Dinner Party Erotic stories

“Follow me”, she says as she walks into the bathroom. “Lay on your back on the floor.” I do as she says and she squats over my face and spreads her cheeks. “Lick my ass gig and do a good job.” I start to lick her ass with broad strokes up her crack as she lowers her ass onto my face and nose. I open my mouth wide and start to stick my tongue up her ass. I can smell and taste her in my mouth as she groans with pleasure. She has a mild burning taste like a mild pepper and I remember she had Mexican last night.

Then I feel her tighten her cheeks and I know what’s coming. I have my tongue deep up her ass and I feel something pushing against the tip of it. “Open wide gig, here comes your breakfast” she says as she lifts her ass a little and turns her head to look into the mirror on the wall. She loves to watch me eat her shit and drink her wine right from her body. “It is true power,” she always says. I look up and watch her ass start to expand as I see the first one start to appear. I start to drool as I open as wide as I can. It’s sliding out now and I can smell her scent as she tells me “eat it gig, eat your meal”. It’s a deep brown and it tastes bitter as it slides into my mouth. When my mouth is full she pinches it off so that I can chew and swallow it. “Waste not want not” she giggles. I groan as she seals her ass against my mouth and starts to shit straight down my throat. I struggle and she laughs as I choke it down gasping for breath.

Then she turns around and says, “Now to wash it all down” and she lowers her pussy onto my lips and I seal them tight. She squirts her hot salty golden piss into my mouth and I swallow as fast as I can. She pulls off and sprays all over my face and chest. When she is finished I lick her clean front and back and she gets into her tub.

I kneel beside the tub as I wait for her to finish. I’m not allowed my own bathwater, I must use hers no matter how cold it is when she’s done unless she’s having company over for a “party”. Then I take a Full shower and I mean Full. I wash as she dresses and goes downstairs for more coffee.

“Gig ,I’m having some friends over tonight so I want you to stay home and clean today. I’ll be home around 2 p.m.. I want you to make up some snacks and put plenty of drinks in the fridge. We’re having a dinner party tonight and your the guest of honor. So be sure to drink lots of water today so it’ll be easier to flush you out this afternoon. Good bye”

I run to the toilet and puke up the shit and piss that I had eaten this morning. I need to make room, empty myself out. A dinner party!! Please not that. My Mistresses’ dinner parties are not your average social event. Her and three or four other friends use the occasion to abuse me and torture me. They drink and eat continually then gamble to see who gets first toilet use honors. Can you guess who the toilet is? The last one left my balls and dick sore for two weeks. My ass was bruised for a week. The worst part is that we socialize with these women and two of them are married. I’m always the topic of discussion for days afterward she says. She may even give my services as a gift someday she says.

Still, I knew what I was getting when I married her. My wife is the owner of one of the largest real estate companies in the northeast. She has always been aggressive and dominant even as a young girl. She dominated me then and still does. She had been my sitter for six years and she raised me like she wanted a male slave to be.

She was 18 and had been me and my little sister’s (she was 1) sitter for a couple of months. She was (and still is) beautiful, with a woman’s body. Big firm tits and a tight firm butt. I was smitten and used to jack off dreaming of her. One day she caught me peeking at my father’s magazines. I talked back to her and she pulled me over her knees, pulled down my gym shorts and started to spank my ass. I had never been spanked by a woman before and when she had finished my dick was hard and pressing against her leg. I was only 12 but I already had about six inches and balls on me (I’m 14 inches now and they’re all hers).

“You liked that didn’t you?” she asked as she played with my cock. I didn’t answer, I was enjoying the feel of her hand on me. She smacked on my dick and I groaned and got even harder. “Such a bad boy. You like this?” She asked as she smacked my dick again.

“Yes,” I groaned.

“What am I going to do with you? Hmm. You want to see some real tits and a real pussy? You can if you promise to do whatever I want you to do. Do you know what a slave is? It means you do whatever I want. I watch mom with my dad, her slave. She beats his dick and ass at night and she fucks him. Would you like to be my slave?”

