Enjoying my Good friend’s wife mona erotic stories

Hi This is Raj from Pune. This incident happened when a new colleague joined my company recently. He was transferred from Bangalore. His name was Harsh Tiwari. He was around 35 years and being my age we became very close friends very soon. He was in search of a good rented place and luckily the adjacent flat to mine was just vacant and the owner was looking for a tenant. I spoke to the apartment owner and he agreed to rent it out to Harsh. He was very happy to get a flat so close to me as Pune was a new place to him and his family. When they were shifting it was the first time I met his family. His mother and father were with him for a month but his wife had gone to her mother’s place as the kids were having school vacation.

My wife prepared tea and then Lunch for all of us. We enjoyed the day with them. His parents were very jolly and friendly person. Days passed and his parents were supposed to return to their native place in a week’s time. So his wife and the kids also returned back to Pune. Harsh and I came home that day and after getting fresh I went to his flat to meet his parents. It was Friday and the next two days were holidays for us. I was having a talk with his parents when a very beautiful lady came with water glass in her hand to give it to me. I saw her and MY GOD.. I could hardly believe that such a beauty was Harsh’s wife as Harsh was not such a good looking man. She smiled and told me to have water.

I returned to my conscious and took my eyes off her and pretended to be normal. I was thinking in my mind that GOD is very cruel. He does not make perfect pairs. How could Harsh get such a stunning girl when so many good looking guys were there in the world? But the most I could do then was get jealous of him. Soon my wife too joined me with them. The formal introduction was done as we were meeting her for the first time. His wife’s name was Mona.

They had a daughter aged ten and I had a son of the same age. Mona looked much younger for her kids to be this age. The two families soon became good friends and spent evening together. His parents left for their home town in a week’s time. we had a club house and had a badminton court in it. We played Badminton every weekend. We used to play doubles and the respective couples made pairs. Mona used to wear tight body fitting dress during play and she had big boobs which used to project outside and catch my eyes often. I was developing lust for Mona.

Mostly I used to pass the shuttle cock towards her.

Time passed and we came very close and used to sit for long and crack jokes. But I made sure to eye contact with Mona which she also noticed every time. She was getting my jibes but turned her eyes down smiling. We use to meet at my home as we were properly settled and had enough resources in terms of furniture and entertainment. My house had a very big terrace and we used to mostly spend our time there. I was always looking to engage Mona more into conversations. I had almost scanned her body with my eyes and come to conclusion that she was the perfect lady in bed. She had great body, tall, had some weight on hips which made her ass slightly bigger but not large.

She had nicely shaped legs. Her boobs were the main attraction of any eyes. She had very long hairs which she mostly left loose. It made me go wild and many times I masturbated thinking of her. I even had sex with my wife thinking that I am fucking Mona and believe me that was the best sex I used to have with my wife. My wife was also good looking but slightly short and plump.

My luck took a turn when Harsh was put on a project and was to go to the US for the project for three months. Harsh left for US and now Mona was alone with her daughter at home. Now I had only my wife as hurdle and soon GOD had mercy on me. My wife received a call one day that her mother was serious and admitted in the hospital. As our son had school and exams very near she left me back and told Mona to take care of the kid and left for her mother’s place. The ground was now open and now it was up to me to capitalize the chance I had suddenly got. It was Tuesday morning and Mona came with Tiffin and packed my sons school bag and then sent her daughter and my son to school. We were now free as I used to leave for office at 10 AM. I told Mona to join me for tea after sending the kids to school. She entered my house and went to the kitchen.

As she was familiar with the kitchen she prepared tea and in the mean time I had bath. She was wearing a transparent night top and long slacks. I came out in a towel and purposely went to kitchen like that to ask Mona whether tea was ready. Mona saw my bare chest. She laughed and told me to join her for tea. I did not wear any shirt and sat on the sofa in my towel. She got tea and sat on the other sofa opposite me. We started chatting. I asked her about her education, school, college, etc and soon we went into a nonstop chat. As per my habit I was continuously looking into Mona’s eyes and also scanning her body. Her bra was visible from her top.

Her hairs were set loose as usual. She was continuously speaking about her childhood and her school and college. Soon she noticed me staring at her boobs. She became slightly nervous and by this time finished her tea. She stood up and was about to leave when I firmly held her hands and requested her to stay for some more time. This was the first time I had touched her and this took her by surprise. While doing so I also stood up and was very close to her. As I was bare from top Mona was also able to see my body.

