College Cutie Turned Hottie erotic stories

It was early evening and he could hear the sound of the steady rain turning to sleet outside, as he answered his phone. It was the hottie next door, calling to ask for his help, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I need to ask a favor.” He hoped she was calling him for a quickie and he replied, “Sure, anything.” Then he was both disappointed and excited at her request, “My daughter needs to catch her plane back to college today and I don’t like driving in this weather in my small car. My husband is away so he can’t take her. Would you be able to drive her to the airport in your SUV?” Was she kidding? The only thing hotter than his neighbor was his neighbor’s 19 year old daughter!! “Not a problem.” he replied. “OK, thanks. She’ll be ready in an hour.”After hanging up the phone, she told her daughter to finish getting ready b/c their neighbor would be taking her to the airport.

In her room, she suddenly had butterflies in her stomach. It was only a car ride, but she was actually going to get to spend some time alone with the hot, older guy next door. She couldn’t wait! She was so excited with anticipation! The two families had been friends for years but lately she began to think of him in a different way than she had when she was younger. She remembered when she was little and he would toss her around in the pool, along with his own daughter. But all that stopped once she started to develop, then he never touched her, never even gave her a second glance. As she grew up, she began to notice what a good looking man he is and she understood why the neighborhood women all flirted with him. He is hotttt!!

And now she was going to spend some one-on-one time with him and she was so excited! She changed into a different pair of jeans, took off her bulky college sweatshirt, opting for a thinner, more fitted cotton shirt. She put on a thin bra b/c she wanted him to notice her nipples when they got hard from the cold outdoor air.

Back at his house, his heart raced. He was driving this 19 year old hottie to the airport. Sure it was just a car ride, but he’d still get to be alone with her. He thought of when she was little and all the sleep overs that she and his own daughter would have. She had always been a cute kid, a pretty little girl. But now…. now she was stunning, a real knock out. He wished they’d have those sleep overs now b/c he’d love to catch a glimpse of her curled up asleep in the room down the hall from him. But the two girls had grown apart after high school and he didn’t see much of her anymore.

During the drive they made light conversation about her classes, her professors, the usual, normal chatter. The heat in the car was on high so she removed her coat, tossing it into the back seat. She told him she was too warm and she asked him to lower the heat. But before long, the car got chilly and her nipples became very erect, poking against her thin t-shirt. He glanced over and saw her “shelf”, the way her shirt protruded outward over her tits, then indented and hugged her flat stomach. He kept his eyes on the road, trying not to be distracted by his desire to touch them. What was wrong with him? He’d known her practically since she was born, he shouldn’t be thinking of her this way.

Once at the airport, they found that due to the weather, her flight was delayed and not rescheduled until the next morning. The airline put the passengers up in a hotel room, and she called her mother to say they’d be staying overnight. The mother asked to speak to him. “I just want to thank you for staying with her. I’d be so nervous if she were there alone. But with you there to take care of her, I know she will be in good hands.” Oh, how he wished!! “You don’t have to thank me, it will be my pleasure.” Upon arriving in the room, they noticed only one bed.

He told her to take it, that he would take some blankets and sleep on the floor in a make-shift bed. “Don’t be silly. You’ve known me my whole life, we can share the bed.” He hesitated, “I don’t think your parents would like that.” She smiled and giggled at him, “Then we won’t tell them!” She went into the bathroom to change.

She put on a light pink cotton nightshirt with a low scoop neck, that dipped down to right above her nipples and the length ended at mid-thigh. He noticed she had removed her bra. Her perky tits bounced and jiggled as she walked and her nipples poked against the fabric. Oh man! How was he going to get through this night? She looked very hot. And he knew with that low scoop neck that if she bent down, he’d be able to see right into it. He thought of tricking her into bending down for something but didn’t feel right about it. It was only around 10 at night so they hung out chatting.

Whenever she giggled or laughed, her tits moved and swayed and her night shirt rose up a little higher on her thigh. How he wanted to lean her back on the mattress and push it up over her head, removing it altogether. He had to stop these thoughts or he’d get hard and he couldn’t have that. Meanwhile, if he only knew the thoughts SHE was thinking! When she sat on the edge of the mattress, she made sure to plop down in the way young girls do, so that her tits would bounce. She was trying to entice him into making a move but so far it wasn’t working. Finally, it was time for bed.

He didn’t have a bag with a change of clothes since he was only planning on giving her a ride, so he kept his clothes on and fixed his bed on the floor. Again she said, “Don’t be silly. This bed is big enough for both of us, and you don’t have to sleep with your clothes on. I won’t tell my parents”, she smiled at him. He relented. “OK. But turn your head while I take my pants off.” He removed his pants, leaving his boxers on and got into the far side of the bed, on his back, practically on the edge. When she got in on the other side, she made sure to let her night shirt ride up to her waist.

