Cathy’s Liberation Erotic stories

Cathy was getting tired of her husband’s lame excuses for working late. While Bruce thought he was being clever, she had ample evidence of his indulgence in some extra-marital sex. He was getting sloppy and lazy, leaving receipts in his pockets, which revealed he had been staying at suburban motels, while he was supposed to have been “working late”. She had also been told by some long-standing friends that her husband had been seen in the company of young women in what he thought were “safe” meeting places, such as restaurants and bars off the beaten track. The crunch came when she had been told by Jennifer, her oldest friend, that he had been seen sharing breakfast in the cafe of a beach-front resort 200 miles from home, when Bruce had told Cathy he was out of town for his work. This seemed plausible at the time, as Bruce was doing some consultancies in the country, and had expected to be away some nights.

So Cathy had several options. She could confront Bruce and challenge his alibis, perhaps she could suggest a trial separation, or maybe even ask for a divorce. But being an action-oriented woman, she first decided to “even the score”, and investigate some action of her own, to see what she was missing. She had, she concluded, been naively faithful to Bruce, while he was playing the field. She decided to quietly and discretely find herself a new lover or lovers, as her sex life with Bruce was only ‘going through the motions’ – mechanical and unsatisfying.

So one day over lunch she discussed her plan with Jennifer, who immediately agreed with Cathy’s plan. She felt Bruce was a prick, and didn’t hesitate saying so.

“You are definitely taking the right decision, Cath” said Jennifer supportively, “and I think know how I can help you!”

“Really?!” replied Cathy with an interested look on her face. “What do you have in mind??!!”

“Well, you know that I’ve been dating this fellow Bob, the young exchange student from the United States? His brother Carl recently arrived here and perhaps you might like to meet him. He really is a dish.”

Jennifer, like Cathy, was in her fifties. She was average looking, but had a sparkling personality, a slim and athletic body and also was conscious of her looks. Like all men and women in their fifties, she was showing a few lines here and there, the flesh appearing a little sagging on her bottom, but in general she was in good shape. Together with Cathy, she did “water aerobics” at the local heated pool, swam one kilometre usually three nights a week, and watched her diet. As a result, they could have passed for women ten or fifteen years younger. Jennifer’s “claim to fame” was her bosom, which at 36 inches appeared larger than usual, as she was only five feet tall. While Cathy had a slimmer body, she was blessed with an abundance of pubic hair, which spread from inches below her navel, down her stomach and under her crutch. Its area could barely be covered by her hand with fingers outstretched. She shaved near her legs for when she wore her swimsuit, but deliberately left the luxuriant growth on her pudenda unshaved or plucked. Such was her bushy growth that in the swimming pool showers she often attracted envious stares and inviting smiles from some other women.

Cathy and Jennifer started giggling like teenagers as they discussed their plans. Initially Cathy was hesitant but as she recalled her husband’s philandering she decided to adopt the Nike logo and “Just do it!” The interesting thing was that Jennifer’s friend was in his early twenties, in other words, some thirty years her junior. The fact that she was old enough to be his mother mattered not for either partner, as they had become good friends, and lovers, very easily. Jennifer worked as a librarian at the university where Carl, her American friend, was studying his Ph.D. He also happened to be part African-American, but his colour was relatively light.

Cathy leaned forward as Jennifer described Bud, Carl’s older brother by two years. Carl had asked Jennifer one evening after their lovemaking, whether she could introduce his brother to a local lady as he had not been socialising since his arrival. Bud was also a shy character, and was happy to let his brother Carl arrange some introductions.

And so the stage was set. Jennifer agreed to host a dinner part at the next available opportunity – when Cathy’s husband Bruce was out of town. As it happened, he had planned to be away the next weekend, ostensibly for another “business consultancy”, so with the prospects of a new escapade being arranged for her, Cathy, to Bruce’s surprise, did not object or appear curious when he came up with another of his lame alibis.