I stammered out a yes and she had me undress her letting me kiss and suck on her tits. Then I was on my knees as she stood over me.

“Do you want to touch my pussy bad boy? Go ahead touch it.” I reached up and started to stroke her pussy like I had watched dad do to mom through the keyhole. I wanted to lick it and taste it because dad always did that to mom and she loved it. I felt her getting wetter so I licked one of my fingers. Her box was like honey the juice was so sweet. Before I knew it I was licking her pussy as she stood over me and groaned “Oh yes, that feels so good! Oh my little slave, we’re going to have all kinds of fun. I want to do all the things mom does.”

She laid me down on the floor and took my cock into her mouth. She started to suck in my cock and nibble on my head. It felt so good I almost shot right there but she held my balls cinched tight and made me suffer. This was so much better than whacking myself. She straddled me and lowered her pussy onto my cock. I groaned from the pleasure as she bounced on my crotch. She felt so hot and tight on my dick I thought I would go crazy. She started to bounce harder and she squeezed my balls tight. Before I knew it I had shot my wad and she jumped off and straddled my face. “Eat me gig, clean my pussy with your tongue.” I ate with gusto and she came over and over on my face as I sucked both our juices out of her box. When she had finished she dressed and told me to keep quiet. She had nothing to worry about there. I wasn’t blowing this.

My parents went out every Saturday night and she trained me well. I’ll never forget the night of my first shower. As usual after Sis was in bed she took off her panties and left her skirt on. She sat in the kitchen spread her legs and I knelt between them and begged for permission to suck her pussy. While I sucked she told me about how she had watched her mom pissing on her dad’s face through the bathroom keyhole. “She just kept pissing and he drank every drop of it! Then she turned around and he started to lick her ass and she asked if he wanted it. She had a look of power on her face and she started to shit in dads mouth and he started to eat it.” She was getting hotter and hotter as I sucked. Then I felt her tighten her belly and she shot a little squirt of piss into my mouth. I felt the hot salty fluid hit my tongue and shoot into my mouth. It tasted wonderful and I swallowed it down and sucked harder.

“You like that gig? You want more of it? Here gig have a little more.” she said and shot some more into my mouth. I went crazy as I sucked her piss into my mouth. She groaned and let it all go into my mouth. I just kept swallowing and sucking, drinking down that wonderful nectar she was giving me. She rubbed her pussy harder against my face as she squirted all over it. “Suck it gig! Drink my piss! Ohhh Shit!” she screamed and came all over my face.

“That was so good gig. You did so well you deserve a reward.” She took my dick into her hand and sat me in the chair. She started to squeeze my balls and cock and she asked
” Did you like that gig? Do you want to do it again?”

“Yeahhh I want to do it again. I liked it.”

“I want to do other things too gig, like my mom does to dad. I want you to lick and taste my butt gig. Think about that. I know you want to, don’t you?” Then she slid my cock all the way down her throat and started to suck me off. As she sucked I thought of her beautiful ass and licking it. When I thought of watching her shit I lost all control and shot a huge wad deep down her throat. Then she dressed and I cleaned the kitchen floor while she watched. I didn’t sleep at all that night I just kept thinking about her butt and sucking on it.

2pm and Mistress is back. She grabs her crop and we go into the bathroom and I drop my pants as she fills a 1 gallon bag with warm water. I bend over the toilet and she rams the nozzle up my ass and starts the flow.

” I have a special treat for you tonight gig. We’re having 6 people tonight. Jill’s bringing her husband to join in and I promised him your ass.”

“No Mistress please not that. I beg you!”


Right across my ass with her crop, hard.



“You will do what I tell you to, understand?”


“Yes Mistress! Please forgive me. Please no more.”

She says nothing as the bag finishes and removes the nozzle. “Stand up. Don’t let me see no leaks. Now, stay there while I make a few calls.” She leaves the room and I hear her on the phone as my cramping gets worse. I need to release so bad and I can’t believe she’s making me service a man.

She made do one of her other slaves as a reward when she was in college and I remember every second of it. I’ll never forget the feeling of my ass being fucked by a man. Ohhh I have to go so baddd. I can’t help it the water starts to leak and my cock is throbbing hard.

