Friends of the Brother erotic stories

I think my big brother Chris’s best trait is the fact that he always has the most gorgeous friends alive. Not being too bad looking himself, he always makes friends with all the world’s beautiful men. When I was a teenager, and Chris and his friends would come over to smoke or hang out or whatever, sometimes I would go into Chris’s disgusting, messy bedroom and join them. It was fun being the little girl surrounded by all the big boys. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, Chris’s friends would talk about me while I was sitting there, saying all kinds of nasty things about me and my body. Eventually, I lost my virginity to one of them, all very surreptitiously behind Chris’s back. Stefan, an excessively manly blond rock n’ roller type, came over to watch videos with my brother. In the middle of it all, Chris decided to run to the little store on the corner and get some beer. While he was gone, Stefan knocked on the door to my room, where I was listening to records. He asked me how school was going, what other kinds of music I liked, things like that.

Then he asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him no, and then he wanted to know if I had ever kissed a boy. The whole time he interrogated me, I was very aware that his eyes were making a steady course between my eyes, my mouth, my breasts and my legs. Of all Chris’s friends, Stefan was the one I liked the most. He always talked to me when he came over, and when he called, he would talk to me if I answered the phone. And besides all that, he had the most beautiful blond hair I had ever seen. It grew to stunted waves just below his chin, and his green eyes would stare at you deeply from between the honey strands. He hardly ever smiled, but that didn’t make any difference in his attractiveness. All I knew, as I sat there that day answering his questions while he continually leaned closer and closer to me, was that I wanted him to be the one to make me a woman.

Stefan somehow knew it was my first time, despite being fifteen and fairly popular, and was incredibly gentle and sweet. He kept asking me if he was doing anything too hard or too rough. While he slowly fucked me on my sky blue bedspread, he would pull my face towards his if I ever looked away. He would never let me break eye contact, no matter how uncomfortable it made me feel at times. When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I would close my eyes. And then he would lean his mouth down next to my ear and whisper hot words to me. He told how sexy I was, how much he wanted to fuck my sweet little girl pussy every time he came over to the house. On one hand I was terrified that my brother, or God forbid my parents, would bust in the room any second and catch us. But on the other hand, I had never felt anything so good. A few of my friends from school had already had sex, and they always told me how your first time just ‘hurts so good’. Once you lost your cherry, you would crave sex all the time. If I thought I was horny before I lost my virginity, I had no idea what was in store. They were right.

Stefan zipped up his fly just as the downstairs door slammed and Chris announced his return from the store. As he ducked out my bedroom door, Stefan put his fingers up to his lips and hushed. As I returned the gesture, he winked at me then disappeared down the hallway.

Stefan was my introduction into the glorious world of sexual gratification. He forever established in me an extreme liking for face-to-face fucking, and in my 15 years of making love since that sweet afternoon, I could definitely say that he was one of my best lovers. But not the best. My best was yet to come, and like all good things, he was worth waiting for.

About two weeks ago, Chris, now 35 and still a wild man, threw a party to celebrate the end of his seemingly eternal divorce proceedings. The invitations said that no one could bring a date to this party, but no one could leave his house without having mad sex with the stranger of their choice. He promised dancing, drinking, and no end to the supply of gorgeous unknowns for us all to pair up with during the evening. I knew from past experience that my brother could definitely be trusted in that last department.

Chris and I had always been fairly open with each other, so he had no problem inviting his baby sister to a function like this. And I had no quarrel with accepting his invite. I was going through a little bit of a dry spell, not having gotten any in about a month. I was near the point of calling up an ex-boyfriend and begging for a mercy fuck when out of the blue, I got the party invitation from Chris. I RSVP’d immediately, letting him know that I would be there with bells on.

When the night of the party came, I was a lot more nervous than I expected to be. I called up Chris to chat, and he told me that of the 147 people he sent invitations to, 119 were supposed to be coming that night. This was going to be an awesome party…thank goodness Chris had a large house that could support a dancing crowd of that magnitude. Chris, being quite fluent in my slightly odd taste in men, promised me that there would be plenty of guys there that I would think were gorgeous. And there would be no shortage of guys who would love to get into my pants. Yes, the evening was definitely looking up.

I drove over to Chris’s house about an hour after the party’s official start time. I didn’t want to get there before things really picked up, and figured the vibe would be much better once the party had been going on for a little while. As I drove, I lowered the convertible top of my car and cranked up the noisy rock on my stereo. The summer wind tossed my hair, and the rowdy music made me want to dance. I couldn’t wait get on that dance floor and find the man who would be mine for the evening, no strings attached.

