Carole’s Sister Erotic stories

Deej awoke with a piss hard, his cock almost flat against his belly in its rigid state. With half-closed eyes, he squinted at the clock on the nightstand. He had to blink a couple of times before he could see clearly enough to see the time. “Two-damn-thirty,” he thought, then chastised himself, “I shouldn’t have drank all those beers.” In the dim moonlight filtering through the sheer curtains of the bedroom windows, he could make out Carole’s sleeping figure, lying on her side with her back towards him. He could hear her deep breathing in the tomb-like silence of the room and resisted the urge to wake her up for a little early-morning exercise on his cock.

Having resisted that brief urge, Deej finally decided he better get up and unload his aching bladder. He threw the light covers off of his naked body and swung his legs over the side of the bed, then padded on the thick carpet to the closed door. Each step seemed to put more pressure on his bladder and made the urge to piss even stronger. He thought as he made his way to the bathroom in the middle of the hallway, “Damn, I wish Carole’s parents had told me to sleep in their bedroom. At least it has it’s own bathroom.”

Deej still couldn’t believe it that Carole’s parents would trust him enough to ask him to stay at their house and watch over their two daughters while they went on their cruise to the Bahamas. True, they didn’t know he was fucking Carole and had the morals of a common alley cat, but you wouldn’t think that such strict parents would trust two beautiful daughters to sleep in the same house with a nineteen-year-old without adult supervision. The Roths had always treated him like their son ever since he was 18 but they had no idea that Deej just couldn’t be trusted around girls. He was well-known among friends to be quite the pussy-hound, knowledge that evidently hadn’t reached the Roth’s ears.

He saw a glow of light coming from the bedroom at the far end of the hall and he wondered if Suzie was still up, then thought that maybe he should have slipped his pants on or something. Deej always slept in the raw and thought nothing of roaming around his own place without a stitch of clothing, so getting even partially dressed hadn’t occurred to him.

He closed the door to the bathroom and squatted on the toilet, his cock too hard for him to piss standing up. He had to force the stiff eight inches downward below the toilet seat before finally releasing what seemed like quarts of beer-smelling piss. While Deej sat there on the wooden seat, his thoughts turned to Suzanne. Suzie to everyone. She was just a year and a half younger than Carole, so that would make her about 18 Deej calculated. Taller than Carole’s five-foot even by at least five to six inches, but just as pretty as Carole. Looking at the two of them together, you wouldn’t know they were sisters. Carole had that cute little button nose, whereas Suzie’s was straight, which seemed to go with the rest of her face, narrow and slightly oval. Carole’s face was more roundish and seemed to have a perpetual smile, with the fullest, most luscious lips. Both girls were blonde, although Carole’s hair was more of a deep honey blonde and Suzie’s was a bright yellow blonde and straight, unlike Carole’s wavy tresses. Deej thought of the more prominent dissimilarities between the two sisters. At least the ones that a young man of his age would notice. Put simply, Carole had the body that made boys drool. Big tits and a firm, muscular ass riding on top of what many thought were the most beautiful legs on any woman.

Suzie, on the other hand, had kind of a classic beauty. While her breasts were nowhere as large as Carole’s, probably a B-cup, Deej estimated, she had a very sensuous figure. Deej had often enjoyed looking at the way Suzie’s body seemed to flare from her chest to her waspish waist and then balloon outward into the sexiest damn hips. Her body definitely wouldn’t qualify for what is considered the ideal, but the way it was shaped made men and boys think sex. Nice legs, too. Not the firm, curvy shape of Carole’s legs, but instead the long, circle-around your waist limbs men dream of.

Deej’s thoughts while he waited for his cock to drip the last few drops had kept his cock hard and he had to thump it against the toilet seat to shake off any excess droplets before he stood up. He quietly opened the door and peered down the hallway towards the glow of light from Suzanne’s room. Deej listened intently for some indication that Suzie was awake, but heard nothing, just the quiet hum of the central air conditioning. Deej’s curiosity was becoming aroused, just as his cock was at thoughts of the pretty girl just down the hall. He stealthily made his way down the carpeted hall and stopped at the half-open door. He peered through the crack on the hinged side of the door, but couldn’t see anything other than Suzie’s dresser and makeup table. He leaned to the side until his eyes just cleared the edge of the door and then he saw Suzie. She was lying on her side in a fetal position, her arms wrapped around the pillow under her tousled hair, her eyes closed in deep sleep.

