Dinner Is on Amy Erotic stories

I stretch out on the couch still naked and damp from the shower. My cock is already semi-hard, anticipating the phone call I am about to make. I haven’t talked to her in two weeks. I have just been letting her stew, hopefully in her own juices. I smile while I dial.

She answers on the first half of the second ring. She doesn’t even say hello. She just waits silently, knowing it is me from her Caller I.D. I wait, just long enough, and then I start in on her.

“You know we will never, ever go out to dinner.”

“I know,” she whispers a little breathlessly.

“Have I ever said anything to make you believe any differently?”


“Then what compelled you to ask me to dinner the last time we were together? Did I do something to make you think differently?”

“I am so sorry,” she says.

“Mmm, Hmm,” I answer.

“I got a little caught up in the emotion.”

“Caught up is good. Just don’t get carried away. If our relationship gets too hard for you to handle, you can get out anytime you want. You can tell me no, or stop, or leave, or don’t call me anymore; just anytime you want, and I walk away with no hard feelings. I won’t be mad, or hold anything over your head. You know that right?”

“Yes, I know. I said I was sorry. Please?”

“Please what?” I ask her.

There is a long pause. I just wait and listen to her breathe. “Don’t,” and here she stops to carefully pick her words, “Please don’t ignore me for so long.” I smile. I’ve still got her, and now my cock is all the way hard.

“You’re such a good girl Amy. I am still having a lot of fun when we do get together. Are you still having fun, or are you constantly stressing about where this is going? If this isn’t fun for you anymore then we should stop.”

“You stop,” she protested. It sounded like she was smiling. “I already told you I was sorry. I even said please. Now stop being mean… please?”

“You are making me so happy Amy. You’re such a polite little thing after some time off. I want you to do something for me. Will you do something for me?”

“I might make some mistakes Doug, but I never tell you no, do I?” I have to agree with that I think to myself and chuckle.

“Get naked.” I tell her. She laughs.

“I caught you playing with yourself, didn’t I you naughty little slut?”

“Yes,” she says in her little girl voice, pretending she’s feeling guilty.

“Is that why you didn’t say hello? Out of breath?”

“Yes,” she answers.

“Good. Now take your free hand and stuff your tit into your mouth. Suck your nipple like I do, and I want to hear it.” She doesn’t skip a beat. I hear her lapping at herself almost before I can finish telling her to. She starts to moan a little bit.

I hear her huge tit pop out of her mouth. “God I miss you,” she sighs.

“You don’t miss me. You miss the way I make you feel. You’re a naughty little slut aren’t you?” I want to hear her say it.

“Yes,” she responds.

“Yes what?”

“I’m a naughty little slut,” she whispers.

“Now finish what you started before I called.”

I hear the phone switch hands. She starts to gasp a little bit. “Oh God Doug I am so horny. Do you wanna hear it? How wet I am for you?” she asks.

“Yes,” I answer. She moves the phone down near her pussy. I hear her fingers squish in and out of her cunt. She must have half her hand jamming in and out of her hole with all the noise it’s making. She puts the phone back up to her mouth just in time to shout out that she is coming. I make her announce each one of her orgasms so I know what puts her over the top.

I remember one time when we were together; she came while I was probing her anus with my tongue. Neither one of us was touching her clit with anything at all. At the time, I thought she was having an orgasm, but I had to ask her afterwards. That’s when I told her I wanted to know when she was getting off. She calls out each one of her orgasms like a sports announcer.

Her moans slow down and I let her catch her breath for a minute before I start in with her instructions. “I am coming over; right now. I want you on the bed, naked and ready, on all fours. Point your ass towards the bedroom door, and leave the front door unlocked. I will be there in ten minutes.” I hang up before she can respond. I stand up and head towards the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I look at my naked body in the mirror as I brush my teeth. I have a nice cock, but it’s fairly average. I look at the slight paunch hiding under my treasure trail. I could be in a little bit better shape, but I look better than most of my buddies who are thirty. I look up to meet my own gaze in the mirror. My black hair is shaved close to my head, the way I like to keep it when I have time. I smile and notice that the crow’s feet at the corners of my brown eyes get a little more pronounced every year. I don’t really mind. Guys get distinguished after all, and I am still a good-looking guy.

