Cruise to Emasculation Sex stories

It didn’t take long after we were married for Mattie or me to realize that I was not the man she needed to satisfy her needs. Our age difference was a key factor, I was 51 and Mattie was 28. I knew all along that she was marrying me for my money, but that was all right. I was deeply in love with her, she made me the envy of all of my friends, and I had millions from the sale of my company, so if it was money she wanted, there was plenty for both of us.

There was also my concern over the size and effectiveness of my penis and my ability to fulfill her needs. Even in using Viagra, my erect penis is small and wilts far too fast. In fact it would all too often go from a dinky erection into a shriveled up piece of flesh before I could get it inside of her or worse and most humiliating was when it would wilt inside her, before I ejaculated. I knew it was frustrating for her. After only a few attempts at intercourse, Mattie rejected all of my advances and any demonstration of affection.

My first indication of her frustration and what was to come, occurred on our honeymoon. I had booked a ten-day cruise of the Caribbean. Right after boarding the ship, Mattie unpacked and decided to explore the ship before I was ready. After she left, I ordered Champagne and caviar to be delivered to the room to celebrate our first night of marriage and then went about looking for her. After an hour or so, I found her in one of the lounges. She was snuggling up to a deeply tanned young man in his swimming trunks and I couldn’t help but see her hand stroking his naked thigh. I was outraged!

I heard myself scream “Mattie!” in much too loud a voice.

Mattie only smiled and said, “Kenny! Come on over, I want you to meet someone.”

As I approached the table she said, “Kenny, I want you to meet Thad. Thad’s a broker in New York.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked, filled with anger.

“Hey buddy, watch you language!” Thad responded as he jumped to his feet.

“Look fella, this is my…”

Mattie interrupted me, “Kenny is my husband, Thad. He gets very jealous of my time.”

“Husband?” Thad said. His voice filled with amazement. “You and this old guy?”

“Only on paper. It hasn’t been consummated and it never will be! Kenny is a dear, but he can’t get it up! You know what I mean?” Her eyes shot back to me, a stern, hard look replaced the warm lovely face I cherished. “Kenny, I think you better leave!” Her voice was quiet, but firm. “We’ll discuss this later. Now, be nice and get the fuck out of here!”

“I’m not leaving without you!” I said, with as stern a voice as I could muster.

She glared back at me with an anger I had not seen before. Then smiling she turned to Thad and said, “It’s not really his fault. Kenny gets very jealous whenever I look at a real man. Poor dear!” She spoke quietly. Her voice filled with sarcasm.

I was dumbfounded, angry and I know I looked stupid. I could not believe what she was telling a total stranger.

Smiling she added, “Why don’t you go have some fun sweetie? Remember, you said you wanted our honeymoon to be fun. Well, I’m having fun and there has to be some dried up old hag aboard who would love to spend the afternoon with a guy who only has a shriveled up sack of prunes to prove he’s still a man!”

“You heard the lady, get the fuck out of here old man!” Thad said as if dismissing a dog that had been riding his leg.

“I won’t be back to the cabin for sometime honey, why don’t you go back and play with yourself, if you like!”

“You bitch!” I mumbled. “You fucking slut bitch!”

Mattie remained silent for a long moment, then, allowing an even smile to cross her lips she said, “We’ll talk about this later darling. Now, I think it’s best if you leave.”

I found myself backing away from these two lovers, feeling empty and stupid. Mattie waved a couple of fingers at me and said, “Bye. Bye, bye.”

“I’ll… I’ll… see you at dinner.” I countered, feeling so alone, humiliated and embarrassed.

“Dinner… Yes, dinner… okay, maybe dinner.”

“Hey Kenny!” Thad said in a loud whisper. “Look!” He pointed to an old woman in her sixties using a cane to make her way through the ship. “She looks just about right for you!”

Mattie broke out in laughter. “She’s perfect Darling! But on second thought, maybe she’s too much for you. You’d just embarrass yourself! I’d suggest you go back to the room or find a john and play with yourself!”

I turned and walked away feeling small and insignificant. However, as I walked through the ship I found myself getting excited about my wife being with another man and humiliating me. After a quick drink at one of the other bars aboard ship I found myself back in our cabin. I stripped and began to masturbate in front of the lavatory mirror. I stroked the gray hairs on my chest and abdomen, calling myself names and cursing myself! “You’re an impotent old faggot!”

“You fucking cowered! You let her fuck other men you stupid shit!” I pumped frantically attempting to revive the erotic feelings of humiliation that had filled my loins only moments before. “You’re not a man! What the fuck are you, a Queer? A fucking old queer? You must be a fucking faggot queer you impotent son-of-a-bitch! Yes! Yes, I’m nothing more than an old queen impersonating a man!”

I slapped my penis and scolded it for being so small! I squeezed my testicles and fantasized as to what it would be like to watch Mattie make love to Thad, as she teased me about not being a real man! My index finger and thumb worked feverishly on my wilted cock to provoke any semblance of an erection and an orgasm. “Your wife doesn’t want you! Fuck you old man!” I barked at the image in the mirror, “Fuck you!”

Finally my small, half hard penis spit for joy! The fire, the warmth, the exhilaration of an orgasm! My body jerked in pleasure, as a few small droplets of thick white cream spilled from the opening of my penis into my cupped hand. There it was, proof! Proof I was a man! A sick demented old man whose wife was with another man while he stood in a bathroom jacking off like some adolescent kid! I looked at the old man in the mirror and said, “Eat it you impotent asshole! Eat it!” As I licked my sperm from my hand, praying it would find its way back to my testicles.

