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“Wine, dine, and 69 me,” were the words, I felt were etched in day glow ink on my forehead for all the patrons of the country club to see, as my older-than-I date escorted me into the banquet room. Another hosh posh insipid gathering of old monied blue haired ladies with their tanned retired Aristrocat husbands in toll, rich widowers and divorced high profile men with their show piece beauties draped on their arms, and, let’s not forget the poor wannabes, who mortgage everything they own for the opportunity to keep up with the Jones.

I fit into the middle category, a show piece for a divorced 53 year old land developer/publisher; a handsome man with charm, wealth, class, and power outside the bedroom, but a major disappointment in bed, much to my dismay. I had committed to attending this bigwig shing ding. A woman of my word, here I was attired in a black tight short dress, showing off my bodily charms with my reddish brown hair more than an accessory.

Realizing, bemusedly, that I was the only woman present in the testosterone circle, my date had encased himself within, I decided it was an appropriate time to visit the ladies’ room. I was within 10 feet of the beckoning door when I was broadsided by one of the penguin-suited guests. Strong tuxedoed arms encircled my waist, preventing me from tumbling off my 2″ black heels. I was nose to nose with an interesting pair of dismayed hazel eyes.

“Are you alright?” He inquired with concern. His voice had a trained smooth quality, a slight northern twang. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t watching where my feet were heading.”

“I’m good,” I replied, “you’re forgiven.” I paused, waiting. “You can let go of me now. I’ve regained my equilibrium.”

He reluctantly let his hands slide away from my waist, not moving. Smiling at me, his lips framed words but before they could escape, he was surrounded by a war party of blondes armed with silicone. I watched in amusement and surprise, as he seemed put out to be leaving.

Once in the ladies’ room, I exchanged the usual polite mumbo jumbo. Eavesdropping, I heard someone mention that a good-looking Yankee was visiting someone, and how she would love to spread some southern charm all over him. Was it my bumper guy, I wondered? If so then, poor fellow, some one should warn him or at least give him a box of condoms along with a tetanus shot.

Looking as good as possible, I returned to the party at hand and found my date drooling over a peroxide princess. Relieved, I rescued some champagne. Sipping it, I rested my eyes on Mr. Demolition Derby. He was being entertained by a group of people I didn’t know. I looked at him discreetly over my champagne glass.

Handsome was not the proper term one should use to describe him. He was of medium build in great shape. Short, close cropped, dark hair flecked with gray, a man of around forty something. His smile brightened the whole room, hinting of mischief and humor. I wouldn’t say exceptionally gorgeous, but close enough to it. I found him extremely sexy, but would deny it if asked.

Suddenly, his sparkling eyes were on me, causing me to look away, feeling guilty, as if caught with my hand in the cookie jar. Escaping his stare, I ventured over to the banquet table to examine its fine foods decorated with melon carvings and ice sculptures. I felt his presence before he spoke.

“More champagne?” he asked. I took the glass and smiled thanks. “What do you think of this fine art?” He was indicating the tacky swan ice sculpture.

“Well,” I said, “I was considering melting it with my x-ray vision, but have decided against it. I would probably get black balled, regardless of the fact that I am a super hero.”

Not missing a beat, he asked, “So, where’s your side kick? Or do you work alone?”

I smiled, arching an eyebrow; “I usually work alone but might consider adding a side kick. Interested?” I flirted shamelessly. This was a very boring party. He had diversion written across that kissable forehead.

“Where do I apply?” he asked with a twinkle in his eye. The band struck up a tune. I grabbed his arm. “On the dance floor, if you pass, we’ll discuss the next phase,” I said as we followed an invisible trail to the sound of music.

His arms pulled me closer than the usual stranger would. I felt heady and giddy, dancing with him. We could do nothing but smile at each other. “You are very pretty,” he bluntly said. “Even if you are a super hero”, he added.

I laughed, titling my head back, my hair bouncing around my face. Raw desire was unveiled in his eyes for an unguarded moment. My breath caught. A heat ran through my body like fire down a trail of gasoline. His grip on me tightened. I could feel him stirring against my lower stomach. My panties dampened, knowing this.

I pulled away slightly to look at him. He pulled me back, pressing me even closer than before. His mouth at my ear, his breath tickling my skin, he whispered, “You are a delight, Miss Superhero.” Then he placed a strategic kiss along my jaw line. I shivered in response. An uncharacteristic animalistic urge took control of me. I wanted him badly, urgently and now.

I pushed against him, feeling him harden to another degree. A gasp escaped his lips. We stopped dancing looking intently at each other.

I whispered, “Madness!” shivering in his raw sexual embrace.

He answered, “Pleasure!” in a tone that implied plenty to come.

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In that instance I let karma take her spontaneous hand to guide us off the dance floor, through the front entrance, towards the valet parking. His hand was on my elbow very possessively. I did not hesitate. I handed the valet my date’s sports car keys that I had because most likely I would have to drive his drunken ass home later. We sped off in a cloud of smoke and squealing tires, laughing like children on a roller coaster ride.

The first beaten path we saw, I took. We were suddenly quiet as the silence of the woods around us became deafening. I shut off the ignition. He pulled me into a hungry embrace. Our mouths finally knowing the delicious taste of our lust.