Chris’s front door was wide open, and several people stood out in his walkway, talking and smoking. The music was really loud, even from outside, but it was dancing music, the kind that’s supposed to be played loud. Thank God his neighbors were at least 50 feet away in any direction. I walked through the open door and saw just tons of people mingling, drinking, but mostly dancing. The dance floor area was loaded with wriggling, spinning bodies. The dresses were short and several buttons on nearly all the men’s shirts had been loosened. I eyed the other women in the house. Like I said, Chris has beautiful friends. But I felt confident that I was definitely one of the prettiest and classiest ones there. I was glad I had worn my short black satin dress, and these killer black pumps that make my legs look a mile long. I was ready to see and be seen, and I was definitely ready to dance.

I wanted to find my brother, and let him know that I had arrived. I asked the few people that I knew, and they all said that he was on the dance floor. I made my way through the mass of bodies and finally spotted my brother, his tongue buried down the throat of a very busty redhead. I just watched them, strangely turned on by the sight but also hoping they would stop so that I could catch my brother’s eye. Finally, Chris broke off the kiss with a big dopey smile on his face. He was about to go into her again when he glanced up and spotted me watching him. His smile got even bigger as he excused himself from the girl and headed over to me.

“Hey you!” he said, wrapping me in a huge warm hug.

“Hi, big brother! This is one hell of a turnout you’ve got here.”

“I know, I’m just wondering when the cops will show up.”

“They haven’t been here yet?”

“Amazingly, no. You look great, by the way.”


Chris smiled at me with his compliment. Then his expression got quite serious, but strangely suspicious as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and whispered in my ear.

“So, little girl, do you see anything you like?”

Chris was five years older than me, but I swear he could read my mind as if he were my twin. While I had searched for him, I had also spotted several incredible looking guys in the pack. And they were looking right back. The feeling in the air was different from any party I had been to before. Usually when guys would ogle me when I walked through a crowd like that, it would make my skin crawl. But everyone who had walked through Chris’s door knew what they were getting themselves into, and apparently all were eager to jump in. No matter where I moved, I could feel eyes burning into my skin, looking me up and down.

“There’s some pretty nice faces here, Chris. But I don’t know, I don’t see any takers just yet.”

“Well, don’t worry, the night is young.” He took my hand and spun me out like a ballroom dancer. “Go dance, go get a drink, go meet people. Just have a good time.”

“I will, don’t worry!” I said to Chris, as he headed back over to his redhead.

He shouted back at me as I made my way to an empty space on the dance floor. “And don’t forget, you have to have sex before you leave!”

I laughed as I began to dance. Loud sexy big-beat music played, and it wasn’t long before I relaxed and let my hips and shoulders sway. I danced alone for maybe a minute, and then I was surrounded by swaying bodies. There was a lot of lust in that room, and I could feel the heat coming from all sides as I danced harder and harder to the music. Hands with mysterious owners wrapped themselves around my waist and caressed their way up to my breasts. Other hands ran across my ass, and played with the edge of my panties. I leaned my head back to let my long dark hair sway, and I suddenly felt a warm tongue against my throat. I looked up and was surprised to see a woman with short icy blond hair kissing and licking my neck and chest. Sensing that I was watching her, she looked up at me. When she smiled at me I smiled back, showing her that I definitely approved. As I watched her drag her tongue between my tits, I suddenly felt a mouth on one of my shoulders, softly kissing and licking. Then another, this one tracing along the curves of my ear. I laughed to myself as I let these strangers devour me alive, the pulsing music drowning out all second thoughts and hesitations.

When I finally left the dance floor, dripping with sweat and minus my shoes, which had somehow come off hours before, I glanced up at the clock on Chris’s wall. It was 2:45. I had been on that dance floor for nearly four hours and had barely noticed the time going by at all. I made my way over to the bar, desperate for a drink to cool myself off. I could feel the saliva of all those strangers drying on my throat, my legs, my tits and mingling with my own saliva in my mouth. Those had been four wild hours. The dance floor was definitely worth the price of admission, and I haven’t even had the necessary sex yet. Could it get any better than that?

