Guilt – My wife sex story

My wife and I had been married for 19 months when our first encounter of the worst kind happened. Before the incident, we were the typical newlyweds who made love in such places that are always the most available but not the most comfortable. Like other couples we knew, our thirst for spontaneous sex was never quenched.

I should explain that both of us were raised Catholic, especially her. Being half Irish and German, with seven brothers and four sisters, she was still a nice girl when we married. Why other guys passed her up, I’ll never know. She is 5 ft. 7 in. in bare feet, still weighs only 125 pounds., and now has a 36-25-35 figure.

I said she was a nice girl when we met, not a virgin. She might as well been one though. Her only experience was one she refused to talk about until our incident occurred.

We had jobs in the Loop (downtown) in Chicago but we lived in the suburbs. Parking downtown was a hassle, so we always parked at 95th & Dan Ryan and rode the train in from there. This is not the best neighborhood, but is all right if you’re not around after the sun sets.

I like my wife to dress sharply, it just turns out that she also looks very sexy when she does. She usually got her fair share of stares and whistles from guys on the train to an from work. It was early in October, while on the train to our car, when I mentioned that we should be driving to downtown since it was getting dark earlier, and I didn’t want to be in the area we normally parked. She only looked at me and smiled.

We got off at our train stop and walked the three blocks to our car. Neither of us had coats on, they were at the cleaners. We were about ten feet from the car when she let go of my arm to go wait by the passenger door while I got in on my side. After I was in, I leaned over, unlocked her side and started the engine.

She was still outside, close to the door, while the inside of the car was warming up. I wondered what was keeping her and decided she had to be applying her makeup since I couldn’t see her arms or hands through the window. After a few moments, I leaned over, opened her door, and told her to hurry up and get in so we could leave.

Things happened unexpectedly then. I didn’t have time enough to react, let alone think. A distinctly black, deep voice yelled, “Get in back with him.” Next thing I knew a tall black man jumped in the front seat next to me and shoved a gun in my face, while at the same time another black man shoved my wife into the back seat and got in next to her. The man with the gun on me said, “I got you in my sights motherfucker and you’re gonna give me anything I want. Ain’t that right?” I nodded my head yes. He knew I wasn’t about to try anything stupid with my wife in the back seat with somebody else.

They told me to drive slowly and straight ahead. How far we went, I don’t remember, but one of them told me to turn right at the next corner, then left, then right again. The street had a lot of abandoned houses. They said to park the car in front of an empty trailer up ahead. When I parked, we just sat there. The guy next to me said to roll down my window and give him our wallets, very carefully. As I reached for my wallet, the guy in back jumped out of the car. The guy who got out came over and put his gun against the back of my head. The other guy got out of the car then, opened the back door and pulled my wife out.

“Now get out on this side, in front of me.” I did what I was told and the guy behind me locked the car up. We were being forced down a narrow passage between two old rundown houses when all of a sudden a third black guy came out from a doorway and shoved me through it.

I was told to strip and didn’t argue, they still had my wife. Two of them rolled out an old office chair and ordered me to sit. They tied my wrists, forearms, chest, and feet to the chair with clothesline. The lights were turned on then and my wife was pushed to stand next to me. They went through her purse and my wallet. My wife could have died when they came across her steel Ben-Wah Balls. They came over to stand in front of us.

The tallest guy, probably the leader, said to me, “The guy on my right is Darnell, I’m Tyrone, he’s Lonnie. We been watchin’ you for the last month and planned this. You can, and will, scream, slut, but it’ll do no good. Nobody comes in this area but us. We own this place, not cause we bought it, cause we took it. Just like we’re gonna take and fuck your wife’s white cunt. And you’re gonna watch your wife beg for our cocks.”

Lonnie left and came back with a large blue gym bag. Tyrone ordered my wife to face me and strip. The pleading look in her eyes is something I never want to see again in my life and I saw a lot that night. My wife was being humiliated and about to be gang raped by three guys, and I couldn’t help her. I tried to break free but fell over. I cracked my head on the floor of the basement we were in. Tyrone and Lonnie calmly put my chair upright to face my wife again and moved back behind her. I thought she was in shock, she hadn’t moved an inch, and the look in her eyes changed. I started to turn my head away, not being able to bear it any more. She then spoke softly to me. All she said was, “Please don’t let them do this to me again.”

