy. She ALWAYS had the most intense orgasms when we talked and shared our fantasies with each other. It seemed as though we would “role play” these exciting situations just about every other time we made love, and both Carol and I became more open and expressive about it.

Carol would often initiate our lovemaking and as I would eat her pussy, she would tell me that she “wanted to fuck another guy as soon as possible.” She would tell me how she wanted a different man just so she could have sex with another guy with a huge cock who would eat her pussy and drive his cock deep into her cunt to send her to orgasm!!!!

What the hell had we created?? Haha. It would always drive me over the edge and I would cum as quickly as a teenage boy did!

After a few months of this madness, we had the opportunity to have a threesome with a divorced friend of ours who was about 47-48 years old. Jack was a friend of hers that she had met at the Chamber of Commerce noon luncheons she attended often, as she was a manager of a retail store in the mall.

Carol suggested we invite Jack over for a cook out as he was complaining about his divorce proceedings and the mess it had become. She arranged for our son to spend the night with a school friend on a Friday night.

To make a long story short, we invited him over, had dinner, sat and visited and my conservative little businesswoman wife suggested we get in the hot tub. Jack asked if he could borrow a swimsuit and Carol blurted out, “Oh, Jack. We don’t allow swimsuits in our hot tub!” haha. We all laughed and proceeded to strip down and crawled in.

Within 20 minutes or so after continuing our silly conversation and drinking wine, Carol was snuggling up against me and we kissed and Jack said, “Well, its probably time for me to head out.”

We both told him he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to…then Carol said, “Our guest shouldn’t be neglected here! She moved over next to him and started kissing him passionately while I watched. In no time at all, Jack was fondling her tits and kissing her while she played with his cock under the water. I was fascinated, and wildly turned on watching this proceed. We ended up in our bedroom and had a tremendously exciting threesome with Jack.

Carol sucked both our cocks alternately and then we both took turns eating her pussy as she moaned in ecstasy and had two orgasms quickly.

Then, with both Jack and I sporting hard cocks, she got on her hands and knees, took my cock in her mouth and Jack moved around behind her and slowly pressed his cock inside her. He grabbed her by the hips and was fucking my wife doggy style while she moaned and blurted out, “Oh, god, Jack, your cock feels so good”

She stopped sucking my cock and I sat back and watched as she met each of his strokes with her eyes closed and her mouth uttering grunts and moans. I was as horny as I have EVER been in my life watching my wife take another man’s cock inside her pussy.

The threesome had deteriorated into a “twosome” and Jack fucked my wife as I watched. It didn’t take him long and he groaned and warned her he was cumming. I watched his back arch and saw him pull her hips to his groin as he shot his load of cum inside my wife. They both more or less collapsed around me on our king size bed.

Carol began to giggle and said, “Wow, I am only 1/2 way finished!…this is WAY TOO much fun!”

She then got up on her hands and knees again and began sucking my cock, while Jack laid on the bed and watched. Well, as you may expect, I came in about 60 seconds! We all three laughed, made some smart-ass comical remarks and decided to get back in the hot tub to relax.

Over the next six months, we had three more threesomes with Jack, and my wife and I often discussed the fun we enjoyed and role-played when we were by ourselves also. We both opened up and communicated more about everything in our lives. I confessed that I really loved the threesomes, but I truly enjoyed watching her just as much, and probably more than anything.

Carol and I also drove from our home in Sacramento to Reno to gamble, eat, drink and visit a swingers club for the first time. It was during this drive that my wife “flashed” her tits to two or three of the 18-wheelers we passed on I-80. She was sipping chilled wine during the drive and we had a great time laughing as the truckers blew their air horns and I am sure the CB radios were alive with conversation!

We had decided to visit “Hide n Seek”, a swing club in Reno. I think we were both surprised at the size of the building that had an indoor swimming pool and spa, private rooms, a “group room”, a dance floor and bar. I would estimate that the night we went, there were probably about 70 people (both couples and singles).

We met a younger guy, probably in his late twenties at the bar who was alone and Carol thought he was a “real cutie” as she put it. We invited him to join us, but he said he felt somewhat uncomfortable with the threesome arrangement, so we dropped it.

Later in the evening, Carol and I discussed the possibility of her being alone with him. She was ALL for it and approached him at the bar again, and they went into one of the private rooms, while I sat at the bar and watched the people flirting, dancing and feeling each other out! Haha.

I was surprised when Carol came out of the room so fast (probably within 20 minutes), and she said that he came in a New York minute and he dressed and left the club. (So much for the young studs!)

Carol said that the young guy was gorgeous, but unfortunately a dud in the sack. She said he came so fast she didn’t even get a chance to enjoy it. She said that he had bought a condom to use and had just thrown the used rubber in the small trash can in the room, dressed, thanked her and left.

