China Doll Erotic story

In was dark in the small bar as we walked in. Three foreigners in a strange place like China. Never knowing what to expect. There was not much going on inside except for some locals drinking and singing “Karaoke”. That’s a big thing over here. Using a microphone to sing the words to the song as they appear on a screen.

It looked dull as we walked in and sat down. Then the girls came from everywhere. Each of us was grabbed by at least one of the girls and ushered to a table. 

We ordered beer and tried to make small talk with the girls. Just our luck, they only spoke Chinese with maybe for a little broken English thrown in. But I guess in a place like that, who needs any to talk.

We must have set there for three hours before we started getting tipsy. Not drunk, just having a good time. Even singing. Trying to be inconspicuous, I slipped my hand around the back of each girl sitting on either side of me. Might as well check and see just how far I could go without getting into trouble. I continued my journey around their backs, under their tops and finally slowly snaking my hand into the side of their bras. 

From the outside, they looked like they might have some nice tits but once you were inside, you find that they all wear bras that feel like they were made from some sort of bullet proof material. Once inside, my hand cupped each ones breast and found it to be about the size of a lemon with a small nipple perched on top. For a tit man like myself, this was almost a culture shock. Built more like a teenager’s body than that of a 28 year old woman. The more I rubbed and pinched their nipples, the harder they became.

I slowly removed my hand and drank some more beer before leaning forward and slid my hand up their stocking covered legs. The pantyhose are thick here during the Winter time. I mean they are more like long-johns. Slowly I proceeded upwards. Still, with very little resistance from the girls. On top of their thighs, I stopped and slowly, sensuously rubbed their legs. Really unsure what the reaction would be when I continued my journey to the promised land. Or would I even want the “land” after I got there?

I moved my hand slightly until I was rubbing their stomachs. Gently, I massaged them and then steadily shoved my hand down until it covered their crotch. They both set up right and looked back over their shoulders to see if anyone was watching. Then turning back, they each wrapped their arms through mine, laying their heads on my shoulder, hugging me to them as I continued to stroke them.

“Ughhhhhhhhh,” the one on my left moaned as her legs clamped on my hand.

Damn, surely she didn’t have an orgasm. I hadn’t done anything yet. Of course in my intoxicated condition, I was just about ripe enough to try anything. So throwing caution to the wind, I inched my hand back up their stomachs and using my fingers, I pulled the waist band of their pantyhose down and slid my hands back inside, between their legs.

Again they both stiffened and looked back behind at the bar. Convinced no one was paying any attention, they relaxed somewhat. Down, down, down I slid my hand. I had always heard that the Chinese women had very little body hair. Setting right on top of their slit was a top knot of thick hair. I slid my fingers into their slits. The lips of their cunts were completely barren of all hair. Slick, like they had just shaved it. The one on my left that had moaned earlier was wetter than hell. My fingers becoming slick from her juice and slid in easily. I pulled back out and started to rub her clit. She moaned again and shook, digging her nails into my arm and pulling me harder against her.

The one on the right was dryer and it took a bit to get her juices flowing. Then she let out with what was definitely a fake moan and gasp. Still I continued to massage her. She was definitely a pro at this. Letting me hear what she thought I wanted to hear. The moaning, the gasping. It was almost comical.

The girl on my left kept having one orgasm after another. Definitely nothing fake about her. Her pantyhose as well as my hand was completely soaked. Finally unable to tolerate my rubbing she inched forward until her ass was just hanging on the edge of the chair and spread her legs a little. I slid my hand down and pushed two fingers up into her. She moaned into my ear.

“Yesssssssssssss,” she moaned.

English! She said that in English. Not a word of it until now. Things seem to be looking up a little.

I turned my head towards her and instantly our lips met. At first just a bird type kiss. Since the Chinese aren’t really into the Western way of doing things, this was typical. I moved my fingers in her again and her mouth opened. I quickly ran my tongue in past her lips. Her eyes flew open but she didn’t pull away. Soon she was kissing me back with the same intensity. God, she was hot! Then she came again. Slumping back against the seat back I slid my hand from her. I lifted my hand, as she watched and licked the juice from them. The look of surprise on her face proved to me that this young lady was not a pro. She got up and left.

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I thought, “boy, you really blew that one.”

The girl on the right had kept up her fake moaning but was still wet. I thought I’d try something different with her. Sliding my hand farther down, I let my finger slide over her asshole. When she felt my finger there, she looked at me hard for a minute. She then leaned over and gave me the a big open mouthed kiss. She damn sure didn’t learn that from watching TV. The tip of my finger gently nudged up into her ass. Now her gasping and moaning were for real.

I felt her tighten her legs on my wrist and then her hands grabbed my arm as she moaned. She stiffened and shuddered. That one was for real. Even for a pro, it was for real. As she relaxed, I removed her hand.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, then two arms encircled my neck. It was the first girl again. Snuggling into my neck, she said, “I Love You.” Those three words that scare the hell out of a guy, especially in a situation like this. 

