Ginger, The Dress Shop Owner Sex stories

Warning: This story is meant for adults only. It involves scat activities between women. It is a fantasy and all names are fictitious.

One afternoon, Ginger got a special customer in her dress shop. Linda, 16 years old, was trying on clothes in the dressing room.

“Shouldn’t you be locking up now? It’s past your normal closing time.” Linda batted her eyes at the store owner.

Ginger glanced at her wristwatch and turned to leave the dressing room. Locking the front door, Ginger hurriedly returned to the young girl in the dressing room. “And shouldn’t you be getting home now? I’m sure your mom will be worried where you are.”

“Can I use your phone? I’ll call mom and let her know where I am.” Linda brushed Ginger’s titties with her fingers and Ginger blushed at a young girl so brazen. But she pointed her finger at a phone and watched as the young girl called her mother.

Hanging the phone up, the girl said, “There, that should do it for a while.”

“Yes, I heard you telling your mother where you were. Did you want to try on some more clothing?” Ginger blushed.

Linda caught the blush and moved in close and laid her hand on Ginger’s arm. “Actually, I was thinking more of… uh… undressing… and… undressing you!”

“What?” Ginger gasped.

“Oh come on, Ginger, surely you’d like a young girl like me,” Linda brushed her fingers up to the tip of Ginger’s breast and pinched. Ginger shuddered once and Linda began to kiss the older woman. They kissed for a full minute before Ginger broke away.

“We shouldn’t be doing this… you’re too young!” Ginger panted.

“Too young for what?” Linda pulled Ginger’s skirt up and fell to her knees. “Wouldn’t you want that hot pussy of yours to feel my tongue in it?”

“Honey, it’s not right for a woman my age to be messing around with a girl your age… have you ever done this before?” Ginger looked down.

“Why don’t you decide that for yourself,” Linda said as she slid Ginger’s panties down around her ankles. “I heard a rumor about you… that you’re a lesbian!”

“Now who in the world would ever say that about me?” Ginger sighed and opened her legs, inviting the young girl’s tongue in her juicy twat.

Linda spread the lips and drove her tongue up into the juicy folds, licking and sucking each and every niche and groove in the woman’s slit. Linda sucked at her clit as she swabbed it with her tongue, then slid her tongue down to the cunt hole and wiggled it up into the juicy tunnel. Going back up the slit, she tickled the pee hole with the tip of her tongue a moment before going further up to the woman’s pulsing clit. This woman is on fire, Linda thought to herself and doubled her tongue play on the clit. In a matter of minutes, she had Ginger exploding with a violent orgasm.

Still on her knees before Ginger, Linda pushed her backwards to a chair and seated Ginger, pulling her feet up to the cushion of the chair, spreading her legs wide apart. Again Linda drove her tongue into that sweet flavor of an excited cunt.

“Darling!” Ginger uttered, “You are AN EXCELLENT pussy eater!” Ginger wagged her head back and forth at this delicious feeling. “I haven’t had my pussy eaten in three weeks! I was overdue for a good eating… eat my pussy, darling, eat it!”

Linda heard very little of Ginger’s words, her mind was concentrating on this sweet piece of meat she was sucking and licking at as she now had her hand pushed down inside her panties and was rubbing her own clit.

“Ooooooh YES! LICK IT! Lick my hot pussy!” Ginger moaned.

Ginger, in no time at all had reached another orgasm before Linda pulled her mouth back to gaze at the slumping woman before her. “Isn’t there something you’d like to do to me?”

Ginger covered her face with her hands.

“Oh? You don’t want my girlish body?” Linda asked. “Or… did you have something in mind that embarrasses you to ask for?”

Glnger nodded her head yes, but never took her hands from her face.

“Something embarrassing?” Linda mused a moment. “Do you want me to pee in your mouth?”

Ginger nodded her head ‘YES’.

“Why didn’t you just ask me?” Linda teased…”NASTY LADY!”

“I didn’t think you’d do it,” Ginger dropped her hands, but blushed furiously.

“You want me to pee-pee in your mouth? All that golden nectar?” Linda shoved her pussy into Ginger’s face. “Are you going to drink it?”

“Could I?” Ginger looked up into Linda’s face. “Piss in my mouth and let me drink it!”

“Here it comes!” Linda grinned and her stream of urine hit in Ginger’s mouth. She gulped it down, mouthful after mouthful, it dripping off her chin. “The nasty shop keeper is drinking my piss! Does it taste good?”

Ginger was too busy gulping down the piss to answer as she snaked her forefinger up the young girl’s asshole.

“Oooh, THAT FEELS GOOD!” Linda exclaimed as Ginger worked her forefinger full depth in the girl’s asshole and wiggled it around.

“Can I lick you back there?” Ginger asked as she slurped another mouthful of piss down.

“You want to lick my dirty asshole?” Linda pulled Ginger’s face from between her thighs and gazed down into her face.

“It’s not dirty!” Ginger responded.

“Sure it is, my waste comes out of that hole!” Linda argued.

“I don’t care, I want to lick that dirty hole!” Ginger pleaded.