He caught a glimpse of her panties before she covered herself with the blanket. They were light pink with white trim and they had a little red cherry on the front. He noticed the cherry and wondered if that guy she hung out with was the one that popped hers. She faced him, raised up on one elbow and asked him to turn on the TV with the remote that was on the table on his side of the bed. On her side like this, her tits were leaning and he could see the shadow of her nipples as the TV flickered. They flipped through the channels but nothing was on so they shut the TV and decided to go to bed. He couldn’t relax. He was hard. He was thinking of this half naked hot 19 yr. old lying mere inches from him on the same bed. He could feel the heat of her warm body and he felt himself grow harder.

He wanted to touch her, to tease her, to make her moan. But he stayed motionless, staring at the ceiling. She was still facing him, her head on the pillow, eyes closed. She moved her body in such a way that he could see into her nightshirt. Her tits were full and round and her nipples were a rose colored pink. He imagined how soft her skin must feel. Her nipples were hard. He wanted to touch them, lick them, cover his mouth around them.

He felt guilty for looking down her nightshirt, but what he didn’t know was that she positioned herself that way b/c she wanted him to look and her nipples were hard b/c the thoughts she was having about him were arousing her. After some time, he finally pushed the erotic thoughts out of his head, relaxed, and dozed off. During the night, he awoke to find her snuggled up in front of him, in a spooning position and his hand was cupping her tit. How did that get there? Her back was against his chest, her snuggled against his cock. Her nightshirt was raised up above her waist and he could see her panties had shifted lower and he could see half of her exposed ass. He moved his hand away and shifted position, not feeling right about holding her like that.

His movement must have awaked her and she spoke, “Please don’t go.” She turned to face him, burying her head against his chest, snuggling her warm body against his, putting her arm around the back of his neck and one leg over his hip. She pressed her body suggestively against him, and she could feel him instantly harden against her. Her panties had shifted again and had he looked down he would have seen that her pussy was only partially covered now. She moved her hip, lightly pressing her pussy against his growing hardness. “You shouldn’t be doing that” he said to her.

“Why not?” “It’s not right. I’ve known you your whole life.” She kissed his chest, moving up to lick his neck. She lightly grinded her pussy against him, shifting the fabric of her panties further, exposing more of her flesh. He was wearing boxers and he felt himself beginning to protrude out the opening. He remained motionless as she lightly grinded against him again……. this time there was no fabric between them, as both their underwear had shifted. The very tip of his cock poked her clit. She giggled, smiling at him as she said, “mmmmmm…. that felt good…….” And she lightly pushed her clit onto the tip of his cock again, pressing softly and slowly, moving it against him….. He was still hesitant.

“I’m not sure we should be doing this.” Again she lightly grinded against him, causing him to extend further out of the hole. She moaned softly, her mouth near his ear and he could feel her warm breath against it…. again she pressed against him, moaning……. If she kept this up she was going to get herself off, and he’d be robbed of the pleasure of giving her an orgasm. Her panties were bunched up to the side, the elastic right in the slit of her pussy and the crack of her ass. They absorbed the wetness seeping out of her and when she pressed against him, it made his boxers damp. She raised her head up and kissed his lips and looked him in the eye.

“Do you like me?” He said that he did, but that this couldn’t go any further. She arched her back slightly, thrusting her tits forward. She reached up and pinched her own nipple, squeezing as she asked, “Do you like my boobies? I’ll let you touch them if you do.” Again she tried to soothe the ache between her legs and her clit sought out the tip of his cock again, she pressed her clit against it and it jumped at her….. she giggled and squirmed, “Make it jump again” she said, wiggling against him. She was so damned cute! And hot! “Don’t you like my boobies? Don’t you like me?” she asked. “Of course I like you, and that’s exactly why I’m not touching you.

I don’t feel right about it BECAUSE I like you and because I like your parents. His hard-on was aching, he was fully exposed outside of his boxers, he knew he was leaking and every so often she continued to press her clit against him as they talked. He had never been so turned on just from being next to a woman, without even touching her, and being fully, well almost fully, clothed. She pulled her chest slightly away from him and her nips were so pointy, begging to be touched, the lower half of her body stayed where it was pressed up against him.