As I suspected, I sat alone in the dining room that night. The waiter asked if I would be dining alone. A lump in my throat and choking back tears I told him Mattie was under the weather and unable to attend dinner. He smiled courteously and I noticed his glance to the other side of the room. There was Mattie laughing and joking with Thad and two other young men!

I tried to watch without being conspicuous. Thad was dressed in a tuxedo with a white dinner jacket. I had to admit he was an incredibly attractive man. Across the table from he and Mattie was a very Mediterranean looking man with smooth oily back hair combed straight back. Like Thad, he had a deep tan. A black mustache fell on the side of his lips to meet a thick goatee.

“Your daughter has found friends for dinner.” The waiter commented, quite courteously.

“Ahhhh, yes… Yes, I see she has!” I replied, swallowing the lump that filled my throat. I watched them intently, feeling blood flow once again into my groin. She was publicly humiliating me and just as in my youth and my relationship with my first wife, I was beginning to relish the sensations humiliation brought to me! The third gentleman at their table appeared to be African-American, although he could be Jamaican or Mayan or whatever. He was shaved bald and dressed in a totally black tuxedo including black shirt and a diamond stud rather than a bow tie. When he laughed or smiled he exposed a mouth full of wonderful white teeth! I felt the ugliness of racism spill into my gut as murmured to myself, “You gonna fuck my wife you nigger motherfucker?!”

I must have been too obvious as Mattie began to wave in my direction. She didn’t want me over there for any other reason than to further humiliate me. I knew it, but I had to go. As I weaved my way through the tables to their side of the ship Mattie was pointing at me, and they were all looking my way and laughing. As I approached the table I swore I would remain civil.

“Mattie… Thad… enjoying dinner?” I said attempting to maintain my composure.

“Oh yes, it was scrumptious!” Mattie responded wearing a huge smile. God she was gorgeous! “Kenny, I’d like you to meet Musaffa Kinbadda, from Uganda.”

“(Fucking nigger)!” Ran through my mind as I reached out my hand, Musaffa. “How do you do?”

“I do very fine sir. I was just telling your wife here that she’s a lovely piece of ass and you are a very lucky man!”

Everyone broke out in laughter.

“He’s just teasing darling…” She paused, looked at Musaffa and added, “Isn’t he the sexiest man you’ve ever seen darling?” Chuckles continued around the table, before Mattie said, “And this is Carlos Ramirez.”


“Mr. Ramirez.”

“Honey,” The sugar in her voice was like a tablespoon of Nutra Sweet. “Are you going to the casino or the bars tonight?”

“I don’t know, why?”

“Well, I’ve asked the boys to come see our beautiful suite and have a little party and I just thought it would be best if you, you know what I mean… It won’t be any fun for you and I don’t want you to get in the way… You know…”

“No, quite frankly I don’t! We were just married. This is our honeymoon. This is our first night aboard ship! I expected to spend it with my wife! What the fuck you mean you’re having a party with these guys?”

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Mattie’s eyes turned cold. Her lips were pursed as she bit down and clenched her teeth. “Kenny, not now! Behave yourself!”

Thad turned to me. “Look buddy, we know she’s your wife, and I feel real sorry for you, but face facts old man, she doesn’t want to be with you! Take a hint. She’s hot, we’re hot, and you’re not! !”

Mattie took hold of Thad’s arm and planted a kiss on his cheek. “I don’t want him there. He’s such a drag! He’ll get in the way and spoil our fun… After all, it is MY honeymoon! Make him go away!”

She then turned and smiled at me. “It’s my honeymoon and I’m going to get fucked on my honeymoon by a real man… or…” Laughing she corrected herself… “by real men!” Everyone at the table chuckled.

Musaffa exposed his mouthful of teeth as he added. “Look mister. The lady tells us you got a dick so small it looks like a tiny dinosaur head peaking through a pubic bush! Well, I ain’t never seen a dick that small! Why don’t you come join us?” He laughed. “You come join us old man! I’ll so you what a real man’s dick looks like… If you’re nice, I’ll stick it up your tight old ass and then let you suck your shit off of it!”

“Ewwwhhhhh! I’d like that! Would you like that Honey?” Mattie cooed. “I’ll bet you’d be a good cocksucker honey!”

Thad and Carlos joined in the jibing.

“Yeah old man, you can suck my dick!” Thad said grabbing his crotch. “I bet you eat your own cum, don’t you old man? How bout tasting some fresh young cum rather than that stale old shit of yours?”

My face felt flush as I thought of my masturbatory session of less than an hour before.

Carlos reached out and put his hand on my ass causing me to jerk backwards. “Ohhhhh, a tender ass. You a virgin? I like old men with virgin asses!”

“Maybe you should come, Sweetheart.” Mattie said teasingly. “I think he already has!” said Carlos, pointing to a wet spot on my trousers. I had gotten excited at the humiliation and pre-cum had soaked through my slacks exposing my arousal.

I looked down and saw the cum stain on my tuxedo trousers. Brushing at it I stupidly replied: “It’s just coffee or something I spilled at dinner! Yeah, something I spilled at dinner!” The whole idea of Mattie being fucked by this trio did excite me only I hadn’t expected it to show!

