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I really hope everyone likes my story. This is my first time writing, so please be considerate! The following is a true story. It contains graphic descriptions of heterosexual sex between two teenagers. The names have been changed, but the rest is entirely accurate. Enjoy!

My name is Allen, and I started college around August of this year. All through high school, I was a real shy person. I had trouble even talking to girls let alone having sex. I got to college with one thing on my mind: of course we all know what that was. :) So far everything was going pretty good. I had begun talking to girls around my dorm and talking to girls on the Internet. Nothing serious had come of any of it. I started to send out personal ads in hopes that I would find the girl that would break my slump. The ad basically stated that I was a nice guy. It gave my description: 5’6″, 170lbs, brown hair, and brown eyes. I attached an old prom photo hoping that some girl would think I was cute and want to hook up.

The first response I had was a girl who lived on the other side of town. She and I started emailing each other, and she sent me a picture of her. She was gorgeous! I mean, she was no supermodel, but she was definitely much better than any of the girls I had been fooling around with so far. We set up a date, and I went to her house with a film, hoping to get some action. When I arrived, she met me at the door. “What the fuck is this?” I thought. She was about 6’1″ and weighed about 200lbs! She somewhat resembled her picture, but I would have sufficed making love to that rather than her. Anyway we watched the movie and her freaking parents were around the whole time, so nothing came of the whole situation.

The next day I got to my email and found about twenty responses to my ad. I couldn’t believe it! I began talking to another one, and she turned out to be a teen model! Bonus! We talked and I convinced her to come to my dorm. When she got there, I discovered that she was indeed a model…for PLUS clothes! She was even fatter than the other one! And to top it off, she was a chain smoker, so her teeth had a permanent yellow stain! Yuck! I hung out with her and eventually got rid of her!

So far this had not been working as well as I had expected. I decided to revise my ad, because quite frankly, I was getting hornier by the minute as it was already November! I replaced my ad with one that stated that I was not looking for a relationship, only sexual fun! Of course, I didn’t get the responses that I got from the other ad. I did, however, get a response from one girl who was a junior in high school. When I wrote back, I made it clear to her that I was only looking for sex and not a relationship. Much to my surprise, she responded saying that she was looking for the same thing!

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Now I realized that she was probably as gross as my previous two encounters, but I just really wanted to get laid, so I didn’t care. We talked on the Internet and continuously tried setting up dates that ultimately didn’t work out. Finally we set up a date on the Thursday before I was supposed to leave for Christmas break. I asked her to send me a picture so that I could see what she looked like. She immediately told me that her picture wasn’t the best in the world. I said, “I don’t care!” So I got her picture in my email the next day, and once again was surprised by how pretty she was. I kept in mind that this girl was probably similar to my first encounter, so I tried not to get too excited. Unfortunately I did! The whole day that Thursday, I couldn’t keep from thinking about her. She was supposed to meet me at 4:30 outside my dorm. When 4:30 came, so did she! She was even better looking than her picture! She was about 5’5″, 125lbs, blond hair, and green eyes! Absolutely lovely! I nearly creamed in my pants at first sight!

“Hi, I’m Allen!” I said trying not to sound like a dork. “I’m Charlotte,” she replied in the loveliest voice I had ever heard. “I can’t stay too long, because my mom’s sick, and I have to hurry home to take care of her,” she told me. “No problem; let’s go on up to my room,” I replied.

Fortunately I got rid of my roommate for the day, and we had the whole place to ourselves. We got in the elevator, and I started to think that I probably wasn’t going to get to fuck her like I wanted to since she already made it clear that she wasn’t going to be there long.

“So what made you respond to my ad,” I said trying to break the ice a little.

“I don’t really know. I guess I was looking for some fun, and luckily I found somebody who isn’t a complete nerd,” she said. “Oh my God,” I thought. She might actually be the one. I was happy too! She was easily the prettiest girl I had ever been with.

We got to my room and she immediately asked me where my roommate was.

“I kinda got rid of him for the day,” I said with great confidence.

“That’s good,” she replied.

“Yeah we have a little understanding. I leave when he has a girl up here, and he does the same for me,” I told her.

“So we don’t have to worry about anyone barging in?” she asked.

“No, he’s gone,” I replied.

“That’s very good,” she said as she sat down on my bed. “Come sit next to me,” she said.

I sat down next to her, and she grabbed me by the collar and kissed me quite forcefully! I was in total shock! I almost forgot to start kissing her back. We kissed some more, and she began taking off my shirt. “Holy SHIT!” I thought. I began removing her shirt also. We kissed some more, and I began removing her bra. Her tits were very nice. Easily a D-cup. She lay down on her back and began taking off her pants. I did the same. Next came her panties. I hooked my thumbs into them and slowly removed them and exposed her beautiful pussy!

