Daddy and Baby Boy audio taboo sex stories

Get you a man who can do both. Contains: Daddy Kink, DD/BB, Light Age Play, Fingering, Rimming, Dirty Talk, Praise Kink, Sexual Intercourse, Anal Sex, Petnames (Baby Boy, Little Prince, Angel, Darling), Dom/Sub Play, And lo it is finally done! Thanks again everyone so much for following me, it means a great deal to me that all of you enjoy my content so much. Thank you all for being so patient and loving and engaging, I really appreciate it very very much! *gestures* Now here is some incredibly self indulgent content because I make up the rules around here *finger guns* ~Audio Transcript Below~ Daddy: Baby Boy? So there’s where you’ve been hiding. I was beginning to wonder—

Baby Boy: *shyly* Hi Daddy~

Daddy:I must be honest Baby Boy, that’s the last thing I expected you to walk out in.

Baby Boy:I got you! Daddy: Indeed you did. Is that my jumper? *knowingly* Baby Boy. What did I tell you about borrowing Daddy’s clothes?

Baby Boy:That I have to ask first.

Daddy:Why did you borrow it without asking, Baby Boy?

Baby Boy: B-because…I-I really really missed you, a-and your sweaters smell like you a-and…I’m sorry.

Daddy: Come here, Baby Boy.

Baby Boy:Am I in trouble, Daddy?

Daddy:I’m not angry with you, darling

Baby Boy: I wanted it to be a surprise

Daddy:And what a lovely surprise it is, Baby Boy. Such a squirmy little thing.

Baby Boy: There’s another surprise, Daddy, Daddy:Oh?Are you going to tell me, Little Prince?

Baby Boy: I’m practicing for you.


Baby Boy: I wanted to make sure that Daddy fits ok Daddy: ‘Fits ok?’

Baby Boy: Mmmhm, feel Daddy.

Daddy:What in the world could you have possibly—*groans*

Baby Boy: *Giggles*

Daddy:And what does my pretty little boy have here?

Baby Boy: I told you silly Daddy, I’m practicing.

Daddy:*lowly* How long have you had this in, Little One?

Baby Boy: *squirms and moans* All day, Daddy.

Daddy:Such a patient little boy. You did this all for Daddy?

Baby Boy: Mmmhm, like I told you Daddy. *gasps* I wanted to make sure you fit ok.

Daddy: Mmmmm, Daddy likes the sound of that. Is this all for Daddy too? Is your little prick all happy and excited now that Daddy’s finally home?

Baby Boy: *Gasps and moans* Ah~~ Yeah Daddy…*giggles and gasps* It missed you.

Daddy:Daddy’s missed you too.

Baby Boy: *Gasps and wiggles* Dadddyyy~~

Daddy:*chuckles and kisses cheek/neck* What is is darling boy?

Baby Boy: *whine moans*

Daddy:Daddy won’t be able to do anything for you unless you tell him what you want, Little One.

Baby Boy: *whines* I want…..*whispers* I want Daddy inside me…

Daddy:*chuckles* Well then….If that’s what my boy wants….why don’t we just……ease…..this…..out……

Baby Boy: *gasps and moans* Ah~~~

Daddy:breathes* Nearly the widest part angel…..there we are….is it stretching you nicely, baby boy?

Baby Boy: *breathes and squeaks* D-Daddyy~ Please don’t tease…ahhh~~~*sobbing keen*

Daddy:Such a big plug baby…..*groans* Ah…..feel how stretched you are…..two of my fingers are inside you Little One. So easy for me…..

Baby Boy: N-No Daddy……*moans* hnnnnnmmmm~

Daddy:*chuckles knowingly* No, what?

Baby Boy: N-Not fingerssssss~~~

Daddy:*fake innocently* Not fingers? But I thought you said you wanted Daddy inside you?

Baby Boy: *moan whines* You…’re doing t-this on purpose… know what I m-meant….mmmmmm….so mean Daddy~~~

Daddy:Mean? Well….should I give my precious boy what he wants for being so patient with silly Daddy?

Baby Boy: *sniffs* P-please? Please inside me Daddy.

Daddy:*Kisses chasetly* Alright darling…..let’s lay you down. Do you want on your back or on your tummy?

Baby Boy: *hums* On my tummy….*whispers* I like it when you drape over me and hold me close.

Daddy:*whispers back* Thank you for telling me sweet boy *kiss*…..*normal voice* now…on your belly.

Baby Boy: Kay Daddy. Daddy:Where did this squirmy little boy come from??? Baby Boy: I’m just happy you’re home.

Daddy:*kisses shoulder* I’m happy to be home as well, my Little One. *kisses*

Baby Boy: *giggles* Your kisses tickle.

