Bonnie’s Lost Bet Sex story

A few weeks ago my wife, Bonnie, and I made a bet on something we were both absolutely certain we were right about. The bet was for one evening of whatever the winner wants – total control. I won, and Bonnie was appalled. I am always trying to talk her into letting me show off her body more, like flashing truckers on the highway or getting caught undressed when our next door neighbor, Frank, is over. She will occasionally let a button “accidentally” come open when he is around if she’s had a couple of beers, but voluntarily showing a breast or her pussy is too much for her. She knows it is a turn-on for me, but it is very difficult to get past her modesty. When I won this bet she was VERY nervous, because she knew what I would want her to do. But give her credit: she didn’t try to back out of the bet.

The evening before I claimed my winnings, I talked to Frank about my plans, and he was more than willing to help out. I started off the evening by taking her to The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant here in Richmond.

It is very nice – dark and romantic. We were seated in a booth in a small room. It was early enough that we were the only ones in the room. After we had ordered our first drink, I told her to unbutton another button on her dress. This would open it to just below her breasts. Since I had vetoed any underwear, when she did she was more exposed than she ever had been in public. She sat up straight to keep the dress from opening too much, but as we ate and drank our wine she relaxed and seemed to forget about how exposed she was. She was sitting leaning forward a bit with her shoulders sort of slumped, and the view was wonderful. I could see some of both breasts, nearly to the aureole. Our waiter, Aaron, was very attentive.

Before desert arrived I told her to unbutton one more button. Her dress was now open to well below her breasts. When she sat up straight you couldn’t see much. But when she would lean forward to take a bite of desert it would fall away from her body and I could see most of both breasts, including her nipples. The drinks and wine had an effect, and she soon grew careless, leaning forward and allowing me to enjoy the view. I told her I loved the way she looked, and to keep sitting that way. She was embarrassed, but did as I told her.

Our waiter arrived to clear the desert and offer us an after dinner drink. When Bonnie saw him she gave a little start and straightened up. With him standing right there I said, “Bonnie, tell Aaron what our arrangement is tonight.” He looked at me with a puzzled expression, then at Bonnie. She looked down at the table and said, just as I had made her agree before we left home, “I have to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with no argument and no hesitation.” I said, “Good girl,” then explained to Aaron that she had lost a bet, and this was how she was paying it off. He grinned as he began to understand.

“Now, Bonnie,” I said, “that’s not how I told you to sit, is it?” Still looking down at the table she shook her head. “Show Aaron how you were sitting before he walked up.” She hesitated and looked at me without moving, nervously biting her lip. This was what she had been afraid of. She said, “I don’t think I can do this.” I replied, “Come on, Bonnie. You have to do it. You made the bet, now it’s time to pay up. Aaron won’t mind, will you?”

“Hey, not a bit”, he said, guessing what was coming. Bonnie took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and slowly did as she was told. The top of her dress fell forward again and gaped open, and we could both see her breasts right down to the nipples. What a turn-on!

“That’s much better,” I said. “Now, Bonnie, you did what I told you to do, but it wasn’t without hesitation, the way you agreed. You are going to have to pay a penalty to remind you not to hesitate when I tell you to do something this evening. Unbutton another button.”” Reluctantly, she did. The dress was now unbuttoned clear to her waist. “Good girl. Now open the dress and give Aaron a good look at what you were embarrassed to let him see the first time.” Her eyes opened wide, and she looked across the table at me you could see the color drain from her face. He had already seen her breasts, but actively showing them to him was a very big step. “Are you hesitating?”

“No!” she said quickly, then slowly reached up and took hold of the sides of her dress. Glancing around the room to make sure there was no one else who could see, she opened it briefly, the immediately closed it again.

“Way too fast, Honey. Do it again, but this time hold the dress open until I tell you to close it.” She closed her eyes again and parted the material, letting her gorgeous tits spill out. Aaron was transfixed. He stared at her breasts and said, “Wow! Excellent!”

“That’s not so difficult, is it, Darling? Now look at Aaron and thank him for the compliment. Then you can close your dress and button that one button,” I told her. She was absolutely scarlet, but did as she was told.

“So did you learn anything?” I asked when he left. “Yes. If I don’t do what you tell me to do, the punishment is worse that what I would have had to do in the first place.”

“Very good. Remember that, and go back to sitting like you were, and stay that way when Aaron comes back. If you are good, maybe I won’t have you show him your pussy.” She did as she was told, and when Aaron returned with out check he stayed and talked a few minutes and thanked us both for a very enjoyable experience. All the while he was enjoying the view of Bonnie’s naked tits.

I went home via the interstate, and just to keep things interesting I had her unbutton the last button again. When we passed a big truck I would reach over and open her dress and fondle her tit. We got a couple of appreciative horn toots, and I know she was embarrassed, but she didn’t try to cover up. I guess she was afraid of what I would have her do if she did!