Before I could react Carlos reach out and touched the spot. “Oh, Mr. Kenny, it is sticky like cum and I think that little bump in there must be an erection! Right? Mr. Kenny not wearing any under pants, I think.”

Damn, I was exposed. I never wore them; they kept my balls scrunched up and were uncomfortable.

“I think your husband likes the idea of you getting screwed by other men!” Thad said, turning to Mattie.

“You like the idea, honey of watching me get fucked Honey? You want to come and play with yourself while you watch?” Mattie responded.

“It’s okay. In my country we have many wives and girl friends. They love to watch me make love!” Musaffa said, flashing his broad smile.

“Maybe you learn something… maybe you play with yourself while we fuck your wife, is okay!” Carlos added.

“No! No, I won’t be a party to this!” I responded, even though my groin was saying, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Well, we’re going up to the suite now and start partying!” Mattie said, rising from the table. The trio rose with her. “If you want to come and watch fine! But don’t even think I’m going to let you try to fuck me. I got all the cock I need right here!”

They all joined together in laughter as they left me standing alone and embarrassed at their table.

With that the three of them departed. I wanted to go. I wanted to go so bad it hurt and I could sense semen seeping out of my penis, but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t! Could I?

I headed for the bar and within minutes downed three double scotches and a Viagra. I couldn’t shake the vision of those four naked bodies, sweating, humping, groaning, laughing and fucking each other! The thought of her sucking Masuffa’s black penis, drinking his sperm found me rubbing my crotch as I downed each drink. It may not be big, but I had a hard-on and it was stiff and in need of gratification! I bought the bottle from the bartender. He didn’t want to sell it, but the hundred I slid to him provoked an instant divorce.

I found a spot on the aft upper deck that was empty. I grabbed a deck chair and settled down with my bottle. I couldn’t erase the images that were running through my mind. Mattie, Thad, Musaffa and Carlos twisting and turning, intermingling their naked bodies, cum squirting all over Mattie’s body! The small tent in my slacks was burning with desire. I unzipped my fly, stuck my hand inside my slacks and began to fondle myself. I looked around; I was still alone, so I pulled my tiny erection out of my slacks and began to pump it vigorously, trying to place myself with the four of them.

What would I do if they tried to fuck me or make me suck their cocks? Would it make Mattie happy? I envisioned her laughing and teasing as these young men fucked me in the ass and made me suck their thick swollen cocks! I could see Mattie laughing and coaxing him to fuck me good! I tried to imagine Musaffa’s huge black cock stuck in my mouth! Jesus, what if he came in my mouth?

“Hey man! What the fuck you doin?”

I turned to find a huge black steward standing next to me. “You can’t do that shit on deck man! You drunk? Hell man, what’s your cabin? You do this shit in your cabin not out here on deck!”

“No! No, I can’t go to my cabin! I can’t!” I stammered. I was in shock!

The steward picked me up by the scruff of the neck and shoved me to toward the door. “Now I’m asking nice, what the fuck cabin are you in?”

“Luxury cabin 4, but I can’t go there! I can’t!”

“Well, that’s exactly where you’re going and I’m afraid I’m gonna have to report you to the Captain!”

“No, God no! I can’t go there and please, please don’t report this! I won’t do it again, I swear! You just don’t understand!”

“I understand that you is goin to your cabin sir and you is going right now!” He pushed me through the door and towards the bow of the ship where my cabin was located. I beg and pleaded with him, but I couldn’t tell him the truth. When we got to the cabin he asked for my key. I reluctantly pulled the plastic card out and gave it to him. He slipped in into the slot and opened the door. There was no one in the living room, but when we looked in the master bedroom, “I’ll be a motherfucker!” He blurted, as his eyes fixed on the activity in the room.

Musaffa was lying on his back on the bed, with Mattie sitting on his cock. As she bounced on his abdomen she was bending over sucking Carlos cock, who was straddling Musaffa’s head, his balls bouncing off Musaffa’s forehead. Thad was at the foot of the bed and had his penis buried in my wife’s rectum! He was fucking her in the ass!

“What the fuck is goin’ on here?” The steward said.

“That’s my wife! This is our honeymoon!” I blurted, realizing how stupid that made me look as well as sound.

Mattie took her mouth off of Carlos’ swollen cock and smiled saying; “What the fuck are you doing here Kenny? God damit, I told you to stay the fuck away from here! Whose your friend?”

The steward responded. “Excuse me ma’am, but ah, I found this man playing with himself on deck. Is this his room?”

“Yes, well, sometimes. I’m sorry to say he is my husband” She turned her attention directly at me; “You pervert!” She looked at Carlos’ cock and began stroking it while looking at the two of us. “Can you lock him up someplace so he won’t bother us or others? A brig, jail, something?”

“Yes ma’am, but…”

Then her eyes lighted up! Wait! “You got any crew members who would like to fuck an old queen like him?”

“Ma’am?” The steward was quite confused and I was terrified at what she was suggesting.

“Shit! You know, you got some gay black boys, cooks, dishwashers, garbage crew, who would like to fuck an old queen like him, maybe get a cheap blowjob?”

The steward paused. It was obvious he was contemplating if I was worth the effort.

“Please! Look he’s a fucking pervert! Likes to play with himself in public! Maybe some of your black boys down in the hole would like to fuck him up a little. Listen there’s a hundred dollar bill on the dresser, get him fucked real good and there will be another five hundred in it for you in the morning!”