“AGAIN.” The word jolted my brain back to her first and only sexual experience before our wedding, the one she never talked about. I didn’t care what those guys did to me any longer and started going insane, but I could only sit there trying to break loose.

Tyrone told her they had all the time in the world, but the longer they waited, the more she would regret it. She couldn’t face me any more and turned toward Tyrone and Lonnie.

“All right, I’ll do whatever you want, but you have to promise to let us go when you’re done!”, she said as she turned toward them.

“Who the fuck told you to turn round cunt? You’re ours now. You better learn what you’re here for. Get naked slut, and I mean now!”

She trembled as she started to take off her brown satin blouse.

“Just what I like Darnell, a cunt that can’t wait to get fucked.” said Tyrone. Lonnie told her to throw him the blouse. It surprised me that he put it on a hanger. Darnell told her to wait while he set up. She was horrified. He said he was going to record everything on video. She stood there silently in her white lace bra, and the rest of her clothes. Darnell was set, and he gave the orders now.

“Put a hand under each tit and look into the lens. No, no, don’t push em up, just put your hands under the fucking things. OK, now loose the skirt!”

She was going to take her heels off, out of habit, when Darnell told her to leave them on for now. She slid the pure silk tan skirt down and stepped out of it. Thank God she thought to wear a slip today. Darnell took more video before telling her to get rid of the bra next. Most women would balk at this, but she must have rationalized they could see though her thin lace bra anyway.

“Hey pretty lady, where did you buy those tits?” Lonnie asked. “We never had one as firm as you on top. Well, if those are real, guess what I’m gonna do to you first.”

We knew now she was not their first rape victim. Darnell took several minutes of film of her exposed breasts and nipples while he told her how to massage and play with them. It was getting warmer because of the lamps Darnell had set up, and this effect caused her whole body to shiver and her breasts to slightly wiggle. Darnell next gave her the order to take off the slip.

“Would you look at that!”, Darnell gasped. “Holy Shit!”, was all Lonnie could mutter. Tyrone stood silently, but a small snicker crossed his lips as they all stared in disbelief. My wife stood motionless as the humiliation overwhelmed her.

Two nights ago, we were playing in the shower and I got a bright idea. Since she always kept her mound neatly trimmed, and it was growing again, I volunteered to shave her this time. She accepted my offer and spread her feet. I took my time, careful not to cut her, and formed a pattern with her pubic hair. Two letters. “4 U” I proudly stepped back and said I was done. She laughed so hard then, but not now.

“You white cunts break me up. You walk round lookin’ sexy, flirtin’ with everyone, but when a guy does come on to you, you ignore him. Not tonight slut! You’re a whore, and you know it. Don’t you? Answer me cunt! Tell me you’re a cock-sucker and that you’ll fuck when I say so!”, Tyrone shouted at her.

She dropped her head and softly confessed, “I like to make love.”

Tyrone stepped closer to her now and said, “It don’t matter to me if you like to fuck or not! You will! And suck cock when I order you to. You’re gonna learn somethin’ about yourself tonight. Somethin’ I already know, and you refuse to admit. Darnell, you set?”

“I got more film and recorders out back. I better get it. This is gonna be the best we’ve ever had!”

Tyrone stared at my wife’s pussy and asked, “Did he do that, or you? Cunt, you better answer fast when I ask questions. One last time. Did he do that or you?”

“My husband did,” she said.

“You wanna tell him what you really want, or you want us to prove it? Don’t look at me like you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, cunt! No answer?”

“What do you mean?”, she asked.

“You know what I mean, cunt! Never mind, he’ll find out the hard way,” Tyrone said.

“Tyrone, I got eight cassettes and four recorders. Think we need more?”

“How the fuck should I know. You’re the mother fuckin’ pro. I only shoot cum. Any way, change the lights. I want hubby there to see real good what sort of slut he married.”

“Keep her like that, I wanna get her on film before we move on to the next stage.”

“You heard him cunt. Don’t move. Hey hubby, you’ll thank us when we’re through. OK, breaks over everybody, back to work.”

Darnell moved the lamps and I could now see. She stood less than three feet away. These bastards were making her stand there in just her white lace garter belt, sheer nylons, and the new four inch high heels I bought her yesterday. I knew she didn’t have panties on today because we had a nooner during our lunch break.

“OK slut, follow my directions. If you don’t understand, ask me. Got that?”

I couldn’t believe my ears when she distinctly said, “OK”. Sure it was lower than her normally soft voice, but she did tell Darnell “OK”.