At Cathy’s insistence, Jennifer arranged a midday “get to know you’ lunch, where the two ladies met the two students, at her university staff club. Jennifer was as nervous as a young girl on her first date, and while Bud was quiet and shy as described, the lunch went well. Cathy sat next to Bud, talking quietly, asking intelligent questions about his study, and Bud seemed genuinely interested in her own work, as she was also a research adviser at the same university, helping doctorate students in their work.

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As they chatted, Cathy felt a stirring in her loins. Bud was about her height, but solid in build. She thought he looked a little like George Benson the guitarist and his flashing smile soon showed he was overcoming his shyness. It was obvious neither Carl nor Bud cared about socialising with much older women, and neither were they patronising on this issue. The four were good company and as they departed that afternoon, all four were thinking about the upcoming weekend’s possibilities.

Cathy was no sexual predator, and neither was Jennifer a matchmaker. The dinner party that Saturday evening at Jennifer’s town house was going to be a casual affair, as the weather was hot, and Jennifer had recently had a spa installed, or what the Americans called a jacuzzi.

And so they gathered at Jennifer’s home, eager to see what would eventuate that evening. Cathy arrived early, and helped Jennifer prepare for the evening, and she noticed that Jennifer had made up the guest bedroom, something which gave her a pang of anticipation in her loins.

Carl and Bud arrived about 6.30 pm and after a cordial, pleasant meal they all adjourned to the spa an hour or so later. Secretly everyone was checking out everyone else – but to Jennifer’s delight, she noticed that Cathy and Bud seemed to approve of each other, despite the age differential. Bud looked at Cathy and saw a mature, attractive and sensual woman, and Cathy was trying not to peek at the bulge in Bud’s swimming costume as they luxuriated in the warm, bubbling spa.

Jennifer poured more champagne for her guests, who were now more relaxed and chatty. She noticed that Cathy was even flirting a little with Bud, a good sign she concluded.

As Cathy quickly turned to say something to Jennifer she winced with pain. “Ow!” she cried, as she rubbed her neck “Damn – that feels sore”. An old neck injury occasionally reappeared and brought discomfort to Cathy, and ruefully she rotated her head to loosen up the muscles.

“Here, see if I can help…” said Bud, moving to her side. His strong hands started to expertly soften the tight muscles of Cathy’s neck.

“Mmmmm… that feels good, don’t stop!” Cathy sighed. Bud varied his massage techniques, rubbing her neck muscles with his thumbs. Cathy sensed Bud’s body behind her, and her hands moved to feel his presence. Accidentally, her hand found his shorts and she was aware of his erection, as hard as an iron rod under the cloth. Her actions could not be seen by Jennifer and Carl, under the turbulence of the spa’s bubbling surface. But both Bud and Cathy knew what was going on, and Bud could now feel Cathy’s hands exploring further, her hands moving up and down his long shaft, over his hard “six pack” abdominal muscles, and across his broad chest.

Continuing his massage, Bud smiled at Cathy and asked, “How does that feel now?!” as he felt Cathy’s hand closing around his cock under the water. As she did so, Cathy felt a surge of desire in her loins, aware of a little gush of juices in her pussy.

“Mmmm … I thing that feels just perfect” she cooed, before freeing herself from his hands. Turning to Jennifer she winked and said “I think its shower time for me and Bud…” and she stepped from the spa. Bud looked at her as she emerged, the wetness of her white costume making her huge dark shadow of pubic hair more visible under the fabric. Cathy knew this outfit was a little transparent and this is why she wore it that night.

“See you soon, Bud” she said over her shoulder, walking into the house. Bud smiled awkwardly, his huge erection preventing from emerging from the pool at this moment. With some difficulty he managed to make it less obvious and eventually he too left the spa. With a grin he acknowledged Jennifer’s extended glance at the bulge in his shorts, but he knew that his friend Carl was also well equipped in that department, and Jennifer was familiar with it, too.