Relieved that she was asleep, his attention naturally was drawn to her barely-clothed body, her shortie nightgown not really covering her delicious bottom. From where he stood, Deej didn’t think the pretty blonde was wearing the bottoms to her sleep outfit, either. Or was it his imagination, his desire? He had to find out. He had often wondered if the hair on her pussy was the same brilliant blonde as on her head. Maybe this was his opportunity to find out. He softly pushed the door further open, his eyes glued on Suzie’s face for any sign of awakening or movement.

Satisfied that Suzie was in the drugged sleep of childhood, he moved slowly into the room and made his way to the foot of the bed. His eyes shifted from Suzie’s face to her bottom. “God, no panties!” he mentally exclaimed. There, just a couple of feet from his probing eyes, was Suzie’s bare ass, pale white globes bathed in the lamp from beside the bed. He bent down, his face just above the covers of the bed and stared at the mostly-hidden prize in front of him. He could just barely make out the few hairs visible between the closed thighs and now he knew. She was blonde all over. Her pubic hairs were so light-colored that they were almost invisible, appearing like a light dusting of gold around her young crack. Deej had to see her closer, so he stepped to the side of the twin bed where Suzie’s back was facing just inches from the edge. He brought his face to within mere inches of the delightful split and he inhaled deeply, hopeful of receiving some woman scent, but only detecting the fresh smell of bath soap.

Suzie’s unmoving, unknowing sleep, emboldened Deej. He couldn’t resist the urge to touch and he gently rested two fingers on her young, closed labia, barely touching the skin, but feeling the soft baby-smoothness with reverent awe. Suzie moved slightly, almost imperceptibly, and Deej jerked his hand back, as he poised for instant flight from the room. But the girl’s movement must have only been as a result of his light touch of her genitals, possibly igniting erotic dreams from her subconsciousness. Suzie had straightened the leg beneath her, her other leg remaining in place, the change in position opening up access to her young pussy while at the same time hiding it more from view. Seeing that she was still deep asleep, Deej moved his fingers back in position, his fingertips resting on the crevice between the pouting lips. He held them in place for a few seconds, letting the sleeping beauty’s subconscious accept the touch, then he began to slowly pry her lips open with one finger. Suzie moaned in her sleep and pulled her bent knee further up to her chest, further revealing her pubic mound. Deej listened carefully for a change in her breathing but detected no variation. Only the deep, peaceful sleep of someone so young. Deej couldn’t believe his good fortune when he saw that he could touch Suzie’s privates with impunity and she would sleep right through it.

He moved his finger further up the opened slit until he found the opening, the opening that could lead to so much delight and pleasure. He let his finger barely enter the tight tunnel and then froze as Suzie moaned again then mumbled in her sleep, “ummm, Dino, D-Dino. Ummm”

He realized that Suzie was dreaming of her boyfriend. He had figured for sometime that the two of them were making out after the time he had caught them sitting on the sofa in the den with Dino’s hand under Suzie’s ass, obviously fingering her. Her moans now told him that the little cunt must have been used to Dino-boy fingering her pussy. Her dreamy reaction made Deej push his finger into her hot hole a little further and again Suzie moaned, “ummm, ummm, slmmph.” She shifted her body some more until she was now lying flat on her stomach, her arms wrapped around the pillow and her face buried in its depths. Deej wondered what the pretty girl was dreaming as she changed positions, spreading her legs wide, clearly inviting more teasing of her young pussy.

Whatever she was dreaming, Deej had to take advantage of it, and he began to methodically work his finger in and out of the loosening channel while letting his ring finger lightly bump against where he knew her budding clit was hidden. Suzie began to move her broad ass in rhythm with the copulating finger, her moans of pleasure becoming more pronounced as her body began to awaken her sleep-drugged mind.

As much as he didn’t want to stop, Deej’s fear of Suzanne learning who her dream lover was brought him to his senses and he quickly removed his now juice-coated finger and in one quick move, turned off the lamp. He had almost reached the door when he heard Suzie’s voice, “Dino. Di-n-no. Please? Pl-e-e-z-e, don’t stop.”

Her pleading voice stopped Deej in his tracks as he realized that Suzie was now fully awake and was begging for him, or whom she thought was her boyfriend, to not stop. Deej couldn’t resist. He thought as he returned to the bedside, “Hell, as long as she thinks it’s him, I might as well have some fun.”

Deej sat on the side of the bed and he noticed that Suzie hadn’t changed positions. As soon as she felt his weight on the bed, Suzie began to sensuously move her lovely ass around, a gesture for the magical finger to return to the excited tunnel of sex. Once again, she pleaded, “Please, Dino, please!”

