Dear Eddie – Hot new sex stories

Entering a new school is always scary, and it gets no easier when you change schools twice in one year. Eddie only stayed two months at the last school, hardly getting to know any of the boys in his class. His body was catapulting him into puberty, and while trying to be friendly to the boy next door, in a bit of braggadocio, revealed he had grown pubic hair by eleven, and, at twelve, had quite a thick stand.

Of course the boy promptly told his older brother (thirteen), who had to witness this “freak of nature” (he hardly had any, yet), and the older brother counseled him on the need to shave the hair, to save himself from derision. Eddie promptly shaved, but the returning stubble made him itch so badly, he never shaved again. The year was 1958, a more innocent time.

Probably the worst part of puberty, for Eddie, was the frequent, surprise erections he got. He didn’t have to think about anything in particular to get one. However, Miss Hunsaker, his teacher at Madison Elementary, was so pretty he couldn’t concentrate on his schoolwork, and would be in a constant state of tumescence around her. Even worse: she knew about it, and tried hard to get him in front of the class, to embarrass him. It was good he wasn’t there long. Now, seven months after turning twelve, he was starting again, in a new school.

The Assistant Principal opened the door and, after making sure she was not disturbing anything, ushered him into the classroom and across the front, to the teacher’s desk. Eddie felt all eyes on him, although the class was assigned silent reading.

“Miss Hansen, this is Edward Nolan. He is new to Columbus, and will be in your class.”

Miss Hansen arose from her desk and shook Eddies’ hand, smiling warmly. She was not as pretty as Miss Hunsaker was, but not ugly either. He felt a stirring in his loins.

“Attention class! This is Edward Nolan!”


“Uh, yes, Eddie. He is joining our class. Please make him feel welcome – when you see him at recess or lunch. Take that seat over there by the wall, Edw…, uh, Eddie.”

He took the seat quickly, to hide his hardon, and noticed he had girls on three sides. Looking left, his eyes locked with those of a pretty brown-haired girl, who had the start of some nice breasts. She smiled openly at him and he felt himself flush. Quickly looking down, he could see his erection was easily visible to the girl, and he tried to hide his embarrassment. After a few seconds, Eddie looked up again. Still gazing his way with her green eyes moving from his crotch to his face, she seemed to enjoy his discomfort until, mercifully, she returned her eyes to her book. It was going to be a long morning.

Eddie surely didn’t hate girls. On the contrary: he had always liked them, never going through the normal stage where boys get nauseous in the presence of the opposite sex. He had crushes on his babysitters at a young age; fell in love with his kindergarten teacher; and had a couple platonic affairs every school year. He had also been lucky enough to have carnal knowledge of two teenage girls, when he was only ten. They were girlfriends of his older sister, and they had coaxed him into playing with, and sucking on their tits. He also got to kiss and lick their pussies too, but at that time, his dick was too small to be of much use to them. He had really enjoyed those experiences. As he began feeling the raging hormones of approaching manhood, he began to fear he was going to become a sex-fiend before he was fourteen.

During his first week at Columbus Elementary, he discovered a couple of girls who interested him: There was Susan, a forward girl with reddish-brown, short hair. She was a little bit more advanced in the chest department than most girls in the class were, and she had a hard ass. Eddie found out about the ass the second day in class, when they were at the sink to clean up after art. He had one of his frequent hard-ons, which Susan seemed to be aware of, because as he was standing right behind her, waiting for his turn at the sink, she backed straight into his dick with her ass, and it felt like a brick wall. Susan swiveled her head to look at him, giving him such a sly grin, but kept the pressure against his cock, sliding her ass so it slipped into the valley between her cheeks. Eddie almost shot his wad in his pants. He didn’t know how to react, but filed her actions away for future reference.

There was also Joan, the smiling girl from his first few minutes in class. She lived across the street from Deloy, one of the boys who became his friend. After that first morning in class, she had kept her eye on him, but did not immediately make any moves, and he was still too new to do anything.

Then, one Saturday, he was at Deloys’ house to play. They were out in front, playing hopscotch on the sidewalk. Joan came across the street and asked if she could play. Deloy said she would have to wait until next game. Eddie was sitting cross-legged on the grass watching Deloy play. Joan went behind Eddie and straddled his shoulders, then surreptitiously began rubbing her crotch against the back of his neck.

Eddie sprung a boner like he had never had before, and began fantasizing about her reversing herself so he could nuzzle her pussy, but he just sat there and enjoyed the sensation. He thought he could even smell her. Then Deloy was called in to eat lunch. Eddie said goodbye to him and was starting home, when Joan said: “Do you want to come over and see my bunnies? They’re so cute”.

Willing to do anything to give him extra time with Joan, he said:

“Yeah, I guess so.”

As he followed toward her home:

“My Mom’s taking a nap, so we have to be quiet. But they’re around in back anyway.”

