Eye Of The Hawk Sex stories

The day had started off bright and sunny. As I rode farther west, the worse it had become. Looking more and more like rain. The big gray stallion I rode was as rough a riding horse as I had ever sat. It was as if he had rock legs under him. Every step felt like I was setting on a wagon with no springs. Jarring every bone in my body. At times he did it on purpose.

“Remind me to get rid of your sorry ass when we get to the Nations,” I told him.

As if he understood what I said, he looked like he shook his head “no” and snorted. Now that’s all I need. A damn horse that understands me but don’t listen to anything else I tell him.

Around noon we stopped by a stream to take a short break and rest. All I had was some hard-tack and beans. Not knowing what attention I would draw if I lit a fire, I decided to eat everything cold. Then I laid back against a tree, ate and must have dozed off. The next thing I knew, drops of water were hitting me on the head and face. Thinking that the rain must have started, I quickly started to rise. Looking up, I found the gray standing over me with water running from his mouth, dripping on me.

“Damn your stinking hide,” I said. “You won’t let a fellow get some rest or peace and quiet, will you?” He looked down at me and threw his head up and nickered at me. The son-of-a-bitch was laughing at me. “I guess you think it’s time to go, don’t you,” I said. “Oh what the hell, let’s hit the trail.”

My name is Pat ” The Hawk” Mulligan. I hate that name. So, most people that know me just call me Hawk, for their own health reasons. I’ve sort of made a reputation with my guns. Some good — some bad. I am half Indian and half white. My mother is a very beautiful white woman that was raised by my fathers tribe. The Cherokee. Her parents were killed back in ’69 by a flash flood that caught their wagon as they were passing through our lands. She was only a young girl of six when this happened. Some of the braves found her crying, sitting in a tree after the water had gone down. They later found the bodies of her parents and what remained of their wagon. They returned her to the village and there she was taken in by her future tribal parents. As she told it, my father and she were constantly together during their childhood. Must have been natural for them to marry when she reached her seventeenth year of age. Two years later I came into this world. Now I was returning to that world I know and love. After thirteen years, I’m going home.

I grew up as any typical Indian child is raised. Except that my mother was very insistent that I knew both languages and also how to read and write it. Then when I reached the age of eighteen, they sent me back east of school. Everyday I had to fight some bully because I was a half breed. The women were different though. They seem to think it was neat to go out with or go to sleep with a half breed. I’m no different than any other man except maybe for the oversized dick I carry around. And for some reason, my staying power is unreal, or so I’ve been told by some very reliable sources.

As the day passed by, the clouds grew darker. I topped a ridge and the first wind and rain hit. There was no let up. In fact it got harder and harder. I could no longer see landmarks, so I decided to let the gray have his head. I knew he would find some sort of shelter.

Suddenly he stopped. Raising my head, I looked out from under my rain-soaked hat and saw that he had stopped in front of a farmhouse. Just my luck. No lights were on. I then spotted the barn. Dismounting, I quickly led the stallion into the barn. Unsaddled him and rubbed him down with some dry straw to dry him off. Then I put him in a stall and found some oats and fed him. All my clothes were wet so I undressed and hung everything on the stall fence. I bunched some of the straw together and covered it with a blanket I found. Lying there, I realised that I was completely naked and would probably scare the hell out of anyone if they walked in on me. But I usually get up very early so I didn’t think there would be a problem.

Listening to the rain beating on the tin roof, I was quickly lulled into a deep restful sleep. Must have been more tired that I thought. The next thing I know I was awakened by something warm and moist on my manhood. My mind started racing. What is this? Did the farmer have a calf that thought I was his mother and was doing what comes naturally. What if he drove his head into me because there was no milk coming from this “tit.” I opened my eyes and slowly peaked down between my legs, fearing the worst.

My mouth dropped open form the sight I saw. A blonde head was bobbing up and down on my cock. She must have felt my gasp because she raised her eyes and looked at me. She was beautiful. We locked eyes for a minute then she dropped her head and continued to suck me now with even greater determination. I felt my balls start to churn. She was getting me close. I reached down and grabbed a hand full of her blonde hair and forcefully started helping her as she bottom out on me. Then she started rubbing my balls. I felt her slide her hand down until I could feel her finger searching for my ass. As the tip of her fingers rubbed across my asshole, I jerked and at that minute she drove her finger into me.

“OOOHHHHH Damn,” I moaned.

