Dance for Me Erotic stories

My parents divorced when I was pretty young and it split our whole family. Not that it was suppose to bring us together or anything but, my brother, 12 and I, 10 went with my dad and the other four went with my mom. She said that we were better suited to stay with him. Meaning we were just like him and that she could do without.

Dad had a different attitude toward modesty than my mom. We could walk around in our underwear as long as it didn’t make others uncomfortable. I really didn’t give it much thought. At least not until I turned 14 and others began noticing my body more than I did.

One time in particular was an afternoon when my brother (Charles) had his friend Casey over. They were sitting around playing video games (nothing unusual there) and I didn’t think anything of walking across the room and into the kitchen in my undies to get something out of the fridge. Hell, we use to all skinny dip together when we were younger so what more was there to see?

I heard the boys in the next room fumbling and hushing each other. They had been teasing and busting on me since I was old enough to walk. So I prepared myself for the worst and re entered the room. That’s when Casey asked me if I wanted to join them. They’d never asked me before so I just laughed, said maybe later, and went back into my room.

An hour later I left unnoticed for dance class. It was something I did twice a week. At my father’s urging of coarse because he felt that us kids should be more active. My neighbor always gave me a ride there along with her daughter and my brother would pick the two of us up at six. This time however, my brother had been too wrapped up in talking to his girlfriend on the phone to bother with me because he was forty-five minutes late. When the phone line was still busy after the third try our instructor gave us a ride home.

I got home and closed the door behind me to see Casey spread out on the couch.

“What are you doing home so early?” he asked.

“My instructor gave me a ride.”

I just stood in the middle of the floor observing him before I turned to go. “Wait.”

I stopped and turned towards him. I was only wearing my sports bra, a skirt that tied around my waist, and a pair of grey tights and the way Casey’s eyes fell on me made me feel aware of my body. I wanted to go put a little more on.

“When Charles sees that you’re not there he’ll probably stop at his girlfriends.”

He walked over and handed me a glass of wine. They were always raiding my dad’s wine cellar. I hesitated shaking my head no.

“Please, just this one glass? I don’t want to drink alone.”

Four glasses and fifteen minutes later I was feeling pretty free and sitting on Casey’s lap. I got ready to get up and go to the kitchen when I felt Casey’s hands on my waist moving my body from side to side.

“Why don’t you dance for me?” he requested.

I had always had a weakness for Casey. Always anxious to do what ever he asked of me and he knew that. He picked up the remote and selected the music, (I believe it was ‘Angel Eyes’ by White Lion) and I began going through the steps I learned in class.

“No, not like that.”

Casey got up to show me what he meant and he pulled my body close to his.

“I want you to dance like you’re making love.”

I laughed nervously.

“I never have.” I told him as if admitting some big secret.

“But you’ve thought about it haven’t you?”

I just stared at him with my mouth open. That’s when he gave me my first real kiss. His mouth took me by surprise. His tongue searched and pressed against mine. Untying my skirt from around my waist he whispered in my ear.

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“Close your eyes and feel me. I wasn’t sure what he wanted but, I was ready to make him happy. He pressed his pelvis against my ass, I could feel his dick poking between my cheeks with every swivel of his hips.

“Make love to me.”

I took this more as an order than a question.

He began to move in a rhythm I couldn’t help but mimic. I flowed with his body my eyes closed feeling only his heat. In a bold move I placed my hands on his hips and in doing so I felt his own venture down my stomach and into the top of my leotards. His hands crept down into the hot little ‘v’ where my thighs met. Just as I wondered if he’d dare go any further he moved his hands up to the waist of my leotards and began to push them down. That’s when I stopped him.

Taking a step away I turned around to face him. His expression was a mix of panic and fear. I quickly set his worries at ease when I took it upon myself to finish the routine. When I know I have someone’s approval my confidence soars and my inhibitions go out the window.

I looked him straight in the eye and my hormones clouded every moral instilled with in me. My mind filled instead with the sleep-overs where giggling girls would talk about boys. Bragging about false encounters, sinking into our own world’s where our girlfriends would become the audience as we’d put on a mock striptease going as far as our undies. This was no sleep over nor was it a lie that I hoped they would buy. I smiled. He thought it was for him but, it was for me. I had won. I didn’t have to lie any more and I unlike them had a body that the guys could drool over.

With that very smile on my face I took hold of the bottom of my sports bra and pulled it taught slowly stretching it lower and lower. All the while watching Casey’s eyes as the U of the bra crept ever closer to my nipples. It was when the hint of light brown around my nipples came into view that I just snatched the top up revealing my bare titties. I pulled the bra over my head just as he reached up to touch my beautifully rounded tits but, I danced away shaking my head at him.

“Don’t touch,” I mouthed softly.

I resumed my closeness only inches from his body. I taunted him, just barely brushing my breasts up against his clothing. Light enough so that he could just barely feel me up against him but, hard enough to cause my nipples to spring to life from the sensation of rubbing them down his jeans as I sank to my knees.

Sliding my hands up my thighs, snaking them across my stomach, and along the length of my arms, I found myself cradling my chest. So I leaned back on my heels, emptying my breasts from the cradle. I closed my eyes and licked my tongue out over my nipples. It had felt so sweet to suck them inside my mouth when I was alone and now as an exhibitionist it was pure heaven. I treated myself nipping with my teeth and chewing softly on my titty buds. As I entertained myself I felt my legs being eased out from beneath me.

Casey had kneeled down before me and was now proceeding to anchor my legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward and pushed up so my ass lifted from the floor. He slipped his hands under me cupping and squeezing my cheeks while his mouth zeroed in on my pussy. He was like an arrow hitting its target. Fast and sharp with his tongue he pushed into me. My leotards were the only barrier separating him and my pussy. I gasped in surprise when I found him biting at my clit. Upon hearing the tear of fabric, followed by the increased sensation of his tongue caressing and lapping up against my clit, I cried out forcing myself harder against his mouth.

Using his hands he began ripping the leotard freeing my round butt and continuing to rip it until all that remained was the elastic around my waist. He swung his legs around so that they hugged my body and continued to fuck my cunt. His mouth demanding that I cum. Then as quick as he started in on my pussy he moved up. This puzzled me and quite frankly it aggravated me. I was just on the verge of creaming and he changed course.

His mouth was heading North and his fingers began to take over where his tongue left off. He asked me something that I barely understood and answered with a “Uh! Uh!” and I felt what was undoubtedly his stiff cock sliding up and down the entrance of slit. He kissed me holding his body above mine and thrust into me. The breaking of my maiden head took both he and myself by surprise. I cried out gasping and the swirl of pleasure and pain as Casey took my virginity.

He sat there for a moment frozen inside of me. When he saw on my face that the pain had dulled and pleasure was taking over, he started with great ease and precise rhythm gilding in and out of my wet pussy.

“Oh you’re so wet.”

He slid back into me.

“Ahhh, and sooo tight.”

I was getting off on his state of arousal more than my own. He rocked back and forth fucking me with his hot eight inches. I threw my head back as and my breasts high as he thrust into me a final time just as my body shook with pleasure. I felt my pussy clamping and releasing over and over around his cock until they subsided. He pulled out of me gripping his still hard cock. I moaned in ecstasy as I felt the first jet of his sperm hit hot across my clit and then my stomach. He released most of his load on my tits as I lay spread eagle on the floor loving it all.

“I made quite a mess of you,” he commented with a smile.