Walking up the driveway toward the rear of her house, Joan took hold of Eddies’ hand and pulled him toward the back of the garage, where a small cluster of pens, made from wood and poultry wire, stood in an area enclosed by the rear of the garage and shrubbery.

“My Dad made these pens for me. I used to have four bunnies, but one died. I was so sad.”

Joan still had Eddies’ hand, and with her last comment, she put on such a sad face, and pulled his hand toward her and held it to her chest. Joan didn’t have very big breasts yet, but they were nicely shaped, and Eddies’ hand nestled very comfortably between them, his wrist just touching the swell of her left boob and his fingertips brushing her right one. Joan looked him straight in the eyes with a challenge. He didn’t know what made him do it, but he pulled his hand free of her hand and placed it gently over her left boob and gave it a slight squeeze.

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice Eddie.”

He ran his other hand up her right side and cupped the other breast, then gave it a squeeze too. Joan’s eyes closed, and she took a deep breath through her nostrils, then impulsively put her hand on the bulge that had never completely left his crotch.

Now it was Eddies’ turn to moan. Joan began rubbing his erection through his pants, and Eddie suddenly found the nerve to slide his left hand down Joan’s front and slide it between her legs to cup her cunt mound.

She jumped, and her eyes flew open, but she didn’t push his hand away. Eddie began to rub his middle finger back and forth along the seam of her shorts, where he knew her pussy lay. Now, she was really moaning. He could feel and heat and beginnings of moisture on his fingers.

“Uh, Uh, Uh, Mmmmmm. Oh, Eddie! That feels soooo gooood!”

Eddie moved closer to Joan and moving his right hand off her boob put his arm around her and placed his lips on hers. Joan responded with enthusiasm, but not much skill. Eddie had learned to kiss from his sister’s girlfriends. He probed her lips with his tongue until she opened them tentatively, then her teeth, to allow him inside her mouth.

Once inside, he moved his tongue from side to side and played with her moving tongue. She exhaled and then inhaled through her nostrils, and at the same time moaned deep in her chest. All this time he had continued to stroke her pussy through her shorts, which were getting very damp by now. Joan had stopped rubbing his cock, but kept her hand on it.

Finally he broke the kiss, trailing a string of saliva from his lips to hers. Joan still had her eyes closed, and acted like she was in a trance for a few seconds, then opening her eyes she looked at Eddie with an almost animal lust.

“Oh, Eddie! I feel funny. Good, but funny. I’m glad we’re back here. No one can see us, and my Mom never comes back here, cause she says it smells. What can we do now? Kiss some more?”

“Do you want me to make it feel even better?” Eddie said, looking at Joan with excitement, and hoping she would say ‘yes’. She nodded in the affirmative, but with a look of apprehension.

“How can you make it feel better?”

“If you took your clothes off, I could show you.”

Joan’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open

“Oooh, Eddie! You’re naughty!

“Did it feel good when I touched you with my fingers?”


“Well, your clothes were in the way of me really making it feel good. I promise it will feel so much better than before.”

“Well, I don’t know. What about you, are you going to take your clothes off too? If you see me, I want to see you.”

“O.K.! I’ll take my pants off, but there’s nothing to see under my shirt, like there is under yours.”

“No! I’m not taking my shirt off unless you take yours off too!”

“Maybe we shouldn’t get all undressed. Tell you what, let me take off your shirt and see your breasts, and I’ll start making you feel good, then you can put your shirt back on and I’ll continue down there.” Eddie indicated her crotch area with a glance and a nod.

“O.K.” She said hesitantly. Eddie began unbuttoning Joan’s blouse as she watched him very self-consciously. He opened up the front and reached around inside, to undo her bra strap (he fumbled with it with both hands because he was still too young to have the moves down pat to do it one-handed).

Licking his lips and looking up at Joan’s eyes, he lifted the cups up toward her neck so her tits were revealed to his eyes. She waited for either something to happen, or for him to say something.

After about fifteen or twenty seconds Eddie said: “Your ti…, uh… breasts are very pretty Joan.”

“You almost said ‘tits’, didn’t you? I call them by bosoms, or boobies, but when we’re alone you can call them ‘tits’. It excites me!”

“Your ‘tits’ are beautiful! Let me touch them.”

Eddie gently caressed them with his hands, then ran his index finger around and over her small erect nipples. Joan sucked in her breath as he came in contact with her sensitive tips, and she got goose bumps all over. She moaned. Eddie, still holding her bra up and out of the way, lowered his mouth to her tits and placed it over her left nipple and ran his tongue across the nub. Joan reacted instantly! She moaned deeply and brought her hands up and held his head tightly to her breast. Eddie began sucking on Joan’s nipple, which caused her to wriggle her body. He then switched to the right nipple with similar results.

“Oh! Oh! Eddie! That makes me feel real funny, tingly down in my puss…, uh, privates.”

