Daddy Loves his Pretty Little Girl taboo stories

She is a very pretty 18-year-old, sitting on the couch reading a book. She is home alone, but that is not uncommon. Her parents both work and they trust her to be level headed. She doesn’t mind. She likes the alone time. She is shy, in the midst of that awkward part of adolescence – puberty. She has rather large breasts compared to the rest of the girls in her 13th grade class, and she is self conscious about them, having been teased by the boys. Her pubic hair is just budding – there is less of it than more, just wispy brown curls. She has not started to have periods and dreads the day that happens. She knows a little about sex, like that is where babies come from and adults do it after they get married. Coming from a typical religious background and attending only religious extracurricular activities, she probably leads a more sheltered life than her friends. Indeed, some of her friends talk about “making out” and other such things, but she is generally not involved in those conversations. She tends to be quiet and solitary. Today is no exception – the house is silent, so the sound of a truck rumbling down the street outside catches her attention.

Her daddy backs his truck into the driveway. He has been sent home from work early. He made a costly mistake on the job and ended up fighting with his boss. When the fight escalated, his boss told him to get out of his sight. Finally home, he gathers his lunchbox and keys and worries about whether he still has a job at all. He walks up the walkway and in through the front door, wishing he could just get the day’s stress and worries out of his mind for a while.

“Hi Daddy!” calls out his little girl, smiling admiringly over the top of her book at him. “Why are you home so early?”

“I came home early just to see my baby girl. What do you think of that?” he teases.

“Oh Daddy,” she giggles. She turns back to her book while her daddy disappears into his bedroom.

He changes out of his work clothes and washes his hands, but his mind drifts back to the sight of his little girl a few rooms away. She was wearing that short dress again, the one that evokes feelings that make him uncomfortable, blissfully so. She had her knees drawn up to her chest, and he could see a hint of her little white panties. He hopes she does not sit that way at school, but part of him wonders, and he just has to know.

He goes back to the room and finds her still sitting the same way. “Do you sit that way at school?”

“What, daddy?”

“Do you sit that way at school? Did you know your underwear are showing? Right here.” He lowers himself to the couch beside her, bringing his fingers to that place where her white panties show, touching her gingerly, tentatively.

“Daddy!” she giggles again, blushing, pulling her dress down and her body away.

“What’s a matter, baby?” he asks, more excited, committed to this now.

“You are embarrassing me!”

“Oh no, honey, you should not be embarrassed about this. You are such a pretty young woman. Let Daddy show you how pretty you are.”

He moves in closer to her, running his fingers through her hair, down her face and neck, and over the top of her chest. He takes the book from her hand and sets it on the floor. He leans in and kisses her forehead, then her nose, her lips – just a peck. He can feel her breath; she is breathing hard. Her heart is racing. “It’s ok, baby,” he whispers. “Daddy won’t hurt you. Come with me.”

He stands and offers her his hand. She looks at him, unsure of what to do. He pulls her demandingly up off the couch and toward him. She hesitates, and he commands her: “Now. Come on.”

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Scared, even lightheaded, she follows him, or rather, is pulled along by him. She wonders if he is mad and what is going to happen next. He takes her to his bedroom, sits down on his bed, and pulls her in between his legs so she is standing close to him. He tightens his legs against her, trapping her. She could easily get out of his grip, but his eyes tell her not to. She stays there, standing nervously, as he starts to unbutton her dress. As each button separates, he catches a tiny glimpse of what lies beneath – perfect, untouched, pristine, virgin flesh. Little baby nipples, smooth baby-soft skin, peach fuzz disappearing underneath white cotton little-girl panties. He has an amazing erection, harder than he ever remembers. It aches to be freed, to be touched, but this is his little girl. He has to take it slowly.

Once her dress is completely unbuttoned he slowly peels it back and off her shoulders. He sees her breasts for the first time and is amazed at their perfection. So big for her age, and so perfectly new. He lets her dress fall and pulls her against his face, kissing her belly and feeling her breasts so near him. He lets his hands touch her naked back gently, his fingers travelling down her sides to her bottom, her hips, over her panties, and then with shaking fingers, under them. He feels her naked flesh and wants more. He presses her back a bit so he can push her panties down, revealing her virginity. With one finger he traces the outline of her private mound, touching gently. He dares not look up at her. He knows he is in complete control over her, that she could not leave if she wanted to, but he does not want to know if she wants to stay or go. He wants to taste his little girl.

He pushes her back away from him a bit so he can stand and hug her. He holds her to him, pressing his hard cock firmly against her. He feels her gasp and quiver. “Oh but Daddy…” she says, filled with uncertainty.


