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I walked awkwardly toward my dorm building. I was coming from a friend’s room, where we had drank ourselves into a laughing frenzy after a night out clubbing. I had overdone the makeup a little and my dark hair was disheveled. I was wearing my new very short purple spaghetti-strap dress. It swished around my hips, perhaps a little too much with the way I was walking. My 36D tits were spilling out of the top of the tight dress, so tight I couldn’t wear a bra with it. And on a naughty whim, I had foregone the panties tonight, too.

I noticed something very odd then. There was a car I recognized in the parking lot. I pondered it, my drunken mind struggling to remember the owner of the car. Tall, blond…David! My boyfriend, I remembered on further analysis, had told me last weekend as I was painting his toenails gold to match my fingernails that he couldn’t drive up to visit me this weekend.. He must have been freed up at the last minute. He had probably gotten someone to let him in the building so he could wait for me in my room.

I struggled to find the security key on my keychain and let myself in, trying not to make too much noise in the hallway with my platforms. When I opened the door to my room, I had a vague thought that something was different about my room. I just figured I had left the clock radio going when I left, and it had shut itself off. I reached for the light switch (why was David waiting for me in the dark?) but before I could touch it, a hand grabbed my wrist. “David!” I squealed playfully, and he spun me around and put a cool blade to my throat from behind. He didn’t say a word, but I could guess his height and body size and feel a large erection against my lower back. I knew this was my lover of two years, surprising me with a sexual fantasy of some sort. I happily struggled against him, but not too hard. He forced me out the door and out into the dark before I could get a glimpse of his face.

When he tied me up and gagged me and threw me into the backseat of the car, I started to suspect something. Up until this point I had known it was David, so I hadn’t cried out for help. But then I saw I wasn’t alone in the backseat. I found myself staring into the wide frightened eyes of Dave’s best friend, Ben. Dave brought him up often on his visits to campus. They had probably been planning on surprising me at the club, since he was wearing narrow black pants and a silvery shirt. Ben’s small, lithe body was tied up as securely as mine was. His dark hair fell into his clouded eyes as they took in his new companion. Since we were both gagged, we couldn’t talk to each other to try to understand what was going on.

I had had a small tryst with Ben once before, just after he started going out with his blonde girlfriend, Christi. Ben and I had been alone in David’s room while David was helping his dad with something. We were just lying there watching TV when I had had a powerful urge to kiss him. He was just so irresistible, lying there. His slender form was a contrast to David’s average build, and his adorably cute face beckoned me. I am not one to ignore my primal instincts, though I have few outside my relationship with David. So I turned to Ben and kissed him full on the lips. The illicitness of the situation had both of us pretty excited and by the time David came back we were fucking wildly in his bed. David and I pride ourselves, however, on our open-mindedness. It helps that David is bisexual. Soon all three of us were entangled, panting and spent, in the sheets of the waterbed. None of us had spoken of it since, out of deference to Ben. He didn’t want Christi, who had a short temper, to find out he had given in to a momentary passion. We were all still good friends.

The car stopped, and we watched the driver get out and go into a small house. We were in a secluded place in the woods somewhere. The driver had made sure to take backroads that ensured I, who already had a terrible sense of direction, would never have found the place again. And since Ben lived back home, an hour away, he wouldn’t have a chance of remembering the path we had taken. So if this wasn’t David, at least he didn’t mean to kill us.

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The driver came around to the back and blindfolded both of us. It was still too dark for me to discern any facial features. I felt myself being lifted out of the backseat then heard the door shut on Ben and the key twist in the lock so he wouldn’t try to escape. I was carried into the house (I presumed) and deposited on something big and soft. A bed, or a sofa. I had no clue what was going on around me. I heard little sounds, but couldn’t figure out what they were. Then I heard a man talking in Spanish. I didn’t know whether this was the same man who had carried me in or not. I remembered some Spanish from high school and struggled to decipher the words I was hearing. The man was apparently talking to someone, either on the phone or someone else in the room. Then I heard an answer, so I knew we had two captors, at least.

They kept mentioning a third person, female. She was apparently very important to what was going on right now, but she was absent. They were discussing her ‘instructions’. I began to feel real fear. I sensed that Ben had been deposited next to me on the same soft surface.

The two men stopped talking. I sensed one of them move in front of me. Without warning, he reached down and snapped the straps of my dress off, then cut the fabric until the skimpy outfit fell away, leaving me completely naked. The two men had not been expecting this, and let loose some jeers in their native language I had never learned in school. I flushed bright red and struggled vainly against my bonds, eliciting more laughter and jests from our captors.

Then I felt fingers on my breasts, tweaking the nipples sharply. I protested mutely, but my tormentor’s interest stopped there. I felt him move away from me and turn his attention to Ben. I guessed from what I was hearing that Ben’s clothes were history as quickly as mine had been. I wondered, suddenly, where David was.

I didn’t have much time to ponder it. I was soon thrown flat on my back on the soft cushions, and a large, muscular naked body pressed itself on top of mine. It was a very short time before a rock-hard cock was nudging my nether lips, and before I could scream, it was buried deep inside me. I barely had time to register that it had been pre-lubricated. A violent pounding ensued, the large man pulling the rag from my mouth to stuff it with his tongue. The invasion of my mouth as well as my pussy was producing a reaction from my body I didn’t want it to have. My blindfold slipped a little, and I saw out of the corner of my eye that another equally large man was ramming his cock deep into Ben’s throat. I could see my friend was trying to fight the larger man. But the mysterious man had his head firmly in his grasp and was raping Ben’s mouth as if it were a female pussy.