When we got home she said that it wasn’t as bad or as difficult as she thought it would be. She even said she didn’t know whether she was more embarrassed, afraid, or excited. She thought she was done, but I told her to go into the bedroom and undress. I had already tied some soft cord to the corners of out king size bed. I had her lay down, and quickly tied her nude and spread eagle on the bed. This was not really a first. We had experimented with light bondage a few times, but it was never a big part of out sex life. This time, though, she was in for a surprise.

I was kissing her and running my hands over her body and she was getting really turned on. Then the doorbell rang. I quickly pulled the sheet up to her neck and went to answer the door, telling her I would be right back. I had arranged, of course, for Frank to come over fifteen minutes after he saw us return home. His grin was as big as mine when I answered the door. I motioned him to be quiet and led him back to the bedroom. When I walked in Bonnie said, “Who was . . .?” and then she saw Frank. I thought she was embarrassed at the restaurant, but her face went from red to pale, the back to red again as she realized she was caught playing at bondage, then remembered that she was naked under the sheet, then finally realized what I planned to do. “Oh my God!” was all she could say over and over again.

Frank and I stood at the foot of the bed, savoring the moment. Finally I said, “Bonnie, you know I have wanted to show you off to Frank for a long time, and you wouldn’t let me do it. Frank has always wanted to get a good look at your body, so tonight’s the night you’re going to make up both happy.” I pulled the sheet down to just above her breasts. “This is about all you’re usually willing to let Frank see. Now I’m going to show him what he’s been missing. Frank, take a look at this.” With that, I very slowly pulled the sheet down over her terrific tits and down to her waist. She tried to pull her hands free to cover up, but all she accomplished was to make her tits bounce around enticingly. She stopped struggling. We moved up to sit on the bed, one of each side of her. He was telling her how sexy and beautiful she looked, and I said as I reached for her right breast, “Touch her and feel how soft her skin is.” As he reached over and started to caress her left breast, she again moaned, “Oh my God!” Nothing else turns her on like playing with her breasts, and she later told me that having two men touch her at once for the first time was the most incredible rush she had ever experienced.

After several minutes of touching, rubbing, and sucking of her breasts, I said to Frank, “Her tits are really nice, but let me show you something truly magnificent.” We moved to the foot of the bed and I again grabbed the sheet and slowly pulled it down her body. Bonnie was squirming and kept saying, “Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re really going to do this!” Slowly her pubic hair came into view, then we could see her pussy peeking out from between her spread legs, then finally the sheet was off completely.

What a moment! There was my darling, proper, modest wife, tied to our bed, nude, with her legs spread wide open, with Frank standing there looking at her. And she couldn’t move or cover up; all she could do was lay there and let him look. I had wanted this and fantasized about it for so long, and finally, here it was! We sat down between her legs and I reached up and spread the lips of her vagina wide open so we could see all the way up inside her. My hands were shaking. I had never been so excited. We could tell she was getting excited, too, because we could see that she was getting very wet.

We both touched her and rubbed her and played with her, taking turns finger-fucking her and gently rubbing her clit. She was moaning and started arching her back, pushing her pussy up to meet our fingers. I had three fingers inside her and Frank was rubbing her clit when I said, “Go ahead and taste her.” I guess that was all it took. She moaned, “Oh God yes!” and before his mouth even touched her I felt the rhythmic contractions that signaled her first orgasm. She had several more over the next hour or so as we kissed, rubbed, and sucked her until she was panting and covered in a sheen of sweat. As she was about to reach another climax, I said, “Bonnie, it’s after midnight so you’ve paid off the bet, but I want to keep going. Am I still in charge?”

OK, I admit it. I took advantage of the situation. After all, who can say no when they are about to come? When she said, “Oh yes!”, I said, “Frank, you heard her. I’m in change, and I say she needs to be fucked. Would you like to do the honors?” He wholeheartedly agreed and enthusiastically accepted. I moved up to the head of the bed. She eagerly took my cock in her mouth. Frank moved higher between her legs and put the head of his dick at the entrance to her vagina. He slowly slid his cock inside her and I heard the familiar little “unh” that always comes when I first enter her. It was done. She was being fucked by two men at once and obviously loving it! In fact, all three of us were loving it. We took turns fucking and sucking her the rest of the night. Somewhere along the way she was untied and participated as enthusiastically as we did. Finally, sometime around dawn, we called it a night. Frank went home and Bonnie and I cuddled together and fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.

The next morning (well, afternoon) Bonnie was very embarrassed about what we had done. She just couldn’t believe she had really acted the way she did. Even more, she couldn’t believe she really enjoyed it as much as she did. We talked for a long time, and I finally convinced her I was completely comfortable with what had happened and not at all jealous or threatened. We soon agreed that it really was OK. After all, we all had fun, no one was hurt, and we’re all still very good friends – closer, in fact, than we were before it happened. And besides, it was a HUGE turn-on for all of us. It was such a radical change from Bonnie’s previous modesty and proper attitude that I wondered if she was being entirely honest about her feelings. Then a week later, for my birthday, she gave me a book of six coupons, each one good for an evening of anything I want, “with no argument and no hesitation”. I guess she really was being honest!