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This was going to be a very interesting night. Ken dropped a couple of the tablets into his palm and rolled them around, showing them to me. He said, “We are going to get so lucky tonight. These will cinch it. We can have all the pussy we want!” I smiled, eyed the tablets and started the car. I said, “I sure could use some. It’s been a hell of a dry spell.”

We headed downtown to a club Ken knew about. A rave club. Lots of sweet, young things who would pop any concoction into their pink little mouths. He’d already done this a few times. He’d found out about roofies from a guy he’d worked with upstate. He went out with this guy, they dropped the little magic tablets into some girls’ drinks and, an hour later, they were in a hotel, taking turns on the girls. A week after that he tried it on his own. He dropped a tablet into a girl’s diet orange drink at a mall, chatted her up until she was woozy, walked her to his car and fucked her pussy and ass raw. I couldn’t wait.

The club was in some sort of warehouse. We parked and headed toward the door. There were a few girls out front dressed in overalls and one had no shirt underneath. Her big tits showing on either side. I would’ve liked a slice of her, but knew there would be more inside. Ken told me we could have our pick of the place. I was already getting hard.

The club was packed. It seemed like everyone was in their late teens, which made me and Ken look like old men even though neither of us was 30 yet. We went up to the bar. It was strung with Christmas lights and a row of lava lamps at one end. We both had orange juice, the drink of the house it looked like. I did watch people pick up their OJ’s and slip a hit of ecstasy in before downing it. This would be so easy.

Ken elbowed me when he saw the first girl. She was dancing on the edge of the crowd. Short, about 5’3″, black hair cut in a bob and a nice, fat pair of tits. He leaned over and shouted in my ear, “You want that?” I smiled and nodded. He finished his juice and got another, this one he slipped a tablet into and walked toward the girl. I watched as he leaned over and said something to her. She smiled. He handed her the juice and she started drinking. My cock got hard just watching her mouth on the rim of the cup. He guided her over to where I was and introduced her. “This is Meg. She goes to City.” I smiled at her. She kept bouncing to the music. Ken told us he’d be right back and got another juice, then disappeared into the crowd.

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I chatted with her, asked her about what she was studying. She was wearing a clingy pink mini-dress. I kept stealing looks at her tits. They were huge and all out of proportion to the rest of her. I wondered if she was wearing any panties and if her cunt was bushy. She finished the juice and tossed the cup on the floor. She moved a little closer to me, one of her tits up against me. That’s when I noticed she was getting a little unsteady. I wanted to get her out to the car, but I had to wait for Ken. Just then he walked out of the crowd with a tall, thin blonde girl holding his hand. He leaned into my ear and said, “Let’s get the fuck out of here before these bitches are on their faces.”

The four of us walked out to the car. Meg was weaving as she walked. When we got to the car, she put her back against it and said she was feeling kind of funny. I asked her if that was how she always felt and kissed her. I couldn’t wait to fuck her. Her eyes started to flutter. I opened the back door and got her in. By that time, Cassie, Ken’s girl, was in about the same shape. Ken settled Cassie in next to Meg. We were going to have a good time tonight.

When we got to Ken’s apartment, we pulled around back so no one would see us and managed to get both girls on their feet and inside. Ken laid Cassie out on the couch and told me I could have his bedroom since it was my first time. He was stripping Cassie before I even had Meg halfway down the hall. I dropped Meg on the bed and laid down next to her, pushing her dress up around her waist. She was wearing a yellow nylon g-string, her thick cunt hair bushing out on either side. I ran my finger along the outline of her pussy lips. She sighed, but didn’t seem to know what was going on.

I stood up and took off my t-shirt, jeans and boxers. I had an incredible hard-on. I was going to pound this fucking cunt and she wouldn’t even know what was going on. I got back on the bed and tugged her dress off over her head. She had her tits stuffed into a matching yellow nylon bra. I was kind of surprised that her nipples were hard, but they were. I ran my finger over the material, sucking on each of them through the fabric.

