Chocolate Dreams Sex story

Getting into her car, Vivienne Wu angrily slammed the door of her sleek black convertible. She was a vision of glittering diamond necklace and bracelet, lustrous upswept hair, and perfect ivory complexion, decked out in black stiletto heels and black silk stockings.

All day spent at the spa, hours with her hair and meticulous makeup for her husband’s birthday dinner tonight, all for nothing. When she’d telephoned his office to confirm his early arrival, he’d been apologetic and said he’d have to have a business dinner tonight instead. Dinner would be ruined. Furious words had ensued, and she’d icily wished him good luck on finding her at home when he eventually returned.

As she roared out of the carport, Vivienne dialed Rebecca, her best friend and confidante. Another “trophy” wife, Rebecca Sommersby had been Vivienne’s oldest friend since she’d emigrated to America. Driving aimlessly through the small suburb of Willow Lake, Vivienne fumed into the telephone. Rebecca was sympathetic. “Twenty years, and he does this to me! I’ve been a good mother, a good wife, and this is how he appreciates me?” the beautiful Chinese woman asked rhetorically.

“Viv, don’t go there. You know Colin loves you. He’s probably working on another big merger. You’ve got a hard-working man, that’s all. These things happen. You know, Jack hasn’t been home for supper in weeks.”

She was silent. Colin Wu was a wonderful husband, a marvelous father to their daughter and well regarded in their little town. “Darling, why don’t you just give him a raincheck?” Vivienne slowed her car as she entered the little town. “Rebecca, you’re right. I suppose I was just disappointed. Let me! ring Colin straight away and make it up to him.”

“Honey, maybe you’re disappointed because you were looking for a little something in return after supper,” Rebecca thought to herself.

The office telephone rang until Heather, Colin’s secretary, answered. “Heather, it’s Mrs. Wu. Please take a message for Colin that I’m sorry about dinner tonight, and…” Vivienne’s eye was caught by the vivid neon sign of the store before her, fairly shouting “Chocolate Dreams” in bold lavender and pink. “Tell him I’ll have a surprise for him when he gets home!” the thirty-nine year old woman said impulsively.

Inside the ice-cream parlor Chocolate Dreams, pretty Anna Cathcart was vaguely disquieted. As Vivienne Wu was ivory and ebony, the perky blonde was a wholesome peaches and cream, set off by a glowing golden tan. Her only concession to makeup was her bright pink lipstick. The young coed had been thinking about a recent incident that both frightened and excited, something that spoke volumes about who she was and where she was going in life.

She’d found herself in the school library. She didn’t need books, or research, or to borrow anything. Anna was there because of Miss Flynn the librarian. Willow Lake rumor had it that Miss Flynn was gay, and out of curiosity Anna was determined to find out.

When she’d found the tall, busty redhead alone in the back of the periodicals section, Anna posed her question by standing on tiptoes and simply kissing her full on her luscious mouth. The surprised librarian had been taken aback at first, then responded eagerly. She’d asked if Anna was sure about this. Anna had nodded vigorously. They’d had supper together in her apartment (the first time Anna had lobster). That night Miss Flynn had become “Jessica” and Anna had lost her virginity.

Anna was tingling with the memory of their hour of tender lovemaking, and musing about other possibilities when the doorchime rang musically, announcing a customer. She was surprised to see Mrs. Wu enter, dressed to the nines. She had been friends with Karen, Mrs. Wu’s daughter, who was away at State College.

“Hello, Anna,” Mrs. Wu exclaimed. “We’ve not seen you in a long time!”

“Hi, Mrs. Wu,” Anna replied. “Yes, it’s been a while.” Impossible thoughts began forming in the nineteen year-old’s mind. She was fascinated by the older woman’s ravishing appearance. What was the occasion, some kind of party? Anna toyed with her pony tail distractedly.

“Well, we should have you over soon.” Vivienne removed her gloves. The light caught the polish of her fingernails, and glinted from her diamond engagement ring and platinum wedding band. “Can you please help me?”

Anna wickedly thought about helping herself to the exotic Asian beauty. Jessica had opened her eyes to a world of possibilities, but how would she ever manage to reach Mrs. Wu?

“Sure, Mrs. Wu. What can I do for you?”

