Fast Food Fucker Erotic stories

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Luke was a crewmember at a fast food store called Hungry Jacks. He had short brown hair with blond tips, ocean blue eyes with a handsome well-rounded face. He was 5″9 with a solid build. The thing he was most proud of though was his nine-inch schlong.

He was no longer going to school and being seventeen he was the youngest full time worker. He was very popular with the managers and the crewmembers alike and with his outgoing personality everybody loved him. Now Luke had been at HJ’s for about a year and a half and he really enjoyed his work. Mostly though it was because of the lovely ladies that worked there.

To day was a Monday shift, which was good seeing it, was one of the least busy days of the week. The thing about quiet days though was that the time went really slow and today was no exception. Luke was doing to days shift on front counter serving customers and taking orders. Luke taking some peoples orders not really paying as much attention as he should. He was about to leave the counter when he heard a voice.

“Excuse me can you please take my order,” said the voice.

When Luke turned his head he couldn’t believe his eyes. Standing right at front counter was an incredibly sexy young girl. She about 5″4 slim with shoulder length red hair and green eyes. She was wearing a very short mini skirt and a tank top, which could barely hold her large breasts and also showed her navel.

“Err… umm… sure what would you like,” Luke stammered.

With a little smile on her face she said, “Yeah I’ll have a double whopper meal please.”

“I’ll bet,” Luke mumbled to himself.

While taking this lovely girls order Luke noticed that she had a tongue ring. “What a fucken babe,” Luke thought. Luke took the order and gave her, her food and she went to take a seat on one of the store seats. “Thank god she is eating in.”

Luke had been working awhile and decided to ask if he could have his break, so he could have a chance at chattin up the sexy young lady in the dining room. The manager said it was OK being a really quiet day, so off he went into the crew room so he could quickly get changed.

When Luke arrived the girl was still seated eating her double whopper meal.

“Mind if I join you?” Luke asked politely who was holding his own lunch.

“Yeah OK,” replied the teen.

“My names Luke,” as he said this he held out his hand. She took it and they both quickly shook hands.

“Hi I’m Kandi, pleased to meet you,” fuck what a great smile thought Luke.

“So what is a beautiful girl doing all by her self. Your boyfriend ought to be ashamed of himself.”

Kandi let out a short giggle, which Luke found very sexy. “I wish I had somewhere here with me, but ohh well I’m just a lonely single gal.”

With the most charming voice he could put on he said. “Well no need to be lonely today, I can keep you company till I go back to work.”

“Thank you, that would be nice,” Kandi said, as she took another bite of her meal.

“Like the double?”

“Yes, yes I do. I like all of my things big,” she said with a laugh.

“I know whoever said good things come in small packages wasn’t really smart.” They both laughed.

“So how old are you Kandi?”

“I’m sixteen, yourself?”

“Me well I’m seventeen.”

“Are you still at school Luke?”

“Nah I work here full time. Hey your sixteen why aren’t you in school?” Luke asked curiously.

Kandi giggled at this. “Silly boy it’s the school holidays.”

Luke kicked himself for not guessing as all of his schoolmates were also on holidays.

As the conversation continued Luke would stare at Kandi tits and each time Kandi would smile. This always happened to her, but she didn’t mind she loved to show off he sexy body. Luke also looked hot Kandi thought. He had a masculine body for his age and very handsome. The kind of guy that Kandi always fell for strong and handsome.

Both of them seemed to think the other was sexy, in fact they were both turning each other on and after awhile nobody spoke they just looked into each other’s eyes.

Luke had a raging hard on staring at Kandi’s sexy body and he knew that she was also horny.

“Excuse me I have to go to the toilet,” Luke said in hope of relieving his hard cock before he had to go back to work.

As Luke quickly got up to go to the toilet, Kandi also got up. “I have to go as well,” she said with a horny look on her face.

They both raced to the restrooms as quickly as possible, moving into the female toilets, which had a lock. Straight away their lips locked. There hands roaming each other’s bodies lustily. Luke took off Kandi’s tank top revealing her large naked titties. He squeezed both tits and lightly pinched her nipples. Kandi let at a soft moan of pleasure, enjoying the feeling. Kandi’s hands meanwhile head found their way to Luke’s zipper. Luke let out a groan as Kandi took out his massive man meat.

“Wow now that’s a real whopper,” Kandi gasped.

“Nope that’s a double whopper honey.”

Luke now slowly pushed Kandi down on her knees. “Mmmmmmmm want me to suck you big cock Luke?”

“Yeah baby, BLOW me off.” And with that Kandi put her lips over the head of Luke’s cock.

Luke moaned in total pleasure as Kandi tongue and lips want to work his cock. While bobbing her head up and down on it she was looking directly into Luke’s eyes. One hand was wanking Luke’s cock while the other one was tickling his balls.

“Aww fuck baby that’s good. Suck me harder you bitch. Suck me,” Luke moaned. She was doing a good job on his cock Luke thought. Luke wanted her to blow him some more, but he knew he was close to cumming. “Stop baby or I’ll cum.”

Kandi gave one last lick on the tip of Luke’s cock before she stood up.

“I wish I could eat your pussy, but I have to get back to work soon and I wont have enough time,” Luke said a little sadly.

“That’s OK, besides I can’t wait for you to put your big dick in me.”

“OK Kandi bend over the sink so I can quickly fuck you from behind.”

Kandi moved over to the sink and quickly bent over getting ready for Luke massive man meat. Luke put his cock between Kandi’s cunt lips. Luke was to thrust in when he decided that he didn’t want to fuck her cunt but he wanted to fuck her in the arse.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass baby. I’m in the mood for a good ass reaming” Luke panted as he put he cock near Kandi’s unlubed ass.

“No please don’t I’ve never had it up there” But Luke didn’t listen he just shoved his cock right up Kandi’s ass all the way to the hilt.

Fuck her ass was tight Luke thought, but the tighter the better. It wasn’t easy though, because Kandi’s ass wasn’t lubed. Luke like it better that way, because he thought the asshole grip was tighter that way. Kandi was in pain, but it hurt so good, so well in fact that she started to moan. This only made Luke fuck her harder. Luke was now in a steady rhythm with the occasional hard slap on Kandi’s sexy ass. After what seemed like a long ass fucking session, Luke was feeling the all too familiar feeling building up in his balls.

“Aww fuck” Luke moaned” Kandi I’m gonna cum right down your fucking tight ass.”

“Yeah…Yes!! Baby CUM in my ass!” Kandi screamed out.

A few seconds later Luke let out stream after stream of cum right up Kandi’s tight shit hole. Knowing that he had to get back to work Luke quickly pulled his cock out and said “Quick Kandi lick my dick clean so I can go back to work.”

Kandi didn’t have to be told twice. She engulfed Luke’s limp cock, and sucked the dirty thing clean. After a few moments Luke pulled out and thanked Kandi for the fuck.

Before Luke went out the door Kandi said, “Hey stud can I have your number?”

This always happened to Luke, he gladly gave out the number and went back to work.

Only after about ten minutes of Luke starting work his manager dismissed him and said that he could go home. “But why? I didn’t mean to be so late, I won’t let it happen again.”

“I heard that you had been working harder then the rest of us so I can think you can go home and get some rest” while he was talking he had a big smile on his face. “He had heard the whole thing! I didn’t think were that loud,” Luke said to himself. Aloud he said, “You know I should be paid extra for all of the effort I have put in today. See you tomorrow sir.” They both laughed and Luke get stares from all the crew as he went on home.