Dr Clarrisa’s Young Stud Erotic story

The only thing which indicated her age of fifty five years was Clarissa’s grey hair. She had ‘gone grey’ a decade earlier, possibly due to the strains of her medical practice, as well as a hurtful divorce. But over the ensuing years she had managed to keep herself looking very attractive, keeping in trim, by regular swimming sessions, where two or three times a week she clocked up at least two kilometres in the local heated pool. The pool complex also had a unisex gymnasium, where Clarissa worked out with a personal trainer called Lucy, a lady who was as shapely as Clarissa herself. Lucy admired Clarissa’s self-discipline, especially the way she controlled her diet, and worked on her health and physique. Despite her ‘senior years’, Clarissa had always attracted her share of admiring glances, by both males and females, especially in the pool and gym. She had even managed to keep her generous 38-inch bust quite shapely, even though it was not as firm as it was when she won the Miss Medical School competition, decades earlier.

Now, old enough to be a grandmother, she was still extremely attractive.

Clarissa stood around 5 feet 6 inches, had startling green eyes, and had a smooth, tanned skin. Her steel grey hair was cut short, in a cute almost boyish style, though few would regard her as anything but a most elegant, feminine lady.

One of the routines she really enjoyed was her early morning swim at the beach, where she walked from her apartment cum surgery across the road. So that fateful warm summer Sunday morning she walked down the steps to the beach, before stepping out of her track suit and entering the surf. She was not alone, as there were many more who shared her early morning routine. She waved a greeting to several friends who were also enjoying their morning swim. Nearby the young members of the surf club were launching the surf boat for some rowing training, while other lifted their surf skis off the racks and carried them to the water.

Clarissa was now some one hundred meters from the shore when she first felt the cramp hit her right leg.

She grimaced in pain and turned for the shore, before she felt a similar cramp in her other legs. Now all she could use was her arms to stay afloat, such was the pain in her lower limbs. She felt a little frantic as she slowly breast stroked to the beach, before she heard someone calling her.

“Are you OK, lady?” said a young man’s voice behind her. She managed to turn her body, only to see a blond haired youth, possibly about seventeen, paddling over to her on his surf ski.

“Oh, than god for that!” laughed Clarissa, “I’ve just got this terrible cramp in both my legs….”

“C’mon, climb on board and I’ll give you a lift to shore,” he said, extending a helping hand to Clarissa, who was now feeling quite fatigued.

As she climbed on the board, he said, “Just lay down and I’ll paddle us in,” and so saying Clarissa lay down facing the front of the board, her legs dangling over the side, with the young guy paddling behind her, giving him a great view of her derriere and thighs.

“By the way, my name’s Tony” he said, as his strong arms skillfully dug the paddle of the surf ski in the water, as he headed back to the beach. Tony couldn’t help but look down and admire the body of this older lady, especially where her costume had ridden up, to reveal her pubic hair in her crutch. Her lovely breasts didn’t escape his attention either.

As they hit the beach, Tony pulled the surf ski up to the beach, while also assisting his grey haired passenger up onto the sand, where she collapsed, still wincing in pain.

“Here, let me help” he said, “I have seen this quite often when on beach patrol…” and before Clarissa could object, he started to massage her calves and thighs, relaxing the muscles and dispelling the painful cramps.

“OH, that’s much better, Tony” said Clarissa with relief. “You were the right man at the right time….by the way, I’m Clarissa” she said with a laugh, while she quietly checked out his broad shoulders, his ‘six pack’ abdominal muscles, and his tanned, strong body. She looked thoughtful, then said to herself, don’t be foolish woman….

After a few minutes, she felt much better, and she excused herself, but not before saying, “I really must thank you – I feel I own you, Tony…” but he laughed and with a wave, said over his shoulder as he headed back to the clubhouse, “You’re welcome, Clarissa… catch you later….” and he watched her walk over the road and disappear into one of the buildings.

His words were running through her mind and with a wry smile, Clarissa thought , “if I was so lucky…” as she unlocked her front door.


That afternoon Clarissa selected a book from her collection and to maintain her tan, she lay naked in the sun on her private patio, reading some very interesting stories. The book dealt with women’s fantasies, and as she read she was getting more and more aroused. In particular, she liked the very graphic fantasies relating to older ladies attracting young, horny guys – guys young enough to be their sons, or even grandsons. As she read her mind wandered back to that morning and young Tony……..

By the time she finished that chapter she was decidedly horny, and quite moist in her vulva, such was her state of arousal. Feeling the warmth of the sun on her naked body she stood and reached for a towel, her golden body inviting and sensual. Time for a shower she said to herself, and she walked into the large, spacious bathroom before turning on the shower.