The it hit. I was coming. Glob after glob hit the back of her throat. She was swallowing as fast as she could to keep up with me. Each time she would jam her finger into me I would shoot another load in her mouth. As the spasms slacked off, I released my hold on her hair. She continued to suck until my cock started to shrink. Then removing her finger from my ass, she raised her head, letting my cock fall limply to the side. She rose to her feet. Brushing her skirt to remove any clinging pieces of hay, she looked down at me and smiled.

“After you’ve dressed, come to the house for some breakfast,” she said.

Without waiting for my reply, she turned and walked out the barn door. I fell back on the hay and stared at the roof.

“Did this really happen or did I just have a wet dream?” I asked myself. No! God, it was real. Much too good to be a dream.

I quickly dressed, checked on the grey, strapped on my guns, made sure my boot knife was in place and went to the house. I knocked on the door with my hat in hand. Slowly it opened. A blonde head and a black head peaked around it looking at me. They were both probably in their late teens and also very pretty.

“Hi,” they chirped. “Come on in — Donna said we would be having company to eat,” as they both slyly started giggling.

I felt like a mouse coming face to face with a cat. What the hell was going on here? They took my hat and ushered me into the kitchen. The aroma of eggs frying was mouth-watering. I noticed the woman, Donna as the other two had called her, working over the wood stove.

“How do you like your steaks?” she asked.

“Rare is fine, thank you,” I stated.

The other two girls sat me at the table and immediately poured me a cup of coffee. Every time one or the other would pass by or do something at the table, they would find some reason to brush themselves against me.

Donna spoke, “We are the McAlester sisters. This here is the ‘Triple D Ranch.’ I’m Donna, she’s (pointing towards the blonde) Debby, and the other is Darlene. We run this place since our folks died last year of the pox.”

“Glad to meet you all,” I said. “People call me Hawkeye. My actual name is Pat Mulligan. But people call me Hawkeye. You’ve really got a nice place here. Sorry to hear about your folks, though.”

As I sat there drinking the coffee, I managed to look over the three girls. Donna, definitely the oldest of the three but not by much, was a very beautiful blonde, tall and blue eyed. From what I could see, she had a very nice shape under that dress. Debby on the other hand was a shorter version of her sister, with a little more meat on her bones but still very pretty. Darlene was something else though. She had dark hair, brown eyes and from what I could see, the biggest set of tits I’d ever seen. Her features were that of Indian or Mexican. As if I had any right to ask questions, I just let it ride on without anymore consideration on my part.

The food was brought to the table and the three girls sat down. They all were wearing low cut dresses and managed to show me a sample of their charms as the bent over to sit. Quite a sight to wake up to in the morning. We engaged in small talk as we ate.

I shoved the plate back as I heard horses approaching outside. Sounded like four maybe five riders.

“Shit!” exclaimed Donna. Getting to her feet. “It’s that Bracken bunch again. Debby, you and Darlene stay in the house.”

As she made her way towards the front door, I ask the other girls what was going on. They looked at me with tearful eyes and started talking, both at the same time.

“Whoa,” I said. “One at a time.”

Debby looked at me and said, “They are a bunch of ruffians that are trying to take our home. They have offered money but nothing close to what we feel it’s worth. We’ve had fences cut, cattle stolen and someone tried to burn our barn one night.

I could hear loud talking coming from outside then I heard Donna scream. I jumped, knocking my chair over and made a dash to the front door. Swinging open the front door, I saw Donna on the ground, one hand holding her cheek. The rider sitting above her on his horse with his quirt raised to strike her again.

“I don’t think you want to do that friend,” I said.

The cowboy looked startled for a minute then said, “Fuck you, stay out of this.”

As he started to bring the whip down again, I drew and fired, the bullet striking him in the shoulder. Before he had time to fall from his horse my guns were back in their holsters. The rider was sitting in the dirt next to his horse.

“You crazy son-of-a-bitch!” he screamed. “You shot me. Don’t just sit there, you idiots — gun the bastard!” he yelled at the other riders.

The other four went for their guns at the same time. Again my draw was quicker. The shots rang out and as the smoke cleared, all four were down. One was dead and the others wounded. I walked down the steps with my guns trained on them and relieved them of there hardware.

“I’d suggest you get this garbage out of here and don’t even think about coming back,” I told the first one I had plugged. If I ever see you raise a hand towards these girls again, I’ll kill ya.”