Deej placed his hand on one smooth ass cheek, shoving the thin nightie further up Suzie’s lovely body. He circled his fingers for a moment on the smooth flesh and felt Suzie raise her behind slightly to meet his touch, then spread her legs further, invitingly. That was enough of an invitation for Deej as he slid his fingers down the crack of her ass, feeling her rosebud hole briefly, then slipped his middle finger once again into Suzie’s recesses. He was pleased to feel that Suzie’s pussy had prepared for his re-entry, flooding her tight channel with copious amounts of lubrication. Deej’s finger entered easily to the knuckle and he forced his ring finger in also, the two fingers excitingly spreading and titillating the sensitive inner flesh, the entrance to Suzie’s cum-cavity.

He fingered Suzie’s pussy adoringly for a few minutes, using his forefinger to excite and enlarge her clit, while the unsuspecting girl moaned softly into her pillow with delight. Without a word, Deej removed his fingers and pulled her over onto her back, then quickly re-inserted his manipulating digits before the willing teen could complain. He kept his head low to the bed while he worked his fingers in and out of the now-dripping pussy in case she should look down and recognize him in the dark. As he used his fingers to both explore and delight Suzie’s fuck-cavity, he began to run his tongue up and down the insides of her thighs, teasing and arousing every nerve. When he had worked his lips and tongue up to the point where her thighs joined her hips, Deej worked his tongue over to her sparse pubic patch and then downward until he felt the tip of his tongue enter the top of her slit. Suzie immediately flinched at the new sensation, then cried out softly when she felt Deej’s hot breath and tongue flick at her exposed clit.

“Ohhh, Dino! Wh-what are you doing? Oh, oh, it feels soooo good!” Suzie’s voice was breathless as she expressed the pleasure she was feeling from this new sensation.

Deej knew from her surprised expression that she hadn’t had her pussy eaten before so he put extra effort into showing her the delights of his cunilinquial expertise. He flicked his tongue rapidly back and forth over the tip of her emerging clit, delighting in the involuntary hardening of her miniature cock, tasting her near-virgin juices flowing onto his lips. He spent several minutes administering to Suzie’s pussy with his mouth, pleased at her unbridled response as her breathing became almost labored and she squirmed her pelvis around on the bed in orgasmic release. When he was satisfied that Suzie was ready for him to plunder her pussy, Deej sat up on his knees, lifted her legs to rest against his shoulders, and brought his aching cock in contact with her blossomed vaginal opening. The second his purple-headed cock touched her pussy, he was amazed at the heat emanating from within her tender cunt and he felt some precum surge up his steel-hard rod. He wasted no time on further tantalizing her, but pushed his cock inside her in one swift move, burying it to the hilt, his pubic hairs mashing hers in a fervent kiss.

Suzie immediately moaned with the insertion, “Ohh, Dino! Oh, you feel bigger, thicker.”

Deej dropped her legs and rested his body on hers, full length, burying his face against her soft neck and breathing lightly into her ear. From her exclamation, he knew that she wasn’t a virgin, but her tight pussy certainly felt virginal. Her love tunnel held his cock in a vise-like grip that was incredibly hot and he knew that it wouldn’t be much longer before he flooded her vagina with his boatload of cum. He fought to control the urge, holding his stiff meat still deep inside Suzie’s pulsating pussy as he strove to think of other, more mundane things to take his mind off of the unbelievable sensations his body was experiencing. She wasn’t cooperative, however, and began to rock her hips up and down, eager to feel the thrill of a cock so deep inside her, massaging the nerve endings that she had discovered existed inside her young cunt. She hooked her ankles behind his back to aid in her rocking motion and began to moan with unaccustomed sexual pleasure, finally forcing Deej to abandon his desire to make their coupling last. He began to slowly move his hips back and forth, up and down, withdrawing almost completely before sliding his cock into Suzie’s depths, feeling the rubbery head push against her womb before beginning the journey back.