“I’d like a birthday cake, a special cake.”

“No problem, Mrs. Wu. Oh, look at the time. I’ll tell you what, do you mind if I just flip over the ‘Closed’ sign and turn off the front lights?” The teenager had contrived a definite plan.

“Oh, please go right ahead, Anna.” Vivienne moved to inspect the freezer case, smoothing her black silk dress.

“Be right back, Mrs. Wu.” The blonde dashed out to turn over the sign and flick off the lights.

“What will it be, Mrs. Wu?” she asked as she returned.

“So many choices! I think I’ll have this “Rocky Road and Vanilla” cake with the chocolate icing, Anna.” It was a sumptuous symphony of dark chocolate frosting, piled high with whipped cream.

“Cool choice, Mrs. Wu! That’s my favorite, too.”

“Really?” the unsuspecting housewife asked. The blonde nodded.

“Shall I make it ‘Happy Birthday’ for Mr. Wu?” she asked innocently. Her hear thudded in her chest with the audacity of her bold plan. Would it work?

“Yes, please Anna.” Vivienne fished a twenty dollar bill from her purse.

“Sure thing,” the girl fumbled with the cover. This would be tricky.

“Here you go,” she said as she raised the package over the counter. Vivienne’s outstretched arms went to meet the package. She couldn’t have known Anna would give the box a little toss, nor that the lid would flop wide open. Cake, inscription and all, sailed straight into the woman’s generous chest. It made a spectacular impact, as the Chinese woman shrieked in surprise.

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“Ohmigosh!” exclaimed Anna, running out from behind the counter. “Here, let me get you cleaned up, I am sooo sorry,” she chattered as she dabbed at Vivienne’s ample front with a towel.

“That’s all right, dear,” the surprised Vivienne responded, “accidents will happen.”

Anna babbled as she wiped chocolate from the front of the expensive dress, “Oh, no! Your beautiful dress is ruined and it’s all my fault, I’m so sorry, Mrs. Wu!” As she had hoped, the sudden surprise and the cold ice-cream had their expected effect on Mrs. Wu’s nipples. She could feel their hardness through the lacy brassiere. She couldn’t believe her own daring.

Vivienne couldn’t help but notice the younger girl’s attentions. Whatever was Anna doing? It felt good, whatever the girl was up to. She suddenly realized, as had Rebecca much earlier, the reason for her anger with Colin. She’d simply been horny beyond belief!

“Oh, Mrs. Wu, what can I ever do to make up for this?” Anna wailed, looking deep into the older woman’s eyes. Vivienne suddenly understood the younger girl’s meaning. Well, she thought, I certainly have nothing better to do tonight…

“Nonsense, Anna,” the Chinese woman reassured the girl. “Think nothing of it.”

“But Mrs. Wu,” Anna persisted, still rubbing her breasts, “I feel so upset.”

Vivienne decided to see where this would lead. “Well, Anna, you’re doing fine so far.” The pretty young blonde continued her ministrations to that marvelous chest. The headiness of the older woman’s perfume was intoxicating.

“Do you really think so, Mrs. Wu?” she asked coyly. By way of answer, the older woman brought her lips to the youngster’s mouth and kissed her deeply, even as the girl kneaded her tits. Eyes closed, they embraced warmly, smearing the cake’s frosting into each other’s clothing.

“Oh, yes, Anna,” she breathed. “And it’s ‘Vivienne’.”

Fireworks exploded in Anna’s head as they broke their kiss. She was under the dress now, directly fondling the older woman’s fine breasts with her sticky hands, exposing their pale perfection. Tiny pink nipples stood out turgidly, proof of the Chinese woman’s obvious excitement. Her bare shoulders were all gooseflesh, Anna noted with satisfaction. Vivienne’s skin was radiant, like pearls.

“All right, ‘Vivienne’, let’s see what else I can do,” Anna whispered, dropping to her knees before her friend’s mother. A soft moan escaped Vivienne’s lips as Anna knelt before her sex. Tender hands clutched her behind as the blonde buried her face in the front of her dress. Vivienne leaned against the counter for support, breathing rapidly.