As they got up and put the body of their companion on the horse, the leader turned to me and ask, “Who in the hell are you and what concern is it of yours?”

“Most people call me The Hawk,” I said. “I see someone beating up on defenceless women, I make it my business.”

At the mention of my name I thought he would faint.

“We’re ssssssorry Mr. Hawk,” he stammered. “We was only following orders. We didn’t know you was part of this.”

“Well, I suggest you go back to whoever gave you those orders and tell them that I am part of this now, no thanks to you and they have just made it very personal. In fact, if I see you boys around this area again — you’re dead.”

He swallowed hard like he had an egg hung in his throat and backed towards his mount. As they rode off, I reached down and helped Donna to her feet.

“We’d better get that face cleaned up,” I said. I reached down and caught her under her legs and lifted her up in my arms. Her head resting on my shoulder. The girls showed me to the bed room and I slowly lowered her to the bed. She looked me in the eyes and slowly kissed me and said, “Thanks, I uhh, we owe you one.”

“No, that’s just a small pay back for this morning,” I said with a smile and a wink.

I chuckled to myself as I backed out of the room as the two girls started to clean her up. Returning to the kitchen, I picked up the chair and poured me another cup of coffee. I soon felt a hand come from behind and slide down my shirt. Looking back, I looked into Debby’s face. She leaned forward and kissed me. I slid the chair back and started to rise when she stopped me.

“No! It’s my turn to thank you now,” she said. “In my own way.”

Again she bent down and kissed me, running her tongue into the back of my mouth. I felt her hand move to unfasten my gun belt. Delftly she then undid my pants and slipped her hand inside.

“Ahhhh, I never dreamed,” she gasp.

Then her hand was wrapped around me. Immediately, I started to get hard. The blood pounding into it as her hands worked on it.

As she pulled my cock from my pants, she suddenly bent her head and ran her tongue over the head of my cock. I groaned, closed my eyes and threw my head back. As quickly as she started, she stopped. Opening my eyes, I was taken back form the sight I saw. Debby was slowly raising her skirt and in one quick motion she threw one leg over mine and settled onto my lap. The view was breath-taking. Her blonde hair covered slit beckoning to me. I reached my hand down and covered it. I could not believe how wet she was. Again she reached for me. I moved my had from her cunt and onto her tits. I could feel her nipples getting hard through the material. Moving my hand up to the top of her dress, I slowly slid it down inside to feel those beautiful orbs.

With a moan she started to rub the head of my cock up and down her slit. Each time it passed over her clit she would stiffen. Her breathing was becoming strained. She then raised herself up on her toes and positioned me at her opening. I was holding my breath expecting a slow agonizing gentleness as she would slide down my shaft. Instead, by lifting her feet off the floor, she plunged down on me.

“Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed. “Oh God, it’s to big. It’s splitting me apart Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

I reached down under her ass to help lift her off of me.

“No! Don’t you dare move me,” she said. “Let me get use to the size then it will be all right. It’s just that this my first time and I didn’t know if I could take it all or not.”

I didn’t know what to say. A Virgin! Debby was a virgin! Yet she chose me to be her first. I gently wrapped my arms around her shoulders and pulled her to me. Rocking her slowly as I stroked her back and head, I could feel her internal muscles starting to relax around me. Then she was flexing them, clamping down on me and then relaxing. Driving me crazy. She slowly leaned back, holding me by my neck and started rotating her hips. Her eyes snapped open wide with wonderment as her clit rubbed against the base of my cock. Faster and faster she moved. Throwing her head back and closing her eyes, I could see the veins in her neck swell from the strain. I knew she was getting close. I reached up and put my hand behind her neck and drew her lips to mine. Wrapping my arms around her I kissed her deeply and hard as I started diving into her. Then she was there. Her sharp nail digging into my neck.

“UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH — mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she tried to scream into my mouth, as I continued to buck into her.

Then I came with her. The tightness and the movements of her hips was to much for me to last. I came and came. Shooting all my seed up into her. I opened my eyes, seeing stars floating around me. I happen to glanced towards a mirror behind her and notice Darlene leaning against the door. Her hand was up under her skirt and she was rubbing herself openly. She was also coming. Her eyes closed and her mouth forming an “O” as she reached her peak. She continued to gently rub herself as her eyes opened. She also looked into the mirror and with a look of shock on her face, she realised I had been watching her too. She jumped back and disappeared down the hall. I smiled to myself and thought, “I wonder what that one has in store for me?”

