Eating Nevada Beef Gay stories

Being a hungry, young, 28-year-old shitboy in Oklahoma is not easy and at most times it is rather frustrating. Trying to find guys who are willing to dehumanize a hungry mouth is not easy. I meet guys who like to “talk” about it but when it comes to actually doing the deed, the guy’s chicken out and cant go through with it. That’s why the majority of men that I find to feed me are ones that are from out of state that travel in and around Oklahoma. Sometimes, I even make road trips to meet these men, as was the case with Mike.

Mike or Master Mike as he is liked to be called is a hunky cattle rancher from Nevada. Mike is in his late fifties, brown hair and eyes, a thick, beefy muscular body, a hot hole and an incredible monster cock.

I met Mike through a personal ad and the minute that I saw a picture of his big cock and open asshole, I knew that I had to have this man and was willing to go at any lengths to get it. Mike was straight and married, but could only find other men to fulfill his nasty needs and desires.

After corresponding for several months, Mike informed me that he was going to be in Kansas City for a cattlemen’s convention and since Kansas City is only about four hours from me, I agreed to make the drive to service his rancher body. I made the hotel arrangements and Mike agreed to meet me.

As soon as Mike walked into my hotel room, he gave me a long deep penetrating kiss and instructed me to strip. As I stood naked before him and he inspected my smooth body he said in a rather deep, sadistic tone, “Look what I bought at the cattle auction today, a hungry Oklahoma farm boy that needs a hot cowboy rancher shithole”.

Mike went down and started sucking and chewing on my pink nipples, milking them for all that it was worth. My nipples were raw and sore after the sucking torture.

“Undress your Master”, Mike instructed. I did as I was told and removed his shirt to discover a very solid, muscular chest and pecs. Mikes body was solid and firm and his muscular arms and chest showed that the years of hard farm labor he had performed. My tongue went to work as I licked and slurped his sweaty, hairy armpits and made love to his man nipples.

Mike sat down on the bed and I removed his boots and socks and inhaled his sweaty feet. Mike stood up, his tight Wranglers showed off a well-defined bulging basket and his tight ass. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. Before removing his jock strap, my nose made its way into inhaling his sweaty, piss stains the jock strap had to offer. I pulled his jock strap down to discover a thick, hard, juicy 8-inch cock that was 6.5 thick with big, heavy round bull balls. I gasped when I saw just how thick this cowboy cock was.

“You are going to take all of this meat down your throat faggot boy” Although I was not sure I could handle it, I was willing to do whatever it took to please this man “Yes, Sir,” I replied. I took a long hit of poppers and went to work on his meat.

Beginning with his bull balls, slowly getting them all wet and shiny with my drool. I licked my way up his shaft and swirled my tongue around his thick cock head and started sucking the throbbing rod. His cock was so thick. I was only able to get half of it down my throat. “Stop sucking boy,” Mike instructed. He held the back of my head and released what seemed like an endless amount of Budweiser piss down into my stomach. I took quick swallows and gulps to keep up with his piss flow. I was amazed that he could piss with such an incredible hard on.

Next, I was instructed to lay on the bed with my head hanging off to the side. My cocksucking was from being over. I took more hits of poppers until I felt my head would explode. “Your mouth is only good for two things farm boy, sucking my cock and eating my shit.” Mike put his thick rancher hands into my mouth and stretched it as far as he could before inserting his cock and with one powerful thrust he shoved his manhood all the way down my throat, making me a master at deepthroating monster cocks. I was gagging for air and my face was turning blue. That did not stop Mike from fucking my mouth. Mike just kept pumping his cock down my throat until he flooded my mouth with his thick, creamy, married man cum. He pulled himself out of my pussy mouth and looked down at me as I lay gasping for air.

Mike gave me a kiss and told me I was a good cocksucker. Then, he inspected my tight asshole. He took out J-Lube, a lubricant that is used for breeding cattle and started lubing up my hole with his thick, strong fingers, slipping four in all at once. “Damn, you have an asshole that is in need of a fist, but not now”. I’ll save that for next time.”

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“I’m going to breed that tight farm boy asshole of yours. Your ass will accommodate all of my bull cock”. He got me up on all fours and started slapping my ass hard until my tight cheeks stung. Mike rammed his cock all the way, all at once into my tight hole. I screamed with pain and ecstasy. My hole was being stretched and torn. I tried to get away from his cock but he held my shoulders and pushed me back onto his throbbing piston. My eyes were watery and my hole was on fire. “When I breed farm boys like you with tight man pussy holes, I never let you get away until the ride is over.”

My asshole finally loosened up and I was taking his thick cock and riding it like a pro. Mike continued the assault on my ass for 30 minutes. The man could hold his erection for a long time. I could actually feel my insides being torn apart. The more pain my ass felt, the more turned on and in control Mike was.

Mike was causing my insides to release shit. Mike could feel the beginning of a turd trying to make its way out of my ass and would pump faster to push the shit back up into me. I could no longer hold back and shot my shit all over his monster meat. “Yeah” that’s what your nasty Rancher Daddy likes, fucking the shit out of a farm boy asshole.” Mike screamed and flooded my insides with steaming cum that felt like hot boiling water exploding inside of me. He fell on top of me with his shitty cock and stuck his tongue down my throat.

“Now pig, your going to get what you came here for, my shit!”. Mike got out the luggage rack that was in the hotel room and stacked pillows underneath it, to make a rim chair. I lay on my back and stared up at his tight, no fuck shithole. I took several hits of poppers and started madly licking and sniffing his hole, sucking on his thick ass lips, getting my tongue way up inside this straight, married cowboy ass. I could feel the tip of a big hard turd that was nestled in his anal canal, waiting to fill my stomach. “Open up farm boy, here comes your dinner.” I started sucking like crazy and Mike discharged a thick 9-inch shit log. “Don’t you gag, you fuck, eat that shit, you faggot toilet. You’re the type of boy that looks at guys’ butts who wear tight Wranglers and only wishes that you could get up in their crack. Well, here’s your chance, eat it all.”

I had to be careful as not to chew because I did not want to destroy this creation. His turds were almost as thick as his cock. I gagged, my eyes watered but this man had total control over my body, mind, mouth and throat. The monster turd made its way right down into my hungry throat and right down into my stomach. Mike stood up and watched me devour the remains of the log. Then, he slipped his cock back into my dehumanized, brown coated mouth to give me another load of cum followed by some more piss which, I gulped down, as I shot an enormous load from my uncut thick boy cock.

Mike left my ass, throat and mouth sore, raw and stretched. We got cleaned up, said our good byes and planned another meeting of me servicing his body. Next time, I take his fist. I can’t wait.