As Vivienne moved backward, Anna went to flick off the light, plunging the store into utter darkness. Returning to the counter, the panting teenager hitched the black dress up over the older woman’s hips, marvelling at the fineness of the material. She guided Vivienne’s legs together, so she could slip her panties down and off. Then she turned her attention to Vivienne’s sopping pussy. She carefully slid a questing finger into the velvety folds before her. The teenager’s hot breath felt sensational on the Chinese woman’s bare bottom.

“Oh, Anna,” Vivienne groaned, holding the blonde head to her bottom. In reply, the girl lavished attention on the Chinese woman’s proud clit. Her tongue stroked and prodded and caressed and played, as Jessica had taught her just a few nights earlier. She was gratified to feel the older woman’s hips bucking in response. Vivienne’s hot, overflowing sex clamped tightly around the teenager’s exploring finger, making a moistly sucking sound. It felt so wonderful. Just then, the doormat chime rang its musical tone.

The two lovers froze, their hearts sinking.

“I can’t believe I forgot to lock the door,” Anna thought in panic.

Deputy Pat Smythe had been doing rounds in the quiet town for an hour when she’d noticed the BMW was still outside the darkened store. Nearing the end of the evening shift (it was such a small town that there was no “graveyard shift”), she had been prepared to go straight home as usual when she’d spotted the Wu’s sportscar in front of the tony establishment. Following procedure, she’d tried the door and to her surprise, it opened.

As she moved into the darkness, she sensed the sudden movement in the back. She instinctively reached for her sidearm as she shone her flashlight toward the huddled pair in the rear of the store. Pat nearly dropped the flashlight when she saw who it was, and what they’d been doing. Despite herself, the beautiful auburn-haired officer smiled in the dim light.

“Ladies,” Pat managed, after she regained her composure, “I think we can work out a way I can keep this out of tonight’s blotter.” The twenty eight year old deputy had been a confirmed bisexual since being seduced by the town’s buxom librarian last year. A striking five-eight, she bore the graceful build of a competitive athlete.

“Yes, Officer,” Anna and Vivienne chorused guiltily.

“Fine,” the attractive deputy replied. She unbuckled her belt.

“First things first, you go and lock up that front door, Missy,” she directed Anna. The blonde sat up in sudden surprise, then eagerly scurried to comply.

“Miz Wu, I’ll need to take your statement in the back room. And bring that radio along with you. If you’d join us young lady?” Pat continued as she unbuttoned her uniform. She slowly undressed as she walked along. The two women gaped as her uniform blouse fell to the floor, followed by her pants.

When she reached the counter, her brassiere floated down exposing a magnificent pair of tanned tits. She was candy-colored all over, with wide aureoles the size of quarters. There were no tan lines. As the trio entered the back room, her damp panties were the last to go. Her bush was neatly trimmed into a rectangular pattern.

“Leave those fine things on,” she huskily directed the surprised Chinese woman, who had begun to unzip her dress. “You, I want to see naked,” she said to Anna. The coed quickly did as she was told. She pulled her tee shirt over her head, unclasped her brassiere and slipped off her jeans and panties as quickly as she could. Deputy Smythe appreciatively took in the sight of the silken skin, with the pale outline of a thong bikini complementing the golden tan. She murmured her satisfaction.

“Now, let Deputy Pat show you the error of your ways, ladies.” The tall auburn-haired athletic beauty plugged in the bright yellow portable stereo and turned it on. A snappy technobeat number came on, with an insistent backbeat.

“Anything you say, Officer,” Vivienne answered, as in a dream. Was this really happening to her?

“Now, Missy, I want you to lay some garbage bags on the floor there in front of the locker.” Pat told Anna, one hand tweaking her left nipple until it was rock-hard, the other working busily between her legs. Her foot rested on a nearby folding chair, exposing her steaming pink sex for her audience to appreciate.

“You, there, Miz Wu, I want you to open up that jug of chocolate sauce and that jar of cherries there, hop to it!” The two busied themselves while the deputy masturbated herself to arousal. When they were done, Pat nodded her approval.

“Now, Anna, I want you on all fours on those garbage bags. Viv, you straddle her backside.” They did as instructed.