We returned to the casino, played video poker for a little while, and then retired to our room and I made a point to bring her to three orgasms during the night. Carol said she was so excited and horny over the fact that she was going to fuck a good-looking young guy, and was very disappointed at his sexual skills. Again, she came intensely as I ate her pussy and she told me about the “quickie” she had with him.

Overall, we have enjoyed a truly great sex life, but as many couples do, had fallen into the work a day world and falling asleep exhausted. We had not “partied” in several months and had more or less quit fantasizing (or at least sharing them). My job had begun to involve more travel, more stress and Carol was working full time as well, as our son was in school and busy with his friends each day. We still enjoyed talking about our experiences on occasion, and Carol always continued to have intense orgasms when we did. We both agreed that we wanted to put more effort into having fun, but just seemed never to have the time. But I told her that the most exciting thing I ever saw in my life was watching her enjoy sex with Jack.

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My 41st birthday was forthcoming, Carol asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I replied that I really didn’t want anything, maybe just a few days off from the traveling in my job… She laughed, agreed with me and said not to worry; she would be planning a nice evening for me.

When my birthday arrived it was a Thursday night, she both had to work the next day and I had just returned from Denver, Colorado that afternoon, so I was just planning on dinner and back home for a quick roll in the hay. Carol suggested we go to the Marriott Hotel and have a drink at happy hour and then dinner. I agreed that it sounded good to me. She had already arranged for a babysitter for our son, age 10.

We arrived at the Marriott about 6:30 p.m. and the place was pretty busy. We found a small table and sat down to relax a few minutes. About 10 minutes after we arrived, our friend Jack showed up and saw us and came over, hugged Carol and shook my hand. I didn’t know whether my wife had set up a little party with Jack to be involved again, or it was just a coincidence that we had run into him, but I didn’t say a thing.

We visited for about 30 minutes, had a drink, and just talked about general topics of conversation, with a few little smart remarks spliced in about our former “fun times.” I hadn’t seen him in about 2 months and Jack said he had dated one very nice woman, but was not seeing her now. He said that work had kept him busy and he had taken up golf again at the age of 49, after not playing for 10 years. So as we sat at the table at the Marriott, I thought to myself that this was simply a coincidence.

Then things changed quickly, and Carol reached down and got her purse and pulled out a plastic room key, gave it to me and said “honey, give us about 15 minutes and then come up to room # 520, there is something I want you to watch!.”..I was surprised to say the least.

My wife and Jack got up and walked out of the bar and through the hotel lobby. I sat at the table laughing to myself and thinking about what a wonderful and wild wife I had. It looked like my birthday present was going to be watching Carol and Jack thrash around in a hotel room! ha

I ordered another cocktail, waited for 15 minutes as she had asked, proceeded to the elevator and reached the fifth floor. I went to the room, tapped on the door to let them know I was there, and opened it with the key she had given me. The lamp was illuminated on the table in the corner of the room. I entered the room, looked around the corner of the wall and on the bed, I saw my wife and Jack both completely naked, with their clothes in a pile on the floor. Carol was lying on her stomach and Jack was besides her, massaging her shoulders.

Carol looked up and said “Glad you could join us sweetheart”, and pointed toward the chair and table and asked me to sit down and relax.

I noticed a small box wrapped as a gift and a card in an envelope, but I wasn’t too interested in opening them at the moment.

I sat in the chair and watched as Jack massaged her back while he straddled her. I felt my cock rising and was getting pretty worked up also. He reached down and kissed the back of her neck and ran his fingers through her hair as she moaned lightly and was lightly grinding her ass and pressing her pussy into the bed. Jack was kissing her ears and the side of her face and his cock was hard as it brushed against her lower back.

Then Carol asked me to turn the lamp off and to just turn the bathroom light on and crack the door, because it was too light in the room. I did as she asked and returned to the chair as Carol, still underneath him, rolled around on her back and they French kissed as he was still straddled above her. Jack whispered in her ear and she spread her legs and began playing with her pussy while they started kissing and exploring each other’s mouths.

I was about to explode with excitement, and reached down and unbuttoned my slacks, pulled them down away from my waist and my hard cock sprang free. I was mesmerized as Carol fingered herself. I could hear her light moaning and they broke their kiss.

My wife pushed Jack away gently and he was up on his knees as she moved into place, took his cock in her hand and began sucking the head of his cock, not taking it all into her mouth. She cupped her hands around his ass and I could see the muscles in his thighs tense as he started to slowly fuck my wife’s mouth, with his hands holding on to her brunette hair. I started stroking my cock afraid that I might cum any way too soon for my taste!

I watched as Jack began thrusting back and forth with his cock filling Carol’s mouth. He was beginning to breathe heavier and groan. This continued and I had to stop stroking my dick, because I was already close to orgasm.