“Please touch my nipples, please. My boyfriend can’t keep his hands off of me, why won’t you touch them? Please play with my nipples and rub my boobies”, she whispered as she rubbed her pussy against his hard cock. Against his better judgement, he gave in to the urge to touch them. What was the harm in that? It would feel good for her, she clearly was very horny, grinding against him, and after all what man in his position wouldn’t? But he promised himself that it wouldn’t go beyond that. Just some innocent touching over her nightshirt and nothing more.

“So you would you like it if I touched your nipples?” he whispered to her. “Yes.” He slowly took two fingertips and very slowly, very softly rubbed them over her nightshirt. “mmmmm….. that feels nice…..” Damn, they were so responsive! He brought his thumb into the fun now too, massaging her lightly. “ooooooh….. I like that too…….” her voice trailed off….. Encouraged by her responsiveness he lightly massaged the entire tit, cupping it, rubbing it all over, tugging softly at her nipple over the cotton fabric.

His erection was nestled in between her legs, he still had his boxers on and she still had her panties on, so he felt safe that things wouldn’t go too far. As long as they didn’t get naked, he knew he’d be able to maintain control of the situation. Just some innocent, light touching, that would be it. He ran his hand down the side of her body and rubbed her ass, letting his hand rest where her ass meets the top of her leg, pulling her body closer to his. This cause his erection to slid further in between her legs, and he could feel that her panties were very wet. If she wasn’t wearing panties his cock would have slid right inside her tight, wet pussy.

He slid his hand under the elastic of her panties and rubbed the flesh of her ass, which caused their lower bodies to bump against each other as he rubbed it. Her nightshirt rode up higher, exposing her stomach and back but still covering her tits. Oh how he wanted to see them, to rip that nightshirt right off of her. His cock was throbbing as he slid it in between her legs, poking against the fabric of her thin panties.

His hand moved to her tits again, teasing her pert nipples. She was grinding against him again with a little more pressure, and he again was afraid that she’d get herself off….. he didn’t want to let that happen. If she were going to get off, he wanted to be the one that got her off…… he didn’t want to be robbed of that pleasure. “Lie still Honey” and he pressed his hand on her hip so she would understand. “OK, but why? It feels good to rub myself against you.” “Just trust me”, “OK”. She arched her back slightly, thrusting her chest forward, he rubbed her again over her night shirt.

She was a horny little one, the way she arched and moved her body, he knew there was nothing she wouldn’t let him do to her tonight. And who was he to deny them both…. if she wanted it, then he was going to give her exactly what they both wanted. Here goes nothing, he thought to himself as he asked her, “Do you want me to kiss your breasts, Baby?” She nodded a yes. He helped her remove her nightshirt slowly over her head, exposing her naked tits to him. “Lie on your back Baby” he instructed her. “But it feels so good with you….. you know….. against me… um ….. down there….” “What I’m going to do to you will feel even better, so please do as I say.

” Once on her back, he planted little kisses in a trail from her neck all the way down the center of her stomach, stopping at the cotton edge of her cherry panties. They were still bunched to the side, the elastic in her slit, and he had a partial view of her young wet pussy. Damn she was hot. He gave her pussy a gentle squeeze over her panties, making sure to let his fingers drag over the exposed skin, then lightly sliding up, letting his fingers drag over her cotton covered clit with an exacting precision that she moaned softly and arched up pressing her wet pussy against his hand.

She certainly was a horny little devil. “Lie still Sweetie” he said to her. “I thought you were going to kiss my boobs” she reminded him. And with that, he lowered his mouth to her chest, kissing and licking all around but not touching her nipple. “Please kiss there too, please kiss my nipple too! Please lick it for me.” she pleaded. …… “All right, because you asked so nicely, for you I will” and his hot mouth covered her nipple, sucking it lightly, his tongue burning her flesh. Her hips were pushing up, searching for his hand, or for anything to soothe the ache she felt there. Again he gave a gentle squeeze, dragging his finger over her clit and moving it away just as quickly as it had arrived. “Oh please do that again. Keep doing that. Keep your hand there. Please….”

“No, not yet Honey, I’m not done with you yet.” He lowered his mouth between her legs and kissed her over her panties. He licked the skin of her half exposed pussy and slid his tongue along the elastic that was tucked in her slit.

He inhaled her soft, musky scent and it was intoxicating. Her clit was still covered and he sucked at it through the cotton, making her panties wet and transparent. He lightly sucked at her clit again, gently tugging at it through the cotton. He ran his finger under the elastic, and touched her clit, softly tickling it. And with a feather light touch, he ran his finger along her slit before inserting a finger into her. Her pussy was so tight that it hugged his one finger and he imagined his cock nestled into her liquid warmth. “Can I take your panties off Honey?” She hesitated briefly.