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“Hey bitch! You gonna suck or shoot the shit?” Our interruption was irritating Carlos.

Mattie turned back to Carlos and smile as she responded, “Hummmm… I want to suck you baby!” Then, turning back to the Steward and me she added, “Get him out of here and fuck him good!” Mattie added as she slipped his cock back into her mouth.

“It’s good Kenny, Hmmmmm real good!” Slobbering as she moved her mouth from Carlos cock to us and back again, licking his enormous shaft! You handle this for me ah…”

“Victor Ma’am. Victor.”

“You handle that for me Victor?”

“No problem. No problem Ma’am.” He took the hundred and stuffed it in his slacks. “Ma’am?”

“Yes?” Mattie replied.

“My compliments, Ma’am.”

“Thank you Victor, Maybe before the cruise is over we can have some fun together!”

“Yes Ma’am! I’d like that Ma’am!”

“Bye Kenny! Have fun!” She waved as she stuffed Carlos penis back into her mouth.

Victor grabbed me by the collar and pulled me back into the hall, closing the door. “I don’t know man, but you must be some dumb mother fucker, but whatever you are, for six hundred big ones, you gonna get your ass and face pounded good tonight!”

He pushed me down to stairwells to the lower decks, through boiler rooms with numerous dirty, sweaty people working to keep the ship running. As we walked he kept announcing, “I’m paying ten bucks to anyone who wants to fuck this white man or wants to have his cock sucked! Got me a pervert here who wants some cock!” We went through kitchens and into a narrow barracks type area lined with numerous bunks of metal and canvas. Finally we came to what looked to be a laundry room. As we traversed the ship men and women laughed and joked as they indicated they would take him up on the deal!

Mostly black and Hispanic people were working down there. It was hot and steam was everywhere. He finally opened a door and shoved me inside. It looked like a brig. Gray walls, a commode, a single metal bed and a metal folding chair. He pushed me down on the cot and ordered me to strip. I was so scared I immediately obeyed the command. When I stood there naked before him he too laughed.

“Shit! You ain’t no man! What the fuck’s that thing between your legs? Ain’t no man thing and it sure ain’t no pussy! No wonder your old lady don’t want you!” He took my clothes outside and returned moments later. “First ten goes to me! You cherry or you been fucked before?”

“Please no! Please, I’ll pay you a thousand dollars, just let me go!”

“You could have paid me a thousand dollars up on the deck, but you didn’t… Your wife paying me and I gets the feeling you’re gonna’ contribute before we finished doing what she asked.” His laugh was big and low pitched! He unzipped his pants and pulled out a black cock that looked like a thick black and blue snake. As he stroked it he smiled and said, “Victor make you feel good. First time always most difficult, but someday you look back on Victor with fond memories. Here honky, you suck, make hard then Victor take you to new world.”

I was so scared I felt myself urinating down my legs. Victor burst out laughing.

“I’m so scared! This is my honeymoon, I’m supposed to be with my wife! Please don’t, I’ll pay you, honest! Whatever you want. Please!”

He laughed a deep masculine laugh. “Look man, your wife don’t want old man with little dick, but Victor don’t mind.” He said holding his smile. “Tonight, you be Victor’s wife. Tomorrow you go back to cabin and talk to wife. Now Mr. Kenny you suck Victor, make him hard.” He reached out and pulled my head to his huge penis.

I instinctively opened my mouth and Victor filled it with his penis. I was hesitant to do anything, but Victor said; “You suck now!” As he grabbed me by the ears and started my head in motion. The musky smell was not like anything I had ever smelled on a woman. I opened my eyes and saw the end of the shaft nearest his body slipping in and out of my sight. He had tight curly black pubic hair, which I found fascinating and his huge balls were rocking back and forth. They too were blue black and so large, covered with tight black curls of hair. “You suck good, you make Victor feel like you want to make him come in your mouth!”

I continued until I realized Victor had released his grip and I was moving on my own accord. It was my only choice! I was surprised that I did not find the taste of his flesh repulsive. I reached out and touched his testicles. They were huge sacks, swollen and firm, full of what he was attempting to put into me! They felt good in my hands. I had never touched another man before. He began to moan and stroke my head as his penis grew larger in my mouth. I gagged and he chuckled, encouraging me to continue. I was getting into pleasing him. Instinctively, I reached under his sack and pressed his flesh provoking a moan of ecstasy to escape his lips. I felt drool run down my chin and the slurping sound of my sucking filled my ears. I reached around and pulled him to me by his buttocks. They were firm and hard. I was pleased with myself.

“Good! You like Victor’s cock, that good! Mr. Kenny good queer man!”

The word reverberated through my brain. “Queer? Me, a Queer? Queer! My God was I a queer?”

Occasionally his penis slipped out of my mouth and I grabbed it and stuck it back in without hesitation. Oh Jesus, I was enjoying this! Saliva and pre-cum oozed from my mouth as I devoured his magnificent manhood!

Ultimately Victor pulled away, taking over the stroking of his penis. “Alright Mr. Kenny, it’s time!”

“What do I do? What am I suppose to do?” Something in me was anxious and terrified at the same instant. “Are you… are you going to fuck me? Will it hurt? I ‘m scared Victor!”

“If you are virgin, it will hurt, but like Victor said, someday you will look back on Victor with fondness.”

“Don’t hurt me Victor, Please!!!!”