Daddy:Oh? Does it tickle here? *kiss* or here? *kiss*

Baby Boy: Ah! *muffled giggles* Dadddyyyy~~

Daddy:And what if Daddy were to lay a kiss….right….about….here? *kiss*

Baby Boy: hitching gasp* Ah–hah~!

Daddy:Oh? Does my boy like it when I kiss here? Right over his little hole??

Baby Boy: :*hitching gasps* mmmmhmmm~~

Daddy:*chuckles* Well then Daddy will keep on kissing you then.

Baby Boy: Ha— Ahhhh~!! Ahhhhnnmmmmm Ha—ah—D-Dadddyy~

Daddy:*hums* *intermittent moans of ‘Daddy’ and the sounds of kissing and licking*

Baby Boy: HMmmmmhmm!! Ha-aaahahh~~ N-Not f-fair! D-Daddy….Please….you said….you said you would—in-inside!

Daddy:*chuckles* But darling boy……*licks* *lowly* I am inside you.

Baby Boy: *gasps and keens* N-No~~ Wanna…..ahhaaaannn~ D-Dadddy~

Daddy:What is is Precious?

Baby Boy: *Panting* *swallows* I……mmhmm….I don’t wanna come like this.

Daddy:Oh? *kiss* and how does my sweet boy want to come.

Baby Boy: *wiggles* You know Daddy…..

Daddy:Let me hear you say it, darling.

Baby Boy: B-But Daddy…..*whispers* it’s a naughty word.

Daddy:*kiss* *murmurs* Go ahead Baby Boy, Daddy won’t be cross. I promise.

Baby Boy: *softly* I….I wanna—I wanna come from you c-cock, Daddy.

Daddy:*Groans* Such a good boy. *Kiss* Thank you for asking Little One. Of course Daddy will make you come with his cock.

Baby Boy: *hiccups* Th-Thank you. Daddy:You’re welcome, Baby. Now…..up on your elbows and knees…yes…just like that….such a smart, good boy. *sound of a belt buckle being undone* Spread your legs a little, darling. Baby Boy: K-Kay.

Daddy:Deep breath. Remember to relax. *groans* You’re so stretched and wet for me, Baby Boy. *breathes* Thank you.

Baby Boy: Haaaaa~~S-So b-big Daddyyyy~

Daddy:*Chuckles* *kiss*

Baby Boy: Hmmmmnnngggaaaa~ Y-You always f-feel so b-big this way—D-Daaaaahhh~~

Daddy:*whispers* You’re so warm and tight and perfect for me, Little One. Such a good precious Boy I have. I love you Darling. Baby Boy: *hiccups* I love you t-too, Daddy.

Daddy:I’m going to fuck you now, Baby, is that alright?

Baby Boy: *whispers* Pl-please.

Daddy:*kiss* As you wish. *Intermittent groans, growls, moans and keens*

Baby Boy: H-Haaaa…aahhnnn….D-Dadddy~~C-Close already….haaaaaahhhh~~

Daddy:That’s right Angel….Come *grunts* Come from Daddy’s cock.

Baby Boy: Haaah…ahAH…Ha-ah-ah–hhaaaa-haaaa-hhhhhnnnmm-ha-ah-ah-ah-AH–A-AH–HMMMmmhHMMM~! Ah–Daddy–Daddy,Daddy,Daddy~Feel’s so-so good…Please….Please—m-May I….May I c-come….P-PLEASe?

Daddy:*Kiss* Of course Little One….Come for Daddy…let me hear you.

Baby Boy: ah-aha-ah–ah-ah-AH-HHAAA-AAHHHHH—D-Dah—-ddYY~ HAA MMMHHHHNGGGGG~ HAaaghhhhanngggg~~ T-Thank youuu~ Thank You Daddy……Daddyyyy~

Daddy:*groans and grunts*

Baby Boy: *through pants* N-No~~! D-don’t p-pull–pull out…..wan’t….want you to c-come inside…Daddy….I’m-I’m ok…..promise. P-Please….come inside~~

Daddy:*pants* Th-thank you, Baby. *groans and grunts* Ah-Ha-ha—hmmmmnngggg—*growls* HaaaaAAAA~ *pants* Haaa…..*kiss* Thank you Darling…..such a good boy.

Baby Boy: *hums*

Daddy:Look at you…..clenching on nothing…*whispers* Do you want Daddy to plug his come in you?

Baby Boy: Mmmhm. Daddy:Alright…..there….there~ we are~. Baby Boy: :Haaaaaaahhhhhh. Thank you Daddy….I love you

Daddy:*Kiss* I love you too Little One.


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