“Viv, hike up your dress so’s that nice wet pussy can rub up on that young ass. That’s it, ride that sweet young thing. Get it going good, now.” The Chinese woman obeyed, hands instinctively going to her own breasts as she sat astride the girl. The silken dress, smeared with frosting and ice-cream, slipped off her shoulders and tits, exposing her distended nipples. She pulled and twisted and teased them to even more hardness. Anna began to moan softly, one hand fingering her pert young breasts. She felt her arousal building in her fiery pussy.

“That’s it. Viv, bend down on her back. Put your left hand on Missy’s sweet tits. I want you to rub her pussy with your right. You right handed? That’s fine.” Vivienne couldn’t believe the sensation. Her blood-engorged nipples felt as though they must burst, they were so hard. Her head swam as her breasts rubbed against the silken skin of the teenager’s back. She scarcely knew what she was doing as the fingers of her left hand deftly tweaked the stiffening nipple of Anna’s left breast, while her right hand stroked her sexy wetness. Anna felt the familiar stirrings of orgasm mounting deep within her loins, while her tits burned with desire. She inhaled sharply through clenched teeth under the older woman’s weight. The slipperiness of the sticky dress aroused her strangely.

Anna’s right fingers roamed with a life of their own, alternating between her own breast and the back of Vivienne’s talented hand.

“You’re doin’ fine, gals,” the deputy continued. “Taste your fingers, now, Viv.” The Chinese woman’s eyes involuntarily rolled back as she licked the girl’s savory juices from her hand. Anna’s cunt began to spasm as she felt the older woman’s tits stabbing her back, while her wet pussy sloppily rubbed her ass. She moaned again, involuntary noises coming from deep in her throat. “Kiss her, Viv. What are you waiting for, girl?” Pat said in mock impatience. Vivienne hungrily searched for the younger girl’s mouth. Impulsively, she thrust her hot tongue into an ear. With a little cry, Anna’s lithe body jerked convulsively as she climaxed once, then twice. Vivienne continued rubbing herself against the younger woman’s body, cooing softly to Anna. She, too, felt the stirrings in her own pussy.

“All right, lesson two.” Pat said crisply. “Missy, you’re in that chair over there. Viv, on your back. That’s it, prop yourself up on your elbows, just like that. Missy, I’m sure you’ll find something to do while you’re watchin’,” she continued ironically.

The dazed Chinese woman lay on her back, wondering what was to come. The deputy, now thoroughly wet, straddled Vivienne’s face, who greedily buried her tongue in the auburn bush without waiting for instructions, lapping eagerly at the drooling pussy before her. Pat gasped with delight. Without a word, Vivienne licked and lapped at the sloppy cunt, while Anna idly cupped her breasts with both hands. The two older women drank in the sight of the young blonde playing with her beautiful young body, as she took in the sensuous scene before her.

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Watching and being watched, the young girl was certainly getting more than she’d bargained for that night!

From her awkward squat (which lewdness excited Anna all the more from her vantage point), Pat moved off the Chinese woman’s face. “Wait, I’m not finished,” the Asian began. “Hush up, honey; nobody says you are.” Pat snapped in feigned severity. “Sweetie, get that chocolate sauce over here,” the beautiful deputy ordered as she laid down facing Vivienne. Anna handed the container to Pat. She had both hands rubbing her soaking wet pussy, as she stared openly at the glorious spectacle before her.

“Watch and learn, darlin’,” Pat said, pouring the sticky liquid over her crotch and Vivienne’s. She set the plastic jug down and dipped both hands into the chocolate. Slowly, deliberately, she moved her hands over the recumbent woman’s silk-shrouded body, covering it in chocolate. Vivienne trembled with excitement. Her eyes sought the deputy’s green ones, wide with wonder. When their bodies were both covered with the sauce, Pat moved her groin up against Vivienne’s. They clasped hands and ground their sexes together, slowly at first, then more and more rapidly.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby. You feel that, Sugar? You feel that?” Pat grunted as the first waves of her orgasm washed over her. “Oh, shit, yeah, that’s it. Give it to me, you cunt. You’re a slut, ain’tcha? You’re my little whore, aren’t you? Say it! Say it, you little bitch!” Pat clamped her thighs together tightly, making the chocolate squish and pop with the movement.