Victor chuckled as he pushed me aside. He threw the pillow on the center of the bunk and told me to lay down with my stomach on the pillow. I did. I shuttered as I felt him climb behind me between my legs. He fumbled with his penis as he spread the cheeks of my ass. I felt him spread his pre-cum into my anus and spit on my butt! Then terror ran through my body as I felt the pressure of his penis attempting to penetrate my rectum. He pushed and I let out a moan. He continued. I felt like I was eliminating a huge turd only it was going in, rather than coming out. It started to hurt as he coaxed me to relax. I felt like skin was tearing and I let out a yelp! Finally he was in deep enough to begin pumping. He pumped and as he did he probed deeper and deeper.

“You got shit in your hole! I feel shit in your asshole! Why you not shit before Victor fuck you!?”

I heard myself murmur; “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

The pain grew intense and I began to whimper, tears were rolling down my cheeks. Suddenly he lunged forward driving his beautiful cock deep in my rectum! My scream was deafening to my own ears! Victor kept telling me to relax and that this had to happen before I could ever really enjoy it! Finally I felt his groin touch my ass. He was all the way in! He pumped and moaned. I could smell the stench of my own shit which must have been squeezed out of my rectum by his penetration. He was breathing hard.

“Fuck you! Fuck you, you white trash motherfucker!” He obviously felt no pain, but only pleasure. The pain was mine and mine alone! I felt like my rectum had been torn to shreds and the pain was incredible, but the pumping in and out of me was at the same time very erotic!

He forgot about me and was lost in only in his search for gratification. He slammed his body against me, ignoring my pleas and suffering! His hands held my hips up in the air but my face was buried in the cot and I felt as if I was suffocating. Finally, with a pause and then several hard lunges, slamming me into the bunk, he dumped his load in my rectum! The warm soothing cream from his testicles brought warmth and healing.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” I heard the moan of ecstasy escape my lips.

He kept pumping his penis in and out of my anus, spreading his sperm throughout my shit tunnel. Then he stopped and his body collapsed on top of me. His weight was oppressive, but the warm liquid seeping from my rectum seemed to heal the wounds he had inflicted. He pulled himself up and lent me his hand to sit up.

As he stood before me he grasped his penis and spoke to me. “Shit! Mr. Kenny’s shit!”

“Ah, I… I never had time… I…” I responded as intelligently as possible.

“Mr. Kenny left his shit on Victor’s penis! Shit and blood! Mr. Kenny is a dirty pig! You clean Victor’s penis.”

“Ah, sure ah, you got a wash cloth or something?”

He smiled. “No wash cloth. Mr. Kenny clean Victor with his mouth.” He grabbed my head and pushed his filthy shit-blood laden cock into my mouth. The taste of my own bowels filled my mouth and permeated my nostrils. I wanted to vomit as I gagged and spit out the small pieces of my own waste, but I couldn’t erase the taste or the smell! I had finally reached the depths of depravity, perversity and masochistic ecstasy! It truly surprised me. I found myself with an erection, playing with myself, as I eagerly sucked my own shit off another man’s penis!

I pumped like crazy relishing the erotic emasculation I had just incurred. Victor laughed! “You like Victor!”

“Yea… yes… Yes! Yes, Victor! Oh God it was… it was so exciting! Was it… was it… well, was it good for you? Did I do Okay? Huh? Did I?” I was at the same time pumping my own penis!

I was excited and scared, but it didn’t seem to matter to Victor. He patted my head as if I were his sex pet and said; “Kenny was good cocksucker! Tonight, Victor sell Kenny to his friends, like wife says… You please Victor’s friends, you not make Victor angry, yes? His hand stopped caressing my head as he grabbed a handful of hair and yanked my head backwards. “You be good whore, so Victor earn money wife promise, yes!”

“Yes,” I mumbled in response. Tears were welling up in my eyes.

Victor stuffed his beautiful large penis back into his white slacks and pulled up the zipper. Walking to the commode he grabbed a roll of toilet paper and instructed me to clean myself. “Wipe dirty ass! I send in friends.”

I wiped my rectum. It was so sore. Glancing at the toilet paper before disposing of it I was shocked at he amount of blood that was mixed with my shit and Victor’s cum. I couldn’t help thinking about the possibility of contracting some terrible venereal disease as a result of this rape of my body! Jesus, what if I contracted AIDS?! I started to cry, but the door opened and my second rapist entered.


He was a short man with a pencil thin moustache. His white uniform was dirty and covered with stains. He smiled and instructed me to lie on my back on the cot. Straddling my chest he removed a large flaccid penis from his dirty white trousers. I could see red sores on the shaft and terror filled me. “Pedro need good suck job. You suck Pedro real good, huh?!” I tried to push him off, but he hit me in the face with his fist! The taste of blood filled my mouth as he took me by the throat and told me he’d kill me if I tried that again! He then stuck his diseased penis in my mouth and instructed me to suck!

He grew hard and grabbing my head, pumped until he was ready to explode! He pulled his cock from my mouth and pumped his blood red penis until he spurted his thick yellow cum onto my face. Oh God how his cum stunk! As his weight sunk down on my chest he laughed as he said; “I wash you face you gringo motherfucker!” With that he let his bladder flow and a hard stream of yellow piss splashed off my face as he roared with laughter.

I hadn’t noticed, but during my rape Victor had returned and he was taking pictures of the entire scene. He instructed me to wash my face and ass before my next “Lover”.