“Place your hands on the side of your hips, elbows out, and spread those legs wide. Great! Hold it there!”

“You sure you got it right? You fuck up and I’ll turn your sister out.”

“Come on Tyrone. I got it, no sweat. Her pussy will show up, even the juices on her pussy now.”

“So, you’re gettin’ all heated up for me. Tell you what, I’ll be good this once, give you your toys to play with. Turn round and prove to hubby the kind of slut you are.”

My wife did as she was told with only a weak reluctance, and faced me.

“Bend backward and open your mouth slut. I want you to suck these balls in your mouth. You better not bite.”

Darnell was shooting everything Tyrone made my wife do, close-up! Tyrone towered over her as he put only one of the Ben-Wah Balls between two fingers. He was doing his best to disgrace her. She contorted her body like some exercise, legs spread out, hands on her hips, and her head was bent back to waist level. They made sure I could see as Tyrone put his fat fingers up to the second knuckle in her open mouth and held them there. I could see my wife enclose her lips over his fingers. Between her breasts, I saw her neck muscles working, she was sucking to get the small metal ball away from his fingers.

“Told you! I knew this cunt would suck and fuck when I told her to. With a body like this, ain’t no pussy gonna let it go unused. Nod your head slut and tell them I’m right. Don’t you dare swallow that ball! Open up so I can see it. One more to go bitch! Not bad. You look like you got experience at suckin’. Now for the next trick! Lonnie, stand her up straight. Hubby, watch this slut stuff her cunt with the toys in her mouth. Like I did, one at a time. Lonnie, spread her pussy open.”

They were just a few feet from me as I watched Lonnie reach under her with one hand and spread her pussy lips open. She took a metal ball from her mouth and quickly pushed it inside of her obviously wet opening. Tyrone told her time for the other one. She did this as fast as the first and put her hands back on her hips without being told to.

Lonnie then got the blue bag and brought it over. My wife stood there, eyes closed, trying not to move. Tyrone and Lonnie each took shackles with long chains from the bag. They bound her wrists, looped the chains through big eyebolts drilled into a ceiling beam, and attached each end to a special wench. Lonnie hoisted my wife up. Her arms stretched high over her head and feet together barely touching the floor.

“Usually we strip all our whores naked, but I like your outfit. Draws attention where you want it most anyway. You know that, don’t you cunt?”

She shook her head no.

“Still playin’ games? Lonnie, start playin’ shake with the whore!”

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Tyrone knelt next to me and said, “Watch this slut, those toys will fall out from the cum she’s gonna have. No cock is gonna touch her either. See how her face is gettin’ red and she’s breathin’ faster. Fuck if she ain’t the hungriest cunt you ever laid eyes on. I’m tellin’ you, she was born for fuckin’ and suckin’. Hear the slut moan now? She wants it and wants it bad.”

My wife hung before me, being tormented by Tyrone’s words and shook by Lonnie’s hands on her hips. I couldn’t and didn’t want to believe she had a climax from only this, but she did. When she came, the metal balls flew out of her vagina. Not dropped. Flew! They were forced out and were bouncing near her high heels. She was shaking all over and mumbled something.

“What was that you said cunt? Louder! I can’t hear you,” Tyrone again.

“Please make love to me,” she said plainly.

“I don’t know. You have to be more honest. Try again! Tell us what you really want.”

“I wanna FUCK! There I said it.”

“You have to be more polite to us than that.”

“Please fuck me.”

Tyrone and Lonnie sandwiched her between them and Darnell still had the video going. The two of them were slowly grinding her back and front against their crotches. Tyrone then changed his tone of voice but spoke loud enough for me to hear.

“You need somethin’ in your cunt don’t you? You want my cock. Ain’t that right?”

“Yes”, was all she said.

“You’ll fuck when I tell you to fuck. Right?”

“Yes”, she said again.

“You’ll suck cock when I tell you to suck cock. Right?”


“You love the taste of cum. Right?”


“You wanna cum again, dont’cha?”


“You want us to cum inside you?”


“You wannna drink our cum?”

“Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Lonnie and Darnell left unceremoniously, leaving me to watch Tyrone tongue fuck my wife’s mouth. He wrapped his arms around her small waist and lifted. He held her as she willingly accepted his tongue. Her legs hooked in back of his, trying to bring him closer. My wife was offering herself to him. I was astonished, angry, and hurt all at once. How could she be doing this?