I held Debby for a long time until her breathing returned to normal and she then slowly slid from me. Looking down at my cock, she gasp. I looked down and saw that I was covered with a mixture of our juices and blood. She really had been a virgin. Turning to the sink, she quickly got a cloth and cleaned me up. Then she bent her head and kissed the head of my dick.

“Thanks,” she said. “I’m glad now that I waited for you to come into my life.”

She then reached up and kissed my lips hard running her tongue into my mouth. Then she was gone. I sat there with my pants down and my dick soft with a look of bewilderment on my face. Damn, can life get any better than this?

For the next few days, everything was peaceful. I did the best I could to help out around the place. Fixing the barn and house. Chopping wood for the kitchen. Anything the girls wanted me to do. There had not been any other meetings between either Donna or Debby and myself. Of course there were admiring glances all around but nothing else. It was like nothing had happened between us.

I decided that I needed to get out in the hills for a while. I really didn’t like being cooped up all the time. I knew the girls might still be in danger, so I couldn’t just leave, but I had to do something. I ask Donna the next morning at breakfast about her property boundaries and her livestock. I told her I thought it would be a good idea to go have a look and see if anything needed to be done.

“That might be a good idea Hawk,” she said. “We haven’t checked the fences in quite a while and I hope the creek has enough water for the cattle. Why don’t I let Darlene go with you to show you around? She’s usually the one that handles all that stuff anyway.”

Looking at Darlene with a questioning look, she nodded her head “yes” and I told her we could either go now or leave the next morning.

“It would probably be best to leave now. There are only six hundred acres to check, so it won’t take long,” she said.

“Fine by me,” I said. “I’ll get the horses saddled and meet you outside in about an hour.”

I grabbed my hat and left the kitchen to attend to the horses. In about an hour, I led them to the house and waited for Darlene. When she came out, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked like a man. She had changed to jeans and shirt with a big jacket that hid her breast completely and a big hat. I also notice she no wore a gun on her hip in a tie down rig. She walked to the horse and tied her bed roll and put some things in her addle bags. Then quickly and very smoothly she stepped on to her mount. Setting there looking down at me.

“Well, are we going or not?” she snapped. “We haven’t got all day.”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” I stammered. “Lets ride.” As I stepped up onto the grey.

All day we rode hard and checked fences and a few head of cattle we came across. By late afternoon, we finally came to the small creek that Donna had mentioned before.

“Lets stop for a little while and grab something to eat,” she said. “We’ve been at it pretty hard so far.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said. “Any particular spot?”

“There’s a big tree up around the bend where the creek is a little deeper,” she said.

We rode for another half an hour and finally came to the big tree. This place was breathtaking. The creek widened out to better than a good stone’s throw wide and looked to be deep. The big tree overhung the bank and the grassy area under it was a perfect place to rest. We dismounted and I helped her get her things from the saddle bags. I then removed the saddle from the grey and turned him loose to roam and eat.

“Won’t he run off if you do that?” she asked.

“No, he won’t go too far,” I said. “He’s like an old mother hen, always close by somewhere.”

We placed our saddles on the ground next to each other and I spread out a blanket she brought along, for us to sit on. She reached in her saddle bags and brought out big slices of ham, bread and all the fixings. Slices of a cake I’d seen cooling on the window in the kitchen. We carried on with small talk for most of the meal. As we finished and had put things away, I decided to stretch out and catch a few minutes of nap time.

I don’t know how long she let me sleep. I was awakened by water dripping on my face and head.

“Oh, not again you dumb fucking nag,” I moaned. “I’m definitely going to give you to the first slaughter house I can find.”

I reached up to move my hat off my head saying, “Getting me wet again is the last strawwwwwww.”

Stopping right in the middle of my sentence because standing over me with droplets of water running of the black thatch of hair covering her cunt, was Darlene.

“I hope you don’t send me to no slaughter house,” she said with a laugh. “I couldn’t think of any other way to wake you up.”

I looked up at her. I must be having a dream. She was totally beautiful. Here riding clothes did their job well by hiding her charms. Her body was perfect. From the top of her head to the slopping cones of her huge tits. A smooth rock hard stomach to the thickly covered “V” at the juncture of her thighs and those beautiful muscled legs.

I immediately set up and plunged my face into the dark bush. My tongue slipping into the slit. Darting it around until I found the nub of her clit. I could not get enough of her. The smell and taste of her cunt was like a magnet. Drawing me deeper and deeper into her.