Sure she wanted him, she was the one that initiated this. But now after feeling his experienced hands and mouth, she felt like she was out of her league, in over her head. She’d had sex before but never with an older, experienced man and it was so different, it was intimidating. She was nervous now but she was so horny, more horny than she ever remembered being before.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise. And if you tell me to stop what I’m doing, I will. Now can I please help you out of those panties?” “yes” she shyly whispered. Gone was the cherry, and he was left with this cute, hot, naked 19 year old girl in his bed. “I want to kiss you right here” and he touched her clit with his fingertip.

“Is it ok if I do that?” “Yes”. He lowered his mouth and planted a soft kiss on it before extending his tongue and stimulating it with little circles. He slid his tongue up and down all the folds of skin between her legs and gave little feather light bites and nibbles to her inner thighs. She tasted so sweet!!

She was becoming increasingly wet. His cock was massively hard and still sticking out the opening of his boxers. She moaned from the intense pleasure he was bringing her with his mouth…. he teased her until she was squirming, raising her pussy against his mouth…. but he didn’t want to make her cum yet so he slowly kissed and licked his way back up her body, hovering above her, spreading her legs with his knees as he placed them on the insides of her thighs so that they were held open. He loved how her young pussy looked like that, so open with her legs spread wide, her pussy so wet, so young and vulnerable……. he kissed her on the mouth and let the head of his cock brush against her pussy, sliding it in her slit and over her clit very, very slowly and feather light.

She instinctively wrapped her legs around him, trying to pull him down onto her. “Sweetheart, what is it you’re trying to do? What is it you want me to do to you now?” as if he didn’t know. She stammered… “I….. I …….. I……um…… I want…. I … um…. I want you to stick it in me.” When she’d had sex before there was no conversation, the guy just “stuck it in”, moved around a little, and that was pretty much it, it was over very fast. She’d had orgasms by herself, from her own fingers, but she’d never had an orgasm from a guy before and she wondered if tonight would be the first time. “Please, please stick it in me now.

I don’t want to wait, please don’t make me wait.” He smiled at her. Oh he was going to stick it in her alright… “OK Sweetie, I’ll stick it in you.” And man, he couldn’t wait!! He stood up momentarily to remove his boxers and she got her first look at his erection fully naked. Her eyes grew wide. He laid down next to her, facing her, and asked if she wanted to touch it. She rolled to her side, facing him and she tentatively held it in her hand. It was bigger, harder, stronger, more solid, than what she was used to with guys her age. “Like this” he told her and put his hand over hers to show him how he liked to be stroked. He took her other hand and showed her how he liked his balls rubbed.

“Would you like to see what it feels like in your mouth? You can try it and if you don’t like it, you can stop whenever you want.” She agreed and she shimmied down the bed until her mouth was level with his cock. He held it in his hand and gently nudged her head towards it. “Just lick it first. Lick where its leaking. Clean it for me, Honey.” And she did. Her tongue gently lapped at him and he thought he’d go insane! He’d forgotten how good it felt to have a less confident mouth on his cock. Her mouth was so soft!! “That’s it baby, you’re doing a great job. Just like that. Lick it all up and down for me. yes, just like that Honey, you’re doing a great job. Don’t forget to lick my balls too and use your hand to rub them” And she did. “Lick my cock again. When you see that it leaks like that, its your job to clean it up since you’re the one making it leak.

You have to clean up your mess.” And he held the back of her head with a fistful of hair and lightly fucked her mouth. “Suck it for me now. Suck it good. You need to learn how to be a good cock sucker. That’s it, you’re doing a good job, suck it harder for me now, suck it really good.” And she did. She obeyed his every command. He helped her, guided her, told her what he liked, and she obliged. When he was getting too close to cumming, he pulled her back up so they were on their sides facing one another and he kissed her fully on the mouth, his hand holding her ass so that his cock pressed against her stomach. He pulled her leg up over his and slid his fingers down the crack of her ass and slid a finger into her pussy from behind. He wanted to put it in her ass but thought it would be too much for her tonight. She grinded against him.

He pulled back and with his hand he positioned his cock in between her legs, rubbing the head of it against her clit. She moaned, this time more loudly than before, “ohhhhhhhhh……. mmmmmmm….. yes, please keep rubbing it there on my little spot…… I like the way you rub my little hot spot with your big hard….. you know” He smiled at her and asked, wanting to hear her say it, “With my big hard…… what?” Her face turned bright red, “you know” he stopped rubbing his cock on her clit and she asked him to “put it back” and he said, “Put what back, Baby? Tell me what you want or I won’t put it back.” And she just had to say it, “Please rub your big hard COCK against my little soft clit” And so he did, he rubbed the head of his big hard cock against her little soft clit. And she responded with moans and groans, “mmmmm….. oh yes…. oh its so hard, please rub me, please rub my clit, tickle it for me, please tickle my clit” And he did. He loved driving a woman crazy, they all loved his cock. She was gasping for air, trying to catch her breath, her chest heaving, “Ohthatfeelssogood” she said all in one breath. They kissed and rubbed each other, letting his cock slid in between the folds of her pussy but not entering her yet, he was stimulating them both.