As she relaxed under the warm water, she removed the shower nozzle and its hose from the wall and directed the water stream at her vulva, adjusting the water flow to the ‘pulse’ setting, and soon she was feeling the gentle but effective stimulation on her clitoris and her body shuddered with pleasure. She settled on to the plastic stool and opening her legs, she closed her eyes and leant back against the warm tiles, her stimulated pussy now bringing her wave after wave of pleasure, and she was uttering little cries as she experienced several orgasms in quick succession, her hips jerking involuntarily with each pulse of the warm water on her vulva.

Clarissa had quite deliberately bought the apartment near to the beach, and had converted several of the front rooms to her consulting surgery. Despite the ‘closed’ sign on the door, late in the afternoon she heard the bell ring several times before she decided to open the front door. She had just stepped out of the shower, her skin flushed and glowing, and had her bathrobe wrapped around her. And after checking threw the security peephole, there was Tony, in his swimming costume and track suit top, holding a vinegar soaked cloth to his side. She opened the door, saying with a grin, “Hey – haven’t we met before??!!”

“Oh, sorry to disturb you” he began, before smiling broadly, “Of course – you’re Clarissa – we met up this morning. I know you’re not open for business but I saw the Doctor’s Surgery sign and….well, sorry to bother you…” He looked down at his side, lifting off the cloth.

“Ouch!” said Clarissa, as she saw the large, red weals on his tanned skin. “Stingers, right?” she guessed correctly. This time of the year, small but painful stinger jellyfish sometimes came close to shore, with unpleasant results.

“Oh, sorry, come on in” said Clarissa, as she ushered Tony into the surgery. “Forgive my unprofessional attire!” she laughed.

Clarissa invited Tony to sit and she leaned forward to examine his wounds. As she did, the front of her bath gown opened up, giving Tony a close-up view of her delightful breasts, lolling down unfettered by any brassiere. By god, they looked good, he thought, with large, deep red areola and the longest nipples he ever saw, maybe an inch long. Deep in his loins he felt an erection coming on and there was little he could do about it.

Now Clarissa knew that he was getting a ring-side view of her body and she deliberately prolonged her inspection moving from side to side, ostensibly to get a better view of his stinger wounds, but also knowing her swaying breasts were almost hypnotising him. She cast the quickest of glances at his board shorts and saw the effect she was having on him. And in her own crutch she was starting to feel a little damp, too….

She swallowed nervously, before daubing his wounds with some anti-stinger ointment and applying a small dressing to the worst ones. As she leaned over, he heard Tony whisper, “Beautiful, absolutely beautiful….” as his gaze took in her body.

Clarissa pretended to be surprised, glanced down at her open gown, and said looking at his deep blue eyes, said softly, “Why thank you, young man… I can see you like the view…” and her hand moved down to the bulge in his shorts. She felt the hardness of his manhood, stiff and granite hard in her tiny hand. She leaned down so their faces were almost touching, and then slowly moved closer to him, before they exchanged a tender kiss. She then pressed her lips harder against his, and she felt his hands move inside her gown, feeling the warmth and softness of her large breasts in his hands.

In a low voice she said, “Now maybe I can repay you that favour I owe you for this morning….” and with that she undid her gown and let it drop to the floor.

As the young man took in her voluptuous naked figure, he quickly shoved his board shorts to his ankles and he kicked them away. He also removed his remaining clothing, still sitting in her patients’ chair.

She moved to him, pulling his face against her breasts, and he was lost in her folds. She threw her head back, as she felt him starting to kiss and suck her elongated nipples. Her legs were astride his, and she held his head in her hands as he aroused her erect nipples even more.

She savoured the feel of his mouth around her nipples and then she felt his hands exploring her body. She moved her legs apart and he fondled her buttocks and stroked her soft thighs, before his exploring fingers gently found her swollen damp labia.

She lowered her body and sat on his knees. Pressed against her body was his erection, a handsome cock she thought, as the head rubbed against her abdomen.

Small drops of precum were leaking from the eye of his cock and Clarissa moved her hand to feel the strength and hardness of this young man’s tool, her thumb moving of the glans, spreading the clear, slippery lubricant.

“Oooohhhhh…. that feels so good” she murmured, as she felt Tony fondling her breasts with one hand, and gently massaging her vulva with the other. In her hand, she felt his cock get longer and harder and she knew she was ready for it. She lifted her body, her strong thighs tense and taut, as she manoeuvred herself over his pole, and with a gasp, lowered her hips slowly, impaling herself on his vertical rod.