Raising his head from her tits, Eddie smirked, and said:

“You almost said ‘pussy’ didn’t you? I’ve heard it called pussy, cunt, cunny, twat, and vagina. You can call it any of those things when we’re alone.” Joan blushed bright red, but said nothing.

Eddie reached down, unsnapped Joan’s shorts and unzipped them. Joan did nothing, so he hooked his thumbs in the waistband and pulled shorts and underpants down over her ass and legs to leave them in a bunch around her ankles. Joan just stared down at her feet, not moving. Eddie then put his left hand back on her pubic mound, feeling the sparse growth of hair. His middle finger slipped between the extremely wet outer lips of her pussy and gently parted her inner labia. He was expecting her to stop him at any second, but she was mesmerized by the sensations he was causing in her body.

Pressing his finger gently into her vaginal opening, Eddie slowly rotated the finger inside and attempted to push it in further. He managed to get it in to the first knuckle before he felt something. He knew this was her cherry, because his sister’s girlfriends told him it was when he felt theirs the first time. (After about the third time he was with them, he found they no longer had that blockage, and could put his finger all the way into their cunts.) Joan had been moaning, and breathing fast and hard, as he stroked inside her cunt.

Eddie finally withdrew his finger from Joan’s hole and very gently raised it to her “clit”. As he contacted it, she grabbed his arm with both hands, but did not pull it away; she just clung to his arm seemingly for support.

“nnngnnnmm, oh, ooh, mmmmmmm.”

Eddie had put his right arm around her waist to hold her still. Now he moved it down to cup and caress her tiny ass cheeks. They were so smooth! He ran his middle finger up the cleft of her ass. She shook her butt to dislodge his finger, and said:

“Nnnno! Don’t do that!”

He was content to twiddle her clit, so he just continued to rub his hand around on her ass. She was beginning to rotate her hips and push against his finger. She also started moaning much louder, and he felt she was ready to cum. He stepped up his fingering pace and pressed his mouth over hers, to try and stifle her moans. He stuck his tongue into her mouth and she passionately started to suck on it like it was a lollipop. She was turned on so bad she started to whimper, and let little snorts come out her nose.. Her fingernails started to dig into Eddie’s arm, but he kept up his action on her little pussy nub.

All of a sudden she started to shake and shiver, and her knees gave way. If he had not moved his arm back around her waist she would have fallen down. He kept his hand pressed against her clit and supported her body weight with his right arm while she rode out her orgasm. He pulled his mouth back from hers and watched her slowly relax. She opened her eyes partially, and looked up at him with a lazy smile on her face.

“Eddie, that was soooo good! I’ve never felt anything like that.”

“Have you ever played with your own pussy?”

“A little, but nothing happened like that. It just felt good.”

“You must not have done it long enough.”

“I don’t think I could ever make it feel like you did, Eddie. Where did you learn to do that to a girl? Have you done it to a lot of girls?”

“No, only a couple, but they were older. They just taught me what felt good to them.”

“And what felt good to you, too?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“What feels good to you, Eddie?”

“Well, holding my di…, er penis in your hand and jerking up and down on it. And putting your mouth on it and sucking on it. But most of all, putting it inside of a girl and fucking.” Eddie blurted out. Joan was incredulous.

“You said ‘fucking’! Ooh, naughty, naughty. And you meant to say ‘dick’, or maybe prick, or cock. See, I know the words too, but I’ve only said them in my mind, and sometimes when my girlfriends and I are alone, and then we only whisper them. Let me see your dick, Eddie. You’ve seen all of me, but I haven’t seen any of you yet.”

“O.K., I’ll show you, but there are a lot more things I can do to you, to make you feel real good.”

“We’ll have to wait until next time, Eddie. My Mom will be waking up soon, and I still have to see you. Maybe I can do something to make you feel good.”

Joan bent down to pull her shorts and panties up, and as she did so, she noticed how much pussy juice had come out of her. It was running down her thighs. She was fascinated, and Eddie reached down to wipe his finger along the inside of one thigh, then put the finger to his mouth. She was awestruck.

“Eddie! That’s yucky!”

“No, it’s not! It tastes real good to me; kinda sweet.”


“Sure. Do you want to taste it?” Eddie scooped some up and offered it to her. She daintily licked some from his finger, and rolled it around in her mouth.

“I don’t know if I like it, but it’s not real bad. It sure gets all over the place, doesn’t it.”

“I caused it, so I should have to clean it up.”

“Do you have a hanky, or a napkin?”

“No, but there’s a better way. Hold still.”

Eddie dropped to his knees in front of Joan and lowered his mouth to Joan’s cunt.

“Ugh! What are you doing?”

“This is another one of the ways I was going to show you, to make you feel good. Now be quiet, and hold still.”

Eddie’s tongue darted out and began to lick up Joan’s spendings from her young pussy. He was an avid cuntlicker and went after every bit of moisture. He had started on her thighs, and then slowly worked his tongue toward the source of all that luscious cunt-crme. As he zeroed in on her twat, she began moaning again. She finally straightened her body up and pushed Eddie’s head away from her groin.