On my continuous request she again sat on the sofa but this time she was nervous and her heart beat had increased as was visible to me. I told her that she was very beautiful and…… I stopped there after speaking the incomplete sentence. I had read or heard somewhere that women become curious to know something which is not supplied to them fully. She waited for me to say something further but I became silent and made direct eye contact with her. She slowly whispered… and what? I held her hand in mine and gently pressed it and came still close to her. She was trembling now not because of fear but some unknown reasons which had happened to her suddenly.

I continued and told her that she had the best hairs, face….body….and slowly whispered in her ears the words BOOBS. She was blushing as I could make out but was not ready to show the feeling so soon. She reminded that I was married and that my wife was her friend too. I again whispered in her ears that she has told her to take care of me in her absence. Now I was very very close to her and while whispering in her ears I purposely made my chest contact with her boobs. She was breathing heavy by now.

She told me that she is the wife of my good friend. I again went near her ears. This time I held her head from behind and pulled her ears near me. By doing so her head was in my hands and I put my fingers in her hair and started whispering in her ears that her husband had only instructed me to take care of Mona. I was also fingering her hairs and her chin was resting on my shoulders. Taking courage I put my other hand around her waist gently touching and holding her. I made a point not to stop my whispering and I continued praising her from where I had stopped. She was now getting in my control and I made my grip on her waist firm and slowly pulled her on me.

We were standing still and her hands were now touching my bare body as I had pulled her on me. She was slowly getting seduced and I hope she was enjoying herself. My hands were feeling her back and her hair. My lips were on her ears. I stopped whispering and planted a kiss on her shoulders. By this time her hands had slid around my body and we were holding each other as if we were meeting for the first time and had hugged each other on meeting.

On seeing no resistance from Mona I continued my kisses and reached her face. I rubbed my cheeks on hers which were very soft and smooth. Rubbed my Lips on hers cheeks and slowly reached her lips. She was still breathing hard and trembling but stood there. My hands slowly lifted her top from behind and started feeling her bare back and her bra strap. Now I slowly planted a gentle kiss on her lips and took my lips off hers and stared in her eyes. Her eyes were closed.

I again put my lips on hers and started kissing them slowly. She stood there without any reaction and she was not participating at this time but she was not resisting also. I continued smooching and my hand moving on her body. Now I withdrew my right hand from her hairs and slid it in her slacks which had elastic in it and it went easily inside her slacks and reached her ass. I gently massaged her ass cheeks which were very soft. I was enjoying myself and was thanking GOD in mind for giving me this opportunity.

But then suddenly my phone rang and she pulled herself in a hurry and ran in her flat. I was very angry on the person who had called me at that moment. I picked the phone and it was my wife who had called me to inquire about our kid and me. We spoke for some time and assured that we were comfortable. I inquired about her mother and she said she is in the hospital and she is going to the hospital. She said that it might take a week for her to return.

I was happy that at least I have a week with me to enjoy the beautiful Mona.I kept the phone and realized that Mona had gone. I put on a shorts and a sleeveless T shirt and went to Mona’s flat and rang the bell. Mona told me to go back as has to do other household works. I was upset and went back in my flat and had a good handwork in the bathroom. I knew if I masturbated I can play long with Mona. I then took a 50mg Suhaagra tablet which makes the dick hard and keeps it hard for a long time. It was 9 AM and Mona was still in her flat. I was becoming restless. I could not hold myself and again rang Mona’s flats bell. This time Mona opened the door. She had taken a bath as her hairs were wet. She had changed her dress too. She had put on a red short sleeve T shirt and Ladies Jeans sort of bottom. She called me in and said that breakfast was ready.

I smartly told her that yes my breakfast was ready and pulled her towards me. She tried to get away from me saying that it’s not good and that both of us are married and should not get carried away like this. I was in no mood of listening and with already a small taste of her I had become an animal. I again held her by her hands and pulled her and held her tight in my arms and whispered slowly in her ears that she was irresistible and I cannot help myself to keep away from her. I quickly put my right hand in her jeans and left hand in her T shirt from behind and started rubbing her body and ass from where I had left. She was resisting hard but my confidence had increased and my grip had tightened on her. My lips were reaching for her lips which she was avoiding by turning her face on both sides. I continued rubbing my hands on her body and soon my right hand was on her ass crack.

