Caught With My Pants Down

I was a late bloomer, in that I was 18 before I had experimented with masturbation. But, once I tried it and realized how pleasurable it was, my mind was constantly occupied with my curiosity about what sex with women would feel like. One warm, sunny afternoon in 1984 was no exception.

One day my mom had pulled her car into the garage, and was opening the trunk to take some groceries out of the trunk. At the time she was 38 years old, 5’8″, about 150 lbs, and had what I would call an average figure. Her breast size was 34c, and she had slightly wider-than-average hips.

Usually when my mom brought groceries home, I would, without hesitation, walk out to the garage to help her. But, as I was watching my mom bend over the bumper to lift up the bags of groceries, I realized that this day would be altogether different. I was distracted by the sight of her ass, and could even make out some of the shapeliness of her vulva. But, what most distracted me was seeing some of her pubic hair peeking out the sides of the short polyester shorts she was wearing.

The thoughts that crossed my at the time were both shameful and incredible. I could immediately feel my pants stretching from the throbbing of my penis. The bulge was too obvious to hide, and too hard to try to calm down. So, instead of going out to the garage, I quickly went to my bedroom with the intention of relieving myself.

I had just taken off my shirt and pants when I heard mom walking down the hallway. I knew she would be looking for me to help her put away the groceries in the kitchen. What I didn’t expect was for her to open the door without knocking. Our eyes met each other in shock as she saw me wearing nothing but my shorts. She quickly turned her head and closed the door behind her.

After a few seconds of catching my breath, I put my clothes back on and walked out to the kitchen. I could see mom blushing. As I was starting to help her put some of the food in the refrigerator, she took a deep breath and said, without looking at me, “Mark, I’m sorry I forgot to knock, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

I thought about what she said and replied, “It’s okay, Mom, I’m not embarrassed.”

She then quickly said, “I know, honey, but you have your right to privacy and I need to respect that.”

I then reminded her, “Well mom, you’ve already seen me in my shorts, and even naked when I was born–it’s not like you saw anything new.”

She turned her head to me, smiled and said, “Mark you sure are comfortable with yourself at your age. I’m impressed. But, I can’t believe that you weren’t even a little bit embarrassed?”

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“Not at all, I’m comfortable with my body,” I responded.

“So, you have no problem standing in front of your own mom with just your shorts on?” she wryly asked.

Without hesitation, I said, “Mom, I have no problem even standing totally naked in front of you.”

“Yeah, right,” she quipped sarcastically.

“You don’t think I would take off all my clothes in front of you?” I asked.

“I don’t think so,” she shook her head.

Before she knew it, I started to pull off my t-shirt and began unzipping my pants. By the time I had everything off but my shorts, she laughed and said, “You’re not gonna do it, you won’t take everything off. I know you too well.”

With that, to her amazed eyes, I gently slid my shorts down to my feet. She couldn’t help but stare at my crotch, realizing that I had done something that she totally didn’t expect. Her stare was simply too arousing for me, and my penis began to pump up with blood like a jackhammer. By the time it was pointing right at her, her mouth dropped as she gasped for air.

“I can’t believe you just did that, Mark,” she commented.

I responded by saying, “I told you I was comfortable with my body. I bet I’m even more comfortable with my body than you are with yours.”

That struck a nerve with her. After all, I inherited my strong self-confidence from her side of the family. “You don’t think I’m comfortable with people seeing my body?” she queried.

“Nope,” I teased.

Then she surprised me. “Okay, how about you come over here and help mom take off her clothes. Let’s see how courageous you really are!”

After a brief moment of shock, I gradually walked over to her. She stood with her arms folded and an “I dare ya” look on her face. But, her look changed dramatically when I reached around her and slid my hands behind her back. I proceeded to lift her shirt over her head, catching her bra with it simultaneously, and causing her bare tits to bounce around a little. She involuntarily moaned as she closed her eyes.

She was so stunned that she wasn’t ready for when I put my hands down the back of her polyester shorts, and caressed her butt as I slid her shorts down. It was then that I realized that she wasn’t wearing panties.

Though her short shorts fell to her ankles, I never let go of her nice, big ass. With my prick a mere 2 inches away from her tummy, I could see her pussy starting to get really wet and glossy. Still in disbelief, mom looked at me and said, “Okay, I think you’re getting a little too excited now, Mark. We need to stop this.”

Chuckling a little, I said, “You think I’d actually put this cock inside my own mother’s pussy?” And, with that, I pushed her back up against the counter top, and pulled her ass so close to me that the head of my penis actually began touching her clitoris. I started bucking my hips in a jokingly, mock humping motion to see how she would react to my suggestive thoughts.

After a big gasp, she said, “Mark, you’re touching me. If you pull me any closer you’re going to penetrate–.” At this point I was getting really excited, and I squeezed her butt so tightly that, to my surprise, the head of my cock popped into her hot, steamy vaginal walls.

With another gasp, mom didn’t know what to say. For me, the feeling was overwhelming. I had no idea how much a woman’s pussy would feel prior to this. I couldn’t help myself. I began to rock my cock in and out of her cunt, thrusting a little bit more deeply with each stroke.

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“Mark!” she yelled. “We can’t be doing this! I’m your mom!”

“Oh, mom, but this feels soooooo good!” I told her as I began pumping her pussy faster and faster.

“I know son, but this is getting out of hand!… Mark!”

By that point I realized that I past the point of no return, and could feel my balls boiling rapidly.

“Oh, mommy! MOMMY!” I yelled. What I didn’t realize was that her excitement was outpacing mine. She was starting to come and she yelled, “Oh, Mark, you’re a mother fucker, you’re a MOTHER FUCKER!”

Before I knew it, I began spurting pulse after pulse of hot jism into her vagina. So much so that some of it began squirting out the sides of her pussy and onto my legs.

Both of us couldn’t believe what had just happened, and how we had lost control like we did. We held on to each other for about a half-hour. Afterwards, we put our clothes back on and didn’t talk for hours. Later that evening we maturely discussed what had happened and promised that we wouldn’t tell anyone about our little accident.

A few weeks later however, she discovered that she was pregnant. Since she hadn’t had sex with anyone else in the previous two years since dad had left home, we both immediately knew it was mine.

Eight months later, she had a beautiful, healthy, baby girl named Tara. To everyone else, she’s my sister. Now that I’m 31 and Tara is 17, I’m a protective big brother to her, but deep down my love for her is, to an extent, as her father. The bond between Mom and I became stronger than ever as a result of the child we had together.