She walks back in naked and laughs at my plight. “Go on. I’ll be merciful go relieve yourself.” She fills the bag again as I empty and she bends over. ” Lick my ass, get it wet.”

I drop to my knees and lick her ass with joy. I love my Mistresses bottom and she knows it. She hands me the nozzle and says to put it in. I insert the nozzle gently into her sweet pink bunghole. She starts the flow as I watch and she takes the whole gallon.

“Lay in the tub on your back gig” She squats over my face and tells me to beg for my tea. “Please Mistress, please give it to me.” She groans and blows her hot brown liquid all over my face and into my open mouth. She stays over me for about 10 minutes spraying her shit and water all over me. She finishes and pisses on my chest as I lick her ass clean. She showers and I wash myself when she’s done.

“I bought you something special to wear tonight!” she says as she shows me a bag.

I open it and see a black and white maid’s outfit and black stockings. I put it on for her and it fits me perfectly. The panties have no crotch so genitals are available for abuse. She takes a thin silk cord and wraps my balls tight, until they bulge tight against my sack. She traces her fingers over them but forces herself to stop. I finish my housework in my outfit.

The dinner party is in full swing and the guests’ joke as I serve them. There are 6 tonight, my Mistress, Jana who is also a fem-dom, Jill a BBW (with a beautiful wide ass), Karen (who also has a wide ass), and Lisa with her husband John. They are all drinking heavily, and smacking and pinching my ass and genitals hard as I walk by. They are wearing nothing as they eat and drink and I can see John reaching down and playing with himself. my Mistress sees’ this also.

“John, is there something that gig can help you with?” she asks’.

“I do have to take a piss.”

“Gig get under the table and help John with his problem. Don’t let any get on the carpet!” she commands.

I say nothing but get under the table and crawl to Johns’ crotch. His cock is semi-hard as I take him into my mouth and wrap my lips around him. He puts his hands on my head and holds me in place as he starts to piss. His hot piss flows into my mouth as I swallow it down quickly trying to keep up with the flow. He pulls my head to the side so he can watch me gulp it down.

“Drink it down you little piss sucker!! I can’t wait to pound your ass!!” he says as he finishes in my mouth.

“You girls want to watch this bitch blow me?” he says as he pulls back from the table.

They watch as I start to suck him, moving up and down on his cock. His cock is big, 10 inches long and thick. Mistress walks over and starts to whip my ass with her crop as I suck him. This makes him hotter and he wraps his fingers in my hair and fucks my face. He shoves deep down my throat, his balls slapping on my chin as I gag on him.

“Take him gig!! Take him all the way down!!” she says as she crops my ass.

He groans and cums deep down my throat as they watch. They can see my throat working as I swallow his hot cum. He cums long and hard and I swallow quickly to get it all. He pulls back and spurts on my face as they watch, stroking themselves.

“To the playroom everyone! ” my Mistress says.

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I crawl into the playroom as they lead me in. I lay on my back in the middle of a large plastic sheet. They all watch as Jana walks over and squats over my face. She says nothing as she spreads her cheeks over my mouth. I open wide as I stare at her ass, waiting for the first of many meals that night. She lowers her ass onto my waiting mouth and grabs my cock in her hands. I seal my lips over her asshole as she grunts and I can feel the tip of her load on my tongue. She smacks and squeezes my cock as she starts to shit in my mouth. Her ass expands and then she forces the first one into my mouth. Her hot shit enters my mouth and I gulp it down trying to keep up with it.

MMMMmmm. It’s so long and thick that I can’t and I start to choke on it as she yells “Eat me you little shit-eater!! Eat all of it!!” She lifts her ass off of my face and shits all over it, as I try to keep up with it. Her hot brown shit covers my face as I watch it slither out of her ass. She finishes and waits as I clean her ass with my tongue. She turns around and picks up what spilled over the side of my face and puts it in my open mouth. She feeds me her shit as the others watch me swallow it down. When I finish she squats back over me and lowers her pussy to my mouth. She groans and her hot golden piss flows into my mouth. I can’t keep up with it and it spills out the side of my mouth as I gulp quickly. She gets up and squats over my cock as Jill steps over me. I hear groaning and look over and see John pounding Karen’s ass hard.