“Stop! That’s enough. I can’t stand it again. Maybe later.”

She looked down at Eddie, who was sitting back on his knees with his face all wet from her cunt. He had a disappointed look on his face.

“Oh, don’t be that way. I said we’d do it again.” She said, as she pulled her panties and shorts back up, then wiped his face with her hands, and rubbing her ass with her hands to transfer the wetness to her shorts. She then zipped up, and snapped them.

“Now, I’m not going to wait any longer! Take down your pants!” She said.

To help him along, she reached over and unsnapped his pants top fastener.. Eddie got the message, and lowered his zipper, then tried to get his shorts out from around his erection, so he could push both garments down his legs. As he did so, his dick flipped up and slapped against his lower belly. Joan gave a start, and stared at her first real male hard-on.

Eddie was not large. At 4 inches, he was about average for his age, but the dense growth of pubic hair at his prick root gave him the appearance of being much older. His thatch has grown back to a proper length and the thickness of his cock was respectable.

Joan was enthusiastic about looking him over. She dropped to her knees, in front of Eddie, for a close-up view. She reached right up and touched the spongy head with her finger, and ran it across the tip to wipe off some of the pre-cum. She looked up at Eddie, then gently touched her finger to her tongue to take a dainty taste. She made no comment, but took his cock in her hand and fondled it. Eddie thought it was hard before, but at her caress, it turned into a steel rod.

“Ohhh! That feels good Joan. Move your hand up and down on it. Yes, that’s it.”

Joan had picked up the rhythm almost instinctively, and was really getting into it.

“Does it really feel good Eddie?”

“Oooh, yes, it really does. Will you put the end of it in your mouth?”

“Uh, I don’t know if I want to. Would it make you feel that much better?”

“Oh, yes, it would!”

“I’ll try.”

Joan hesitantly lowered her head to Eddie’s cock, never missing a stroke.. Slowly, she brought her mouth closer and closer. He could feel her warm breath on it. Finally, her lips wrapped around the glans of his prick. It was almost an electrifying sensation.

“Ummmm, Ohhhhh, Joan, it feels wonderful.” Eddie’s eyes closed, and his breathing quickened. Joan pushed her mouth further on to his dick and moved her hand down to the root, continuing to take shorter strokes. “Su…,su…, sssuck it, like a lollipop.” He groaned.

Joan was game, as she applied suction to his throbbing erection. Eddie could feel the semen building for an eruption, and fought with his conscience whether or not to give Joan a warning as to what was going to happen.

“Joan, do you know what happens when a man’s comes? You do know that he spurts white stuff out of his prick don’t you?” Joan shook her head up and down.

“Well, I’m about to come. It would be great if you let me come in your mouth, but if you don’t want to, you had better take your mouth off…, but don’t stop pulling on it.”

Joan looked up at the distress on Eddie’s face and released his cock from the warm confines of her little mouth, but she still held it pointed toward her face and looked into the tiny piss hole.

“I’mmmm cuummiinngg!” The first squirt of semen hit her on the forehead; the second spurt hit her in the mouth as she opened it in shock from the first blast. The rest of the diminishing ejaculations landed on her chin and her chest. Joan was in complete shock.

“III’m sorry Joan!”

By this time, the cum which hit her forehead was running down between her eyes. She licked her lips and swallowed what was in her mouth.

“Hmmm, not too bad.” She said, as she began to smile, while trying to catch all the running semen with her hands.

“Let me help you.” said Eddie, as he stepped up to her and licked the remaining jizz from her face, neck and tits.

Joan then licked all she could from her fingers and wiped her hands on the seat of her shorts. She pulled her bra back into place, fitting the cups to her breasts, then reached around and re-fastened the hooks. Eddie was watching intently, and when she looked at him while she buttoned her shirt up, he reached down to retrieve his pants and shorts from around his ankles. When he had re-snapped and zipped, he looked at Joan, who had been taking her turn watching him. They slowly smiled at each other in embarrassment, now more shy than they had when they began this “tryst”.

“Are you going to let us do this again?” Eddie asked.

Joan’s eyes took on a far-off look, and she replied trancelike: “Uh huh.”

Then she seemed to snap out of her reverie, and added:

“I really liked doing those things with you Eddie. I want to learn some of the other things you wanted to show me, if they feel as good as what we just did. My girlfriends will be so jealous!”

“No! You can’t tell them! It will ruin everything! Our parents might find out!” Eddie was alarmed.

“Well, I could say it was with a cousin from another town, or state. I just have to tell, because Susan thinks she is so experienced, just because she has made out with a boy: french kisses and everything!”

“Do you think you could get Susan, or one of your other friends to come over here, and I could get another boy.”


“I don’t know! Maybe Deloy?”

“No!” Now Joan was alarmed.