“Yesssssssssss Oh yessssssssss, she moaned. “Eat me! Please eat me. Oh my God, I never knew it would be like this. EEEEEEEEEEiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhh.”

The she was there. Shit, she had a hair trigger. The force with which she ground my face into her cunt caught me totally by surprise. It was like I had stuck my face under a water spicket. I had never seen or swallowed so much juice.

Spent, she collapsed on the ground beside me. Her heavy breathing causing her huge tits to rise and fall like ocean waves. I leaned over and took a swollen nipple in my mouth. Running my tongue over and around it. Clamping down on it with the suction of my mouth, I moved back causing it to stretch. It popped out of my mouth but her hand quickly grabbed me around the neck and buried my mouth back on her tit.

“Oh Hawk, that feels so good,” she moaned. “I wanted this since the first morning I saw you.”

I slid my hand down her smooth stomach to the dark patch. Slowly I slid my middle finger into her slit. Her hips violently jerked upwards. I quickly inserted a finger into her hole. Another one! Another virgin. No one alive could be this lucky or blessed, I should say. As I rubbed her cunt, she once again came. This one not as forceful as the first but it still left her shaking. Rolling over, she looked into my eyes and said,

“Either you can get out of those clothes quickly or I will do it for you with this.” Showing me the knife I’d used to cut the meat.

Who am I to argue? I kicked off my knee boots and shirt. I stood up to remove my pants. As I unbuckled my gun rig and then slid my pants down, I heard a gasp. I looked up to find Darlene on her hands and knees staring at my rigid cock.

“God it’s huge,” she said. As she slowly crawled towards me. She reached out with a timid trembling hand and slowly stroked it. It was if she was hypnotized by it.

Slowly she inched her head towards me and started rubbing her cheeks on it. I could only stand and watch. Afraid I would break the spell that seem to be surrounding us. The opening her mouth she took all of me that she could into her mouth. She reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks pulling me to her. I then felt her finger searching for my asshole. Finding her target she quickly rammed the tip of her finger into me. With a grunt, I shoved more of my dick into her mouth. She sucked on it like she was starving. I could feel my balls drawing up as she massaged them. I knew if she kept this up, I would be coming in no time flat.

I gently pushed her off my cock. I lifted each foot as she slid my pants the rest of the way off my legs. She quickly turned and showed me her ass.

“Please, I need you in me now,” she stated. “Do me like a dog, from the back.”

I knelt down and spread her legs farther apart. Grabbing my stiff cock, I slowly rubbed it up and down her slit. I’d never seen anyone so wet. Her clit must have been an inch long. Finding her entrance, I pushed just the head in. Gently sawing back and forth. I slid in about three or four inches until I hit her wall. She really was a virgin. Again waiting a minute for her to become accustomed to my size I slowly started my smooth in and out motion. Then without warning, as I was shoving into her, she rammed herself back at me.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed and went rigid.

She had taken charge and completed our union. Then her movements became faster and faster. I grabbed her hips and started hammering into her. I slid my thumb back and returning her earlier favor, jammed my thumb into her asshole. She only moaned and kept on ramming herself back at me. then without any warning, she came.

“Hawk! Hawkkkkkkkkk, Oh My God Hawk, I’m there. I’m comingggggggggggggg,” she cried.
“OH Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Then I let her slide to the ground as her spasms slowed and stopped. She lay on her stomach, breathing steadily and smiling. Reaching down, I place a hand on one of her tits and rolled her over, the beautiful brown nipples looming up at me. All swollen and hard. I crawled between her legs and seized one in my mouth. She moaned and wrapped both arms around my neck, hugging me to her. I felt my cock slide between the lips of her pussy. As if it had a mind of it’s own, I pushed forward as it found the entrance. Slowly I slid in completely.

“Ohhhhhhh Hawk, you are still hard.” She said. “How can you do me again so soon? I didn’t think that was possible.”

I raised up on my hands and drove into her. Faster and faster. My hips were only a blur. I lost count as to how many times she came. Suddenly I could stand no more as my balls started churning and I jammed into her one final time. The loads of juice I shot would have made anyone proud. The ringing in my ears was louder than ever. Spasm after spasm shot through me as I emptied into her. This time I was the one to roll to the side as weak as a baby.

We lay there for several minutes. Finally I raised myself up on an elbow, looking at her.