I spit my toothpaste into the sink. I don’t rinse out my mouth, so my breath will stay a little fresher on the way to Amy’s house. I head over to my dresser and throw on some cut-offs and a red t-shirt. My clothes won’t even be warm before I am peeling them off again.

Grabbing my keys and wallet on my way out the door, I feel like I own the world. As I pull out of the driveway I start to smile. I know Amy will be waiting, naked ass pointing right at me, just like I told her to be. Picturing Amy’s ass makes my thoughts wander back to how this whole thing started.

We met when both of us were working at the O**** G*****, waiting tables. She was eighteen years old, and I was twenty-two. She was cute. She had big, blue, Disney eyes and short blond hair. She was a little plumper than girls I usually date. I thought about asking her out anyway. Her tits were huge, and she had great skin. I had a buddy though who worked there with us. He loved big asses. He started dating her while I was still making up my mind.

Even though she was dating my friend, Amy and I would somehow always end up dirty dancing at the after work parties. There was this energy between us where both of us understood that nothing more serious was going to happen. We were just engaging in a little mutual titillation, all in good fun. We would dance real close, and she always had on great perfume.

Those big tits would be smashed against my chest, while she would nuzzle her face into my neck. Then she would turn around and work her big, round ass against my crouch until she got me hard. We would grind each other through a few songs and then go our separate ways the rest of the night. I would catch my buddy watching us sometimes with a smile on his face. He was turned on too I guess.

So it had been probably seven years since I had seen Amy. I had been through two so called real jobs and was back waiting tables at a steak house. It gave me plenty of time to write, film short video projects, and contemplate going back to school for a Masters in anything. The day she came into the restaurant was a busy lunch shift. She ended up sitting in a booth next to my section. We recognized each other right away. She was with a female friend I didn’t recognize. When I had time, I sat down next to her to talk.

“Hi Doug,” she was smiling.

“Hi Amy.” I smiled too.

She looked good. She had put on a little weight, but just guessing I would have to say half of it was in her tits. The other half was probably in her ass, but I would have to wait for her to stand up. Her hair was still short, and her complexion still creamy white. We did some quick catching up. How was so and so? How was I still waiting tables? What was she up to?

Turns out she was an assistant manager at B**, B***, and B******, not too far from where I lived. The conversation stayed friendly, but neither one of us seemed interested in trying to make some sort of plans. I got up to finish working, and she and her friend sat and finished eating. As they were getting up to leave, Amy called me over.

“It was great seeing you Doug.”

“Yea, you too Amy. I enjoyed talking with you.”


“Me too,” she said and reached out and touched my shoulder. “If you are ever over by my work, stop in and say hello.” She walked out and I watched her wiggle that big ass until she was out the front door. The other half of that weight was in her ass, and I knew right then I was going to fuck her.

It wasn’t two days later that we were standing between bunches of bath towels at her job. After trying to hide her surprise at seeing me, and some polite small talk, she started asking me questions.

“So are you seeing anybody?” she asked. She was standing way too close to me now and playing with her hair.

“Yes,” I responded. I was lying. If she knew I was seeing someone, and I still managed to get her into bed, she would be easier to keep at a distance. She would blame herself for not being able to get more serious, and not me.

“Oh,” she said pushing out her bottom lip and looking up at me with big, sad eyes. “I just got out of a relationship. I kind of hoped when you stopped in, it was because you’re single.” She was still standing too close and fidgeting back and forth. I just smiled at her. “Is it serious?” she asked me.

“Pretty much. We have been dating about a year. You’re right though it’s too bad. Remember how we used to dirty dance? You would get me so turned on and then go home with Lance.”