Bud entered the house and walked to the guest room. He knocked softly then opened the bedroom door. Cathy had just finished drying herself and looking up she said in a husky voice, “please join me know..” and she climbed onto the bed.

Bud stared at her naked, vulnerable body, now openly offered to him, as he quickly dried himself. As he removed his shirts his cock sprang up like a released spring, pointing away from his body like some third arm. His eyes took in Cathy’s body, while no longer young and supple, still inviting and sensual, especially that beautiful bush of pubes.

Cathy meanwhile stared at Bud’s cock in the half light. All nine inches of that she thought, will be inside me soon… and she felt more wetness in her crotch.

Bud moved to the bed and laying beside her he embraced Cathy. His cock pressed against her soft abdomen and Cathy stroked its velvety firmness, her fingers sensitively exploring up and down the shaft, reaching his large scrotum, his balls feeling large and rubbery in her palms. She moaned as he started kissing her neck and breasts, sucking on her hard nipples.

As she lay on her back he moved between her spread thighs, luxuriating in her musky smells, her labia now swollen, warm and wet. He nuzzled her pubes with his nose and mouth, before searching her vulva with his tongue. Finding her hard love bud he ever so sensitively took it in his lips and sucked it as is it was a small nipple. Cathy arched her back, moaning with pleasure, as she felt her body was on fire, and more aroused than she had been for months. Her nipples were now hard and erect, her body flushed with her sexual arousal, and she pulled Bud’s head into her groin.

Skilfully he gave her the best head job she had ever had, and she started to jerk and flick her hips upwards, as she rapidly came for the first time. She emitted a little cry, followed by a long, drawn out “ooohhhhhh…” sound, as the paroxysm of desire flooded her body. Her juices were now flowing freely, and they ran over Bud’s mouth and chin, her love nectar tasting sweet and delightful. He was aware of his own emissions as he felt a few drops of precum seep from the eye of his bulbous knob, and he knew what he had to do.

At Cathy’s urging, he moved up her body, crouched between her spread thighs, his cock pointing directly at her pussy lips. Easing himself forward, he felt his cock touch her cunt lips, gently separating them.

Cathy moaned softly before reaching behind him and grasping his hard, tight buttocks, pulling him to her. She felt the first few inches sink into her wet folds, his hardness moving the walls of her vagina apart, making way for the huge intruder. But she was both capable and willing for this invasion, having the previous few days practiced and prepared with a ten inch dong she had in her bedside cabinet.

But there was no substitute for the real thing and she savoured the warm firmness of this wondrous young man’s cock, now deep in her mature body. It sank deeper and deeper, and before she knew it she felt his pubic bone hard against hers – his entire nine inches were now being gripped by her cunt muscles. She felt stuffed with hot cock, and it felt good, it felt delicious and she was in raptures.

Slowly and ultra sensitively Bud started to withdraw and re-insert his cock into Cathy’s delightful pussy. Although he was a young man he had had many experiences, mostly with girls his own age or younger. But he thought to himself that this was one wonderful piece of tail. He was in the arms (and body) of an experienced, mature age lover and his mind wandered back to that literary classic called “In praise of older women”. If ever there was a case in favour of taking older, more mature and experienced lovers this was it.

Cathy was intent on deriving as much pleasure from her younger lover as she was in giving him an equal amount of gratification. This was to be a sensual, hyper-physical experience that would ensure this fuck that would be “the benchmark” for all sexual experiences in the future.

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While Bud took his weight on his outstretched arms he looked under him and saw a wonderful sight. Cathy’s eyes were closed, her breasts lolling from side to side, and lower down her saw her huge expanse of pubic hair heaving up and down, its hidden treasure, stimulated by his glistening cock, now giving them both exquisite pleasure.

They continued for some minutes like this, both loving the sensual delights and physical sensations focussed on their union. But Cathy wasn’t about to come too soon, and she whispered into Bud’s ear, “Let me cum on top…. please…” she pleaded.