I couldn’t believe this. Here we are, minutes away from having sex, and we’ve only just met!

I took off my underwear and I lay down between her legs to get a good look at that pussy. It had light blonde hairs surrounding it. She was nearly dripping wet already, and I hadn’t even touched her. Her pussy smelled so good! It was the best scent I had ever smelled. I soon became drunk with passion as I leaned in to plant a kiss lightly on her outer pussy lips.

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Now this wasn’t my first time having sex, and it definitely wasn’t my first time eating a girl out. I had even read books on oral sex, so I knew once I was down there, I’d have a hold on her that wouldn’t let go.

I softly began kissing her inner thighs, coming dangerously close to her sweet spot! I licked in circles all around her pussy all the while heightening her arousal. (And mine!) I finally eased my tongue forward and made contact with the object of my desire. I licked up and down a few times, and then began tongue fucking her.

“Ooooh, Mmmmmm….” she purred.

Next I spread her lips apart and found that magic button, the clitoris. I slowly licked it up and down and back and forth. She began to buck her hips and shutter with pleasure. My months of studying were already paying off.

I eased my fingers into the play, and felt around for the G-spot. I rubbed this magic place slowly while placing soft kisses all over her clit. She was really getting high now, as her hips were rising up in the air, and she began snaking her way up the bed.

Now was the time for the killer! I shaped my lips into an “O” shape and sucked her clit into my mouth! At the same time I applied a little more force with my fingers. This was all that I needed to get her moaning with extreme pleasure, as she was orgasming hard now.

“Ohhhhh, Gawd!” she screamed. “Oh Yess, Oh Yesss, Oh Yessss!” All of a sudden, her entire body went rigid and she squealed as she reached the peak of her orgasm!

Now was the time for some serious fucking as my dick had grown to full erection and was throbbing! I reached down and placed my dick at the entrance to her sweet vagina, and she grabbed me by the neck and pulled me in for a hard kiss as I entered her! This was grrrrrreat! Her pussy felt soooo good! I had been waiting so long, and now I was being rewarded for my patience!

She moaned softly as I pushed deeper into her, enjoying every moment of it. I finally had my six inches all the way in, and I stopped right there for a moment. I kissed her passionately while savoring the feeling of being inside her. Slowly I began to pump in and out.

She was still high from the first orgasm I gave her, so it was easy to get her started on her second. We were moving faster now. My dick was engorged with pleasure now. This was the moment I had been waiting so long for! Charlotte began pumping her hips in time with mine. We fucking with a vengeance as she raised her legs so that I could get deeper.

I hooked her legs with my arms and bent her in half as I rose up slowly and then RAMMED my dick hard into her! She dug her nails deep into my back, and screamed, “Ohhhhhh Shit! Yesss! Harder!” I began to forcibly fuck her brains out! I slammed into her over and over as she begged for more.

Soon I began to feel my climax rising. We continued fucking like crazy as I was slowly getting close to heaven. I could tell that she was climaxing too, because she had her eyes closed tight and was constantly moaning, “Yessss, Yesssss, More! Don’t Stop! Don’t EVER Stop!”

The sight of her in such ecstasy combined with the erotic sounds she was making was enough to send me over the edge. I shot load after load of my hot semen deep into her body. I felt like I was being drained of all of my bodily fluids right then. The feeling of the cum that was shooting into her was enough to push her over the top as she grasped me hard and squeezed me into her as she orgasmed.

We lay there in each other’s arms for a while. We slowly kissed each other and tried to catch our breath. I know this was the best sex experience I had ever had, and she told me it was her best too. I was so happy to hear this, because I had only had a small amount of experience in the field of sex.

She began to get dressed, as did I. She reminded me that she had to get home in a hurry, because her mom was expecting her.

“That’s cool,” I said.

“Please don’t think I’m a slut or anything. I really hate to leave immediately after sex like this, but I have to take care of my mother until she gets well,” she told me.

“Relax,” I said. “We had a sort of agreement when we first started talking, so we knew this wasn’t going to be anything too serious. I understand that your mom is ill, and that you need to take care of her. I respect that.”

“Good, I’m glad you understand,” she said as we walked out the door.

“Listen, I hope this wasn’t just a one-time thing. I would really like to get together with you again sometime. Perhaps after I return from Christmas break, we could get together again and take our time having sex,” I said to her.

“You can count on it!” she told me as she kissed me good-bye and got into her car to drive away. I was really looking forward to next semester!