She laughed. “I sure did, didn’t I? Those were great times. Sometimes I wished it had been us that had gotten together back then,” she said leaning into me. I grabbed her and kissed her, open mouth and hard. She kissed back. She pulled away after a couple seconds and looked me in the eyes. “I thought you had a girlfriend?” she said smiling.

“I do.”

“So why are you kissing me?”

“I didn’t want to not kiss you again,” I answered. This time she pulled me down and started kissing me. She sucked my bottom lip into her mouth and nibbled it a little bit. This time I broke our embrace completely and took a step back.

“Hey Amy, I’m sorry.” She looked confused. “I shouldn’t even be getting this started. It was just great seeing you. I should probably go before this gets more complicated than it already is.

“Fuck you,” she said shaking her head and smiling. “We are just a couple of old friends stealing a few kisses. What did you think was going on?”

“Yea, that’s cool,” I responded, “I just know if we keep it up, I’ll want to steal more than kisses.”

“Well, you are a great kisser. I might end up encouraging you to do more; so maybe you’re right. You should go. I need to get back to work anyway. Let me give you a card though. I’ll put my home number on back. Call me if anything happens to that girlfriend.”

I called her two nights later just after midnight.

“Did you already lose that girlfriend?” she asked.

“No; I have just been thinking about us kissing the other day. It’s been on my mind way too much, Amy.”

“Yea, I’ve been thinking about you also.”

“I want to do it again.”

“Me too,” she sighed.

“It has to be on my terms though Amy. I am not leaving my girlfriend. I just want to come over and do a little kissing, O.K.?”

“Come over?” there is a long pause and I let the silence do the work. “I understand Doug. Kissing is great. I didn’t plan on letting you call me up late at night and hop right into bed with me anyway. Kissing would be really nice though”

“Give me directions to your place.” She did and I got over there quick before she had too much time to think.

The door opened, and there she stood in a little, red, terry cloth robe. I guess she had been thinking, and it didn’t do my cause any harm. The robe was tied low enough to show me lots of cleavage. We were kissing before I was even through the door. We ended up making out on the couch for about an hour. She kept testing me to see if I would take it further. Playing with my nipples under my shirt. Moving her thighs apart when I touched them so I could feel the heat coming off her pussy. Letting those mammoth tits fall almost all the way out of her robe. I played it cool though and kept things exactly the way she said she wanted them.

She gave me one last kiss at the door, pressing her entire body into mine and letting out a cute, little whimper. I told her what a great time I had, and that I would call her soon. She just smiled. On the drive home I couldn’t help but picture her whacking off her cunt while she thought about me. We had gotten so hot, but patience was definitely going to pay off.

I let her sit for three days without hearing from me. Then instead of a phone call, I surprised her by showing up at her work again. She smiled when she saw me and gave me a big hug. She whispered in my ear how horny she had been, and how good it was to see me. She tried to end our embrace, but I held her in close and whispered back, “Are you gonna be my little, horny slut Amy?” She tried to pull away. I nibbled her ear lobe and she stopped trying to pull end our embrace, tilting her head to the side to give me better access to her ear. “I asked you a question?” I continued.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Good girl.” I said letting her go. Her face was flush. “Is there somewhere we can get a little privacy here in the store?”

Standing there with a slight smirk on her face, she looked me in the eyes to see if I was serious. I could see her struggling with her emotions. She was on the fence. If she decided to take me somewhere private, I knew I could get her to do anything.

“Follow me,” she finally answered. I had hit the jackpot. I followed behind her. She was wearing a navy blue skirt, over white knee socks and little, patent black leather school girl shoes. She had topped it with a white sweater that was the perfect mixture of tight and sexy, yet almost professional. She took me back into a storeroom. It was all shelves and merchandise. We went down a couple of aisles, turned a couple of corners, and hit a dead end. Amy turned around and sat on a box and smiled at me. “Is this good?”

“It’s perfect.” I stepped between her legs and we started kissing. Her hand played with the back of my head. She was letting out a low little moan as we kissed. She was very horny, but I wanted her to jump through hoops. I took a step back.