As I walked across the hardwood floor over to the bar, I noticed several people lining the walls of Chris’s house. They probably were some of the shyer ones of the group, preferring to take all the action in rather than participate in it. Or maybe they were just taking a break, like me. Most of the wallflowers were girls, sipping drinks and laughing with each other. But as I was just about to step up the bar, I spotted a man standing on his own.

Now that was my kind of man. He was leaning against one of the floor-to-ceiling windows, and he was dressed in a shiny black vinyl suit. His chin length jet-black hair was smooth and straight, and several thin chunks dangled in front of his huge brown eyes. I could spot streaks of dark eyeliner around those eyes, and a thin smearing of bright lipstick across his curvy lips. Around it all his pale white skin shone through the darkness, like a ghost in a midnight forest. The sight of this supernaturally beautiful man sent shivers down my spine. Just as Stefan had so many years before, this man forced me to choose him. He would be my one tonight.

I stepped up to the bar, not so much needing liquid courage as just a good thirst quencher. I opted to go for middle ground and ordered a wine spritzer. The cool drink iced over my throat, chilling me from the inside out. It was a strange and sexy feeling. As I took another sip of the drink, I rehearsed my opening line in my head. What I would say to make this man fall for me in a heartbeat. Figuring it was now or never, I tilted my head back and slammed the rest of the drink. As I finished it off, I put the glass back on the bar and spun around. I was shocked to see my brother standing right behind me, with the beautiful pale man at his side. I let out a little yelp of surprise, and Chris and the man both smiled.

“How are you liking the party so far? I saw you out on the floor with about ten different tongues in your mouth, so I guess you’re having a pretty good time,” Chris said.

Chris was equally my savior and the thorn in my side. “I am having a great time! But…I am still looking for the one, if you know what I mean.”

“I thought so,” he replied, glancing over at the man. “Brian, this is my sister, Maxim. Maxi, this is my good friend Brian.” Chris leaned over a bit towards me and lowered his voice. “Brian’s been watching you all night, and when he asked me who you were, I told him I would be more than happy to introduce him to you.”

“I hope you don’t mind,” Brian said to me, his voice soft and sexy.

“No…. Not at all,” I replied, lost for words in this man’s beauty. Brian smiled at my reply, and we just stared into each other’s eyes. From somewhere outside me, I heard Chris laugh and say that he would leave the two of us alone.

“Would you like another drink?” Brian asked.

“Um, sure, that would be great,” I replied, trying to make my voice as sensual as his without sounding like a complete idiot.

“OK,” he said, smiling. God, his smile was even better than his deep stare.

He stepped next to me to lean against the bar. All I could do was stare at him as he ordered two glasses of red wine from the bartender. As he waited for the drinks, he glanced back over at me. I needed to look into his eyes, just as Stefan had needed to stare into mine so many years before. Brian’s arm made its way around my waist, and as he took one glass of wine from the bartender and handed it to me, he ran his fingers slowly up and down my side. His touch gave me chills. Once he had his glass, he raised it up a bit as if to toast. Obligingly, I clinked my glass with his, then raised the drink to my lips. I was only going to take a sip, but I watched as Brian slowly gulped down the whole glass. Not wanting to be left behind, I finished off my wine as well. When I was done, I put the glass down on the bar next to his. He let go of his glass and quickly placed his hand on top of mine, stroking my fingers. He ran his fingers up my arm, across my shoulder, then finally up to my face. My breathing quickened at his painfully delicate touch. In his first aggressive move of the night, he put his around the back of my neck and forced my face closer to his. He pressed my lips against his and kissed me hard. The feeling of his lipstick was quite strange, but it turned me on even more. Our kiss deepened and our mouths opened, letting each other’s tongues explore. Unable to resist, I wrapped my arms around his waist, but slowly inched them down to his tight ass, encased in black vinyl. As our tongues touched and circled, I squeezed his ass hard, making him let out soft little moans.

Our kiss was making me weak in the knees, and my pussy was dripping with lust. The events of the night had driven me into a frenzy, and I knew I couldn’t wait anymore. As our kiss ended and we separated, we both panted like we were out of breath. Brian darted his tongue out of his mouth, licking and sometimes sucking on my lips but never kissing me again. His teasing drove me wild, and I couldn’t stand it anymore.

