Bullseye True Sex stories

Here I was sitting in a smoke filled pub watching my husband John and his mates make fools of themselves. They were all in a darts team, eight of them, and all as useless as each other.

This was the last match of the season and so far they had played fifteen and lost fifteen and this match was going no better.

There were eight different combinations to a match and so far they had lost the first three games, at least they were consistent.

Mike wandered over and asked how I was, and what I thought of the team. What else could I reply but what a load of crap they were.

“What we need is an incentive to win,” said Mike.

“You need a miracle,” I replied.

“Tell you what,” said Mike, “if we win we all get a kiss from you.”

I burst out laughing and answered in between fits of giggles, “that’s a pretty safe bet, I’ll make it even more of an incentive. If you win tonight’s match you can all have me.”

I burst in to fits of laughing once again.

No I wouldn’t have done it, but in the circumstances there was no chance that they could change the abysmal way they play anyway.

“Do you mean what I think you mean,” asked Mike in a very serious manner.

“Probably,” I replied.

I went up to John and informed him that I couldn’t stand any more of sitting around here, and was going to go home and watch a program I wanted to see on television.

At around 11.30pm I heard John’s key in the front door, he was making a lot of noise and talking to someone.

John walked into the room as did Mike, Jim, Larry, Tony, Bill, Steve and Dave. They were carrying cans of beer and each one of them had one of those silly smiles you get when you have drunk more than you should.

“You’ll never guess what we did,” said John with a beaming smile on his face.

“You got expelled from the league,” I sarcastically replied.

“No we WON, it was unbelievable, we won for the first time this season.”

They were all cheering away as if they had just won the league, not won for the first time this season.

They all plonked themselves down either in chairs or the floor and handed the beers around.

They continued their excited chatter as I gave up trying to watch the television. I got up and switched it off, grabbing a beer as I passed. Might as well join them I thought to myself.

Mike spoke up, “so Sue are you going to keep your promise.”

I looked at Mike not knowing what the hell he was talking about.

“What are you talking about,” I asked quizzically.

“You said if we won we could all have you,” said Mike.

“Yea in your dreams, I don’t think John would be too pleased do you,” I replied.

“So if John says its okay you’ll do it,” Mike continued.

“Not while you’ve got a hole in your arse, and anyway John wouldn’t dare agree,” I said beginning to get angry.

“John once told us he would like to see you getting fucked by another man,” interjected Dave.

“Did YOU,” I said glaring at John.

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John’s silence answered my question.

“I have had enough of your filth I’m off to bed and don’t any of you get any ideas, the answer is not a chance, never ever, no way. You got the message,” I said as I got up to leave. As I headed towards the door Larry and Jim who were closest jumped up and stopped me.

“Let me through or else,” I yelled at them.

They looked at the others in the room, nothing was said but their facial expressions were enough to give Larry and Dave encouragement.

“Sit back down please,” asked Dave.

I refused to move and they pulled me back to the chair and made me sit down.

“Now John,” said Dave, “would you agree that a deal is a deal. Susan said if we won we could all have her and now we want to take up the offer.”

“I suppose I cant argue with your logic,” said John.

“That’s not the point,” shouted Sue, “you know I was only joking.”

“Well I took it seriously enough,” said Mike.

“Okay guys, good joke, you’ve had your fun, now I’m going to bed,” said Sue as once again she got up to go.

Larry and Dave grabbed my arms as I tried to leave.

“I’ll scream,” I said.

“And I’ll slap if you do,” said Tony.

Tony was always the more aggressive of the bunch, so I took his warning seriously.

“Time to get some action going here,” said Steve. “Let’s get her clothes off guys.”

“No please you’ll regret this, don’t do it,” I pleaded, but to no avail.

As Larry and Dave held my arms Tony came across and began to unbutton my blouse. They slipped it off my shoulders each time one of them letting go of my arm so that they could remove it totally.

Next Tony began undoing my jeans. He pulled them off my legs and slung them across the room.

I was feeling very embarrassed standing in a room full of drunken men in just my underwear and within minutes my embarrassment was complete as they removed my bra and panties.

Apart from John and the two holding me they all stood back to admire my naked and vulnerable body.

Jim who up until now had been quiet moved closer and forced my legs apart, which were then held apart by Steve and Mike.