Her moans became louder and more pronounced as he fucked her young cunt with deliberation. He became afraid that her increasingly loud moans would awaken Carole, so he covered her mouth with his, using his tongue to probe her sweetness, surprised when Suzie’s tongue began to dance with his and probe his own mouth. Her sexual abandon and the way she used her pussy to milk his cock belied Suzie’s youthful age. She fucked more like a woman in her twenties than a mere 18year-old. Deej couldn’t believe it! This was one hot fuck! Her sexual excitement added to his and, in just a few minutes, he lost all thought of controlling his orgasm as he began to hump the willing body beneath him with fury and unrelenting desire. Unlike most of the times he shot his load into a woman, this one was different. No gradual feeling of his cum coursing up the length of his cock to shoot from the small eye. Not this time. Deej wasn’t even aware that it was happening until he felt the sudden warmth of his cum explode from his cock in huge spurts. After the first and biggest spurt of cum, he was only then aware of his nuts convulsing and sending additional loads of creamy spunk coursing up his cock.

His mouth dropped from Suzie’s as he grunted in the ultimate release, no longer caring if she knew it was he and not Dino that was filling her young orifice with baby-making fluid. With the last huge squirt of cum, Deej pushed himself up on his hands, his back arched, and grunted, “arghhh, ahhhh,” before collapsing back onto Suzie’s prostrate, exhausted body, chest heaving against her budding breasts, panting noisily in her ear, completely spent from the too-short pleasure of her body.

After a short rest, he sat up on his knees, his deflating cock still in Suzie’s clenching pussy. She had been one of the hottest fucks he had ever had and Deej was now determined that he would have to have Carole’s sister as often as possible. With that in mind, he stretched out his right arm while holding onto Suzie’s hips with his left and flicked on the lamp by the bed.

Suzie’s eyes blinked at the sudden brightness, then blinked again when she realized who it was that was kneeling between her legs with his cock still inside her.

“Deej! Wh-wh-what are you doing? W-why?” She made a move with her hands to push him away and in an embarrassed tone complained, “I thought you were Dino. I wouldn’t have ever… ever,” and her voice trailed off with unspoken meaning.

Deej grinned down at Suzie’s distraught face, knowing full well that she was only upset because she had enjoyed their half-hour of sex and not because it was him instead of Dino. “What’s wrong, Suzie? Didn’t you like it?” he teased. “Sure seemed like you were enjoying it.”

Suzie spat back, “But I thought it was Dino. Not you!”

“Now, now, little sister, just how do you think Dino would have got in the house? Hmm? You knew it wasn’t really him.” Deej could see that he had made a point with her as her face softened and she looked at him with a quizzical look on her face.

“Why did you come in my room, Deej?” she voiced her expression.

“I saw your light on and thought that maybe you were up,” he explained. And when I saw you sleeping with no bottoms under your nightie, I just couldn’t resist you.”

Suzie’s face turned red with the realization that her sister’s boyfriend had seen that she didn’t wear bottoms when she slept. She didn’t even consider that she had just had sex with him, even if it was mistaken identity on her part. The red of her cheeks faded when she thought about what Deej had said, “You-you couldn’t resist me?” she queried.

“Uh-uh,” Deej confessed. “You know I’ve always liked you, Suzie. And not just as Carole’s younger sister.” He stared into her blue eyes for a few silent seconds then added, “I’ve always thought you were ver-r-r-y sexy.”

Her face brightened at the compliment. She had always been envious of her sister having a boyfriend like Deej, so handsome and popular, and his compliments made her mind whirl and heart beat faster. “Really, Deej? Really?”

“Really, babe. You are one sexy chick.” He bent down and seductively kissed her drying lips, snaking his tongue into her unexpectant mouth for a brief titillation. Then he straightened back up and asked, “Now, tell the truth. Did you like what we did or not?”

She looked away for a quick moment and then looked him square in the eyes meaningfully, “Y-yes. It was nice. I-I liked it.”

He persisted, “Just ‘nice’, Suzie? You sure acted like it was more than ‘nice’.”

Cheeks reddened once more, then she bared her soul, “We-l-l, it was more than nice, Deej. I LOVED it!” Her voice softened and she let her eyes shift from his to look down her body where she could now see that his cock had slipped out of her. Softer, but still impressively large. “And, and, when you kissed me down…there, it was wonderful. No one has ever done that to me before. I never knew anything could feel so fantastic.”

Deej chuckled, “Yeah, I could tell you liked it.” He decided to take the opening for future times with Suzie. “Would you like me to do it again sometime?”

She only nodded, hesitant to confess that after her initial shock on discovering it was him who had fucked her. She bit her lower lip pensively, and then asked in a meek tone, “Could, could we do it again? Now?”

Deej’s face revealed his surprise at her forwardness, “Well, not that, Suzie…My cum is in you.” He saw disappointment cloud her face and added, “But we could make love again, if you can get me hard.”