Tony let out a sigh, as he felt this beautiful, mature age goddess envelope his shaft, her wet passage gripping his cock skillfully. Her arms were now around his neck, as she started to bob up and down, her cunt on fire and wet and slippery with his and her own juices. Her large breasts bobbed and wobbled as she continued her actions, and Tony had little to do, given the passion and desire obviously being unleashed my this woman, old enough to be his grandmother. Well, Tony had enjoyed his share of the many pleasure seeking nymphettes on the beach, and was also well know as a young stud among the girl members of the surf club, but he had never experienced anything like this.

He looked up and saw Clarissa, her eyes closed, as she rocked backwards and forwards, shifted her hips up and down, as she enthusiastically ground and ground her body onto his, her loins fused to his at their sexual linkage.

“God, that feels good!!” she hissed through clenched teeth, and then she planted her mouth onto his, her tongue darting deep into his mouth, as she continued to ravage the young stud in her grip.

“Yes, oh yes Clarissa… you are so beautiful” groaned Tony, as this skillful lovemaking doctor continued her grinding motion. His hands wandered over her body, fondling her round soft buttocks, caressed her flat stomach – but always returned to hold her magnificent soft fleshy orbs in his hands, marvelling at the large red areola, and the now fully extended nipples. They were responding to her heightened sexual state by becoming even more erect and darker in colour, and he was enjoying feeling them with his fingers, and occasionally leaning forward and sucking on them like a nursing child. And when he did this he actually felt Clarissa’s cunt rhythmically contracting and holding his cock, deeply embedded in her wet velvet glove.

She was still for a moment, just savouring the sensation of his young, hard, long cock inside her pussy, before she started bobbing up and down again.

“Oh god, I think I’m coming… oh yes, I’m coming, oh Tony, Oh Tony…yes, yes…. give me your cock, yes, YES, YES!!!” and she cried out loudly, following this with a long low moan, and her body shuddered with the pleasure and unnaturalness of it all. Here she was, a professional woman of fifty-five, almost forcing herself onto a young, virile man, squatting on his magnificent cock – in her medical surgery.

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But Tony was not complaining and judging from his expression, he was about to come, as well. “Yes, here it comes… oh yes… I’m coming .. oh yes… Clarissa ..oh fuck, oh fuck, it feels so good…..” and with a cry he lifted his hips upwards and into Clarissa’s, as he felt the strong stream of his sperm shoot down his shaft, before splashing all over the insides of this lovely woman’s cunt. Burst after strong burst shot deep into her, so that she felt it impacting on her vaginal walls.

She continued to grind her hips into his in a rocking and shoving motion, as she derived the last amount of pleasure from this wonderful experience, and as she continued her movements, she felt his seed spilling from her cunt, across her thighs and perineum, and it felt good.

Her body was glistening with sweat from her exertions, and it ran down between her breasts and across her stomach. She leaned down and kissed his again, their tongues exploring each other, as they climbed down from their sexual peak.

Eventually they ceased their motions, still holding each other fondly but their caresses continued. She leaned down and nuzzled into his strong neck, and she tasted the saltiness of his sweat on her lips.

“Now that was just what the doctor ordered,” she said with a wicked laugh. “Tony, you are a great fuck”.

Her choice of words startled him, as he didn’t expect her to use such language, but on reflection, he thought at least she was being honest.

“Shower time, sweetheart” she cooed, and as she lifted off his lap and stood astride him like some conquering warrior, her hands on her hips, several large gobs of white foam fell from her open cunt and spilled onto his legs. She leant down and licked it up with her red lips, glancing at him while she did so. “I love it,” she said, “and I hope there’s more where that came from….??”

“There is and I’ll be pleased to provide it” he said with a grin. His cock was still semi-erect, which definitely impressed Clarissa as she stared at it, while she licked her lips.

“I hope you’re not busy tonight…?” she asked, titling her head to one side.

“As a matter of fact, I’m free for the whole weekend…. if that’s OK, with you..?” he said, once more gazing at her magnificent tits, flat stomach, and shapely hips.

“I’m glad,” said Clarissa, “as my twin sister is visiting me this evening and I think you might be in demand for quite some hours…..”

She held his hand and led him to her large shower room, and she tried not to stare at his tanned, athletic body, but it was obvious each was enjoying the view of the other. She sat him down on the plastic stool and standing over him she said, “Let me give you a warm shower first,” and then she spread her legs, leant back, and skillfully directed a strong stream of her warm, light yellow urine flowed over his stomach, his cock and balls, and over his thighs.

This was his first experience of a ‘golden shower’ and Clarissa could see he was quite aroused by it, evidenced by his sudden erection. Mixed with her urine there was occasional gobs of his sperm, still leaking from deep inside her wonderful, hairy pussy.

Her flow stopped, and she leaned down and gently kissed him again, before turning on the shower and lathering both herself and her young man’s body. This was going to be one helluva fun night .. and both knew it, and both could hardly wait for the second event to begin….

* * * * * * * *

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