Tyrone lifted her higher up his body. Her legs surrounded his waist, just above the belt line. I saw her come down hard on his lips as she pushed her tongue into his mouth this time. Her hands raked through his hair as she drove all of her tongue in his mouth. Tyrone looked at me and winked, then turned. I saw that she was dry humping his stomach, her juices soaking the front of his shirt.

Darnell came back and set up tripods. Lonnie called for Darnell to give him a hand, and they dragged a low coffee table about two feet in front of me. My heart sank when I saw the mattress on it.

“They’re ready for us,” Tyrone said and stepped away.

“Please! I need to be fucked. I’ll do anything you want. Please somebody fuck me. I don’t care, JUST FUCK ME!”

They quickly got her down from the shackles and positioned her on the mattress in front of me. As the three men were stripping, she talked to me.

“Darling, please don’t feel hurt or resentful. It’s not their fault. He’s right. This happened to me once before and I’ve lived in fear since. I love you and never want to leave you. I couldn’t stand it if you stopped loving me. But, how can I tell you about something even I don’t understand. Please honey, I need your help. I need you to watch and understand. I love only you. Don’t stop loving me or leave me, please try to understand!”

Tyrone interrupted, “Hey! Listen and watch. She’s a cunt, a slut, a whore, a cocksucker. I know boy. I saw it in her even if you didn’t. Some women are born whores, but don’t wanna admit it. She’s admitted it.”

Darnell interrupted, “Forget it man. He’ll wise up. Let’s go, videos are in place, and my cock wants to say hello to that pussy and mouth!”

They were each stoking cocks as Tyrone took over.

“You heard the man. If you wanna fuck us, here’s the rules: ONE, You tells us everythin you want. TWO, You talk like the street cocksuckin’ whore you are. THREE, Don’t use the word ‘L O V E’. Hubby can have all that shit. You’re gonna fuck and suck as many times as we want, no arguments. Got all that? Start the cameras! Let me know when they’re rollin’.”

Darnell raced to all four videos as everybody waited. My own anxiety was thick enough to cut. Would she, could she, go through with this? What will I think of her when this is finished? God forbid, will I get excited at what was going to happen to my beautiful wife, right in front of me?

Darnell started the first video. It was set even with my shoulder about two feet off to my left. This would get pictures of her face and most of her firm tits, NO BREAST!

Shit! They got ME following their fucking rules! I’m only a spectator! Stop it damn you! Wipe your mind clear asshole! Your dad always told you to observe, consider what you saw, and only then, calmly respond to the circumstances. Fuck! Where are you now, and what do I do about this situation? Wherever you are, please help me through this. Then it hit me! My wife just asked the same thing from me only moments ago. She asked for my help and understanding. I made up my mind then that the most important thing was to be able to help my wife when she needed me.

Darnell finished with the last video camera, up above the table, the other one was off to the right, focused at my wife’s still wet pussy. The fourth was also on the right, but set so it would get full length body shots of what was starting to happen on the coffee table.

“Tell us your name,” Tyrone said.

She freely gave them her real name!

“We will call you slut, cunt, whore, cocksucker, and bitch.”

“Whatever you wanna call me is fine.”

“Are you now being held against you will?”

“Not at all”

“Has any one of us hurt you?”

“Not unless you regard teasing me with those black cocks.”

“That was not the question!”

“No, no one has hurt me.”

“Tell us, in you own words, what you want us to do.”

All of them became silent and studied my wife’s face.

“I wanna suck and fuck each of you. One at a time. Two at a time. All of you at once. I want your cum in my cunt, in my mouth, down my throat, on my tits, in my ass, and especially on my face. That should be good enough for now.”

“Holy Fuck you whore! There’s only three of us.” Darnell pointed out.

“Then I hope you have other cocks for me because I’m not holding back anything tonight! I know who I am, and what I am at the moment. I want, no strike that, I’m desperately hungry for pure hot fucking. I’ll beg you on my knees if you want me to.”

“Calm down pretty slut, you’ll get plenty of what you want from right here,” said Lonnie trying to soothe her.

“Good Lonnie, why don’t you commence by sucking on these tits. Darnell, you can lick my cunt so I can have it prepared for a cock. Tyrone, come up here and tongue fuck my mouth like you did earlier.”

