Daddy’s Sunburn Treatment Sex stories

“Hi, mom.” Candi greeted her mom in a tired voice as she walked in the house with her suitcases in hand, “I think I might have stayed out a little bit too long that last day.” Candi could barely move without having pain from her sunburn.

“Hi, sugar,” Ted said, as he saw his 18-year-old daughter come in the house from her week long vacation to the beach with her best girlfriend and family. “Boy, you look tired.”

“I am, daddy,” Candi said as she sat her suitcases on the floor, “and burnt to a crisp.”

“Let’s go upstairs and see the damage,” Lucy said, taking her daughter by the arm.

“Oh my,” Lucy gasped as Candi took off her t-shirt. “That is a bad sunburn,” she said as she reached out to touch her daughter’s bright red skin.

“Oouuuu,” Candi yelped, “don’t touch, don’t touch.”

Candi took off the rest of her clothes and stood in front of her mother, naked. With the exception of two very small triangles in the middle of her titties and a very thin line around her hips, Candi was completely sunburned.

“Well,” Lucy said, “it seems obvious you weren’t wearing much of a bathing suit while you were laying out.”

“Mom,” Candi said, stretching out her name, “its not like there was anyone else around.”

“Ok, ok,” Lucy said waving her hand, “the important thing now is to get some lotion on so you will feel better.”

Lucy came into Candi’s room a little later with some lotion and baby oil. “This will help ease the sting and keep your skin from drying out,” Lucy said.

“Take off your clothes and lie down,” Lucy ordered her daughter. “This first oil is to take away the sting, and the second is more of a lotion and oil combined to help lubricate your skin. It will be important to use the oil to keep your skin from getting dried out.”

Lucy began to slowly and carefully rub the lotion, then oil on to her daughter’s bare skin. She started with Candi on her stomach, rubbing the oil into her back, legs, and around her butt. Lucy admired the round, teardrop shape of her daughter’s butt and how firm it stood.

“Ok,” Lucy said, clearing her throat, “time to turn over.”

Lucy applied the oil over Candi’s chest and completely covered her boobs, even though the center part of her titties was completely white from being covered with a bathing suit.

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“Mom,” Candi said softly as she looked at her mom, “I’m not burned everywhere you know,” referring to the area around her nipples.

“I just thought this might feel good to you,” Lucy said as she slowly kneaded her daughter’s small but firm titties.

“Mmm, yeah, it does feel good,” Candi purred, as her nipples hardened.

Lucy went on down her daughters trim stomach and her firm shapely legs. As she worked her way up the insides of Candi’s tender young thighs she noticed her daughter’s legs began to open up slowly. The area around Candi’s young pussy was completely white from being covered from the sun by her bikini. Lucy noticed her young daughter’s puffy outer lips were beginning to part and her delicate inner pussy lips were starting to glisten from her sweet nectar. Lucy fought the urge to bend over and lick her daughter’s pussy juices. Instead she slowly massaged oil around her young pussy.

“Ooooh, mmmm,” Candi purred as her mother rubbed oil around her sensitive pussy. Candi began to lift her hips to her mother’s touch and wished she would find her clitty and put a finger in her virgin pussy. Lucy, who was now soaking wet herself, struggled to pull herself free from her young, naked daughter.

“Ok baby,” Lucy stammered, “its time for you to rest.”

Candi waited until she heard the door shut after her mother left and she placed one hand over her clitty and used two fingers on her other hand to ram inside her slick pussy. She imagined her fingers were her mother licking her pussy.

Lucy walked to the living room where Ted sat watching television and reading the newspaper. “I have to go to work,” Lucy announced to Ted, “Candi is resting, you might look in on her from time to time to see if she needs anything.”

“Ok,” Ted answered without looking up.

Ted woke up about an hour later after taking a short nap in the chair. Remembering Lucy’s comments on the way to work, Ted walked down to Candi’s room. He had not heard from her since Lucy left for work.

Approaching Candi’s bedroom door, Ted noticed it was slightly ajar, but he knocked anyway. “Candi,” he whispered, “are you awake baby?”

