For Love or Money? Erotic stories

John had a good life, a sweet wife, three great kids and a good job. He and his wife, Jane, had a great sex life. Even after delivering three kids she had a relatively tight cunt and loved shoving it onto his hard six inch cock. And he usually could get it up easily.

His kids were all smart, good looking and had plenty of friends. John was pretty sure they had all been laid a time or two. He and Jane had a good talk with them when they got mature physically about being safe with sex. John loved to look at the girl friends of Mandy, age 18, and Cissy, age 14, because they all had great bodies, including his kids. His son Todd, age 16, had a steady girl friend now that was a real knock out.

One night, for example, after everyone had hit the sack, Jane came out of the bathroom with nothing on but a smile. He quickly got his T-shirt and boxer shorts off. She climbed onto John and kissed him deeply. She rubbed her 36C tits on his hairy chest and started kissing his ear. He loved that. Her nipples got hard instantly.

He reached up and started massaging her tits and got a “hmmm” out of her. She scooted down so that his hardening cock rubbed her neatly trimmed pussy. He could feel moisture forming and getting his cock wet. “Move around so I can kiss that lovely cunt of yours babe,” he whispered. She did and he immediately started sucking her clit. She was ready and didn’t need or want much foreplay tonight! She gave his cock some wet kisses and started swallowing as much as she could. She wasn’t much for deep throating but loved to suck his cock.

He was going to bring her off fast tonight. He loved getting her to cum before he entered her so that he could pound her to another climax as he shot his cum deep into her cunt. He started finger fucking her and she started jacking him as she sucked and licked the tip of his cock.

Jane started squirming which meant she was close. He was too, but concentrated on his wife which held off his climax. She could never say he wasn’t attentive to her sexual needs! He stuck his tongue into her sopping pussy as deep as it would go and used his wet fingers to probe her anus. He did this sometimes and Jane loved it even though she thought it was gross.

Her pussy started getting that familiar itch and she knew she was going to blast sooner than she wanted to. Tonight she was hot! She stopped jacking him long enough to concentrate on her feelings as wave after wave of ecstasy boiled through her. “Oooooh John,” she moaned. The kids wouldn’t be able to hear her because their rooms were on the other side of the house.

She drenched John’s face with her climax. He swallowed and licked as much off as they rolled over so he could enter her. She spread her legs and he quickly slammed his hard wet cock deep into her. Another slight climax made her shiver as he hit bottom. He loved sliding into her wet pussy. He started jack hammering his cock in and out. Their pubic bones smashed together with each downward thrust!

John was so close to cumming that it only took a few minutes of fucking her to get him to the point of no return. He would have rather stayed right on the brink for a while longer but their need for relief was too strong tonight! They both felt his dick get bigger and knew he was close. He felt his cum boiling in his balls and start it’s journey from his testicles, through his penis and into her vagina. Every once in a while he thought of the true medical name for their body parts. It would happen just as he climaxed.

Jane wrapped her legs tight around his waist and came again as several globs of his hot white cum hit the inner walls of her cunt. “EEEIIISSSSSSS!!!! Oh Jane! I love you!!!!!” He wailed as he went over the crest. She kissed him deeply as they joined in the eternal love making act. Their tongues wrestled with each other as they slowly started coming down from their highs.

When John’s dick and Jane’s cunt stopped jerking he rolled his sweaty body off her likewise skin. They lay quietly as they basked in the afterglow of great sex! A few minutes later they faced each other and vowed their love for one another.

He had started visiting titty bars several years before anything really happened for him. Oh there were some dancer’s that let him kiss their nipples once in a while, and lightly touch their skin in private places, but no deep fingering of their pussy or a dancer grabbing his cock.

That was until the club on Radcliff Avenue opened a VIP room upstairs. It was on the second floor overlooking the main floor. A customer could sit on a couch that was there and only be seen by the disc jockey that was clear on the other side of the building/room. The manager, Mike, would look their direction now and again, and waitresses and other dancers would come up periodically. But the couch up there was pretty well left alone.

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John’s favorite “nasty” dancer was Shala. On his first visit to the club, after the VIP room was open, he took her up there and was enjoying relaxing on the couch with Shala dancing all over him. Her figure was full and natural. She had a three-year old kid and it showed only slightly on her stomach. Her 38C tits were fairly firm. John massaged them and no one could see him do it! She loved him doing it and let him know as she kissed his ear.