I hadn’t thought of these men as lovers.

Moments later my third rapist entered the room. He was a fat, black cook. I was ordered to sit up on the edge of the bed as he dropped his slacks, pulled down yellow boxer shorts and exposed a small penis buried in the fat of his lower abdomen. He fondled himself and chuckled, “You suck me off good honky fuck! Armando cum in your white trash mouth you mother fucker!”

As Victor was clicking frames I complied with my orders.

I put my mouth on his penis and began to suck. It took a long time before he grew hard, but he moaned and groaned as if he was ready to explode any minute! I could taste the sweat and salt of his unwashed body and the musky smell of his filthy crotch! “Suck me you white trash queer! Suck Armando dry! Oh yes! Oh yes!” He kept repeating the same phrase over and over! I worked hard, but he wouldn’t cum! He began to slap my head and curse! My jaw grew sore, but I couldn’t relax. Finally, he jerked! I felt him spasm and then he spilled his small about of cum into my mouth! He kept pumping as if he had a gallon, but he was dry. Finally he pulled away, slapped me across the face, sending me down onto the cot screaming “Filthy fucking queer pig! I piss on your white ass, you son-of-a-bitch!” With that he let another torrent of yellow piss flow onto my face and all over the rest of my body!

My next rapist was a thin Mexican or some sort of Hispanic man. He was lean and looked gay. He smiled at me and asked if this was my first time. I nodded affirmatively and he chuckled. Then he unzipped his pants and out came the longest, thickest, most beautiful cock I could have ever imagined. He instructed me to kiss it. I saw Victor continuing to take pictures. I cupped the head of his penis in my hand, lifted it to my lips and kissed it tenderly. He then lifted his penis and told be to kiss and lick his balls! Oh god they were so swollen, so large so fucking beautiful. If I was a queer, and I was beginning to believe I was, I wanted a lover with these attributes. As I pulled back from him I looked up and said; “You are so beautiful!”

He smiled at me and stroked my face as Victor laughed. “You two queers were made for each other!”

“Pay no attention to Victor. He fucks boys too, but he thinks he’s not like us.”

“(Us? Us?)” My mind was racing. “Us”. He thinks I’m gay too. Oh God he’s right isn’t he! I am gay! I am a queer! I’m a homosexual! Oh Jesus! Being raped is one thing, but acknowledging the fact that I really am queer!

He told me his name was Jamie and told me I could suck his dick for a while, if I liked. Oh Jesus God, I liked! I sucked and fondled and caressed. It was a beautiful cock and I loved sucking it! I thought of Mattie being fucked and I wished she could have been here to see me devour this beautiful young boy. I could hear Victor clicking off shots with his camera but I didn’t care.

When he was ready to fuck me, Jamie lifted my head up and kissed me on the lips, forcing my mouth open and exploring my mouth with his tongue. I instinctively responded. I was being made love to by a man! A beautiful young man! Finally he stood up and told me to lie on my back on the cot. I complied. He lifted my legs up on his shoulders and placed his penis at the entrance to my rectum. “You ask Jamie to fuck you, yes?”

“Huh?” I responded.

“Jamie not rape. Jamie fuck for pleasure of both. You ask Jamie to fuck you! You tell Jamie ‘I am gay, I want Jamie to fuck me good’, Yes?”

After a long moment of looking up into his deep almond eyes, soft facial features and dark black hair I felt a smile cross my face. “Yes Jamie, Yes! Fuck me Jamie! Fuck my queer ass butt real good!” I tried to lift and spread my legs even further to allow him total and complete penetration of my rectum!

He fucked my ass with the vigor that I had hoped to fuck Mattie on our wedding night. Oh God he was wonderful! I wished I was a woman and he could make me pregnant! His beautiful penis slammed in and out of my rectum, as sweat poured from his body! I was in heaven! Unlike the fat cook, it felt like he had gallons of sperm when he finally exploded in my ass! Lowering my legs and moving up my body, he wiped my face with his cock spreading shit and his cum all over it. Then, like Victor, he instructed me to clean his penis with my mouth! His penis was so big I couldn’t get it all in my mouth so he held it up and instructed me to lick the under side and his balls clean! His balls were huge and I ache to cradle them in my hands and feel the texture! I ran my tongue against the swollen hairy sacks and found myself kissing them! I was doing every thing a good queer submissive should do for his master! I kissed his penis and ran my tongue up and down the shaft!

“You like Jamie?”

I didn’t think before responding, but heard myself saying, “Oh yes, God, you have such a beautiful penis! I’ve never seen such large round balls! Would you like me to suck it again? I’ll make you come again! Please let me suck it some more!”

He turned around and put his rectum towards my face. “No, I like queer old man to lick my ass!” He placed his rectum in my face and my tongue reached our to taste the dark brown tunnel. I licked him as I fondled myself. He was so beautiful, but even though my cock was burning with excitement I couldn’t get an erection. Then, suddenly, he then blew a juicy fart in my face, splattering droplets of shit on my face! He laughed, climbed off me, and left.