I slid my middle finger in her ass crack and started fiddling with her ass hole. My left hand was trying to open her bra hooks and with my married experience I could unhook her bra from behind. As soon as I finished unhooking her bra my right hand came out of her T shirt and held her hairs and head from behind which made hard for her to skip my lips reaching her lips. I immediately placed my lips on hers and started sucking her like wild.

She now had accepted that it was difficult to escape from me and she had become less resistant. I put her along the wall and was kissing and sucking her lips and now my hands were reaching for her other asset, her BOOBS. As the bra was already unhooked the boobs were free to be pressed from inside. I slid my hands inside the bra and held her boobs gently. They were so big that they were coming out of my palms. I slowly pulled her T shirt and bra out and threw it away. She was now topless. I immediately removed my T shirt and threw it on the floor.

I was kissing her hard and now she was also taking part in it. She opened her mouth slightly and my tongue reached her mouth and we exchanged our saliva in this act. We continued this for 10-15 minutes.

Then I lifted her in my arms and started for her bedroom. She was zapped that I could lift her as her husband never tried it. I Put the nipples of the boobs in my mouth while lifting in my arms and started sucking them. I went to her bedroom and instead of putting her in bed again came back to the living room with her in my arms and her boobs in my mouth. She had put her arms around my shoulders. I did this for 4-5 times and then I threw her in her bed, jumped on her and again reached for her juicy lips. We enjoyed sucking each other for a long time and I must tell that she was far much better than my wife. My hands were on her boobs pressing and enjoying them.

Then slowly I left her lips and went for the boobs. The boobs were so big that by joining the two melons together I could bring both the nipples together and suck both of them together. I was sucking like mad and she was enjoying herself and her body was trembling again. I was enjoying this act of hers. I slowly pulled her panties and jeans which also had a elastic in it instead of the buttons down and with my toe fingers brought it out of her legs and also pulled my shorts and underwear out.

Now we lay bare on each other and me still enjoying her nipples. As soon as my dick rubbed her body her hands reached on it and started rubbing it. We continued it this way for a while. Then I asked her to do 69 position. She did not know what 69 position meant. I laid her down and went in a 69 position and started licking her pussy with my tongue. I placed my dick on her mouth but she removed her mouth on one side. I came to know that she has not sucked any cock till now. I asked her to do so but she refused saying that she has never done it before. I realized that I cannot force her to do so but I can make her taste my dick smartly. I asked her to take my dick in her hand and kiss it while I enjoy her pussy. She agreed. I was enjoying her pussy juices which were now flowing out. She used to kiss my dick in between and again massage with her hands.

I told her to kiss the dick top gently to make me enjoy more. She agreed and started kissing the dick top. I kept licking her pussy hard. I drank all her juices flowing out. She was moaning hard and was enjoying this act. She reached climax and her body was trembling hard. She was now kissing my dick and slowly I applied pressure and my dick top entered her mouth. I held myself tight in that position. She could not take my dick out and forcibly had to keep in her mouth. I slowly applied more pressure and half the dick was in her mouth. She had no other option but to keep in her mouth. Soon her saliva surrounded my mouth and I realized that she was slowly sucking my dick.

Now I was enjoying too and she had a climax again. My fully erect dick was in her mouth and she was not ready to leave it. I then turned towards her face and again gave her a tight kiss pressing her boobs again. My dick was as hard as a rod and was now ready to enter the dark holes of Mona. I lay on her, spread her legs and placed my dick on her pussy. My rod slowly found the access to the opening and like a snake entered inside. Mona gave a loud cry as I gave a deep and hard jerk inside her. As I had already masturbated so I knew that I can fuck her long. I kept pumping her and she was already on a high. I fucked her for 10 minutes and it was too much for her as she had never had it for so long.

She was literally shouting in joy and was participating more than me. Then I made her sit on me with my dick in her. She had not done any of these things with Harsh and I was teaching her new positions. By sitting on my dick she was enjoying the full dick in her. She gave strong jerks and her pussy juices had made the area wet which was making strange noises. I then made her doggy style and fucked her pussy from behind. I continued for some time and now I was about to cum.

I asked her and she told me to put the sperms inside her as she had just had her periods and those days were safe. I loaded her pussy with my sperms and she lay with her ass on top and me lying on her ass. We were wet doing such long play. We then went to her bathroom and had a long bath together. It was time for me to leave for office. We had many such encounters in that week. Then my wife came back and it put brakes on us. But still whenever we get a chance we indulge in quickies.