“I guess it’s time we should be heading back,” I said. “It will be after dark now before we get there.”

“Do we have to Hawk?” she asked, “I brought blankets and food. Let spend the night here by the creek.”

Now who in his right mind would turn down an invitation like that? Damn sure not me.

“If you want to baby, it’s fine with me,” I said. “But what about your sisters. Won’t they be worried?”

“No silly,” she said. “They helped me pack. In fact it was Donna’s idea.”

We arranged the blankets and settled in as the sun was beginning to disappear in the west. Soon the crickets came out and the night sounds over took us. We lay there for the longest time just talking. I learned that Donna and Debby were her half sisters. Her mother had been a Cherokee princess (from a different band than that which I was from) and had married her father after his first wife had died.

I lay there in silence as I listened to her story. Sensing my uneasiness, she turned to me.

“Hawk, what’s wrong? Is it because I am only part white?” she asked.

“Darlene, you know nothing at all about me,” I said. “There is something I have to tell you.”

“You are married, aren’t you?” she yelled, then buried her face in her hands and started crying.

I grabbed her shoulders and hugged her to me. Not wanting to ever let her go.

“No, it’s nothing like that. I am not married or even spoke for,” I said.

She stopped crying and looked at me for a long time.

“What is it then? It can’t be that bad. We’ll work it out. I know we can,” she said.

“It’s not bad at all,” I said. “You see, I too am part Cherokee.”

I sat there and told her my story. Then I sat there and watched her face in the moon light to see if there was any indication as to what I had just told her. A huge smile came to her face and she jumped and wrapped herself around me.

“I knew it! I just knew it! I could feel something between us,” she said. “I love you Pat Mulligan.”

We made love the rest of the night in every place and way we could imagine. In the creek, against the tree, on her back, me on mine, eating each other, and even in her ass. This girl was surely something.

As the sun came up we were dressed and our horses were saddled. I brought up a question that had been bothering me.

“Darlene, what about your sisters,” I ask? “I’ve been with both of them. What will they say?”

“I think Donna knew something like this would happen,” she said. “If they have to have you every now and again, then I don’t see any problem. As long as it (grabbing my dick) stays in the family.”

I had to ride hard to catch up to her. I had been standing there with my mouth hanging open after what she had said, not noticing her mount up and ride off.

As we neared the ranch we began to hear gun fire. I told Darlene to stay put as I nudged the gray towards the ranch. I topped the hill next to the house and saw about 7 riders firing at the house. Dropping the reins, I pulled both pistols and checked their loads. The rifle also. I kneed the stallion and he was off in a flash. He was more than ready for a fight.

Surprise was my best ally and as I broke out of the trees, I managed to drop three of them before they knew I was there. Making the barn, I dove from the gray and roll behind the hay bails. The bullets were hitting all around me, pinning me down. Suddenly I heard a yell. The shooting stopped and I looked to see Darlene riding and shooting as she came from behind them. She nailed two and I got one more. The last one dropped his gun and raised his hands. I told Darlene to cover him and I checked the rest of the downed riders. All dead.

I walked back to the man just as Donna and Debby came out of the house.

“Doyle Bracken, you dirty rotten son of a bitch,” she screamed and slapped him.

I pulled her back from him by her arms and then turned back to face him.

“Darlene pick up his gun and put it in his holster,” I said.

I backed away from him as his gun slid into it. His arms still up in the air.

“I ain’t gonna go up against you Hawk,” he said.

“Bracken, I don’t see that you got much choice in the matter,” I said. “If you don’t I’ll kill you where you stand. Who knows, you might get lucky and nail me. Stranger things have happened, you know.”

I watched as he went for his gun. I let him get it completely out of his leather before I drew both of mine and shot him between the eyes. My guns were back in their holsters before he hit the ground.

Turning, I walked back to the three girls and they all came running to me and hugged me.

“Well, looks like we owe you another one,” Donna stated with a smile.

“Naw,” I said. “It’s all in the family.”

Donna and Debby both looked at Darlene as she came up tome and ran her arms around me. She looked at her sisters and then up at me.

“I don’t want to sound greedy,” Darlene said. “But I want at least a week of him to myself before you two get ahold of him.”

She turned in my arms and looked into my eyes.

“I love you Hawk, with all my heart,” she said.

“I love you too, Darlene,” I said. “But when will I have time to work?”

“Oh you will be working,” said Donna and Darlene in unison. “You will be working.”

We all broke into laughter.