The lovely face brightened once again and she realized that she hadn’t even thought of the creamy fluid that had been leaking out of her and onto the bed. “H-how do I get you hard, Deej? Doesn’t it just grow?”

Her naivet√© delighted him as he explained cheerfully, “Afraid not, lil’ sis… Not after the first time, anyway. It got hard when I saw your pretty behind, but now it needs some help in getting big again.” He was silently hoping that the pretty blonde would fall for the reasoning, eager to introduce her to oral sex.

“Oh,” Suzie voiced her understanding. “Well, well, what do I do to make it big again?”

“Perfect,” he thought, then explained to the eager-to-please girl, “All you have to do is the same thing I did on you with my mouth. That’s all. It’ll grow nice and big if you do.”

“You, you mean kiss and lick it like you did me?” Suzie’s voice betrayed her uncertainty at doing something that seemed so gross, but to her credit, she did rationalize that it couldn’t be any different than what he had done and that had felt so wonderful.

He nodded, “Yes, like I did you. But to get it hard, you have to put it in your mouth.”

Suzie appeared to be thinking about what she would need to do in order to once again experience the immense pleasure Deej’s cock had given her. He could see from the expression on her face that she was wavering, possibly weighing the advantages to sucking his cock against the disadvantages. He decided he needed to influence her decision in his own favor, so he placed his hand between her still-outstretched legs and began to lightly tease her engorged clit with one finger as he stared into Suzie’s eyes meaningfully.

A familiar moan escaped Suzie’s mouth and she closed her eyes. Maintaining his playful fingering of her swollen cunt, Deej slid up the bed until his cock was just inches above Suzie’s face. The possibility that he was going to get the pretty teen to suck his cock started the precum oozing from the head and Deej purposefully let his cock drop to her pouty lips, planting a precum-wet kiss on them just as Suzie moaned again.

Her tongue flicked out and captured the droplet stringing from the head of his cock to her lips and at that moment made her decision, evidently finding that the fluid had no real taste but was somewhat an aphrodisiac. Her tongue reached further and caressed the unsheathed head, causing the entire dick to flinch with pleasure. Deej focused his thoughts away from the present, wanting to prolong Suzie’s initiation to sucking a cock, knowing that once she got him erect, she would want him to fuck her some more. He let Suzie lick at the head for a couple of minutes before pushing it inside her now-willing mouth. He held it with just the head past her closed lips and instructed, “Run your tongue around it, Suzie. Feel how soft it is?”

Suzie complied, circling her firm but soft tongue round and round the dark pink surface, using the tip to feel the underside and the vertical eye as though exploring a new world. He encouraged her, “That’s it, baby. Ohh, yehhh. Mmmm, your mouth feels so hot.” His words seemed to drive her to work even harder at pleasing him and her tongue began to lash at his slowly-erecting cock with fervent desire. He began to finger-fuck her little pussy and directed, “Now, suck it on into your mouth, baby. Take all you can and then let it come back until it’s almost out, then suck it back in. Use your tongue as it goes in and out.”

Suzie was a willing and able student as she practiced, adhering to each of his instructions, and soon she was sucking his cock with abandonment, almost like a pro. Despite his attempt to focus his mind elsewhere, the sight of his hard piss-rod disappearing inside the young, tender mouth had it’s effect as a semi-hard tube of meat became rock hard, the veins popping out like ropes around the length, the stretched skin glistening with the light reflecting off of Suzie’s saliva coating.

The view was so erotic, watching this novice cocksucker swallow his cock, wanting so badly to shoot a load of cum in her mouth. It took all of Deej’s concentration to keep from doing just that and, as much as he didn’t want to, he finally pulled his slickened cock out of Suzie’s mouth and whispered, “Are you ready to be fucked, baby?”

She opened her eyes and nodded enthusiastically, drawing her legs up and wide open invitingly. Deej laid down beside her and easily rolled her slight form over on top of him as he suggested, “Want to try it on top, Suze?”

Suzie answered wordlessly by rubbing her crotch over the stiff cock resting on Deej’s belly, her dripping pussy leaving a trail of orgasmic juice on the underside of his prick. He smiled at her eagerness and gripped his throbbing cock with one hand and forced it between her legs. She immediately sat up with one bent leg on each side of his hips and sat down on the offered cock, lowering herself in one smooth move until her ass rested on his pubic mound, their pubic hairs merging in a kiss. He just laid there, content to watch the young amateur slut please herself with his stiff meat, enthralled by her efforts as she began to rise and fall on the impaled rod, her small globes of breasts swaying unfettered in her flimsy nightie.

