Fuck Me, My Husband Doesnt

I am a 58 yo married female and I am on the hunt for cock. My husband believes sex is for the rare occasion that he wants to have sex. I was the good and faithful wife who spent a great deal of my time being frustrated. I thought this is the way a married couple lived and why so many men were unfaithful. I was appalled to think of myself having an affair to satisfy my sexual desires. I would have continued to believe this if it hadn’t been for our friend Karla. Karla and her husband are swingers, but we had no idea until one day Karla and I were have a few glasses of wine and she started to inquire in a very discreet way about our sex lives.

I told her we had a pretty normal sex life. She asked how often we had sex and I honestly told her at least once a month and sometimes twice a month. After the shock of my statement sank in she said you poor thing. I was confused and asked why she said that. She replied that she and her husband had sex at least three times a week and sometimes more. I was shocked and jealous at the same time. I began to ask her questions about their sex lives and the wine gave me courage to probe into delicate details of their sex lives. Karla said don’t be shy ask anything you want and I will give you an honest answer.

Questions were running through my mind at a hundred miles an hour. Do you perform oral sex on him, and does he go down on you? Karla was trying not to laugh and said they did that and much more. I confessed that the last time I had given Tom, my husband, oral sex was two years ago when we came home a little drunk and got a little wild. We could hardly look at each other the next day. Karla then suggested that maybe I could join them for an evening of uninhibited sex and they would be gentle and careful to respect my boundaries. I told her I would have to think about it and would let her know later. We finished our wine and she gave me a kiss on my lips and I swear she slipped me some tongue.

After she left I couldn’t concentrate on anything but sex and how much I wanted it. I thought about talking to Tom and see if he wanted to join us. However, I knew he didn’t want to have sex so I kept my dirty little secret to myself. I confess I fingered fucked myself repeatedly every day until I worked up the courage to call Karla and make a date to fuck. I couldn’t believe I was actually going through with my fantasy, and I didn’t have a bit of guilt, and in fact I was turned on by the whole thing. Tom never wants to go out with me and so when I said I said I was going out with Karla he didn’t even look up from his newspaper. If he had he would have seen his wife wearing a very sexy mini skirt with a sheer blouse and no bra. I could have been naked and he wouldn’t have noticed. I bent over a kissed him on the check and he mumbled have a good time. He has no fucking idea what a good time I was going to have.

I arrived at Karla and Gary’s home a little early, I was suppose to be there at eight o’clock and I arrived at seven o’clock. Gary answered the door wearing terry cloth shave shorts and nothing else. My clit was in my throat and he obviously was enjoying my tits as there appeared a tent in his shorts. He opens the door for me to enter and gives my ass a little rub as I walk by. I almost came in my lace thong. I was flush with excitement and I turned to him as he shut the door and reached into his shorts and stroked his hard cock. He seemed surprised by my forwardness considering I had never been with anyone but Tom since we had married. I wasn’t a virgin, but I wasn’t a wild thing either. After the initial shock of my actions he slips his hand in my blouse and squeezes my tits and drops his shorts at the same time. I drop to my knees and begin sucking his hard, thick and long cock. I started to cum immediately and sucked harder. I hear someone behind me and I assume it’s Karla and keep sucking Gary’s cock.

I feel someone slide up behind me and two hands begin to take my blouse off and I know it’s Karla because she has made comments about other women and how sexy they looked. I assumed she was just looking for ideas for herself. The hands now have my zipper for my skirt in their hands and I feel it zip down and my skirt is being slipped off and I lift up to help it off. I am now naked from my tits to my white lace thong and I have only been in the house ten minutes. Fuck, I love this place.
I look down expecting to see Karla’s hands rubbing my pussy through my thong, but these are the hands of a man. I stop what I am doing and spin around to see a young, hung young man with the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life. Gary says I was going to ask you if would mind if we had another male to help me out with you lust driven sluts. I laughed and said I want IT ALL! And Gary says, and so you shall. And if your not camera shy you shall have a video of all the fun your going to have tonight. I tell him I want a copy.