In the next room, I could hear Ken grunting and the sound of flesh hitting flesh. I had to see this. I got up and looked down the hall. He had Cassie naked, on her face, her ass in his hands, cheeks spread, buttfucking her hard. He looked up and saw me. “Man, this girl’s butt is a fucking dream! No lube, no condom, just my meat fucking her hole. Un-fucking-believable!” I went back to Meg and let Ken get back to Cassie’s tight asshole.

I pulled her g-string off and took a good look at her bush. I spread her cunt lips and decided to see how out of it she was. I sucked hard on her clit. She moved almost as if by reflex, but her eyes didn’t open. I couldn’t wait any longer. I put the head of my dick up to her pussy and shoved. I’d never fucked a girl this way before, never just stuck my dick in her. It felt good. Her cunt was like silk on my prick. I fucked her pussy, her tits packed in her yellow bra bounced up toward her chin.

Wanting some tit, I lifted her up, my cock still buried in her snatch and undid her bra. Her tits were real and huge. I leaned down, still pounding her pussy, taking a nipple in my mouth and biting. I tried to get as much of her tit into my mouth as possible. I sucked hard. When I pulled away a bruise was already forming. I bet she’ll wonder where that came from. I felt like I was going to shoot, so I pulled out. I wanted this fuck to last. I straddled Meg’s chest and pushed her tits together, burying my dick between them. It felt so fucking good to be buried right in there. I wanted this every night.

I felt like creaming all over her face, but decided to check on Ken again. I have to admit I got off watching him fucking Cassie. I’d never gotten a chance to spy on someone fucking like that. I leaned into the hallway. Ken had stopped reaming Cassie. He had her on her back now, her legs bent back and he was pounding her cunt hard. Her tits were small but had some bounce. In midstroke, Ken pulled out of her cunt, lifted her ass and started buttfucking her again. Nothing out but his balls.

I went back into the room and turned Meg over. Her rear was plump and round. I ran my finger down between her ass cheeks, then slowly plied them open. Her asshole looked so sweet and pink. I circled it with my thumb and then pushed my thumb into her. This would be a treat I’d never tried. I put the head of my dick up to her puckered hole and slowly entered her. Every inch was heaven. So fucking tight! I watched my cock disappear into her ass. When I was in all the way up to my balls, I reached under her and grabbed two full handfuls of tit. I slowly started to fuck her asshole. Stroke after stroke, it got better and better. I’d never had anal sex before. All the girls I’d been with before had refused. If this was what I had to do to fuck a girl’s asshole, I’d do it anytime.

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After awhile I really started to ream her. I leaned back, got up on my knees and pulled Meg up her knees too. I slammed my dick up her butthole. I could hear her tits slapping together. I wanted this night to last, but knew that we only had a couple of hours before we had to get them out of there. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cum in her pussy or her asshole or just cream on her tits. Her ass felt good though. I started fucking her harder, holding a cheek in each hand, her asshole stretched around my dick. I decided to shoot up her ass. Each stroke brought me closer to the delicious edge. Finally, I came, shooting stream after stream of hot jizz into her asshole. Meg would never know she’d been my fucking dream girl.

I got up and toweled off. I decided to keep Meg’s bra and panties. Maybe I’d start a collection. I got her dress and shoes back on her and went to check on Ken. Ken wasn’t in the living room. Cassie was on the couch. She was laying on her back, her face and tits covered in cum. I stood over her for a minute. Maybe next time I’d try a different flavor, blonde looked tasty. I found Ken in the kitchen having a beer. He got me one and we toasted each other on the night.

We got both girls into the car, went through their purses to get their addresses and headed out to drop them off. Meg’s apartment was in a real rundown building. I unlocked her door and got her in. She lived alone or at least no one was there. I had to have just one more piece. I shoved her dress up over her hips and stuck my dick in her. Maybe I’d actually come by sometime when she was conscious. I shot a wad off fast and then got out of there.

Cassie lived on the other side of town. We pulled up in front of the house and realized that she must still live with her parents. Ken had me park in the driveway. It was about 3am. I watched him carry her up to the door, lay her down, ring the bell and race back to the car. We took off flying. Can’t wait until next weekend.