It occurred to him that he still hadn’t seen her tits, so he whispered, “Take off your gown, Suzie. I want to see all of you.”

Suzie didn’t miss a stroke as she pulled the nightie over her head and threw it to the floor. While she continued to rhythmically ride his cock with her eyes closed and her head tilted back, he studied her body, delighting in the smooth curves of her youthfulness, the apple-like breasts bouncing with her bucking moves in a tantalizing, erotic display. True, they weren’t as impressive as Carole’s, but Deej liked their symmetry, their youthful tone, the small, rosebud-like nipples resting in the middle of her small aureole, the color difference almost discernable. He noted that her nipples were standing up from the surrounding surface more than he would expect with someone Suzie’s age. They looked like they were at least a half-inch long, although he knew from the times he had seen her in a tee-shirt or bathing suit that they weren’t normally visible at all.

“She’s one hot little bitch,” he smirked to himself. “I’ve stumbled upon a gold mine here.” He couldn’t resist reaching up with both hands and gripping a nipple between thumb and forefinger, feeling the rubbery stiffness like miniature cocks. His touch ignited her desire further and she began to move her ass up and down on his cock faster, bending her pelvis backward each time his cock fully plunged inside her convulsing hole, forcing it to rub against her clit with each move. He lightly tugged on each nipple and delighted in Suzie’s moaned response. He pulled harder and she fucked harder. The reaction fascinated him and he continued to repeat it, savoring the way the girl on top of him would respond. It was like hearing Westminster chimes on a doorbell each time you pushed a button, except the chimes weren’t being heard now, but felt in his pulsating cock, as Suzie’s pussy would tightly clamp him with each tug on her nipples.

“God, she’s a good fuck!” he pondered silently. “Even better than Carole,” he admitted to himself. The biggest difference was that Suzie was a little more independent and self-assured, not submissive like Carole, who would do whatever he wanted anytime he wanted. He wondered if he would be able to use this girl fucking his rod wantonly like he did Carole, but then decided it didn’t matter. He knew from Suzie’s actions this night that he would be able to fuck her whenever it pleased him. She was hooked on the pleasures she received from his cock and he knew she’d want more. He moved one hand from a nipple and reached behind Suzie, feeling her firm, muscular buttock as it worked strenuously to repeat the orgasms she craved. His fingers traced between her young ass cheeks and downward until he felt her puckered hole beneath his fingertip. “Nice and tight hole,” he appraised to himself. “I’ll get some of that before long, too.” He felt the combination of their juices coating his tightened balls and ran his finger tip through the slickness, then back to Suzie’s star-like orifice where he began to circle the tight ring teasingly, gradually loosening the guarding sphincter until he had just the tip of his finger inside.

She moaned louder at the new intrusion. Not objecting, but surprisingly at the new sensation the probing finger gave her body. He could feel her pussy twitch in a convulsion and realized that his novice fuck-toy had cum again. He smiled inwardly at the knowledge, giving proof once more that this young girl was one hot fuck. He pulled her down to his chest and whispered in one soft ear, “Ever done it doggy style, baby?”

“N-no,” Suzie panted back in his ear. “Wh-what’s ‘doggy’ style?”

Deej pushed her off of him and, rolling her agreeable body onto her stomach, got behind her and gripped her hips, then raised her to her knees. Without preamble, he stuck his cock back in her pussy, and then pushed her shoulders back to the mattress. “This is doggy style,” he commented as he began to furiously pound her upraised ass, his belly slapping against her white ass as he worked towards his own orgasm with immense, indescribable pleasure.

Suzie seemed to really enjoy the new position as she buried her face in her pillow and uttered muffled, indecipherable grunts of delight, “uhhh, uhhh, aghhh, ohh, ohh, yes, yes, yes, Deej.” She raised her face off of the pillow long enough to proclaim, “Oh, Deej! I love it! I love it! Fuck me, fuck me!”

He was glad for once that Carole slept like a baby, never able to hear even the most violent thunderstorms while she slept, for the sounds that he and Suzie were making while they enjoyed fucking were getting louder and louder, punctuated by the sound of his belly slapping into Suzie’s sweet ass. She learned quickly how to rotate her pelvis as he plunged forward and back with his juice-coated prick and in just a few minutes, she was cumming once again, coating both of them with her flooding juices. Shortly after her last countless orgasm, Deej felt his own building up inside his tightened nuts and he gripped her hips harder, his thrusts speeding up to a crescendo until he felt the gusher leave his encased cock and he sunk it into the willing receptacle one final time and held his cock there as it released the results of his passion in convulsing spurts of cum, emptying the contents of his balls all over Suzie’s entrance to her womb.