“Why not? Don’t you like him?”

“Uh, sure I like him, but he lives too close, and his mother is always snooping around about what her “little boy” is doing.”

“O.K., I’ll have to think of someone else, but that won’t stop you and me from doing things, will it?”

“No, Eddie, but we need to find someplace where we won’t be out in the open like this is.” There was a long silence, then Eddie said:

“Hey, what about those vacant houses on Field Street? I played in them a couple times, and found some real neat hiding places. They are gonna tear them down for the new highway, but they are taking a long time starting. Are you allowed out in the evening?”

“My Mother lets me go to my girlfriends sometimes, but I would have to be back by dark.”

“That would be great. Do you think she would call over there to check on you?”

“My friend, Marsha, doesn’t have a phone, but my Mother has never called before, when I went to my girlfriends.”

“Good! How about Monday, right after dinner?”

“Yes! That would be good! I’m already excited.”

“Me too! Well, I gotta go now Joan.”

Eddie took her into his arms and kissed her on the lips, sticking his tongue inside of her mouth. Joan eagerly joined in the deep kiss, and encircled his waist with her arms. As they broke the kiss, they looked into each other’s eyes for a moment.

“You’re not sorry you let me, are you?” Eddie asked

“No, Eddie. I liked it. I want to do it again. I even wish you could sneak into my room tonight.”

“Really? Hmmm, I wonder if I could?”

“No! That would be too dangerous! Let’s just wait ’til Monday.”

“O.K., see you in school.”

Monday seemed to drag by, and every time Eddie looked at Joan, he would almost cream in his jeans. Joan was fidgety too, and she had to pretend no interest in being around Eddie, all day. Finally, the dismissal bell rang, and the students streamed out the doors, to be picked up by parents, school busses, or to start their trek home on foot. Joan’s Mother picked her up, but Eddie and Deloy walked home together, talking about cars, sports, and occasionally girls, though Deloy was still not far enough into puberty to be too interested in girls.

Eddie had cleared a trip to boyfriends’ with his Mom, on stipulation that he wouldn’t be out too late. Eddies’ Mom was permissive enough to not put too fine a point on it, such as giving him an exact time, but it was understood that it meant he was not be out much after dark. He hurried through dinner, and then picked up a gym bag he had earlier stuffed with a blanket, telling his Mom that it was some boxing gloves and softball mitt.. He dashed out the door, and took a circuitous route to Field Street.

Looking around, he saw no one interested in whether a young boy was playing near some vacant houses. He went to one of the backyards, then doubled back, and into the back door of one house. Now the wait became difficult: would Joan show up, and would she be able to find him and not draw anyone’s attention to herself.

Eddie figured they had just under two hours, if Joan arrived soon. He had found a storage room in the basement of this house, which was not easy to find, if you didn’t know it existed. Inside, you could hear anyone coming into the house above. Having given Joan directions, Eddie waited beside the back door, so he could motion her in, and watch for anyone interested in where she was going. She arrived about ten minutes after he did. He locked the back door and took Joan down to the basement.

The storage room had light from small windows high in the walls, and anyone looking through those windows would not be able to see far enough into the room to see them. Eddie had made sure no debris was in their way, and had carried a small left-behind mattress from another basement room. He had spread the blanket over the mattress. When Joan saw the arrangements Eddie had made, she was impressed. She was still wearing her school dress, and since she didn’t want to get it dirty, she began removing it. Seeing Joan start to undress, Eddie became excited, and started to take his clothes off too. When he was down to his undershorts, and she down to her bra and panties, they stopped.

“Do you still want to do this Joan?”

“Yes! I’ve been dying for it since Saturday, and today was soooo long.” She began unfastening her bra, so Eddie lowered his shorts and stepped out of them. He was hard, of course, and Joan was staring intently at his prick. She took her panties down and off in a graceful movement, and laid her underclothes on top of her dress. Jimmy had taken off his shoes and socks, but Joan still had hers on, so she sat on the blanket to remove them. This gave Eddie a view up between her legs. She was aware he was looking, but she didn’t care. When she was finished taking her shoes and stockings off she paused and looked up at Eddie, as though saying ‘What next’.

Eddie went over to the mattress and sat down next to Joan. He gathered her into his arms and gave a tender kiss on the cheek and then pulled on her chin to bring her lips around to his. Joan responded by kissing him back, and they opened their mouths to give each other access. As they were kissing, Eddie drew Joan back into a reclining position with himself on his side over her to continue the kiss. In this position, he could push his tongue way back into Joan’s mouth, which caused a moan to come from her. Also lying like this caused his cock to rub against her naked hip, painting a picture with his pre-cum.

As the kiss lingered on, Eddie took his free hand and let it wander, as he caressed her cheek, then down the curve of her neck and across the young hillocks emerging from the plane of her chest. He cupped each breast, squeezing them in the palm of his hand, then teased each nipple until it was erect. Joan was beginning to breathe heavier, and gave off an occasional moan or whimper.

