Forbidden Fun tamil sex stories

Hi guys. My name is Harshi and I am from Tamil Nadu.
I was living in a flat lone as I was doing my college studies. So I had no friends over there initially but one of the neighbour’s daughter became my friend as we both were studying in the same college.. We were like own sisters and we used to do so many night outs..
So friends I love to be others shit and piss slave and I forget to say about my body. I was dark and thin with 27-38-32
I never spoke about this to my friend. Wait her name is Sangeeta I used to call her Sangi..
So one day we planned to watch a English movie which actually I told her is a English movie but it is extreme shit eating porn movie but Sangi didn’t know it..
I prepared all the bowls etc for some s**t fun
So we both sat down on the sofa and I played the movie.. And meanwhile the shit eating scenes would come a bit late in the movie so we both were thirsty so I went to bring in some juice but I have some other ideas I filled the glass with juice up-to some more than half.. And then I removed my jeans and panties and took both the glass in hand and I pissed in both the glasses filled with juice and then wore my pant again and mixed the juice well.. I went and gave her one of the glass and I took one glass..
She took the glass and started drinking it.. At first she felt a bit strange but she drank fully and I was really happy that Sangi drank my piss.. And after that even I drank my piss filled juice.
Soon the scene came for which I was waiting for a long time.. The people made the girl naked and made her to lie on the ground and then everyone removed their pants and started to shit on her one after the other…. After seeing this Sangi was in state of shock and then I revealed that it is a porn movie and also I released that I loved to play with s**t and piss..
But what I imagined was otherwise… Even Sangi was a s**t lover.. I was extremely happy and I asked whether we can play with s**t and piss.. She agreed at once so we kept the TV running and we went inside the room where I kept the bowls and glasses…
She was too happy.. At first we helped each other to remove the dress & we were completely nude…
We both kissed each other for ten mins and caressed all over the body.. I made Sangi lie on the couch & started to lick her pussy and asshole and the smell turned me on.. I kept on licking it for sometime when she told she had to piss so quickly I bought a glass a told her to piss in that and she started to piss.. The colour was dark yellow and the smell was erotic
As she finished I licked her pussy where for the first time I tasted her piss and then I took the glass and had a sip of it.. And I spitted that in Sangi’s mouth and we played for a while and I kept the glass away…
Now the time for which I was awaiting came at last..
But we had some other plans..
I layed on the ground and she sat on my face like she is going to sit… I licked her asshole and was eagerly waiting for her to shit…… After few mins I smelled something strange.. I saw it was her shit coming outside her asshole.. I pulled my head upwards eagerly to grab it… Alas it was in my mouth.. Dark brown coloured.. It was a huge turd.. Then she got up and I took the shit from my mouth and gave it to Sangi..
I was kneeling like a doggy with my asshole upright then I told her to insert the shit into my asshole.. And I stretched my ass walls.. She took the turd in her hands and took of a small piece and inserted into my asshole completely inside then she took another piece and inserted inside and then finally the last turd. The largest of the all into my hole.. Then after sometime the whole shit was inside me after which I told her to pick up a dildo and fuck my asshole.. So as to mix her shit with my shit.. The feeling of having someone’s else shit into my asshole was gr8..
After sometime she removed the dildo and put it in my mouth.. I tasted the mix of shit… It was very sour and tasteless but I licked it clean.
I made Sangi lie on the floor and I sat on her face to shit out the shit mix and to have a feast… I was ready to shit.. Sangi opened her mouth wide and I squirted and shifted all the mix waste into Sangi’s mouth then after few pressure I was sure that all the shit came out so I got up and went near Sangi’s shit filled mouth.. I saw some turd on both the sides of her face.
I pushed my hair back and bent down to grab one piece of shit.. I grabbed it and putted it inside her mouth and we started sucking the shit.. The juices ran down her cheeks to her neck and the took the other pieces of shit into my mouth and put it back into her mouth and started sucking it… The taste of it was really horrible and I felt like vomiting but I controlled and after the piece was finished I took another piece and then another like that after sometime the whole shift was over then I started to lick the shit juices on he face and neck…. After which I drank Sangi’s piss and spitted it in her mouth.. Poured it on our bodies..

But our fantasies were not fulfilled we wanted something more nastier that’s when we were struck with an idea of eating cow dung so went over to the balcony to see if any cow dung is laying nearby on the road… Luckily we found a big one so as it was midnight we planned to go down naked itself as the kick was something else… We went down opened the gate and then collected the turd of dung in a bowl and on the way we saw a black stray dog shitting on the road… So we planned to eat that too as we were in very Nastier mood so after the dog left we took the dog shot also and went back to our room. Naked.. Everything was done naked. We closed the door and went Inside the room where we had all the nasty fun’s and placed the shit of the cow and dog on the floor so first we took the dogs shit and separated it in two plates..
It was also a huge turd and then we both were in the position of a dog and went to the plate and started licking it.. We pulled out tongue out and placed it on the shit.. The taste was unbearable but we licked it.. Later I took the last remaining piece of that dog shit and I put it in Sangi’s mouth and started sucking it and eating it.. Then we licked each others tongue clean and we’re ready to have the cows waste
But this time Sangi made me lay on the Floor and took some turd in both the hands and spread it all over my body.. Face, neck, boob’s, belly, pussy and thighs.. The smell was amazing.. So after spreading it she started licking it and spitting in my mouth. But she licked all over my body and ate every since piece possible. That’s when I got to know she is much perverted than me..
Now it was my turn I took over her but now I told her to sit on her knees like a doggy..
I took the remaining cow dung and spread it all over her ass cheeks and b/w them as well and as the spreading was over I started to lick the cow dung on her ass.. I licked it clean and inserted my tounge inside her asshole and tongue fucked her asshole..
As everything got over we got up and licked all the bowls and plates before washing it.. Some shit was lying down on the floor and we licked that too.. Then we cleaned the bowls clean and then we had a bath together and we slept naked the rest of the night.
At morning we planned to have a shit sandwich so we took out some bread, sauce and veggies and kept the bread ready. We shitted on two breads separately and then. We took a jar and pissed in it and then poured it in two glasses and then we kept them on the table and started feeding each other.. It was gr8.. So it was 10 in the morning as we finished cleaning the vessels and we had a bath together again and we kissed each other and she left to her home and we both promised that whenever time permits we would definitely have some s**t fun.. But this one was the best s**t fun we had..