He began playing with my pubic hair curling it around his finger. As much as I tried I couldn’t stop my nipples getting erect. When Larry and Dave saw this, while still holding my arms they moved around and each of them took a nipple in their mouth and began sucking and nibbling them.

My pussy was getting wetter by the second even though I was not enjoying the events, their actions were stimulating me and I couldn’t control what was happening.

Jim’s fingers were getting closer and closer to my exposed slit and then I felt a finger slip deep into my cunt, followed by two then three. He was squeezing my clit and pushing his fingers deep into me.

The orgasm started in the pit of my stomach and exploded between my legs, I had no control over my own body. My brain was erupting from the sensations of the orgasm.

As much as the orgasm was exceptional I still didn’t want to be in this situation. There was no way I wanted my body to be used as a plaything by these bastards, but there was nothing I could do about it.

“Right lads I think she is nice and wet and ready for a good fucking, so lets get to it,” sniggered Jim.

One after the other they took turns fucking me. I don’t know which one it was but one of them had a pretty big cock it seemed to go in me deeper and deeper so much so I thought it would exit through my mouth.

All the time I was being fucked John just sat there watching.

The pumping of my pussy lasted over an hour. I lost count of the amount of orgasms I had.

When they had all deposited there cum in my cunt I thought my ordeal was all over, but no, it was not to be.

Those that had gone first wanted seconds, I wasn’t sure my sore cunt could take another round of battering.

Mike was sitting on the floor with his back to the sofa.

Tony positioned me on my knees with my mouth over Mike’s cock, I could now see who had the big one.

Mike grabbed my hair and pulled me down, his cock slipped into my mouth, I had no choice but to start sucking it. I gagged once when he tried to force too much of his cock into me, but it soon passed.

I could feel Tony opening my legs, he stroked my pussy, then he stuck his wet finger into my arse. I tried to object but Mike was holding me tight to his crotch.

Tony was trying to slip his cock up my arse, I clenched as much as I could but the force and the pain won and his stiff cock found its way into my arse.

It stung and it hurt not that it stopped Tony fucking my arse and spurting his cum inside me.

Others took there turn arse fucking me, I was feeling humiliated, never before had I had or wanted to be arse fucked.

Mike eventually came in my mouth it was a case of swallow it or choke, it tasted bitter.

The others took the turn fucking my arse as Mike kept my head in his lap.

I believed that this must be the end of it, they had been taking turns fucking my holes for almost three hours.

Larry spoke up, “you know what I fancy doing now a nice golden shower.”

I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Shall we take her to the bathroom,” suggested Jim.

“No the garden will be better,” said Larry.

John objected that the neighbors might see, but Larry said as long as we made no noise he couldn’t see anyone looking out at such an early hour of the morning.

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Whatever they intended to do I wasn’t keen to do it, but I had to keep silent I didn’t want our neighbors to see me like this.

Larry laid me on the grass, he lifted my knees up and spread my legs. Jim whispered to me to close my eyes and open my mouth wide, once this was done he moved my hands down to my pussy and got me to hold the flaps aside as wide as possible.

Larry stood over me and began pissing in my mouth, I choked while trying to spit it out as it teemed down on me.

Next up was Jim he stood between my legs and pissed into my open cunt.

Dave pissed all over my tits, while Mike sprayed it from one end to the other.

Bill went for the mouth but was a lousy shot and a lot of it went over my hair.

Steve and Tony did a double act, two streams of piss aimed at my cunt.

All of them had pissed over a part of me except John.

He squatted down over my face and whispered in my ear, you’ll drink my piss wont you.

As he put his cock in my mouth and began pissing I did as he asked and swallowed as fast as I could, I was beyond caring by now.

Larry and Bill helped me back to my feet and led me back into the house. I felt dirty and used.

Standing there in the middle of the room, the piss dripping off me as they began getting dressed.

Mike who always seemed to be the spokesman thanked me for a most enjoyable fuck and asked if I would like to try the same next year.

They left, I was sore and ashamed.

John came back into the room.

“I suppose you want to fuck me know,” I said trying to hold back the tears.

His only reply was yes.

“Right, then you can lick my body clean so you take taste your friend’s piss. Then lick my fanny clean so you can taste your friends cum. Then and only then can you fuck me, and if you don’t do what I say you will never have sex with me again.”