Erotic Dance Stories

With nervous anticipation I grab my bags from the floor and head to the suite on the seventh floor of the most expensive hotel in the city. Black 3 inch heels click smartly on aged marble floors, I can feel the stares of business suited men in “serious” glasses as they bore into my ass with each swaying step. Moments later my hands fumble with keycard in the lock, with a snick I am in the Penthouse Suite. My mind clouded, filled with vivid mental images of the intensely pleasurable hours to come I walk in a dream world into the fantasy world of richness and light from floor to ceiling windows.

The spacious rooms are very well appointed, an elegant, if slightly ornate style that reeks of old money and secret rendezvous that the wife will never hear of. Everything we could wish is within my grasp for this long awaited weekend. The complimentary champagne iced, only the addition of fresh strawberries needed to complete the picture, a quick call to room service filled that particular need. I love answering the door to the room service attendant when I am this keyed up, he can always feel the sexual vibration coming from my curvaceous 5’2″ frame, invariably his eyes will wander to my breasts. I love reaching my hand up and caressing my nipple through silk fabric while he watches me. I feel high with the feeling of power that washes over me as he licks his lips and croaks out a thank you for my generous tip, I often wonder what he tells the other employees, I always have amazing service though.

Walking across the room to the table by the window my eyes settle, in happy surprise on an expensive arrangement of out of season flowers, a lovely card displayed prominently. Clasping the card to my chest with nerveless fingers shakily reading the inscription. “To my lover, my slave, my love, my toy,” it reads. Arms shaking I return the card to its holder. Pulling the pins from my long dark hair, I silently light the fire, select slow, sensuous music and pour myself a glass of dry white wine.

The pulsing, erotic tones fill my body, hips moving in silky rhythm to the strains of the Latin music, the beat speaking of forbidden afternoons with sloe eyed girls under a warm and forgiving sky. Setting the glass down with a click I let the music overtake me, fill me, moving as the music leads me I begin to slowly strip the clothing from my body. My hands caress my breasts my buttons seeming to undo themselves. Silk designer shirt, business suit pool on the floor, dropped where I stand with careless disregard for their cost as they danced out of. Facing the 37″ screen TV I catch my reflection as I move my full hips clad in a thin thong, rubbing my ass in a way that makes me very aware of my asshole.

Flopping on the couch in sexy exhaustion I grab my wine and gulp it down, in smooth and silken swallows. Dropping my drained glass my hands roam my body large breasts, covered in sheer black lace, smaller waist and wide, full hips, barely clothed in a lace black thong. Each part lovingly caressed each explored, the window, curtainless, looks out on an office building across the street, it only heightens the moment, making my touch more exciting, and feverish. With a wet sigh my hand reaches under the lace of my, now wet panties, to my warm wet, excited, pussy. I should not tease myself for long, my Master will not want me to cum before he orders it. A soft sigh of denial escapes my full lips, just another moment and I reluctantly stop my soft, flirtatious strokes. With a small smile to the promise of things to come I lick my fingers slowly, seductively. Standing I run my hands down my either side of my body. I notice the shadow watching me in the office building across the way. With a quick, saucy, slap to my ass, I laughingly grab my bag and walked with quick purpose to the next room, the bedroom.

The king sized, four poster bed is covered in expensive Egyptian cotton sheets, the kind that are cool even on hot days and feel like a lovers rough textured tongue against hot skin. Unzipping my bag I pull my assortment of toys from it’s depths, I am not sure that Coach meant for their $450.00 leather brief case to hold a 10 inch long, 4 inch wide black plastic dildo, ball gag, anal beads, butt plug and 2 sets of handcuffs, but I get perverse pleasure out of carrying them in it.

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Pouring myself one more glass of the expensive wine I gird myself for what will come next. Sipping it slowly I sat cross legged on the bed. I will keep the bra, panties, stockings and spiked black heels, pearls around my neck on, he likes me that way, an expensive, willing slut for him. Anointing my body in the special blend of essential oils that drive my Master mad with desire I focus all my energy and thoughts on satisfying his needs, and offering him the greatest pleasure. His satisfaction will lead to my own, his pleasure will ensure my pleasure.

The butt plug is first, moistening it with some of the wine from my mouth I open my legs and work its thickness into my tight little asshole, there is something dirty and erotic about fucking my ass with my favorite toy. Smiling with satisfaction upon full insertion I wiggle it with my fingers to feel every hot inch of it filling my ass. I am starting to burn, hot and ready.

Taking the handcuffs I secure them to each bedpost, making sure the other end of the left one was open and ready for my hand. Taking a last, longing sip of wine I insert the ball gag in my mouth and secure it tightly behind my head. Next, a scarf. Hermes probably had not thought of such wickedness when they designed this particular horse bit design, hoping the irony would entertain my lover I secure it behind my head with tight knots. Blind, gagged and filled only one thing is left. I inserted my left hand into the cuffs and clicked them shut, tight. The next part would be the trickiest. Inserting my right hand into the remaining cuff, which I had closed to he largest setting I wiggled my hand until I clicked it tight enough to gently chaff my pale, thin wrist.

Ass filled, gagged, and blindfolded, I spread my legs wide in anticipation feeling my panties soak with wetness. Smiling joyfully around the thickness in my mouth I wait. Time stands still, the music swirls around me, colors and sound fill my mind with grace and form and light.

I do not hear him, smell him or feel him. In a flash he is there, his hot ragged breath in my ear he chuckles, low, menacing, and sexy voice assault my senses “Hello Lover,” I shiver, the promise of those words flush me, warm me as only his voice can a soft sigh builds in my throat, happiness and love fill me, along with breathless anticipation. The dildo, seductive and frightening caress my bare, and tender stomach. “What a pleasant sight,” moans from his lips, “a precious gift.” My pussy wet, ready and my soul willing, and free my hips rise to meet the challenge. I am complete in this moment.