Linda pulled away a moment, looking down at the woman on her knees, begging to lick her asshole. “Lady, I’ve never had anyone lick me back there before, but if it feels as good as your finger… why not?” Linda turned her back to Ginger and bent over, “Lick my dirty butt-hole lady, lick it!”

Ginger spread Linda’s ass cheeks and stared at the hole and licked her lips.

“Are you checking to see if it’s dirty?” Linda looked back.

“No honey, I’m just looking at your pretty asshole!” Ginger grunted lewdly.

“How can an asshole be pretty?” Linda giggled.

“I think everything a lady… or girl has, is pretty!” With that, Ginger pressed her lips to Linda’s puckered dirt-hole and instantly, her tongue was out licking.

“Oooh yes, lady! That does feel good! LICK IT! LICK IT! LICK THAT DIRTY ASSHOLE!” Linda reached back and spread her ass cheeks further.

“Mmmmmmmmn!” Ginger moaned. “Your asshole tastes good!”

“How can an asshole taste good?” Linda studied a moment…”Unless… ?” Linda pulled her butt out of Ginger’s face and watched her turning red. “Lady, I know you’re nasty because you drank my piss… but… now you tell me my asshole tastes good… the only taste of an asshole… is what comes out of it! That’s it, isn’t it? You want me to poop in your mouth… don’t you? Lady, you are filthy!”

Ginger hid her face in her hands again.

Linda giggled again at this woman before her, “Tell me lady, tell me that’s what you really want from me… my poop!”

Ginger didn’t uncover her face.

Linda knelt down in front of Ginger and removed her hands to reveal a face scarlet with shame. “You’re blushing like a school girl, but I don’t blame you. That is the wildest thing I ever heard of! Tell me I’m wrong, lady!”

Ginger dropped her eyes and didn’t deny it.

“It’s true, isn’t it, lady! You want me to poop in your mouth!” Linda got to her feet and turned her back to Ginger. “Lady, get your mouth back up to my asshole if you want my shit! I’m going to shit right in your mouth!”

“Thank you Linda, thank you!” Ginger placed her mouth over the girl’s asshole.

Linda grunted and strained, “Lady, I can’t shit in this position. Lay on your back and I’ll squat over your mouth!”

Ginger stretched out on her back and Linda squatted down astride her face. “All right lady, HERE IT COMES!” A turd started crawling out of Linda’s asshole. “Are you going to take it in your mouth to the toilet! Wow, that stuff stinks, how can you do that lady?”

Ginger wrapped her lips around the turd and sucked it into her mouth. Linda wasn’t able to shit much, but it all went into Ginger’s mouth and Linda turned around to look down at the woman on the floor.

“Go on now, take it into the bathroom and drop it in the toilet!” Linda giggled.

Ginger let the turd remain in this position a moment, and then bit down on it, dragging it into her mouth and she started chewing.

“LADY! THAT’S MY SHIT YOU’RE EATING!” Linda gasped. “How can you do that!”

Ginger was busy chewing on her mouthful of shit, too busy to reply.

“You’re actually EATING SHIT!” Linda watched closely, unable to tear her eyes from this filthy scene.

Ginger swallowed.


Ginger grabbed Linda and turned her around and sealed her mouth up to Linda’s shit-hole. “MORE! MORE!”

Linda strained, but couldn’t produce any more. Ginger was then content to just lick at the girl’s dirty asshole. She licked and sucked for several minutes before Linda climbed off the woman’s face. “I have to be getting home now, SHIT-EATER!” and she giggled.

“Hold on a minute before you go,” Ginger got up. “You were looking at some clothing of mine here in the shop.”

“I really can’t afford any right now,” Linda said.

Ginger took a blouse and a pair of slacks and pushed them into the girl’s hands, “That is in exchange for what you gave me!”

“Really!” Linda asked…”for free?”

“Yes… free,” Ginger smiled at the young girl. “Can you cane back again?”

“And give you some more shit?” Linda giggled.

Ginger nodded.

With that, the young girl was gone and Ginger started sucking her teeth where lumps had built up. It was delicious… young girl shit!

The following day, Linda showed up at closing time again but she brought three of her girlfriends with her. “This is Ginger, the lady I was telling you about. She’ll give you clothes in exchange for your piss and shit!”

Ginger nearly wilted, her knees felt very weak, she had to sit down.

“Ginger, these are my girlfriends. This is Karla, and here is Kim and here is Ruthie. I told these girls what you did yesterday and that you gave me clothes for free! I told these girls not to piss or shit until we got here today… and here we are. All ready to use your toilet-mouth for some free clothes!”

Ginger covered her face with her hands, not believing Linda would tell these girls about what she had done yesterday.

“Come on, Ginger,” Linda took Ginger’s arm and dragged her out of the chair. “Come on, lock the door. I’ve got a BIG load for your mouth this time, a lot more than I gave you yesterday. What are you waiting for? These girls have never seen a lady drink piss and eat shit before.

Ginger, in a trance, allowed each girl to piss and shit in her mouth and then gave each girl a blouse and a skirt apiece. She knew she couldn’t keep doing this, but she was helpless to resist…

NOTE: This story was not written by me. The author would like to correspond with other lesbians or bi-women, by regular mail, with similar interests.