“Huh, oh yeah dad,” Candi said in a sleepy voice.

Ted heard the bed squeak and the covers rustle as he said, “Lucy asked me to look in on you to see if you were ok or if you needed anything.” He pressed slightly on the door and peaked inside.

He saw his 18

year-old daughter roll out of bed, completely naked, her lithe body glistening with oil. With a side view Ted noticed the graceful shape of her small, but firm titties with her eraser-sized nipples pointing straight out from her body. Her firm taught butt was a perfect teardrop shape, sloping gracefully in to her long legs.

Ted started to shut the door, but, for some reason, he couldn’t. He felt a stirring in his cock and then watched as his daughter turned her back to him and bent over at the waist to pick something up from the floor. Ted watched as she bent over, her young pussy coming in to view. He saw wisps of hair, her thick pouty lips, then the thin, delicate inner lips of her pussy come in to view. So innocent looking he thought, as her pussy was a bright pink surrounded by a sea of virgin white skin, framed by the reddened sun burn of her legs.

Candi turned around quickly, sensing the presence of someone at the door, and brought her arms up to hide her lily-white titties. “Oh, daddy,” she exclaimed, “I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I, I’m sorry, honey,” Ted stammered, mad at himself now for looking in at his naked daughter.

Candi held a small towel up to cover her titties and crossed her legs in a way to hide her naked pussy. Ted looked at her long smooth thigh that was exposed all the way to the smooth curve of her young butt.

“Dad, uh, dad,” Candi said, trying to get her dad’s attention.

“Oh, uh, yeah, uh, I was supposed to check in on you, see if you needed anything,” Ted stammered.

“You can help me with the oil,” Candi said, looking at her dad.

Candi was no longer looking at her dad with the harsh look she used earlier. Now her big brown eyes had the look of the innocent little girl Ted had grown to love, the look he couldn’t refuse. Ted knew he should not go in to Candi’s bedroom with her naked. He knew he should not be putting oil on her naked body. He knew he should not be looking at her pussy, at her young firm titties. He should not be looking at her while his cock stirred in his pants.

Ted was frozen. He could not move, and he fought to catch his breath. Candi, getting over the shock of her dad seeing her naked, stood up and turned to lie down on the bed on her stomach. Once again Ted saw her firm young titties swaying slowly as she moved. Her firm upturned butt beckoned at him as she bent over to get in bed.

Candi, lying on her stomach, called out, “daddy, would you put some oil on me, please?”

Ted felt his feet moving as entered her room. He felt light headed, his cock stiff as a board, as if every drop of blood in his system was engorging his cock. Ted picked up the oil and poured some on to his hands and rubbed them together. The sensation was surreal as he saw his hands go to his daughter’s shoulders and he began to slowly rub oil on to her naked skin.

“Mmmm,” Candi purred like a kitten.

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Ted rubbed his daughter’s back down to the start of her young, taut butt. He tried to clear his head and went down to her feet. As he rubbed her feet he noticed Candi started to slowly part her legs. As he rubbed the back of her calves her thighs had parted enough to see wisps of hair, thin blonde strands. The area deep in her butt crack and between her legs was pink, and he could tell her outer lips were thick and puffy. Ted couldn’t take his eyes off her pussy as she continued to open her legs a little at a time.

Ted was now rubbing along the back and inner parts of his daughter’s upper thighs. At each stroke Ted felt himself pulling her thighs apart so he could get a better look at his little girl’s virgin pussy. Candi began to moan in rhythm with her daddy’s massage.

Finally Ted looked down and noticed Candi had her legs spread apart and her butt was sticking up in the air. Her pussy was in full view, her puffy outer lips were reddened and her delicate inner lips glistened from her pussy juice and were parting like pedals of a rose. Candi’s young body was getting ready for sex. Her pussy was flowing lubricating juices and spreading open its covering in anticipation, and preparation for a cock. His cock, her daddy’s cock.