Finally, Eddie let his hand wander lower, across her abdomen and into her sparse pubic hair. Sensing him nearing her cuntal mound, Joan slowly spread her thighs wider, so Eddie would have access, her heart beating wildly. Letting his right middle digit slip gently through the small furrow at the top of her outer lips, Eddie followed its course to the top of her vulva, where he found her already-swollen clit. A deeper moan escaped Joan, as he began to slowly massage the little nub. Finally, he drew his mouth from hers.

With her eyes still closed, Joan felt Eddie kiss his way down past her chin and neck, onto her chest. He kissed slowly, tenderly, leaving a slight trail of saliva across her flesh. His lips walked up each tit and enveloped their respective nipple, sucking each hard little berry into his warm, wet mouth. Joan was beginning her climb up passions’ hill, surrendering herself to the exquisite ministrations of her twelve-year-old peer.

Downward, Eddie moved his mouth as he scattered kisses and tongue caresses across Joan’s flat belly and into the area that would someday sprout much thicker pubic hair. Shifting his position, Eddie took a kneeling stance between Joan’s spread legs. He caressed her thighs with his hands, and brought them up and around until he could cup her ass cheeks in his hands.. Inhaling deeply, Eddie moved closer to his young friends’ cunt until he could extend his tongue and touch the labial folds of her vulva. Joan quivered and moaned at the first contact.

Moving his tongue slowly and gently, he traced the crease dividing her thigh from the outer lips of her pussy, first one side, then the other. He moved to the crease between the labia major and labia minor, and slowly exhaled through his nose so the warm air would brush Joan’s clit. Finally, he pushed the tip of his tongue into the opening of her vagina, and slowly pushed it into her until it reached the blockage of her hymen. Wiggling his tongue inside her caused Joan to arch her back and push her pussy against his tongue.

The sweet syrup flowed out of her snatch and into Eddies’ sucking mouth. Trying to push his tongue through her cherry, Eddie continued to spear in and out of Joan’s virginal twat. At the same time, he moved his upper lip up to cover her blood-engorged love-nub and applied suction on her whole pussy area. Joan was beside herself. Never had she felt such wonderful sensations. She felt a flush infuse her entire body, and her hands, which had been clutching the blanket at her sides, now went to Eddies’ head and pulled it firmly up against her cunt. Her breathing was ragged and gasping, and she felt this uncontrollable desire to push Eddies’ entire head into her twat.

At last, the muscles in her lower abdomen and groin began to ripple and gyrate. She knew she was cumming, but with so much more intensity than at any other time. Joan felt like screaming, so she rushed one of her hands up to cup her mouth so the shriek that escaped her throat was partially muffled by her hand. Eddie looked up, startled, but when he saw it was just the power of her orgasm, he continued to suck up her spendings. It took a minute or so for Joan to come down from the crest of her cumming, and when she did, Eddie was up beside her once more, but his face was shiny with her cunt-creme.

“Will you let me put my prick in your pussy now?”

Joan thought about this for a half a minute, then apprehensively said:

“Do you think it will fit? It could hurt me.”

“I’ll do it slowly, and it may hurt for just a little while, but then I know you’ll like it.”

Eddie had no way of knowing for sure how much it would hurt, since he had never actually fucked someone. Joan would be getting his cherry at the same time he got hers. He had listened to his sisters’ two girlfriends though, and they had confided in him that it had hurt a little, but it had been worth it. He knew they were using him to get off, and had actually surrendered their maidenheads to an older boy, but at the time, he was grateful for the experience.

“O.K., but be careful!”

“I will be. I’ll try real hard to make it just as good as it was a minute ago. Maybe better!”

Raising himself up over Joan, he positioned himself between her spread legs. He looked at Joan’s face and saw she had her eyes closed and her breathing was fast. Hell, he knew just how she felt: He was apprehensive too! His hand guided his stiff prick to her flower-like pussy lips, and he rubbed the head up and down her labia, trying to get lubed-up. Finally he inserted his dick-head between her lips and pressed forward. He managed to enter about an inch before he met any resistance, and he heard Joan suck in a quick breath. Her hymen felt rubbery, and gave slightly as he tested it. Eddie put more weight behind his cock and he felt himself push through a very tight band of tissue, causing Joan to moan in pain. Suddenly the constriction was gone and Joan issued a sharp “Owwww!”

Eddie was now all the way in, so he stopped and rested.

“Are you O.K.? Did it hurt?”

“I’m O.K. Yes, it did hurt, a little.”

Eddie pulled out almost all the way, then slowly slid back into her cunt.. He waited for a reaction, but received none. So he repeated his action. This time, Joan made a small whimpering sound.

“Does it hurt?”

“It’s a little sore, but it feels good when you put it in slowly.”

Continuing his slow seesawing, in and out of Joan’s pussy, he was amazed at the erotic sensations the friction of her cunt walls was giving his cock. Joan began moaning, also.