He turns her around and guides her onto the bed, laying her down. He kisses her neck telling her between kisses how pretty she is, and how she is Daddy’s little princess, his special girl. He works down to her breasts, taking one into his mouth, then the other, constantly telling her how beautiful she is and how she is growing to be a lovely woman. He lovingly admires every inch of her chest and belly with his fingers before moving to her soft mound. His fingers twirl in her hairs while one hand gently urges her to part her legs. She holds them tightly together and he tries harder. “You need to do what Daddy wants right now, Princess. I know you are scared, but open your legs,” he commands.

“No Daddy….”

“I said OPEN your legs, now,” he demands.

Scared, she does what he says, and he rewards her with more gentle words about how special she is. His eyes drink the beauty of her woman-ness and his fingers touch gently. She gasps, breathing hard, while his fingers gingerly part her labia, revealing her virgin pussy for the first time. Warm sweet nectar escapes from her, surprising him almost to the point of coming right then and there. After admiring, adoring, worshipping her sweet pussy for a few moments to the sound of only her heart pounding, he moves in to taste her. He presses his tongue into her and gets lost in the ecstasy, how sweet and fresh she is. No one has ever been here, between her legs, tasting her tiny perfect pussy, her first sexy juices. He slips his finger between her labia and runs them up to her clit, causing her to jump. “It’s ok, baby. It will feel good if you let it,” he tells her, moving his wet fingers up to her mouth. “Here baby girl, see how good you taste.”

Tentatively, she opens her mouth and tastes her nectar. A gentle moan escapes her lips, but she stifles it. She does not want him to know she likes it.

“Good, huh Baby? Your juices are like a delicacy,” he says, revelling in the feel of his daughter’s tongue on his fingertips.

He lowers his mouth back to her clit, flicking it gently side to side, up and down. She starts to quiver, surprised by the new sensations her body is producing. “Oh Daddy, it feels so… Oh Daddy!” she says as she is overcome by the wave of her first orgasm. Her hands grab her daddy’s head, holding his face to her clit as her hips roll with the sensation.

“You like that, don’t you, Baby? I told you you would,” he says with a wet smile.

“Yeah, Daddy. Is that okay?”

“Of course it’s okay, Baby. I love you. But now let’s take care of Daddy.”

She looks up at him with a worried look on her face. “What do you mean, Daddy?”

“Daddy is gonna fuck his little girl now, Baby. It’s just like before. If you let it, it will feel good.”

She watches as her daddy unsnaps his jeans, his eyes never leaving her face. She sees him unzip, freeing the bulge covered by his white briefs. Her heart starts to pound as he pulls off his jeans and drops them to the floor. Curious, afraid, and excited all at once, she watches him pull the waistband of his briefs away from his body and then down, revealing his hard cock inch by inch, until all 6 inches are standing there in all their glory. She knows he is watching her, but she can’t take her eyes off his cock. She sees his briefs drop to the floor and she waits, wondering what is supposed to happen next.

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His voice interrupts her thoughts. “Have you seen one of these before, Baby?”

“No, Daddy!” she answers, trying not to giggle.

“Well, this is Daddy’s cock and you are gonna love it,” he says, leaning over her. He spreads her legs with one knee. “Open your legs so I can show you.”

Hesitantly, she spreads her legs. She is filled with uncertainty, but she enjoys the sensations, the new feelings, and especially the attention.

He holds his cock in his hand, moving toward the opening of her little cunt. He admires how her virgin white skin glistens with his saliva. As he presses against her, that saliva helps the head of his cock slip inside his little girl. She gasps and tenses up, afraid.

“Relax Baby. You have to get past the first part and then you will love it,” he says, running his fingers through her hair to relax her.

“Okay, Daddy. Go ahead.”

With his hands on her hips and his eyes locked with hers, he presses into her, past her hymen, and slowly to the deepest depths of her young pussy. When she clenches her eyes tightly shut and cries out with the pain, he looks down to watch his throbbing cock disappear into her. He pauses, noticing her body is flushed pink, covered with goose bumps.

He pulls back and starts to thrust slowly in and out of her, watching her as her expression changes from fear to ecstasy.

“Oh, Daddy, I do love it. Oh Daddy, it feels so good!”

That was all he needed to hear to push him over the edge. He picks up the pace and starts to really fuck his little girl, feeling her fingernails dig into his forearms. He looks down, sees his cock thrusting in and out of that perfect little cunt, and comes deep inside her.

“Daddy, it is so hot!”

“Yeah, Baby. That is because you are so hot,” he says, collapsing onto her, kissing her forehead.

“I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too Baby, and I will show you that I do as often as I can, okay?”

“I hope so, Daddy.”

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a true story, although it is based on what actually happened to me. As an adult, this can be an exciting fantasy. To a ch***, this is more likely a nightmare. It was for me. It took me two decades to get past that. Please, do not hurt your child. Keep the fantasy a fantasy. The reality is never as good as the fantasy, and it is not worth ruining a ch***.