“You want me to turn over, daddy?” Candi asked in a soft, sexy voice.

Before Ted could answer Candi was turning over on to her back. She lifted her arms over her head and closed her eyes. Ted looked down at his little girl’s oiled coated, glistening, naked body. Her firm little titties were rising up and down with her breathing, her flat stomach curved gracefully to her down covered pussy, which was framed by her firm legs, which were slightly parted. Ted was frozen in place again. Fighting with his growing desire to take his daughter, to rip off his clothes and take his young, pretty, virgin daughter right then, right there.

“Daddy,” Candi asked, “are you ok?”

“Uh, yeah, yeah, baby,” Ted responded hoarsely, sweat running down his forehead. “It’s hot in here, don’t you think?” Ted pulled his shirt off before putting oil on his daughter’s shoulders. Ted was visibly shaking as his oiled hands glided down his daughter’s body to her firm young titties. He outlined her titties with his oiled hands and heard her moan. She is enjoying this too, Ted told himself. She wants it. She wants it as bad as I do he told himself.

Ted knew he was crossing the line as his hands circled the outsides of his young daughter’s titties and he slowly pulled them in towards the middle of her body, bunching her titties in his hands. Candi, her eyes closed tightly, arched her back and moaned as her daddy pulled and squeezed her firm titties. She could feel electricity shooting in her body at his touch.

Ted bent over and took one of her extended nipples in his mouth, raking his tongue over her nipple before sucking on her titty. “MMfffpppp, oooouuuu,” moaned Candi as she lifted her torso up from the bed and her daddy kneaded her young flesh with his oiled hands. Ted sucked heartily on each nipple, switching from one to another like a hungry child. After several minutes Ted stood back, admiring his naked daughter’s oiled body as her chest heaved up and down from her heavy breathing.

Ted knew he should stop. He had crossed the line in a weak moment. Candi began to move, she was writhing slowly in the bed, and the expression on her face was one Ted had never seen before on his little girl. She slowly raised her legs, bending her knees as if to bring her legs up closer to her daddy.

Ted moved down and started oiling her legs. He tried to concentrate on rubbing her legs without looking up at her exposed pussy. He was not successful. Candi’s youthful, steaming pussy was like a magnet, pulling her daddy’s eyes to look at her virgin pussy. Ted worked his way up her thighs, Candi began to moan again. He stopped again, this time before his hands approached his daughter’s pussy.

Ted poured oil on his daughter’s stomach, low on her stomach and began to rub it in her lower abdomen and along the tops of her upper thighs. His hands circled lower, and lower. Each time his hands approached her pussy mound, he could hear Candi moan. he pulled his pants and boxers off, standing naked next to his daughter with his massive erection aching for relief. Ted allowed one hand to run down over his daughter’s mound and between her legs.

“Aauuughhhhh,” Candi moaned loudly as she lifted her hips to meet her daddy’s hand. Ted reached down with his free hand and grasped his thick cock. He rubbed his daughter’s tender pussy while flying his fist furiously up and down his hard cock. In seconds he was cumming. Thick globs of cum flew over his daughter, landing on the other side of her bed, ropes of his thick fluid stringing back along her stomach. Ted squeezed and pumped his cock as he came over and over again, pooling thick globs of cum on his daughter. As he finished, his fist was still tightly wrapped around his cock and his other hand was squeezing his daughter’s pussy.

Trying to catch his breath, Ted let go of his cock and began to slowly rub his cum into his daughter’s oily skin. The mixture made for a strange looking combination as the reality of what had just happened soaked in. Ted realized he has just crossed another line, he had just masturbated on his daughter. This was a line he thought he would never cross. As he struggled with his conscious, he noticed his other hand was still firmly attached to his daughter’s hot pussy and she was squeezing her thighs together tightly. Ted stood and watched his daughter build to an orgasm, squeezing her thighs and pussy on his oiled hand.