My cock was throbbing as I kept watching in a combination of amazement and excitement as I could hear my wife moaning “hmmm…hmmmm” as she sucked his large cock and I could see the veins in his cock bulging as the wetness from her mouth magnified my view of the situation unfolding in front of my eyes.

My wife then took his cock out of her mouth, looked up at him and said, “You have such a beautiful big cock, I want you to fuck me, Jack.”

Carol laid down on her back, and Jack moved between her legs and again hovered over her and kissed her and I watched their open mouths meet and my wife was licking Jack’s lips. His cock was hard and brushing against her belly button.

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Carol took his cock in her right hand and guided it toward her wet pussy waiting to be entered. She had her knees in the air and her feet flat on the bed as he pressed his cock inside her wetness and I pulled my slacks completely off and got up to stand near the bed and watch his manhood disappear into her body. They began to slowly fuck and I watched intently as Carol moved her ass in a sort of circular motion as she pushed up to meet each stroke he was giving her. I had felt that same circular motion and knew she was squeezing Jack’s cock with her pussy muscles as she did that. I sat back down in the chair and stroked my cock again, knowing I would be cumming soon.

Carol wrapped her legs around Jack’s thighs and took hold of his shoulders as he buried his mouth on her neck and I could hear the sounds of him sucking and slurping on her skin. I heard Carol tell him, “God, you have a big cock, I have been needing to fuck you, I need this.”

This was unbelievable, seeing my wife break free emotionally and physically and become engrossed with fucking our friend. I was so aroused, that I felt myself starting to cum and stopped jacking off….and THAT was damn hard to do! Haha. I don’t know if I have ever been more turned on OR more in love with my wife as strange as it may sound.

They kept fucking, picking up the speed and the sound of their groins slapping caused me to involuntarily begin stroking my cock again. I could tell that Jack was going to cum soon as he was fucking my wife with power and strength and Carol was lost in the pleasure. Jack raised himself up on his hands and my wife was holding on to his arms for dear life. I could see his balls tighten and his ass flex as he pounded my darling wife into oblivion.

Carol was thrusting her hips to meet his strokes. She started moaning loudly and started saying, “Fuck my pussy, baby…fuck me Jack, fuck my pussy…”

Well, that did it…I blew my load all over the carpet in the hotel room, cum flying everywhere! I relaxed in the chair, but Jack wasn’t quite finished fucking my wife and I could clearly watch as Carol rolled her head to the side, her mouth was open and she was muttering, “Ugggh, ugggh, ohh, ohh, give it to me, give me your big cock.”

I heard Jack say, “I’m cumming”, and Carol loudly said, “oh, unload your balls in my belly, baby!!…”

At his point in time, I had “come down” from my orgasm and watched intently, as I couldn’t believe the words I heard my wife was saying. Jack drove his cock as deep inside my wife’s pussy as he could and his body immediately came to a halt and groaned, “oh, oh, oh”, and I knew he was shooting his sperm inside my wife.

He collapsed on top of her and for a short moment, all I could hear was his heavy breathing and Carol’s low moans….Jack pulled his half limp cock out of her pussy and said, “Babe, you haven’t cum yet!.”.. He slid down between her legs and began eating her pussy immediately after he had cum inside her!…

Carol was writhing and moaning and saying, “Oh god, eat my pussy, eat my pussy.” The slurping sounds of Jack’s mouth on my wife’s wet pussy were making my dick come to life again! Unbelievable!

Carol was holding Jack’s head between her legs and began to say, “Oh Jack, eat my pussy, I’m going to cum all over your mouth.” She came in spasms, crying out and I watched, as her legs shook as she orgasmed. She lay exhausted with Jack between her legs and he lightly kissed her pussy lips.

Carol looked at me and asked me to come over there. I sat down on the bed, kissed her, and she giggled and said, “Happy birthday, honey.”

Jack got up and said he would let us continue the birthday party and got dressed and left. Carol grabbed the telephone, ordered room service for dinner and then laid and cuddled with me while we waited for dinner to arrive. When the knock on the door came…she busted out laughing and said, “Oh shit, where are my clothes….she ran to the bathroom as I put my slacks on and let the bell boy in with dinner. We sat in bed naked and ate my birthday dinner! Haha.

After dinner, Carol started kissing me and massaging my shoulders and arms and it led to she and I fucking and the feeling of a slippery and slick pussy with cum in it made me deposit another load of cum inside my wife quicker than I have ever cum for the 2nd time.

By that time, it was almost 10:30 p.m. and work was waiting the next morning. We dressed, left the room keys on the dresser and made the short drive home. On the way home, Carol said that she was the happiest woman in the world and we agreed to “work harder” at having more fun like this.


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