Completely caught off guard, I mumbled something and she came around and sat back down beside me. In her broken English she tried to make me understand. 

“You, only one girl,” she said pleadingly.

I looked from her to the other and back again. How do you choose? I know I will and I know which one, but for the time being, I think I will let them vie for me, a while longer. Bad, huh!

I have seen the pro leave with other men since then but never the young one. We’ve been back several times and it’s always the same. Two girls. Always the same words in broken Chinese from the young one.

“Please you only one girl,” she would say.

I made hand signs like folding my two hands under my head, meaning sleep and pointed from me to her. Before tonight, it had always been a definite “no” indication with her waving her hands. Night before last, she said “yes”! But now, I’m not quite ready. It’s definitely a lot of fun during the chase but once you make the catch — that’s totally different. I definitely want to be completely sober when I go for it. Also the fear of diseases. AIDS is like a wildfire over here.

I decided to ask the young one out on what we Westerners consider a real date. What could she say but “Mayo” (no). Instead, she said yes! 

So Sunday morning we met and drove to the zoo. We walked and enjoyed all the sights and animals. She always had her arms around me or was holding my hand. This show of affection is not seen much here except for young lovers just before they get married, so needless to say we received plenty of stares from the local population.

At the end of a very enjoyable day, we slowly drove back with her head on my shoulder and her hand in my lap, slowly massaging my dick. As I let her out and we kissed, I could see a tiny tear in her eyes. This girl had never been treated like anything but a piece of meat. My heart went out to her. I told her I would see her the next week. With a small wave and a slight smile on her face, she sadly turned and walked towards the building where the bar was located. Back to hustling drinks.

She called three times last night wanting to see me. I finally managed to get her to understand that I would see her tomorrow. All I heard as she hung up the phone was a yell. Maybe it doesn’t pay to treat someone like her with respect. But what the hell—that’s just the way I am. Probably blow up in my face too.

The next visit to the bar was about the same the others. She was constantly hanging on to me as if I would run away. 

Looking into those beautiful brown eyes of hers, I tried to figure out what to say next.

“I want to see you this weekend,” I said.

She was shaking like a leaf. I shrugged my shoulders as if trying to ask what was wrong. With a yell, she reached up and grabbed me around the neck, hugging me to her. In my ear I could faintly hear her say, “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes,” over and over again. 

I knew the other people in the bar were looking at us but why did I care. Right then, my world only revolved around the two chairs we sat in. To hell with everyone else and what they thought. Besides, I’m about two feet taller and out-weigh them about seventy-five pounds.

She agreed to meet at my place the following weekend. With many more kisses and much touching as she led me to the stairs, I said good-bye until the weekend. 

Sunday arrived and I waited downstairs for her. The cab pulled up and my China Doll emerged. We shook hands in public and made our way inside. Once inside the apartment, as the door shut behind us, she was instantly in my arms. For a girl that three weeks before didn’t really gotten into the western way of kissing, now made me shake in my shoes. Her tongue dances all over my mouth and tongue. My breathing was coming is gasp. I felt her cunt rubbing against my swollen cock. I reached down cupping the cheeks of her ass, pulling her harder into me. I didn’t want to rush it. I wanted everything to be perfect for her. 

I reached down and picked her up and moved towards the couch. Gently laying her on it, I eased down over her. Again her arms shot out surrounding me and pulling me to her. I then rolled off onto the floor. She looked at me with hurt eyes and a pout on her lips. I rose, reached down and picking her up and carried her into the bedroom. I stood her on the bed and started unbuttoning the buttons on her dress. I left her blouse on but gapping open. Then I removed her skirt and slowly slid down her pantyhose and panties. 

She stood there looking down at me. Her pussy staring me in the face. It had not been shaved. There just wasn’t any hair on her cunt except for the clump above her slit. I couldn’t help myself as I leaned forward and ran my tongue between her lips and up to her clit. With a loud moan, she started to push me away. 

“Not good — Not good,” she said.

“Yes, very, very good,” I said as I kissed her hairless cunt lips again.

God, this girl had never been eaten. I stood up and pulled her to me, hugging her. Slowly I removed her top and bra. I had been right. Her tits were the size of lemons. I buried my head between them as her arms went around my head. She leaned back and made signs with her hands that she wanted to shower. Sliding my arms under her legs, I lifted her and carried her into the bathroom. 

The tub was a mountain of bubbles. I had fixed that earlier. Setting her down, I checked the water and then helped her step into the tub. With a little coaxing, I managed to get her to sit down. She smiled as the soothing warm water and suds surrounded her.