He collapsed onto her smooth back, driving her prostrate on the bed, both of them laboring to breath, small beads of perspiration coating both of them. After a minute of gasping for breath, Deej rolled off of her and pulled her to him, her head resting on his shoulder, as she rested one leg across his belly, his cum-soaked cock wiping on the inside of her thigh.

They lay in each other’s arms for several minutes before Suzie breathlessly whispered, “I’ve never felt anything so wonderful, Deej. It felt heavenly! I-I loved it!” he didn’t offer an immediate reply until Suzie added, “And I-I love you. I do. You’re so wonderful!”

He turned her face up to his and gave her a light kiss, then responded, “It was beautiful, baby. And so are you.”

Suzie prompted, “Do you . . . do you l-love me, Deej? I mean, after what we just did?” She didn’t give him a chance to reply before adding, “Do you think I’m terrible to love my sister’s boyfriend?”

Deej kissed her again and comforted, “Naw. Of course not, you sweet thing. Actually, I’m flattered. To have someone as sweet and pretty as you love me is really something.”

Suzie asked for the answer again that she needed to hear, “But, but do you love me, Deej?”

He rubbed her curvy behind and looked her in the eyes as he lied, “Yes, Suzie. Yes, I love you. I always have. And tonight . . . well, tonight you showed me how wonderful it is to love you.” A warning of caution entered his mind and he advised, “But we can’t let Carole know how we feel about each other. You know it would break her heart.”

Suzie didn’t seem to care about the condition as she beamed and hugged him tighter. “I know. I don’t want to hurt Carole. She’s so much in love with you. You’re all she ever talks about.” She was silent for a minute as she realized the truth in what she said, then almost pleadingly asked, “But can we still love each other in secret?”

Deej was relieved to hear her request. And greedily happy that he would have both sisters in love with him, willing to give their bodies for his pleasure. “Yes, sweetheart, we can still love each other in secret. We’ll just be careful to not show it when we’re around others. And you should keep on seeing Dino, too, so no one gets suspicious.”

Suzie nodded against his chest. “I will. I’ll keep going with Dino. I do like him – a lot, but he’s never made me feel like you do.” Suzie snuggled even closer when she confided, “But I won’t let him make love to me anymore. I want just you from now on.”

Her innocence delighted him as he saw an opening that would make it possible for him to realize even more fuck fun from the young girl. “That’s okay, baby. You can still let him do it to you. I won’t be jealous. And, if you don’t, he may get suspicious.”

Both of them were silent for several minutes after his last statement, Suzie obviously considering the merits in what he had said. She finally broke the silence, “I suppose you’re right. But I won’t let him do it very often.” Then she confessed, “We-we’ve only done it a few times, anyway, so he won’t think anything is different.”

He was curious, “Oh? How many times have you and Dino done it, Suzie?”

She shrugged, “Gee, I think maybe five or six times is all. And I only did it with him because he kept bugging me about it. And I was wondering what it was like.”

Deej wanted to know all he could about his sexual neophyte. “Where did you do it?”

She answered without hesitation, “In the back seat of his car. One time at a drive in, but most of the time at a place in the woods.”

“What position did you two do it in? I mean, tell me about it,” Deej pressed, intrigued by Suzie’s first sexual experiences.

Deej liked her willingness to discuss her private life as she quickly responded, “Oh, we just did it with him on top. He would take off my shorts or pants and panties, and then we’d do it. Just like that. Dino didn’t even touch my breasts.”

He understood now why she had become so hot when he showed her just how great sex could be. He couldn’t believe his good fortune and was now thankful he had to get up to take a piss earlier. He queried, “So, now that we’ve done it, which position do you like the most?”

She laughed, “All of them.”

“Come on now, sexy. Which one did you like the most?” he pushed.

“Well, I guess the doggy style. That really felt good,” she answered honestly.

It was Deej’s turn to laugh, but he had to ask, “And what did you think about sucking on my cock?”

“It was okay. I mean – at first I wasn’t sure, but when I found out it wasn’t dirty or anything like that and how much you seemed to like it, I got to liking it,” she admitted.

He laughed again, “Well, you really did it great. Almost like you had done it before.”