I look up at Jill’s beautiful big ass as she squats over me. I’m drooling with anticipation for her shit. I’ve eaten Jill’s offerings many times before and she loves to smother me with her wide bottom as I eat. I lift my face to her bottom and wrap my lips around her asshole as she spreads her wide cheeks for me.

“You like my ass gig? You’re hungry aren’t you?” she groans as she starts to strain.

“MMMMmmm.” I groan as I tongue her ass. Jana is bouncing away on my cock as I wait for Jill’s load to start. She grunts and lowers her ass over my face covering it with her fleshy bottom. Her ass covers my face and nose as she starts to shit in my mouth. I start to swallow as she goes down my throat trying to keep up with it. I can’t breathe her ass is pressed so tight against my face. I swallow desperately as she shits in my sealed mouth choking on it there’s so much coming out. I need to breathe so badly I’m nearly ready to black out. She lifts her ass so that I can get a breath and drops it back down again, smearing her hot thick shit on my face. She rubs her ass over my face before sealing it again. She lets more of her load down my throat, playing with herself and groaning as I eat her shit. She does this to me twice before she finishes. She must’ve fed me 5 pounds of her shit there was so much. She lifts her ass so that I can lick her clean as Jana cums on my cock. I clean Jill with my tongue, then she turns around and I seal my lips to her box. She seals my mouth and nose with her flesh as I feel my legs being lifted. I feel someone spread my cheeks and squirt some lube on my ass. Jill starts to piss in my mouth as someone enters me. My mind is on Jill though as I try to keep from drowning in her piss. I swallow over and over trying to keep up with her hot piss flowing out of her. She cums as she pisses in my mouth, and when she finishes and gets up I see it’s John who is pounding my ass. He fucks me as Karen squats over my face.

I look up at Karens’ ass and see it’s dripping with cum.

“Cleaning time gig. ” she chuckles as I look over and see my Mistress in a 69 with Lisa.
Karen lowers her ass and I start to clean her ass with my tongue licking up John’s cum. She groans and shits on my face as I keep my mouth closed. Karen likes to leave it all then I have to ask her permission to eat. Her black shit slithers out of her as it coils on my face and chest. My nose is filled with the odor of her shit. She finishes and stands over me.

“You have my permission to beg now gig.” she says.

“Please Miss Karen! Please let me eat your shit!”

She laughs and pushes her foot into my cock, pressing on it while John fucked me.

“Eat it gig ! I want to see you eat my shit!! Then you can drink my piss!!”

I start to eat her shit moving it into my mouth with my hands. My stomach is getting full and it’s starting to hurt as I force myself to swallow. Karen laughs and pisses on my face as she stands over me.

I hear John groan and he shoots into my ass. He pulls out and squats over my face telling me to lick him clean. I do as he says tasting his cum along with mine and Karen’s shit. He tells me to open my mouth and he pisses down my throat and all over my face.

I could see Lisa walking over to me and she looked down at me laying in the puddle of piss and shit. She knelt down and fingered my ass feeling Johns’ cum. She squatted over my face as my Mistress mounted my cock. I was getting my reward now. They would both ride me and let me cum. Lisa lowered her ass to my lips as I felt my Mistresses’ pussy slide down my cock. I groaned in pleasure as she milked me, while I fed on Lisa’s shit. Her soft warm shit slid down my throat as I swallowed. She fed me quietly enjoying the ride as she stroked herself. She groaned as she came and turned around to give me a drink. I could feel Mistress riding me harder as she got close to cumming. She reached behind her and unsnapped my ball ring and released my balls from bondage. I started to buck against her as Lisa filled my mouth with her piss. I drank from her fountain swallowing all she had. My Mistress commanded me to cum and I did sending a huge wad of hot thick cum deep into her pussy. I groaned as I came knowing that I would clean her next…