Shala’s nipples were rock hard as was John’s cock. After the next dance she sat next to him and put her hand in his lap lightly stroking his hard-on through his pants. “Damn! Your fingers sure feel good on me!” he moaned into her ear. She switched to his left side and put her legs over his knees so that she faced away from the DJ. John took the hint and slowly traced concentric circles around her tits until she pulled away her bra material and he gently squeezed her hard nipples.

“Hmmmm John I love the gentle way you play with my tits.”

“I love what you are doing to my dick!” He answered. This mutual touching carried on for several songs. John whispered, “Shala. You’d better stop. I’m about to cum!” She looked around and seeing no one coming up the stairs picked up a napkin off the table, unzipped his pants and jacked him into the napkin. “Ohhhhh DAMN” He groaned as wad after wad of hot white cream soaked the paper. She quickly put his deflating cock back into his pants and looked around again. It appeared no one was the wiser of her indiscretion. She looked directly into John’s eyes and licked the cum off the napkin. His cock jerked again at the actions of the sexy wench.

“Let me return the favor!” He whispered into her right ear and put his right hand under the front of her T-back and eased his middle finger into her wet slit. Shala groaned as his digit sank deep into her cunt. He pulled it out, smelled it and then sucked it as he looked directly into her eyes. She appreciated his action. He looked around checking for unwanted eyes and not seeing any returned to her cunt.

John alternated between finger fucking her deeply and playing with her clit. Sometimes he would fuck her with his long middle finger and at the same time play with her clit using his thumb. John was a big man and his fingers were big enough around to be very enjoyable jacking in and out of Shala’s pussy. They kept looking around as his fingers kept busy between her legs.

Shala was getting very excited. She had never let a customer get this far with her. Sure, several had touched her pussy on top of the T-back but only a few had been allowed under it to touch her pussy. And then only a light touch was permitted.

He could see that she kept her pubic hair trimmed to a small patch at the top of her slit. The soft pubes weren’t as long a he liked them but were long enough not to feel like a wire brush. Shala was real close to cumming now, just as her friend Lalena started up the stairs! DAMN!!!!!!

John quickly pulled his finger out and Shala replaced her T-back over her cunt. Lalena spoke first as she sat down next to John. “Hey you two love birds. Isn’t this VIP room a great idea?” It was too dark for her to notice the excited blush on her friend’s face.

John knew Lalena pretty well also and took a chance on her keeping quiet and leaned over and told her to keep an eye out for anyone else because he was going to be busy pleasuring Shala. It just took a quick look between Shala and Lalena and both knew exactly what was happening. “No problem – if I can be next?” She joked. Lalena got up and started dancing for the two to distract anyone from noticing that Shala wasn’t dancing or moving. Not moving much, because she was undulating her hips to match John’s ministration.

She was really wet now. Her eyes were glazed over with lust. A slight smile graced her face. Lalena was getting wet just watching. She leaned over as she was dancing and massaged Shala’s tits concentrating on her nipples. She knew what made a woman hot!

John’s finger started dipping faster now. He added another finger to his assault and a slight plunging noise emitted from her cunt as he jacked his fingers in and out. He loved watching the lust on her face. They were both oblivious of Lalena. She didn’t mind. She knew their state of lust and gave them the room they needed to finish Shala off.

Lalena had never been with another woman ‘all the way’. She wondered what it would feel like to rake her tongue over a wet pussy. She would love to dig her tongue deeply into a juicy cunt like Shala’s and kiss her clit. To suck on it until Shala screamed a climax, not unlike Lalena did whenever she came hard.

Shala could feel her climax start deep in her abdomen. It quickly spread to the top of her head and to the tip of her toes. She stiffened hard and stopped breathing. She had never cum this hard, this intense. Possibly it was the fact that she was doing it in public. She wasn’t much of an exhibitionist. But today was different!!! Her toes curled as wave after wave climaxed through her body. One hand grabbed Lalena’s arm and one grabbed John’s. Her eyes were squeezed tight. Her lips were parted and dry. Her pussy wasn’t dry!

John’s fingers were getting soaked. He wanted to be licking the nectar from the hairless slit before him. She pushed his hand away as she started tumbling down from her climax. Any contact at this point was too much contact. John knew what was happening and licked his fingers clean and smiled at Lalena and then Shala as she opened her lust filled eyes. She reached up and hugged John as he replaced her T-back. They both basked in the afterglow of sex while Lalena kept up her charade.