Suzie raised up, an indignant look on her face as she stared down at him. “I have not! I’ve never done that before!”

He pulled her back down onto his chest, “Now, now, I said it was ‘almost’ like you had done it before. I meant that you were that good at doing it. And I do like it — lots. I’m going to want you to do it every time we make love.”

Suzie relaxed at his explanation and confided, “I’ll do whatever pleases you, Deej. I mean it. Anything you like, I’ll like.”

He almost had to shake his head in disbelief. Here he had surmised that Suzie, being pretty independent and fairly smart, wouldn’t go for just anything he wanted. Now he wondered if he would be able to use her body like he had Carole’s. He put the question into words, “Anything? You’ll do anything, Suzie?”

The pretty blonde head nodded in response, and then promised, “Anything, Deej. I love you and I’ll do anything. I promise.”

He had to see just how far the pretty teen would go as he asked theoretically, “You mean that even if I asked you to have sex with another man, you would?”

She shot up on her elbows, staring intently at him, “Y-you wouldn’t ask me to do that, would you, Deej? Wouldn’t that make you jealous?”

Deej hedged on his answer, explaining, “I was just using that as an example, baby. But if I did want you to do that, I wouldn’t be jealous at all, because I’d only want it because I was proud of you being my girl and want to show you off.”

“You’d be proud of me having sex with another man?” she asked incredulously. “How would that make you proud?”

“Oh, it would show other guys just how wonderful and sexy a girl I have. You know, it’s like showing off a super-hot car and letting some guy drive it.” He wasn’t sure if the analogy made sense, but he was hoping his persuasive power was having the effect on Suzie he wanted.

Her head returned to his shoulder and she spoke quietly against his skin, “I think I see. It’s just so different than how I think two people in love should be. I mean, I’d be very mad and jealous if you were having sex with another girl.”

He chuckled, “Well, that’s a little different. If I were having sex with another girl, you’d think I was in love with her, so you couldn’t help but be jealous. But I wouldn’t think you were in love with a guy just because you were having sex with him. You’d only be doing it because I wanted you to. Just like you having sex with Dino. I won’t be jealous about that because I know you love me.”

She was quiet for several minutes after his explanation, realizing that what he said did make sense. Finally, she hugged him and whispered, “I do love you, Deej, and that would be the only reason I would do that for you.”

He took her statement to mean that he would be able to have her give her pussy to other guys, but he decided to not press the issue any further, other than to leave the door open. “Well, it may never come up, but I wanted to know how you would react, baby. We’ll just have to see when the time comes.”

Suzie rose up on her knees and, taking his face in both tiny hands, proceeded to smother his face with warm, sensuous kisses, murmuring over and over, “I love you, I love you, Love you!”

Deej pinched a nipple and caused her to yelp. “And I love you, little sweet Suzie. Now we’d both better get to bed before the sun comes up.”

A look of jealousy flashed across her face and, as quickly as it had appeared, it disappeared, leaving just a forlorn look. “You going back to bed with Carole, or is she in Mom and Dad’s room?”

His mind raced, aware that Suzie knew where Carole was supposed to be sleeping and it certainly wasn’t supposed to be with him, while at the same time realizing this 18year-old was no dummy. He decided to tell the truth, “With Carole, baby. But you know she sleeps like a log and I promise nothing will happen between us.”

His answer seemed to placate Suzie, so she resignedly agreed, “I know. When Carole’s head hits the pillow, she’s out for the night. And I know you won’t do anything with her if you say so.”

He kissed her warm lips and teased, “Now, how could any man have sex with another woman after making love to you? You sexy girl.”

Suzie’s face broke out in a big grin with his compliment and she kissed him back. “You’re so sweet, Deej. You say the sweetest things even though I can’t be that sexy.”

Deej got off the bed and stood there looking at her for one last time.

“Well, you’re sexier than you think and in time you’re going to be the sexiest woman alive.” With those words, he stepped through the open door, turned and blew the naked Suzie a kiss and walked softly down the hall. He eased his now-tired body into the bed beside the deep-breathing Carole and snuggled up behind her, his limp cock resting against her pert butt.

The last thoughts Deej had before falling off into deep slumber was wondering what the sisters’ mother would be like in bed. An older woman, but her black hair would look good falling over his cock as she sucked his cock.

The End


  • Posted: 18 August 2019 05:33

    Will Yates

    A very enjoyable and well written sex and real incest stories.
  • Posted: 18 August 2019 05:35

    Will Yates

    An enjoyable and well written story