When each man had had his fill, we were discarded and left on the couch. My blindfold had almost come off by now, but the captors didn’t seem to notice. They were standing over a table on which, I realized with a shock, was another person. I could see a pair of large bare feet in stirrups. I guessed that the person was entirely naked. I caught my breath in my throat as I realized that the toenails were painted gold. So that’s where David had disappeared to. The two men soon had the love of my life filled at both ends, one with his cock in David’s tight ass, the other invading his sweet delicious mouth. I could not help but notice that David’s cock, hanging straight down from the edge of the table, was fully erect. He loved it when I played with his asshole during sex, sometimes with a dildo, and I knew he fantasized about men fucking him although he never carried out his homosexual desires unless I was participating as well. The thought suddenly reminded me that David and Ben, for their difference in body size, had similar cocks. Both about eight inches long, and very thick. Ben’s perhaps was shorter and thicker, while David’s was longer and not as thick. The two rapists fucked my boyfriend relentlessly for what seemed like eternity. David, I could tell, had no idea Ben or I was there. Finally, I saw one of them clench his eyes shut and let out a low moan, putting a few long hard strokes into David’s mouth before shooting his sperm down the throat of the man I loved. Then he noticed me watching, and spouted off a rapid sentence to his partner in Spanish. I recognized a term I had learned in tenth grade from an exchange student, a name our teacher would never have taught us. Loosely translated, it means ‘cuckold.’ I wondered what he meant.

I looked over at Ben, who was still blindfolded and looked kind of out of it. I suspected he had been drugged before I had joined him in the car. Even before the second man shot his load into David’s ass, the first was on his way over to me. He replaced the blindfold and tied it very tightly. Then I was left alone for a while. I listened hard, trying to figure out what was going on, but could not determine anything. Then I started to feel hands caressing my skin. Over and over, hands on my tits, on my face, on my thighs, dipping between my legs. My nipples were softly tweaked and pulled and rolled between fingertips, and someone started rubbing back and forth on my clit. Then a cock pressed at the entrance to my vagina, and this time my own lubrication was enough. It slid all the way in, spearing me, and I lay helpless as it rammed into me, over and over again. My hips eventually came up to meet this man’s after a while, still blindfolded, hands still caressing me all over. I heard faint clicks in the background but did not take time to care what they were. I climaxed in an overwhelming orgasm, crying against the gag that had been replaced in my mouth. The man on top of me spent his orgasm into me and collapsed, panting, onto my ample chest. Surprisingly light… I realized with horror what had just happened. My blindfold was pulled off and I saw Ben’s face inches from mine. His blindfold had just been pulled off too. We had been fucking each other while my boyfriend was only feet away! I was horrified and terribly aroused at the same time.

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The men flipped us over so I was on top, both of us struggling against the strong men and strong bonds that held us. They played with my tits in front of Ben’s face and lowered me down so they brushed against his mouth, making him get unwillingly hard again. I looked up and saw David watching from where one of the men had turned him to face us. So, he could see now what was happening between his lover and his best friend, but could not do anything about it. I pleaded with my eyes before being forced down on Ben’s erect cock. I was given to understand that if I didn’t move satisfactorily, the knife being brandished in front of my face would be used for slitting my throat. I reluctantly started bobbing up and down on Ben’s shaft, making him even more aroused without trying to. David watched silently and his cock twitched. He didn’t have long to wait. The men roughly grabbed him and dragged him over to where I was fucking his friend. They sat him behind me, facing me, and a sob escaped my throat as I felt my lover’s embrace for the first time since being kidnapped. He planted fevered kisses on the back of my neck. One of our captors got tired of this and grabbed David’s still hard cock, guiding it toward Ben’s asshole. My eyes widened as I grasped the implications of this: David was to fuck Ben in the ass, without lubrication, while I rode his cock. The two men each took a leg and raised them high in the air, giving David much better access to Ben’s tight rosebud. David gave his friend a swift apologetic glance before slowly beginning to sink his dick into Ben. I redoubled my efforts and moved sensuously on top of Ben, leaning down to dangle my tits in his face and kiss him deeply to take his mind off what was happening to his ass. I heard that incessant ‘click click’ but ignored it. My juices were flowing faster and faster. David had reached around and was toying with my nipples, pinching them gently the way he knew drove me crazy. I was getting closer and closer. I rode Ben’s cock with all my might, throwing my head back. Somewhere along the line our captors had undone all our bonds and we rocked together in rhythm. Ben was starting to moan in lust despite the pain David was being forced to put him through. As if on cue, we all doubled our speed and I felt Ben’s cock swell inside me and David grip my shoulders hard with both hands. We all climaxed together, I screaming in delight, David forcefully grunting and Ben moaning under me. After lying there on top of each other for what seemed like hours, I groggily looked around. Our captors were gone. Our clothes were in a neat pile with David’s car keys on top. I began to explain what I had understood of the two men’s Spanish to David and Ben. “I don’t know who this ‘she’ is,” I said.

Ben had gone white.

“I think I can guess,” he said.

“Who?” David and I asked simultaneously.

“A week ago, I told Christi about what happened last year. I couldn’t stand lying to her anymore. She seemed pretty pissed, but she said it was okay, she still loved me. She said she would find a way to punish us. I thought she was joking.”

The significance of those clicks hit me. One of our captors had stood nearby with a camera. The whole point of this had been blackmail! Christi could use pictures of Ben having sex with another guy to keep him faithful to her. David and I are still good friends with Ben, but whenever we pay him a visit, it can’t be while Christi is around. She has forbidden him to see us anymore. I guess we enjoyed her ‘punishment’ more than she intended us to.