The rest of the afternoon was rather uneventful at the club. After a light dinner of steamed veggies with lemon wedges, John left for home and his family.

There were the usual questions “What took you so long?”

“Where have you been?” answered to his wife, Jane, effectively with white lies. The teenagers all had gone their separate ways with dates and friends. When the house quieted down Jane curled up on the couch, in her house coat, and laid her head in John’s lap as they watched some stupid sitcom. After a while she suggested watching a video. “Anyone in particular?” he asked. “Something sexy” was all she suggested.

John went into their closet and thumbed through their personal stock of R and X rated videos. His personal favorite was an “amateur” one. They had some hot sex on several of the vignettes and the so-so ones were all right too. He slipped it into the video and sat back down. When he had left the room, Jane had removed her bra and panties and slipped them under the couch.

When the action got going she sat up beside him and reached into his fly and pulled out his hardening cock. She loved stroking it and watching it get hard! He took her lead and reached around her and rubbed the side of her 36C tits. “Ummm, your ready for some action”! He whistled. He undid her blouse buttons and hefted her tit playing with the nipple as it got hard.

She leaned over and took his cock into her mouth as the gal on the video started sucking a cock in front of her. She already had one in her pussy from behind. Jane loved doing it doggy style and tried to keep an eye on the TV. “Oh yeah. Your mouth feels soooo good!” She had about half of his 6 inches in her mouth and was getting it good and wet so she could take the rest of it down her throat. She loved the power she felt when she had a cock in her throat though she didn’t deep throat him often. John’s had been the only one for several years now.

Jane loosened her throat muscles and dropped her head down completely into John’s lap. His pubic hairs tickled her nose. “Damn woman!!! You do this so good!! I love feeling my dick slide into the tight confines of your throat.” She pulled back for air and started jacking his slippery pole with her hand while her tongue licked the sensitive underside of the mushroom shaped head.

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His cock would jerk whenever she licked that spot so she knew he was horny. What she didn’t know was that he was dreaming it was Shala’s face in his lap. He knew it was wrong to dream like that but her memory was too strong right now.

Since he had cum earlier in the day it took slightly longer than usual for him to drain the contents of his balls into her sucking mouth. They both loved oral sex, giving and taking!

It started sooner than John wished. That familiar feeling of his dick getting larger than ever, that great feeling in his loins. He wanted to make it last longer so he pulled his cock out of her mouth, causing a slurping sound, and dropped to the floor between Jane’s legs. He quickly pulled the material aside and kissed her thighs. First one side then the other, slowly moving up to where her legs came together.

He licked the moisture off her labia through her neatly trimmed pubic hair and then sucked one puffy lip aside. With it out of the way he used his tongue, an unusually long one, to clean the rest of the pussy juice from her cunt. He never could get it all done because she kept producing it as fast as he licked it. He loved tasting her.

He then started sucking her hardened clit. She jumped at his direct attack. “Ohhhh eeiiiisssss!!!!!!” hissed out of her throat. John was the best cunt licker she had ever had, and that was a lot! While she had never had any other man’s cock in her cunt since marriage, she had oral sex not infrequently with co-workers and a few other discreet liaisons.

John alternated between sucking her clit and fucking her with his long raspy tongue. His fingers were teasing her already rock hard nipples. Jane started feeling her climax deep in her stomach. She tensed up and stuck her cunt harder into his face. He knew how she felt now and started concentrating on her clit. He used one hand to finger fuck her and rub her G-spot deep in her vagina behind her clit. He had been thinking lately that rubbing that magic spot must feel similar to having his prostrate rubbed and probed.

Jane’s legs wrapped tightly around John’s neck as she grabbed his head and shoved it hard against her clit. “I lllllooooveeee you!!!!!!!” As she came her pussy convulsed and soaked his face with her cream, and she came hard! He swallowed what he was able to suck into his mouth but concentrated on her clit. He nibbled it tenderly and shot her back up over the crest for another climax.

He knew what to do now and slowed down and let her breathing get back to normal. He flattened his tongue and ran it up her cunt. And the last thing he did before standing up was go down and lick her anus. Shivers of delight shot through her body again just as she was almost back to earth. Her body shaking was the last thing she felt as she stood up.

“Let’s you and I go into our bedroom and have a good long fuck.” He helped her up because her legs were still wobbly from her climaxes. When they were younger John would carry his beautiful bride into the bedroom at this point. Alas, youth is fleeting.


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