Anna was in heaven. “Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she unconsciously chanted to herself, diddling her clit and squeezing one breast in time to the pulsing music. Her pussy spasmed uncontrollably. Was this really happening to her?

Vivienne couldn’t believe her ears as she heard herself respond. “Uh! Unh! Unhh! Yes! Yes! Oh, yes, Pat, yes! Yes, yes! I’m your little bitch, I’m your whore! Oh, God, I’m cumming! I’m cuuuuuuuming! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!” Both pairs of hips thrust into the air simultaneously. In unison, their thighs left the ground as explosive climaxes reached them at the same instant. The two of them came together, shuddering with ecstasy as girlcum mingled with the chocolate sauce. Waves of pleasure washed over them for what seemed like an eternity.

Pat spoke after catching her breath. “Now, baby, bring them cherries over here. No, don’t git up, Viv; we still ain’t done yet, you hot momma.” She husked, one hand stroking the Asian beauty’s hair. Anna rushed to obey.

“Okay Missy, I want you to slip some of those in here,” Pat indicated Vivienne’s pussy, “here,” her puckered asshole, “and here,” her mouth. Anna did, silently. Vivienne held the young girl’s eyes with her own in wanton lust as the pretty blonde complied. She clamped her rosebud lips over the teenager’s fingers as they left her pouting mouth. Anna noticed with excitement that their hot kiss had smeared the older woman’s coral-hued lipstick. She only hoped that her own face looked as hot!

“Now me,” smiled Pat seductively. The cherries slipped in with a satisfying series of “slurps” that aroused the young girl still more. She squirmed again.

“Your turn to get dirty, Girlie,” said Pat around a mouthful of cherry. “C’mere!” She held out her open arms. With a squeal, Anna dropped into the beautiful policewoman’s muscular embrace. As they caressed, she was thrilled to feel the stickiness against her body. Vivienne moved to rub her still-clothed body against Anna’s back. The sensation was indescribable. They kissed one another in turn, sticky-sweet cherry juice and chocolate and cum anointing faces, hair and clothing. All three were moaning passionately, writhing and rubbing each other with reckless abandon. Gasping for breath, Vivienne broke her embrace to kneel before Anna. She took the teenager’s right nipple into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. Anna felt cherry meat and chocolate sauce on her breast, and clenched her pussy reflexively.

She gasped as Vivienne playfully nipped her nipple. Shifting, Pat lay before Anna’s kneeling form. She shoved the blonde’s thighs apart impatiently, and transferred the cherries one by one from her own pussy into Anna’s. The young girl couldn’t believe her eyes. She threw her head back while Pat worked the cherries in there, while the older woman’s expert tongue played arpeggios on her throbbing clit. Now it was Vivienne’s turn to pleasure herself with her free hand while these two beautiful women performed before her eyes, her mouth full of teenaged tit.

“Ready, girls?” Pat breathed. The two women ignored her, moaning as Vivienne took as much of the blonde’s breast into her mouth as she could, while she fingered her own dripping snatch. Anna’s breath came in short, ragged gasps as she diddled her own clit with one hand and massaged her free breast with the other.

“Now, Missy, you’re really gonna see something!” Pat exclaimed. As she spoke, she began pulling the cherries from the teenager’s quivering cunt, one after another. Anna nearly fainted from the sensation and the sight of Pat greedily devouring each cum-drenched cherry in turn. As each cherry emerged, she felt her orgasm building until finally, unbelievably, she came all over Pat’s eager hand. Sticky cherry juice mixed with girlcum ran down Pat’s chin. Panting for breath, the exhausted teenager collapsed backwards. As she did, Pat directed Vivienne to mount the young blonde’s face, so she could return the favor. Pat took the opportunity to French-kiss the beautiful Asian, again smearing sticky juices over Vivienne’s flushed face. She straddled the waiting girl, who prodded and probed with her hot tongue until she located those warm cherries. The Chinese woman moaned as each succulent globe left her pulsing sex. Just as she felt she could stand no more, she sensed Pat moving to her rear. Dear Lord, what on earth was she doing?

The policewoman performed the same operation on her asshole! She could contain herself no longer. Pat was moaning, frigging herself with her free hand while exploring Vivienne’s sensitive rectum. Anna contented herself by doing the same. The three of them came once more, shuddering to climax.