First time and fantastic Adult story

My boyfriend is the first one who mentioned this, and I must admit that at first I was shocked and disgusted. He kept quiet about it for a while and then started to talk about it again to me but said he wouldn’t rush me into anything I wasn’t ready for. We decided that I’d let his Saint Bernard (Beef) lick me at first. I never thought I could have such a strong orgasms in my life!! My boyfriend had me lie down on the bed and he held my legs spread wide open. Beef wasn’t sure at first he kept sniffing around my pussy and along my thighs. My pussy was already wet just by the thought of it and I think that is what was getting the dogs attention. The first time his hose touched my pussy I jumped a little and looked at Mike (my boyfriend) who assured me that it would be fine. Beef started licking my clean shaven pussy lightly barely touching it. Chills ran through my body it felt so good. He quickly got the hang of it and started lapping up the juices that were slowly running out of my pussy.

His tongue had caused my pussy lips to open up and his tongue ran inside of them and up to my clit which shook my body every time he touched it., and then to my surprise when he licked his way back down he went all the way to my asshole which surprised me so much, a new sensation that I let out a small scream. Beef kept it up without losing any momentum. Suddenly I felt Mike’s fingers on my pussy spreading my lips open wide. And following this I could feel Beef’s tongue plunging deep in my pussy.. I can’t even describe the feeling.. but two minutes later I came in a gushing orgasm that seemed to go on forever!! When it stopped beef kept licking up my juices and mike game the most passionate kiss ever. We fucked for hours after this.

I wasn’t until the next week that we ad the opportunity to be at his place alone with Beef again. Mike asked me if I was ready for a little more experience. He assured me it would be fine and I agreed since secretly I had been waiting for more since that first night. My and Mike had been kissing and fondling each other all night and were both pretty horny. We were naked by then and I was straddling him kissing him all over and he playing and kissing my breast. Suddenly I yelled from surprise as I felt Beef’s tongue licking my ass behind me. Mike said “It looks like he wants to have a little fun tonight doesn’t it?”

Mike showed me how to go to Beef’s sheath and play with it until his dick starting pocking out. I wasn’t to sure about this and did not want to suck it. Apparently Mike had done this before because in no time at all Beef’s prick was fully erect and a deep red. Mike saw the uncertainty in my eyes at the sight of Beef’s erect cock and said that it would be fine.. just to relax and enjoy the ride. I got on all four and Beef starting licking my thighs and pussy again which by now were dripping with juices. Mike put socks on Beef’s front paws, he said it would prevent scratching and was thankful for that. Beef didn’t need much convincing since in a few minutes I felt him mounting me as I started breathing faster and faster anticipating what would come next. I could feel his hips bucking in the air but he didn’t seem to be able to hit target.

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Mike reached under and guided him to my hole. As soon as he touched my hole he started bucking his hips again and dove his dick inside my pussy with such force that it knocked the air out of me. I hadn’t had a cock this size in me before and I felt my pussy being stretched like never before hurting a little but soon replaced by a mounting orgasm. Mike had slipped under me and was stimulating my clit which was hypersensitive by then and brought on my first orgasm. Beef never slowed down.. he kept fucking me hard and fast and I could feel his knot hitting my pussy lips which Mike had warned me about. I was breathing hard and approaching a second orgasm and tried to tell Mike about the knot being there and he told me to simply try and relax and it would slip in… Seconds after he said those words I felt my pussy being stretched to unbelievable limits and yelled out in pain and pleasure as his knot slipped in my pussy…

I had the wildest orgasm ever as Beef starting pumping with shorter strokes.. Mike kept at my clit to relieve some of the pain and two more orgasms followed before feeling Beef shoot his load in me. My pussy was ver sensitive and sore and it’s then that I realized that I couldn’t move. I started panicking but Mike told me to stay still and that it would take a little while. Somehow Beef turned around which was somewhat painful and when he tried to walk away I orgasmed one more time. it tool about 15 minutes for him to be able to get out of me and he did so with a plop and a river of semen running out of me. I collapsed on the floor as Mike came and cuddled with me and caressed me telling me how wonderful I was and Asking me how I felt.

This is a whole new world for me.. and I am glad mike got me to try it. Never had such an experience before and can’t wait for it to happen again!.