He slowed his actions and without breaking their join her slipped onto his back flipping Cathy above him, and skilfully Cathy placed her knees next to his body, and her hands were now on his muscled chest.

She lifted herself high and looked down to see his cock still in her, but eight inches or more were visible. With a groan she sank onto his vertical rod, feeling it fill her vaginal passage completely, and almost touching her cervix… Even Bud was starting to feel her sexual dominance and he felt a surge deep within him.

“Oh Cathy, I’m coming soon, I’m coming soon….” he whispered, as he thrust upwards repeatedly, amazed at the sexual capacity of this love machine above him. Cathy too felt herself losing control of her own ability to harness her own sexual energy. Her cunt was awash with her own juices and they could both hear the slurping of their constant, repetitive mutual pumping action. One could be forgiven for wondering just whom was fucking whom, given their passionate and lusty involvement.

Bud looked up and saw Cathy’s mouth was wide open but no sound emanated. Here eyes were closed in rapture as she focussed her entire efforts on her swollen love bud, which had long emerged from its protective hood, and was now being stimulated by the thrusting action, and occasional brush with Bud’s now supersized prick. As their intercourse came to its finale both Bud and Cathy were aware of how his cock had grown to almost ten inches in length, and thicker than ever before. It was clear Cathy was bringing out the very best potential of Bud’s mammoth black cock.

Cathy was now totally out of control and she was moaning so loud that Jennifer and Carl should have heard them in the adjacent bedroom (which they did, in fact, only spurring them on to an increased sexual frenzy). She felt her whole body flood with a huge wave of sexual pleasure, emanating from her clitoris, through her vulva, and up through her entire body. “Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, …” she whimpered, as she pushed her groin down hard onto Bud’s now ten inch shaft, gripping it tightly, like a superfirm handshake. This maximised his penetration and she screamed loudly, unaware and uncaring of who heard it. Her breasts were lolling gloriously from side to side, streaked with the sweat of her exertions, the moisture dripping from her nipples onto Bud’s chest.

Bud could restrain himself no more and he felt his own voluminous hot seed surge from deep within his loins, shoot down his shaft, and spurt into the older woman’s cunt. He gasped repeatedly as he felt the sperm shoot from the large eye of his swollen glans, like giant white gushes from a large hose. Its volume and strength surprised both Cathy and himself as she felt its impact on her vaginal walls, splashing her insides with white, womb wetting foam.

Again and again his sperm splashed into her gripping pussy, the contraction of which drew it deep into her womb. As she had had her “tubes tied” some years earlier she worried not about conceiving from this huge injection of a man’s seed. She just took comfort in her own sexual satisfaction – and the very, very obvious pleasure of the glorious man she was riding.

Slowly their actions subsided, her breasts streaked with sweat, her pubic hair matted with both their juices, and she felt his cock shrivel slowly and detumesce. She lifted her body and let it flop against his own thigh, and as she did so, a small flood of warm sperm flowed from her cunt, down onto his loins. It dripped and dripped from her swollen, wet labia, which was still contracting involuntarily.

With an exhausted moan she fell on to his heaving body, her breasts crushed against his chest. He held her tight, kissing her ears, her eyes and her neck.

As she regained her breath she whispered in Bud’s ear. “That was the Mother Of All Fucks – the best I’ve ever had in my life… thank you, lover boy…”

“Thank me not” answered Bud in a low voice. “I’ve got this feeling that we’ll be seeing more of each other in the near future…”

Nodding silently, Cathy could only agree, a wry smile on her face. During the entire act she had avoided thinking about her selfish husband. If only he knew what she was doing, no, what she was capable of, he would freak out….

Silently Cathy realised she had found a life of her own – one in which she could, after years of commitment to another, afford some pleasures to herself. And she smiled to herself in the half light, hugging the strong young man under her… as she felt his cock growing hard and long again, against her silken skin….