As Brian dragged his tongue down my neck and across the tops of my breasts, I looked around the room. The crowd on the dance floor had thinned considerably, but some restless souls still danced. The majority of the guests had paired off in every open spot in the room, making love on the floor, fucking against the wall, or doing sixty-nine on the sofa. There were several groups of three or more, and some people had even opted to go it alone, masturbating in quiet ecstasy. Through the tall windows, I could see people out by the swimming pool, skinny dipping and kissing. I had to find a spot for Brian and myself, not wanting to leave the main floor to find some safe little bedroom. Suddenly, I spotted our salvation.

I placed my hands gently on Brian’s head and pulled him up to me, kissing him gently on the lips.

“Follow me,” I whispered, taking his hand and leading him away from the bar.

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I lead Brian back over the window he had been leaning on when I first noticed him. I dropped his hand and headed over to Chris’s dining room, feeling Brian’s eyes watching me as I walked. From the dining room table, I grabbed one of the eight chairs. They were black and wooden, but the seats were padded, so they were quite comfortable. I brought the chair over and placed it in front of the window. Without a word, I took Brian’s hand and led him to the chair, sitting him down so he faced the windows and pool. Brian watched every step I took as I walked around to stand in front of him. His face was twisted with emotions, the lust in his eyes betraying the innocent smile on his lips. I glanced down at his crotch and saw his hard-on lifting the material of his dark pants. He was as ready as I was.

Stepping forward, I spread my legs and straddled his knees, making my way onto his inviting lap. Watching me, Brian unbuttoned his vinyl jacket and slipped it off, revealing his creamy smooth chest. As I eased down, my silky skirt slid slowly across my thighs. I felt the bulge in his pants press against my own warm wetness. I slid my hands up my legs, across my breasts, and up to my shoulders. I slipped my fingers underneath the straps of my dress and slowly eased it down to my waist. Brian watched the fabric fall, until it rested on the tops of my thighs. Unable to stand it, I leaned forward and pressed my tits to his face, feeling his warm moist breath against my flesh. He pushed his way over to a nipple and flicked his tongue across it slowly, making it harden and ache. I ran my fingers through his soft dark hair, pulling it gently and making him moan. As he took my nipple into his mouth, I pushed my pussy down onto his rock hard cock, swiveling my hips. He thrust back at me, poking my tender places. I loved how we teased each other without words or laughter.

I dipped my head back towards the window and slowly leaned back until my back was resting on Brian’s thighs. I rested my head against his calf as he ran his tongue over my belly and across my skin of my breasts. Upside down, I saw the swimmers outside, splashing in a drunken orgy in the sparkling blue pool. As I watched the people, I felt Brian’s hands making their way down to my waist, where his fingers wrapped around the edge of my panties. I figured he was somehow going to ease them off, and I lifted my pelvis to help him with this struggle. But suddenly, I felt a small sting of pain as Brian ripped my panties off of me. Amazed, I started to laugh. I looked up at this incredible man, and he stared at me through his wisps of hair.

“Get up here,” he said strongly. And I knew he meant it.

I raised myself back up to him, and stood up, my stomach pressed gently against Brian’s face. Underneath me, he unzipped his pants and eased them down just enough to let his cock out. We looked at each other straight in the eyes as I slowly eased myself down onto his aching prick. I gasped as I felt him push into me, and as my pussy swallowed him up, he groaned with pleasure. I slid myself up and down on Brian’s glorious cock, feeling every inch of him pulse in my body. As we slowly fucked on the dining room chair, we stared into each other’s eyes and only broke the stare to share a deep, wet kiss.

It felt like we fucked for hours as I squeezed and sucked him as deep into me as he would go. And when he came in warm, long spurts, he pressed his lips so hard against mine, it hurt. But it hurt so good. And from my pain came my pleasure, as my own orgasm erupted through my body. When our shivers stopped, we pulled our chests apart. Our combined sweaty flesh didn’t seem to want to let go. With his cock still buried inside me, we pulled our lips apart and stared at each other. What I thought had been our saliva coating our lips in a wet, sexy kiss had actually been blood. That pain I felt must have been my lip splitting. But I hardly noticed the pain at all as I traced the blood on Brian’s mouth across his lips, freshening up his lipstick in a way. Brian leaned forward, and slowly licked up a droplet of blood making its way down my chin from my lips. With one final slow breath, Brian rested his head against my chest. I pulled him tight against me and closed my eyes, just enjoying the feeling of his warm, wet body so close to mine.

When I opened my eyes, I saw my brother leaning against a wall across the room, talking with some guys. Before I left that night, I would have to thank him for introducing me to another one of his very nice friends.