“Oh, Eddie! This is starting to feel soooo gooood! Don’t stop!”

Eddie had no intentions of stopping, but he knew that it would not be long until he squirted his cum. Should he leave it in, or should he pull out and come on Joan’s belly? He wasn’t totally irresponsible, or ignorant of the consequences of his actions. He had read of girls getting pregnant as young as six years old, but that always seemed to be in other countries. Were women/girls so much different there? His logic told him no, but he had never heard of girls as young as twelve getting pregnant in the U.S. He decided he would chance it, and picked up his stroking pace.

“Unnh, Unnh, Unnh. Eddie, I’ve never felt so good. Fucking feels soooo wonderful! I’m just about ready to cum again! Faster, Eddie, faster!”

Eddie picked up the pace again, but knew he might cum before Joan did. He tried to concentrate on watching her jiggling little tits as he banged into her, but found that was exciting him too. He quickly imagined someone catching them here, and he nearly lost his hard-on, but it delayed his orgasm just enough to allow Joan to start gasping, and moaning, and jerking as she came for the second time this afternoon. Her arms pulled him down to her, and she reached for his mouth to stifle her scream. This action intensified his own orgasm and he began pumping his semen out of his cock and into her warm, clasping cunt. He counted at least five good squirts of cum then he could feel more dribbling out of his dick-head. He lay on top of Joan, resting, but supporting most of his weight on his knees and forearms.

Waiting until their breathing slowed, Eddie raised himself up to arms-length and looked down at Joan. Her eyelids fluttered open and she focused on his face. It seemed like a long time before she reacted in any way, but then a sly, lazy smile lit up her face, and she spoke.

“Oh, how can anything so good be so bad? I mean, it feels so good, but our parents would have a cow if they knew we were doing it.”

” I know! It did feel real good. It was my first actual fuck, and it was super, but we would both be in a world of shit if our parents found out. I would like to do it again. Would you?”

“Oh, yes! I wish you could live in my bedroom and we could do it every night! I guess it doesn’t feel so good after awhile, because I can hear my mom and dad when they do it, and it only happens once a week, or so.”

“Aww, they probably just don’t appreciate it ’cause they can do it anytime they want. I know the idea of doing it, when I shouldn’t, really make me hot!”

“Yes, just like when I’m in bed at night, and I put my hand on my pussy and play with it. When I hear Mom come down the hall, I get real excited because, if she caught me doing those things, she would punish me. I always have such a good feeling in my belly if I do it as she passes by my door!”

Eddies’ erection had started to wilt for a short time, but all the talk about doing forbidden things brought him back up, so he started to stroke in and out very slowly.

“Ooh, Eddie! Mmmmmm, that feels so good!”

Joan raised her hips up to meet his inward strokes and together they created a rhythm of mutual pelvic thrusts that magnified the sensual pleasure being enjoyed by these two pre-teens. Both were breathing heavy and Joan gave off low moans to match Eddies’ occasional grunts and groans.. The pace eventually sped up and Joan started to emit increasingly louder growling groans of pleasure until her voice crossed over into a falsetto squeal of joy as she came. Eddie was not far behind, and he blasted another helping of his love juice deep into Joan’s cunt. This time Joan had only closed her eyes momentarily, as she climaxed, then opened them in time to see the erotic look of pleasure on Eddies’ face as he bathed her cervix into semen. When Eddie opened his eyes to look down at her, she had a smile on her face, which said she was very pleased with herself.

After about thirty seconds, Eddie pulled his still-hard prick out of Joan’s soaking-wet pussy. He had thought to bring along an old washcloth out of his mother’s ragbag. He now applied it to Joan’s crotch, to catch the cum which was beginning to run down the crack of her ass. He enjoyed looking at the red, inflamed pussy laid out before him. He impulsively lowered his head and kissed her cunt, which caused her to emit a sharp gasp. He furthered his attention to her twat by running his tongue up the slit and catching some of the semen oozing out of it and swallowing it. Joan looked on with amazement.

“How can you do that?”

“Why not? It’s my own sperm. I’ve tasted it before, when I jacked-off. How could I expect you to swallow it, if I’m not willing to do it? The same goes for your pussy juice. Have you tasted it?”

“Yes, but I didn’t want to admit it.”

“Why not? You could taste it, and my sperm, if you wanted to put my dick into your mouth and clean it off, like I am doing to your cunt.”

“Well, O.K. Turn around”

Eddie reversed his body, and then resumed his lapping of Joan’s cunt juices. He felt her take his prick in her hand, starting to lap up one side and down the other, then she engulfed his cock with her mouth and began sucking on it, with an occasional lick around the base to get the goo which had collected in his pubic hair. Astonished that Joan was willing to do just about anything he suggested, he knew they could have a lot of fun.