I got up and went to the kitchen to get the wine and two glasses. Returning to her, I poured us a glass and we made a toast. She then stood and started unbuttoning my shirt. I threw it to the floor as she went after my belt and pants. Stepping out of them, I turned towards her. Her eyes looked me up and down and then tentatively reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock. Gently she pulled me into the tub with her. I lay back until my back was resting against her chest. Reaching down retrieving our glasses, she again toasted us as we both lay there in the soothing water. Then her other hand came around and she started running her fingers through the hair on my chest. sex photo

She was fascinated by it. I slowly turned until I was laying facing her. Again she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled my lips to hers. I could not believe the tenderness of this girl. We stayed in the tub until the water started cooling off. I rose and turned on the shower to rinse us off. As I turned her to rinse her back, she backed into me. Being so much taller than she, my cock struck her in the lower back. Slowly she leaned over bracing herself with one hand on the back of the tub. With the other, she reached back and grasp my now rock hard cock. Guiding it down until it slid between her legs and rested again the lips of her cunt. Slowly she started to move her ass back and forth over my dick. Soon she was moaning again. Bending my knees, I forced the head of my dick between those lips and was met with more heat than I’d ever felt. It was like having your dick stuck inside a hot water bottle. Soon I was coated with her juice and she slid forward and started back, she raised up on her toes. I found her opening and slid part way in. God, she was tight. Stopping for a minute so she could become accustomed to the size, I could feel the muscles inside clamping down on me. It was all I could do to keep form coming right then. 

Reaching down, I found her small tits and hard little nipples. I cupped them both and started rubbing the nipples. Groaning, she shoved herself back at me. With a gasp, she shoved back. I was completely embedded to the hilt in her. Slowly she started to move on me. I knew if she kept this up, I would finish but she wouldn’t. Gritting my teeth, I reach down and found her clit. At first, just slightly touching it, the rubbing it harder and harder. 

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!” she screamed. 

Her muscles clamped down on me even harder. Then she moaned again and I felt her legs starting to give way under her. I quickly withdrew from her and stood her up straight, wrapping my arms around her. She was shaking like a leaf. 

Quickly, I stepped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her. After drying her off, I again lifted her and carried her to the bed. As I was gently laying her down, she reached up, grabbing my arms pulling me down beside her.

I can’t remember ever feeling as much tenderness and love coming for any woman I had ever met, as I felt at that moment. Looking into my eyes, she slowly pulled me down until my head was resting on her chest. We must have stayed like that for a hour before I felt her move. Raising my head, she moved from under me and made me lay on my stomach. She reached for the lotion by the bed and started giving me the best massage I’d ever had. After finishing my back she then made me roll over. I was sort of embarrassed because my hard-on was sticking straight up in the air. As if paying no attention, she continued with her massage. Every muscle was worked on. Soon I felt like a limp noodle. Ever muscle completely relaxed except or one.

Unexpectedly, she bent down and started licking my dick. My hips rose from the bed as I tried to meet her lips. I could tell that she was new at this but at least she was trying. She was driving me crazy. Then I felt her engulf my cock with her mouth and started the slow up and down movements. It was all I could do to control what was happening. I didn’t know whether to let go and come down her throat or just enjoy it and save my load for later.

I reached down and lifted her up onto my lap as she buried her face into my neck. I started to talk to her even knowing she couldn’t understand a word I was saying. She turned so that she was straddling my legs. Slowly she worked the head of my cock into her entrance. As I felt the heat consume me, my cock involuntarily twitched.

“UUUUUUUMMMMMMMM,” she moaned.

Holding onto my neck as she leaned back, driving me deeply into her. She was still so damn tight. There was no way this girl could be a regular at screwing. Her movements grew stronger in intensity. I could feel the head of my dick hitting her womb each time she would bottom out on me.



As I felt her inner muscles clamp down on me as she jammed herself onto me and held herself tightly to me. Her whole body shaking. Slowly, she drew back and looked into my eyes. Then lowering her lips to mine kissing me deeply. 

We woke up some time later. Still glued together. My softened dick still inside her. We slowly rose and staggered to the bathroom to clean up. Later as we set on the couch drinking tea, I tried to ask questions.

With a lot of patience and trying, I managed to get out of her that I was the first man she had been with since her divorce from her husband. She had a three year old son. She had worked in a factory before but took the job at the bar to make more money. She only worked there on a percentage basis on the drinks the customers bought while she sat at their tables. Not for sex. She was not a prostitute. She said she could never sell herself.

As the two days ended, and she was leaving, I tried to offer her money. She would no except anything. With a sad look on her face, she turned to me.

“You still think me whore?” she asked.

“No! I know you are not whore,” I said. “I just wanted to help.”

“Then you help by being friend and lover,” she stated in broken English. “No money.”

“Always! Always,” I said. “Whenever you need me.”

She kissed me warmly and then walked out the door. 

I got a call from her yesterday. My translator was there, so I let her be the go between. Everything she had told me evidentially had been the truth. She was no whore. This weekend, she is coming to see me again. Where is this going? Who the hell knows? For that matter, who cares? If it’s good, then enjoy it. 

I know, for a single guy, this is probably the most content I’ve been in a while. 


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