I had to move my bowels and I couldn’t wait any longer so I went over to the commode. The next man came in before I finished. He cursed at me as he took out his penis and proceeded to piss on me as I sat on the toilet! He aimed at my face and told me to drink! I had a turd hanging out of my ass and couldn’t move! My face was soaked and the hot urine ran down my chest and stomach soaking the gray hairs that covered my body! He then kicked me in the stomach! As I doubled over he picked me up and turned me around, pushing my head into the toilet and shoving my face into my shit water! As I struggled for breath he buried his penis in my ass and fucked me! I managed to pull my head out of the water and brace myself with my hands on the side of the bowl as he pissed into my rectum! When he had finished he pushed my head back into the water and ordered me to drink! I was crying and begging him to have mercy, but he just laughed and cursed me as a “Stupid shit-eating gringo, queer!”

As he left I collapsed on the floor sick of my own smell, the foul taste in my mouth and filled with rectal pain.

The next man found me lying on the floor in pain. He cursed me and kicked me then he straddled my head, masturbating until he dumped thick globs of white and yellow cum on my face!

One after another they came and took their pleasure with me. I had no idea how many there were. They didn’t seem to care that I was covered with piss and shit! They fucked me, beat me and ordered me to suck their cocks! I tried to wash off my face a few times, but soon I grew to tired and too sore to move. I worked my way to the cot and fell on my face. I remember vomiting over the edge before I passed out. I vaguely recall men and women coming into the room. Occasionally one of my captures would douse me with a bucket of cold water.

There was one woman who slapped me back into consciousness until I responded. She then straddled my face, calling me a “Dirty, queer slut!” and proceeded to shit on my face and then soaked her excrement with her piss! She smeared her waste all over my face laughing and spitting on me!

Finally, when I woke up, Victor was sitting in the chair smoking a cigarette. He smiled and said, “Mr. Kenny get fucked good on his honeymoon?” He chuckled a deep menacing laugh.

I was filled with cum and having consumed what seemed like gallons of piss and shit, my ass bleeding and sore, Victor pulled me off the cot and shoved me toward the sink! He ordered me to wash up. My adventure into homosexual depravity had ended. At least for this night.

I washed the urine and shit off my body, but the smell lingered in my nostrils. I slipped into my white slacks, shirt and jacket. It was hard to move, the pain in my rectum and throughout my body from being kicked and abused was rampant. Victor finally opened the door and shoved me out into the corridor and back towards my suite.

I could feel the wetness of blood seeping from my asshole. Glancing at my watch I saw it was after 4 a.m. As Victor pushed me down the corridor I recognized all too familiar faces. Some smiled, some swore at me and one spit on me. I wanted to go slower, but Victor showed little compassion and kept pushing and pulling me.

Finally, we arrived at my cabin suite. He inserted his pass key card into the lock and opened the door. Thad and Carlos were asleep on the couch, locked in each other’s arms. We entered the bedroom and Victor turned on the lights. Mattie was sleeping in the arms of Mustafa. God she was beautiful! As the light split the darkness, Mustafa raised his head. He smiled and shook Mattie awake.

Mattie opened her bleary eyes and stared at the two of us for a long moment before speaking; “Oh God, it’s you! Well… ahhh…”

“Victore, Ma’am.”

“Yes, of course, Victor. Well, how did he do?”

“Quite well, Ma’am, if I do say so myself. I believe we have a brand new queen on board!”

Wiping the sleep from her eyes she continued; “He got fucked? You found someone to fuck him?”

“Fourteen, Yes Ma’am.”

“Holy shit! Fourteen?

“Yes Ma’am, counting myself Ma’am. And may I say he has real promise Ma’am.”

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“Did they all fuck him?”

“They had their own way of finding pleasure with him Ma’am.”

“Yes? Yes?”

“Maybe Mr. Kenny should tell you Ma’am,” He replied pushing me forward towards the two lovers in bed.

“No, please!” I begged.

“Common Kenny, tell me! What did you do? Was it fun? Did you like it?”

“Mattie, please!”

“Jesus, you think I’m not going to find out? C’mon, out with it!”

“Well, I had to… you know…”

“No, I don’t know, what?”

“Cock Mattie! I had to suck cock! That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

“Oh God, I wish I could have been there to see it!”

“I took pictures Ma’am.” Victor said with obvious pride. “I can have them for you this afternoon. Of course there is a nominal…”

Mattie didn’t let him finish. “Who gives a shit what it cost! Damn, I’m dying to see them!”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Go on Kenny, tell me more! What else did you do? What did they do?”

“Do I have to Mattie?”

“Goddamn it! Of course you have to! This is going to cost you a fortune; you might as well fill me in on all the gory details! Tell me did you like it? Was it a real kick? How did it feel to be fucked in the ass? Oh God, I wish I could have seen you suck a big black cock! Jesus, this is exciting!”

“They peed on me.”

“Ohhhhh… They pissed on you? Oh god this is better than I had hoped!”

“And in him, I may add.” Victor interjected.

“In him? They piss in your faggot mouth, Kenny?”


“And in his rectum.” Victor again interrupted.

“No shit? They gave you a piss enema? You got pictures Victor?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“They ahhhh… also did the other thing on and in your husband Ma’am.”

“The other thing?”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Shit? They shit on him?”

“And in him Ma’am. Mr. Kenny is a real shit eater Ma’am!”

“And you got pictures?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Name your fucking price Victor! Oh this is too, too fucking great! What was it like Kenny? What the fuck was it like to eat shit you perverted motherfucker? Oh God this is so much better than I had hoped for! Pictures! Jesus can you imagine how much fun I’m going to have showing them to all your stuffy fucking friends! Oh Motherfucking shit! Who would have believed?”