On one accord, we got out of the tight fitting car, meeting at the hood. Pinning me against it, he started kissing me again. My neck my shoulders, my ears, his tongue finally flicking against mine. Our kisses smeared my lipstick on both our faces. His hand found my knee and glided up under my skirt, pausing at the top of my silky thigh high stockings, fingers caressing flesh.

Thrusting his tongue deeper into my mouth while wrapping his free hand in my red hair, he brutally ripped my silk black thongs off. The elastic bit into my flesh, as his teeth bit and pulled my quivering lower lip.

He slid a finger across my wet pussy lips. My body reacted violently. I watched him pull away from me to bring his hand to his face. Eyes half veiled, he examined his finger which was shiny wet from my juices. He placed it in his mouth, sucking loudly. The enjoyment on his face resembled a rapturous state.

“More,” he said as he lifted me unto the warm car hood. Spreading my legs apart, he dove in headfirst. No, I should say, tongue first. He licked and sucked my throbbing sensitive clit and swollen pussy lips until they were beyond pouting and puffiness. I buried my hands in his short hair, urging with my hips, grinding against his talented mouth. Oh, the pleasure, I felt. The satin feel of his tongue played my clit like the purest of songs ever sung.

I cried out, “Oh my God, I’m going to come.” As I rained his smooth face with my come, he lapped it up, as a cat would cream. He didn’t stop, but he did add two fingers inside without debate. He found my G-spot, slowly rubbing my secret hot spot. I felt the resulting effects deep inside.

This orgasm was over whelming and violent. My soaking pussy jerked against his massaging fingers. To my horror, I sprayed him with wetness. He moaned loudly, licking it off my pouting pussy lips and sensitive clit. He moved his body over mine. I felt this huge hardness through his pants, on my creamy thigh. His face was so shiny from my juices. I captured it between my hands and proceeded to lick my taste off him. He was busy undoing his pants, releasing the pressure of his cock. I trembled at the warmth and wetness of its tip on my thigh. He proceeded to rub the purple fat head against my swollen clit.

With strength I didn’t know I possessed, I pushed him away, falling to my knees on the grass. My delicate mouth found his torrid cock with ease. He made a small sound of pleasure, rocking against my face, pushing my hair from my face. I looked up catching his eyes. Not looking away, I flicked my tongue on the back of his shaft, as my mouth moved up and down sucking. The front of my lower teeth rubbed gently against the back of the head. He cried out, “No, not yet!”

He roughly pulled me by the arms until our bodies were pressed tight. My mouth found his. With our lips and tongues clinging, he pushed me against the hood and savagely entered me. His cock was huge and so rock hard, filling my wanton pussy. Our bodies were perfectly matched, making the carnal pleasure complete. Our erotic rhythm and thrusting sent shivers through our heated bodies. We were hungrily kissing madly.

I stared coming, digging my nails in his shoulders, my hips bucking under him. He fucked me hard, whispering, “oh baby” in my ear. I couldn’t stop coming; I could feel our wetness and hear the moist sounds we made.

Incredibly, I could feel him harden even more, his cock twitching against my G-spot, rubbing and bumping over it. His thrust became harder and frantic, sweat beading on his forehead. He pulled all the way out then thrust in so hard that my body moved upwards. This was too much for us both. I screamed and bit his shoulder, as I came rapidly on his torrid maleness.

He let out a series of cries as he came. I felt his hot release inside me. His body shook, his thrusting slowing down. The sounds he made were low animal rumblings. He pushed the hair from my eyes, smiling he lightly kissed me. “Heaven ” he said sensually and with satisfaction.

I reached up and wiped sweat off his face. He watched as I licked my fingers. “Salty” I said. He laughed. We both smiled lost in a state of total bliss. He pulled me up, sliding his cock out of me. Wetness saturated every thing. He embraced me for a long time, our bodies molded together as one. With great regret, he released me, kissing my forehead, whispering a sweet nothing.

Silently, afraid to speak of the intense pleasure we had just experienced, we adjusted our clothing back to their proper state. Walking over to the driver’s side of the car, I came upon my ripped beyond repair undies. He stood smiling as I placed them upon a low hanging branch of a tree nearby, as a testament of our afternoon delight.

In a comfortable silence, holding hands, we drove back to the country club. He leaned over to kiss me while the valet watched us with a knowing smirk, which he made no attempt to hide, upon his face. Our eyes burned into each other’s heart and soul, searing a most unforgettable feeling of total fantasy never to be undone in our life times.

“Not bad for a superhero, love.” He said as we walked through the entrance. We paused unnoticed in the blur of party activities to once again look at each other. The silence we spoke was deafening, but the emotions of what could be were even louder. He moved his lips to speak. I hurriedly covered his mouth my fingers, silencing him. His quickly kissed them.

A troop of plastic squealed, “There you are,” sweeping him away. Our eyes locked in mutual amusement as their tanned bodies and short dresses shrouded him from my eyes. I could still feel him inside me, the evidence of our passion drying on my thighs. My date’s hand on my arm made it all so unreal.

“I have missed you, darling,” he said. “Where did you disappear to?” I just smiled secretively, not answering. With his arm encircling my waist, he ushered me back to his world and reality.