“What’s wrong?” she asked me.

I held my finger to her lips. “Take off your sweater.”

“Someone might come back here,” she protested.

“That’s why it’s fun, Amy. Do it.”

She looked like she was going to say something else. Then she just pulled her sweater up over her head, and all the way off. My cock throbbed. She was looking down at the floor. I grabbed her sweater and threw it down beside us. She had on a white lace bra that covered her tits completely. God, she had great, pale skin. “Amy, you are so beautiful,” I told her, “and you are being such a good girl. Now take off your bra.”

She reached behind her back, and her bra fell free. She caught the cups in her hands, let the bra fall down her arms, and took it all the way off. Her breasts were wonderful. For breasts that big, they were capped with incredibly tiny, pink nipples; nipples that were standing out in hard little knobs. Amy continued to stare down at the floor. I stepped beside her and lifted the full weight of one of her breasts in my hand. I let it fall heavily back against her body. Then I began to roll her nipple gently between my thumb and finger.

I kissed her neck, poking it gently with just the tip of my tongue. I whispered in her ear, while I increased the pressure on her nipple. “Look at you, you little slut. Half naked in the store room.” She moaned a little protest. “You don’t like it? Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” she whispered back.

“Good, because I don’t want to stop.” I sat down beside her and reached all the way around her, and fondled both of her tits at once. “You have got my cock so hard,” I told her now whispering a little louder. “Is your pussy dripping for me Amy? Are your panties all wet?”


“Say it.”

“My panties are all wet for you Doug.” I bent my head down and kissed just the side of her breast. It was as big as my head.

“I am going to eat your pussy Amy,” I told her. She moaned. “It’s going to cost you though Amy. I am going to make you cum all over my tongue, but then you owe me. Do you understand?”

“Anything,” she whispered. I pinched her nipple hard.

“Do you understand?” I asked her again.

“I understand,” she yelped as I pinched her harder. “God, please make me come Doug.”

Dropping between her legs, I hooked her knees over my shoulders. I pushed her skirt up her thighs and spread her legs wide. I was staring right at blue panties that matched her skirt. Her panties were more than a little damp. I could see where her moistness had soaked all the way through the silky material. I licked at her cunt through her panties and she let out a little gasp. I pushed at her sex harder and harder with my tongue. She was so hot, and I savored the smell of her excitement.

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As her breathing got faster, I reached up and pulled her panties to the side. She had shaved off all the hair beneath her clit. I let my tongue slide over the slight stubble that covered her folds. I lapped at her, splitting her with my tongue several times, before I began to focus on her clit. I flicked my tongue back and forth over her hard, little nub. I had her so worked up that it wasn’t long before she was coming. Her little feet kicked at my back as she came in stifled moans and gasps. My chin was soaked. I kissed her cute little patch of hair, unhooked her knees off my shoulder, and wiped my chin on her thigh before I stood up.

Her face was flushed, and I gave her a long kiss, letting her taste herself on my tongue and face. “I needed that so bad Doug. I came so hard”

“That was great Amy,” I told her. We were both smiling. She pulled my head down for another kiss. She pushed me back and stared at my crotch. She started to tug at my belt and I stopped her.

“You don’t get that now, Amy. You have to earn that.”

“Quit playing games Doug. I need you inside me right now.” I grabbed her chin hard, and made her look me in the eyes.

“We are playing games Amy, and I’m in charge.” I jammed two fingers into her cunt, and she bit down on her lower lip. “We will do what I want, when I want,” I stated calmly. I let go of her chin. She looked away as she started grinding herself against my fingers. I started working her clit with my thumb. She started working her hips even more vigorously and soon her cunt was sopping wet again. I felt her begin to spasm on my hand as another orgasm began to wave through her. Her whole body gave several violent jerks as she tried to stifle her screams.

I pulled my hand out from between her legs and gave her a big hug. As I turned to leave she just looked at me with those big, blue eyes and said, “O.K.”