“Mattie please, I’m… I’m bleeding!”


Victor turned me around and lifted my jacket to expose my blood soak slacks.

“Oh God that makes me so fucking hot! Oh Honey, how did it feel to be raped? Did they hurt you real bad?”

“Couple kicked him and slapped him around quite a bit. They don’t really like Americans that much and this was too much of an opportunity to pass up.” Victor explained.

“Did he cry out? Did he scream?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Oh Jesus, I wish I had been there!”

“One man beat him up pretty bad and then stuck his head in the toilet and made him eat his own shit while he fucked him and then pissed up his rectum.” Victor went on to explain.

Mattie was fingering her clitoris as she begged for more clarity. “You liked it didn’t you? Didn’t you, you faggot fuck?”

I turned back toward her and heard myself scream, “YES! Goddamit, YES! I enjoyed it! I enjoyed knowing that my humiliation would excite you! I enjoyed knowing that I was being forced to subject myself to abuse and humiliation. And… YES, I enjoyed sucking cock, being fucked and being forced to eat shit and drink piss! Happy? Are you fucking happy now? You bitch! You motherfucking bitch!”

Silence fell upon the room for a very long moment. Finally, Mattie let a smile cross her lips as she said; “Well, my little homo has a little gumption after all.”

Victor leaned forward and in a loud whispering voice added: “I think we touched a nerve. I think your husband fell in love with a cute boy from Cancun.”

“Really?” Mattie was enthralled by the revelation. “Why you old dog you!”

“He did ask me for seconds and I do believe our boy Jamie made a lasting impression on your husband.”

“Tell me more.” Mattie urged.

“You want to tell her about Jamie, or should I?” Victor asked of me.

I didn’t respond; the confession I had just expressed still rang in my ears. I could not believe I had heard myself make such a confession.

“Well, Mr. Kenny begged a young man aboard ship, who works as a purser, to fuck him. Even begged him to make him pregnant! Then he suck him off, licked his balls and sucked his ass until Jamie blew a big one right in his face!”

“I knew it! I fucking knew it! My little old Kenny is a fucking faggot queen! Son-of-a-bitch! You cocksucking, shit eating, piss drinking old faggot! I knew it, but I didn’t know you would go that fucking far! You old slut! I’ll be a motherfucker!”

“You don’t understand!”

“Oh, I think we understand.” Mattie responded.

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“Jesus Mattie, I never would have if you hadn’t forced me into… One after another they came! They fucked me, beat me, shit on me! They didn’t give a damn about me they only wanted to gratify their lust or their hate! Then, in came Jamie. He was so sweet. So, so fucking beautiful! His cock is something I can only dream about. He makes Mustafa’s look like a baby! His balls, Jesus, you should have seen and felt and tasted his balls! I swear to God they were big enough to be on a bull or a horse! Christ, they were beautiful. And Jamie. He was so gentle. So fucking kind. He said he wouldn’t rape me if I asked him to fuck me, so I did! I asked him to fuck me and… and… and it was good! It was motherfucking good! Jesus, if I could have a baby I would love to have his! Anybody would. He was so smooth… His eyes so deep and beautiful… his body was like Adonis. Lean and muscular and tight! Yes! I liked it! I fucking loved it Mattie and I’d let him fuck me again right now! I’d eat his shit and worship his asshole if he’d allow me! Fuck you Mattie! Fuck you!”

Mattie rolled back onto the bed laughing hysterically! When she caught a breath she told Victor to go to the second draw of the dresser and take out two thousand dollars. She said it was worth every penny of it. Victor complied, thanked Mattie and left our suite.

Amid her continued laughter Mattie told me to go take a bath and get rid of my soiled slacks. I ran a hot tub and sank into the warm soapy solution. Within minutes I was fast asleep.

When I awoke it was daylight and the water had turned ice cold. I slipped out of the tub, my body filled with pain. I dried myself off and made my way into the bedroom. No one was there and the bed was still a mess. I made my way to the living room area and found it also empty, but there was a note on the desk from Mattie:

Hello Kenny, I’m so glad you had a good time last night! The box on the desk is Tampons, you might want to stick one up your new pussy-ass if you are still bleeding, we girls have to stick together and help each other from time to time!

Oh I wish I could have been there to see all the fun! I’m going to pick up the photos at 1:00 from Victor. He called and said they turned out beautiful! He made several copies! The boys are as anxious as me to see them.

Sweetie, I’m moving in with Mustafa, I hope you understand, you being a homo and all. It just doesn’t seem right for a decent girl to shack up with an old queen who’s on the prowl for cock! You sly old devil you! Now you can invite your gay friends in for the rest of the cruise! Listen, I know you will understand, but if we see each other on deck, let’s just pretend we don’t know each other, okay? God forbid anyone else knows I married an old queen who not only sucks cock and takes it up the ass, but also eats poop and drinks pee! Ish! You are so disgusting Kenny! It’s a shame the people at home don’t really know you for who you really are. But, maybe I can enlighten them, given the pictures and all… I’m going to destroy you Kenny, you know that don’t you! If not, you should.

Listen, I think when we do get home we should think about a divorce. Doesn’t have to be messy. I think we can resolve everything in a reasonable manner, don’t you? We can spend the rest of the honeymoon thinking about the settlement. My thoughts are simple, I’ll trade you the pictures for, let’s say… everything you own! Sounds like a plan to me!