Karla has now entered the room and says thanks for waiting for me and laughs. She knows I have been so excited this week waiting for the night that there was no telling what I would do, either fuck my brains out or run out of the house and back to Tom’s boring arms. She says I guess you are going for fuck your brains out option.Karla asked if I had been formerly introduced to Darren and I said not by name but I know his hands and cock by touch. Well, then since we all know each other let’s go out to the spa for soak. I think, can’t we just go to the bedroom and fuck, but follow the group out the patio door to a very secluded hot tub. Darren stops and helps me up and into the tub by slipping his middle finger in my pussy. I almost jumped into the water, and as he climbed over the side of the tub I moved in between his legs and slurped his large cock into my mouth and moaned and fingered my pussy. I had never thought I would be doing what I was doing, but I knew this wasn’t going to be the last time. Darren is shifting his hips around and I am sucking his cock as deep in my mouth as I can and want more.

I feel a finger in my pussy from behind and this time it is Karla and I cum and my pussy spasms as my legs buckle under me and the only thing holding me up is Darren’s cock in my mouth. Darren says I’m going to cum and I keep sucking and for the first time I am going to taste a man’s cum. Darren doesn’t disappoint as he shoots a load of cum in my mouth and I swallow as fast as I can, but some runs out of the corners of my mouth. I look up at him and smile with cum on my teeth and lips. He then does something I had never seen a man do before, he kissed me and cleaned the cum out of my mouth. Gary said I would get it all and he wasn’t kidding.

My pussy now needed to be fucked and fucked hard. Gary takes me by the hand and pulls me out of the tub and took me to the Gazebo with a large round bed in middle with numerous pillows and candles surrounding the bed. Karla and Darren follow us to the Gazebo and the four of us start kissing and feeling each other up. Gary takes me by the hips and pulls me up on my knees with my ass in the air. He moves behind me and gently pushes his cock in my pussy and pulls it in and out slowly. He begins to go faster and slapping his balls against my ass and I am like an animal thrusting my ass into his cock and telling him to fuck me, fuck me. Karla moves over and pushes her pussy into my face and I suck her pussy like I had done it a hundred times ,and each time Gary pounded my pussy he would shove my face further into Karla’s pussy. Darren took this opportunity to get behind Karla and slowly push his cock into her ass. She squirmed with pain from the size of his cock, but slowly it sank in and she was moaning with ecstasy and started to bounce up and down on his cock This went on until Darren thrusts his hips up and staying there while he cums in Karla’s ass. She cums at the same time and collapse back onto Darren completely satisfied, for the moment.

Gary is pounding my pussy until he finally says in a very guttural voice, I’m cumming! He proceeded to pump rope after rope of cum into my pussy. I could feel my pussy fill up and feel Gary’s cock slide in and out with his cum dripping out of my pussy with each stroke. He finally slumps forward and rolls off of me onto his back. I turn around and slowly and gently suck his soft and cum covered cock into my mouth. After I have it cleaned I tell Karla that I had to get home. She says you can stay later, we always stay out later than this when it’s girls night out. I laugh and say I don’t want to go home so Tom doesn’t find out what I did tonight, I want to go home and tell him what we did tonight. I said that I had gone online this past week and besides draining my bodily fluids from masturbating I learned many definitions for the lifestyle. The one that fit Tom was Cuckold and I’m going to tell him what we did tonight and if Gary will give me a copy of the video he made of us fucking and sucking, I will show him.

Karla starts to laugh and says, I believe we have awakened the Mistress in Kim. She says she would love to see Tom’s face when he watches the video. I tell her if it goes the way I think it will you will get to see his face. I will bring him to the next party to watch me fuck other men.
I arrive home at 11:30 and Tom is still watching television in the family room. My hair is a mess, stiff with cum and I smell like sex. I go sit next to him on the sofa and he continues to watch television. I lean over and stick my tongue in his ear and he almost hit his head on the ceiling. What are you doing, and why do you look like you do? I laugh and get up and go over to the DVD player and say this will say more than I could say. I put the disc in and press play. I walk over to Tom and sit next to him. He says you know I don’t like porn why are you showing me this. I say, just watch and you will see. The next scene is me sucking on Darren’s monster cock. Tom continues to stare at the picture and starts to rub his cock. I tell him to stop rubbing his cock until I say he can touch it. He does as I say and watches every second of the video to the last scene.

I ask him what he thought. He said I have never been so turned on before. I loved watching you fuck and suck other men. He then asked how long I had been doing this, and I said this is my first time but not my last. He then asked if he could go with me next time. I said yes, but he couldn’t fuck anyone unless I said so. I then told him to clean my pussy. He cleaned every last drop and I told him he could fuck me. He fucked like he has never fucked before. I can’t wait to tae my little Cuckold to my next orgy.