My trip down memory lane ended as I pulled up into her apartment building parking lot. Bounding up the flight of stairs to her one bedroom apartment, my hard cock leading the way. The front door is unlocked just like I told her. I lock it behind me. I can see into her bedroom from the front door. Candlelight is dancing on her creamy ass cheeks, as she kneels there waiting to get fucked. I enter her bedroom and close the door behind me, stripping off my clothes just inside the door.

We don’t talk. I just get up on the bed and kneel behind her. I wonder if she has been like this during my entire trip over, or if she heard me coming up the stairs and hurried onto all fours. I stare down at her sex. I love the way a woman’s pussy looks from behind. I resist the temptation to bend down and kiss it, and instead put my hands on her ass cheeks and slide my cock into her cunt.

She is still a little moist from our phone call, but I only get my cock half way inside, before she’s too dry to push into any further. I pull all the way out, and then push back into her a little further this time. I do it again, working my cock in slowly, as she begins to lubricate more and more with each new thrust. I savor each penetration. Finally I am pressed all the way inside her and she lets out a long sigh, as I begin to slowly fuck her.

Staring at her pussy lips getting pushed in and out by my cock, I begin to pick up the pace. Willing me to fuck her harder, Amy is pushing back to meet my thrusts. Her brown, little anus winks at me as I begin to slam into her harder and harder. I grab two handfuls of ass for extra leverage as I begin to pound into her in earnest. She is letting out long moans, as I my balls begin to audibly slap against her skin. I watch myself slide in and out between her pussy lips that have blushed and swollen to be twice as big as when we started.

I hear her big tits start to slap into her face, because I am fucking her so hard. I reach up and pull her hair until her face is pointing up towards the ceiling. Tears are rolling down her face, and she reaches back with one of her hands to play with her clit. Her fingernails lightly scrape my balls as she fiercely tries to find her climax. I move my thumb over and just barely touch her anus. “I’m coming, I’m coming,” she gasps out as her body jerks like she’s having a seizure.

I pull my cock out and stroke my wet shaft until I am coming right after her. My first shot actually lands in her hair, and I shoot five more ropes of thick, white cum onto her back. I milk the last little spurts of jism out of my cock and they drip down onto her ass and pussy. Both of us stay still a moment and catch our breath.

I slide around beside her and she is still on all fours. I take three fingers and scoop a big wad of cum off her back. I put my fingers in front of her face. Amy closes her eyes, and slowly licks the semen off my fingers. Soon she is sucking all three fingers into her mouth to get the last few drops. I slap her ass lightly and feed her some more cum. She starts to moan, and I spank her harder, making her white ass start to glow pink. She feeds at my fingers, almost greedily now and asks me to spank her harder. She is sucking cum off my fingers and moaning loudly as I slap her ass again and again, scooping more and more cum into her mouth.

She starts playing with her pussy, as she finishes eating the last of my cum. I am fully erect again, my cock having only become halfway soft after my first orgasm.

“Did you enjoy your dinner, you little slut?” I ask her. She looks up at me, her face flushed.

“I loved it,” she responds, a little out of breath.

“Good, because now I’m going to feed you dessert.” I thrust my cock into her mouth, and her eyes grow wide in surprise, but she takes it all in. She mumbles, “I’m coming,” as her hand, continues to thrash up and down on her clit. Amy sucks at me enthusiastically, looking up at me, as the last waves of her orgasm wash over her. I continue to fuck her face, as I smile down at her. She gets her hand involved, and it isn’t long before Amy is eating her second load of semen for the night; this time straight out of my cock.

As we lie beside each other and recover, Amy’s breath pauses like she is going to say something. She picks her head up to look at me. Then she just puts her head back down, and closes her eyes without saying anything. I stroke her cheek with the back of my hand and whisper to her. “You’re such a good little girl.” She sighs, and I keep whispering to her. “If you’re lucky, you’re gonna get breakfast in bed.”