Breeding Your Uncle’s Wife Audio sex stories

It was brought to my attention that this old recording of mine had been uploaded to Pornhub, and some people have heard it there and the googled me to find more of my recordings! So, I figured that since this recording is out there in the public already, I might as well release it as a Freebie for everyone to enjoy!  As with most of my retro recordings, the sound quality is horrible, so please excuse that because this was recorded several years ago, long before I invested lots of money in high quality recording equipment and learned how to do audio editing, etc. This is a confession style story that someone had asked me to write and record for theme.  His “fantasy” was that his wife had been molested by her uncle when she was young.  He was incredibly turned on by this fact and wanted me to invent all the details, as if I was the younger version of his wife, telling the story of what happened with her Uncle Drew.  So while this is my story, written confession-style, it did not happen and it is simply fiction performed by an adult for the enjoyment of other kinky adults, 18+