The site of his daughter being sexually aroused and bringing herself off on him shook him back to reality. His cock was once again fully engorged. Ted pulled his hand from his daughter’s pussy. Her legs flew apart; her pussy was reddened and glistening from the oil and her pussy juice. Candi brought one of her own hands down between her legs along her stomach to her lower abdomen, and along her extended mound. He knew where she was going.

Candi’s experienced fingers found her slit and rubbed circles around the top of her slit. Ted watched intently as his daughter’s mouth opened, and he heard her guttural moan as she found her clitty, “nnnggggg”.

Candi’s knees were in the air, her legs spread apart, her hands busy rubbing her pussy. Ted was once again rubbing his oiled hand up and down the length of his aching cock.

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As if in a dream, he found himself at the foot of Candi’s bed, looking up at his daughter’s extended legs, her pussy wide open with her hands busy giving herself pleasure. She was bucking her hips up and down in rhythm with her circling hands and fingers, her moans coming from deep inside her body. Her eyes were closed tightly and she seemed to be in a trance.

Ted felt his body climb on the bed, slowly, as if he were now a predator stalking his prey. Slowly, steadily, he eased his body above his daughter’s body as she writhed below, careful not to touch her body, to alert her to his presence. Ted let his fist fly up and down the length of his stiff cock, imagining how it will feel to cum on his daughter like he did earlier.

With his fist on his cock shaft, Ted felt himself lowering his body, closer, and closer to his daughter’s open body. He softly pressed the head of his cock to his daughter’s thin inner pussy lips. Her eyes flew open, as if she were wakened by an alarm.

Ted lowered his body quickly, sliding his thick cock head between his daughter’s virgin pussy lips, and coming to rest against her maidenhead.

“Daddy!” exclaimed Candi; as if this were the first time she recognized his presence in the room. “What, what, oh my god, what are you doing?” she hollered.

At this point Ted could not have stopped himself even if he wanted to. The fiery heat from his daughter’s virgin pussy fueled his passion, as he pumped his cock in and out of her tight little pussy. Each time Ted’s big cock head pressed against his daughter’s tight maidenhead. Each time Candi screamed, “daddy, oh no, it hurts, daddy, no, no”

Candi pressed her hands up against her daddy’s strong chest, but to no avail. Filled with lust and not paying attention to his daughter’s pleas, Ted wrapped his oiled hands around his daughter’s firm little butt and pulled her up tightly against his thrusting body. Together with a lunge from his stiff cock, the efforts ripped Candi’s young maidenhead.

“Oouuuuu, oh god it burns, oh daddy, its too big, oh god,” Candi screamed.

Candi’s writhing body and her screaming served to only urge Ted on, to continue his plundering of his virgin daughter’s young, innocent body. One more push and Ted felt his thick, long cock bury itself completely in his daughter’s hot, tight, womb. Her movement and thrashing added to the velvety, tight sensation of her young, tender pussy.

“Oh Candi, yes baby,” Ted moaned, “Your pussy is soooo tight baby, oh yes, fuck daddy, fuck me baby.”

“No, daddy, no,” Candi moaned, her head thrown back. Her body, which moments before was experiencing extreme pain and trauma of being violated, was now responding to the sexual stimulus of her dad’s cock.

For several minutes the only sounds in he room were from the squish, squish, squish of Ted sliding his cock in and out of his daughter’s slick pussy, the grunts each time he reached the bottom of her womb, and her moans. The top of Ted’s cock was rubbing directly on Candi’s extended clitty and she was beginning to respond. Steadily she began to thrust her hips up to meet her daddy’s lunges. She wrapped her legs around his body and squeezed each time he thrust.

“Oh, oh, aaauggghhh,” Candi moaned, now in a sexy, throating tone instead of a frightened tone.

Ted picked up his pace as he felt his daughter’s body accept his own. Ted could feel his cock swelling as Candi whispered in his ear, “fuck me daddy, shoot your cum deep in my pussy and make us a baby.”

“AAAAuuuughhhhhhh,” Ted screamed as his cock exploded, triggered by his little girl’s words whispered in his ear, pumping his hot cum deep into her fertile womb.


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