Eddie had just come twice, and was in no immediate need to do so again, but Joan’s mouth felt so good on his cock. He was as hard as he had ever been and he stepped up his cunt eating activities to return the favor. He had already cleaned as much of their mutual spendings out of her pussy as he could get with his tongue, so he placed his mouth over her entire vaginal opening and began to suck any moisture he could out her sweet, young cunny.

Joan moaned around his dick, in appreciation. Meanwhile, he let his tongue strum across her clit as if it were a harp string.

“Ohhh, Eddie. Do me again. Please, please, I’m so hot!”

“Get up on your hands and knees.”


“Please do it. It’s gonna feel real good.”


Joan rolled over and raised herself on her hands and knees, then looked around at Eddie, to see what he was going to do. He edged up to her ass on his knees, then, using his left hand, brought his hard prick to her pussy opening and gave a push. It slid into her cunt, and she gave a long sighing moan as it went in full-length. Eddie let it soak for a slow count of five.

“Ummm, that feels super!”

“See! I told ya.”

With that said, Eddie began his pumping movements, as he plumbed the depths of her glory hole once more, much to Joan’s delight. Since they had both been pretty well primed by the previous sixty-nine action, things were pretty hot. Eddie could feel himself reaching toward another orgasm, but he could also sense they would both be sore from their first-time exertions. What Eddie did not realize was the effect this position would have on Joan. As she began to whimper, moan and push back against his thrusts, he didn’t know his cock was directly stimulating Joan’s G-spot (which would not be written about for another twenty-plus years). All Eddie knew was Joan was hot, and her movements and sounds were making him hot also!

Making long, hard strokes into Joan’s sopping-wet cunt, he felt himself reaching his peak, where he would again shoot his cum into her hot, sweet pussy. Eddie could not fathom the extremely pleasurable feelings Joan’s clasping, slippery twat was giving him. He began to breathe through his nose in short bursts, grunting as he went. Joan had not been stoic during this time.

Continuing her moans, she built them into a sort of keening sound, something like an animal would make. Then she started gyrating her hips, and finally, as she reached the pinnacle of her passion, she gave a couple short, hard jabs backwards with her ass, and then pushed back against Eddies’ groin and held the pressure against him. Eddie could feel her cunt spasm around his cock and this caused him to begin his hosing down of her no-longer-virgin pussy. Both youngsters felt weak with exertion from the overpowering release, and slumped to the mattress, breathing heavily. This action pulled Eddies’ dick out of Joan’s drooling cunt, and he fell to the side of her, so she would not have his weight on her back.

It took a few minutes for them to revive.

“Eddie, I am soooo tired!”

“Yeah, me too.”

They slowing crawled into each others’ arms and cuddled for about five minutes, saying nothing, each one lost with their own thoughts. Finally, Eddie let a long sigh escape him and said:

“It’s getting late, starting to get dark. We better get cleaned up and go home. O.K.?”

“Yes, Eddie. I wish we could stay here and lay like this for a long time..”

“I know. Me too, but we have to get home. When do you think we can get together again?”

“Maybe Thursday, or Saturday, but you seemed interested in getting some of the other girls involved, like Susan. Do you want to fuck her too? Do you want to fuck all my girlfriends?”

Eddie could tell Joan was starting to feel hurt, and he wanted to re-assure her.

“Joan, I want to do it again with you, but last Saturday, I thought about getting more people involved so we could share what we know, with them. That is why I mentioned Deloy. You and I could teach him and one of your girlfriends what we have learned together. Deloy is one of my best friends, and I only mentioned Susan because she was the one who was nasty enough to want to learn.”

“Oh, she’s nasty enough alright. I don’t think she’s a virgin, and I hear she does it with older men, like almost high-schoolers! I think all my girlfriends would like to learn, but some are afraid of taking the chance..”

“Well, I’m happy just doing it with you, and they can learn by themselves.. The more that know about us, makes the chances better for one of the parents to find out, then it can get back to our parents. Let’s just keep this between you and I for a while. O.K?”


Joan and Eddie separated and started to pull on their clothes. The old washcloth was stuffed into Joan’s panties to absorb the cum still leaking out of her pussy. She would throw it away in the nearest trashcan after she got home. Eddie took up the blanket, folded it, and stuffed it into his athletic bag, then he and Joan dragged the mattress into a closet, so it would be concealed and ready for use the next time they came here. Before climbing the stairs to the main floor, Eddie took Joan into his arms and kissed her tenderly.

“Are you sorry you came here today?”

“Oh, no, Eddie. It was wonderful!”

“I thought so too.”

The two ascended the stairs and Eddie checked out the window to see if the way was clear. It had gotten dark enough that most people would not notice two kids slipping out of an old, abandoned house. They touched hands as they went their separate ways, talking about seeing each other at school tomorrow, each with their own ideas of what their next sexual adventure would be. Eddie was thinking not only of when, but also with whom.

Watch for the further adventures of Eddie Nolan!