“Do you want me to slid it inside of you now? You felt it in your hands. You felt it in your mouth. Do you want to feel it inside your tight, wet, pussy too?” “Oh yesss….. mmmmmm….. yes….. please…….” and she grinded against him. “OK, slow down” He held his cock in his hand and while on their sides, he inched closer to her and let the head poke and prod around her opening, teasing her. “Please stick it in me” she said. He answered, “Whenever you want it inside you, push against me to make it go in and I’ll help you by pushing against you too”.. When she’d had sex before there was none of this. It never felt this good. It never lasted this long. And his mouth!! Oh his mouth!!

She’d received oral sex before, but never like tonight! He let just the head slid into her, very shallow penetration and told her it was up to her when she wanted to take the rest. He fondled her tits, lightly pinching her nipples, then again reached behind to rub her ass, squeezing it and slid his fingers between her crack. She never felt this good in her life! She thrust her hips forward and he entered her a little more.

DAMN WAS SHE FUCKING TIGHT!! He’d forgotten what it was like to be with someone so young!! Thankfully she was so wet that he was able to slid in without causing her discomfort. His cock was so swollen, so hard, that he was afraid of hurting her. “Is that OK Sweetie?” “Yes, it feels really good. Put more of it in me.” And he did, thrusting forward, grabbing her ass, pulling her forward to get in deeper.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like the way that hard cock feels in your tight little pussy?” She moaned and that was answer enough for him. They thrust and moved, and he slid in an out of her, they were both slippery, and the sweet smell of their sex session was filling the room…… In this position the full length of his cock was not inside of her and his shaft rubbed her clit as he moved in and out of her. She was grinding that little clit against that big hard cock and she was loving every minute of it. She’d had many orgasms, but she’d never had one during intercourse and she couldn’t believe it was about to happen! He moved his cock in and out, intentionally rubbing her clit with it b/c he wanted her to cum this way.

“Are you almost ready Sweetie? I want you to cum with my cock inside you.” Their pace increased and she was really grinding, jerking and thrusting her hips. “I…… I…… I think its gonna happen soon” He kissed her. “OK.” Since he knew she was close, he let himself get closer too. On and on they thrust together, and she was rubbing her clit every which way she could on him, intent on getting off.

Finally her head fell back and she rubbed and rubbed, thrust and thrust and she said, “Press harder, my little spot is getting hotter, I’m going to cum, please rub faster” and he did, he gave her more pressure and a quicker pace and she threw her head back and her body shivered and shuddered, shaking from deep within as she came against the shaft of the hard cock that was inside her soaking wet pussy. He felt every spasm of her orgasm as it reeled through her body, as she was cumming he reached up and fondled her tits and then lowered his hand to grab her ass, pushing himself deeper, and all the way, into her, feeling her cum ooze all around his cock, he thrust and thrust harder and faster, his massively swollen cock ready to explode and he came inside of her, pushing his hard body against her soft one, his cock needing release, he’d been so patient and controlled with her, fighting the temptation since the car ride.

And now was the time to let it all go as he released every drop inside of her, pumping into her over and over and over and over again. It was incredible for both of them. He was drained, empty, there was nothing left inside, he poured it all into her pussy. She was exhausted, spent, the most incredible sex of her entire life. He wondered how he was going to fight the temptation of having her right next door the next time she is home from college.

He knew this was a one time thing. He couldn’t take advantage of her like that, he couldn’t use her just for a sex romp, they shouldn’t even have done it this one time. And he wondered how he wouldn’t give in to the urge. If it was this hot with her at 19, she would be downright dangerous once she had a little more experience. And oh, how he’d love to be the one to give it to her! But he knew he had to put those thoughts out of his head. And that’s when she spoke, “I can’t wait to do this again. I want you to be my sex teacher. The guys my age don’t know the things you know how to do. I want you to show me things I don’t know about. I’ll be home again for the summer….”


  • Posted: 14 July 2019 02:04

    Will Yeats

    A very erotic & horny story, well written and hard to put down. You are a natural. Keep it up and it will keep me up for sure. I hope I can cum back and find more of your stories please.