I sat in awe at what my wife said, and what was in front of my very eyes. Darnell had her legs resting on his shoulders as he stuck out the longest tongue I ever saw. He slowly lapped from her asshole to her pussy. He was running his hands up and down over her tan stocking legs to the ankle straps of her high heels. The contrast of his black skin on her was a turn on, but nothing compared to seeing his head buried between her creamy white thighs above her nylon tops. I heard a groan and looked to her upper body. Lonnie had one of her nipples between his teeth and was pulling it up. The sound she made was from desire, not pain. Her breast extended and finally popped from his mouth. Darnell’s eyes grew wide when he saw only a small tremble of the tit he just lost. She was so full of excitement that they stood upright, and she was flat on her back! What she and Tyrone were doing would have blown my socks off, if I had any on.

My wife was sucking on Tyrone’s tongue as though it were a cock. One of her arms was around his neck trying to pull his head closer to her mouth. His tongue wasn’t longer than Lonnie’s, but it was easily three times thicker. She persisted to get all of Tyrone’s tongue in her mouth as she groaned and moaned. Her ass was gyrating off the mattress now as she could feel Darnell’s tongue between her legs. Lips, tongues and hands were slithering across all of her body.

When she did cum, they had no hope of keeping my wife still. Her long legs locked around Darnell’s head, her stomach muscles visibly tightened, and she threw her ass in the air. She had seized one Lonnie’s hands and squeezed it hard around her tit. Meanwhile, her head came upright to suck hungrily on Tyrone’s tongue and their lips wildly crushed against each other. She was almost in a fetal position and kept the men locked in place by her arms, hands, and legs as she shuddered, trembled, and shook over and over.

My wife finally released Lonnie’s hands, and gradually lowered herself to the mattress. I saw that she had indeed gotten all of Tyrone’s tongue in her mouth. He was three inches above her face when he pulled up and his tongue popped wetly from her lips. She gasped for air now and her chest rose and fell quickly, but her tits simply wiggled. She was purring like a cat and it seemed as though she wouldn’t stop cumming. Darnell was trying to unlock himself from her legs by pulling them from the inside.

Tyrone caught me shaking my head no, and then asked, “No what?”

Without even thinking, I said, “Never do that to her. Her inside thighs from her pussy to her knees gets to her every time.”

Then I started to hang my head in shame when I realized I had talked openly about one of our more intimate secrets.

“Thanks hubby. You might make it after all,” Tyrone said in a patronizing manner.

“Fuck you, you bastard. All you want is to rape my wife and make me watch you do it. You don’t care if I make or not, so don’t play games with me you motherfucker!”

Tyrone surprised me by not coming after me. Instead, he walked to my wife’s legs and pulled them apart as though it took no effort.

As Tyrone pulled her legs apart, I could see that Darnell’s mouth and nose were drenched and glistening from my wife’s juices.

“This one should be in record books. Man, she can really use those pussy muscles,” Darnell said.

“Okay, Darnell or Lonnie, which of you wants to fuck my hot ready cunt first?”

“Wait a second! We’re the ones using you!” Tyrone told her.

“You told me to ask for whatever I required and in a whorish way. Play back one of those tapes if you think I’m wrong! I’m not, though, and this cunt of mine is dying to have a cock pushed in it! So who’s it gonna be?”

Everyone’s eyes gazed at me. She sometimes lost control during our fuck sessions, but she always regained it quick enough. Not now though. And to top it all, she had turned the tables back on them and they knew it. She was almost naked and no contest for any of them, yet she was taking command away from them.

“Honey, I’m truly sorry for putting you through this. But, you were going to find out eventually that I love to fuck almost as much as I love you. Their dicks are positively enormous, and don’t take that the wrong way. You excite feelings in me that all the cocks in the world couldn’t. Try and understand that I sometimes have other feelings and urges you don’t fill. I don’t love you any less because of that. I love the things we do together. I know you’re not a wimp. Please understand that in my present frame of mind I don’t want any type of warmth or tenderness. I only want to fuck. No strings attached, not hurt feelings, no guilt, no shame. Right now I want those cocks to cum and don’t care what I do. Look, you put it there, `4 U’, and I’m happy you did. These dicks are beautiful, but very temporary. I will always be yours.”

I listened and partially understood. She was horny. Certainly not your average horny. She could have protested a long time ago, but didn’t. She could have tried to fight, but didn’t. She either resigned herself to fact she was going to be raped and accepted it, or she does get this horny sometimes. Like a nymphomaniac. No, not my wife! Other women are nymphos. I never knew any, but everyone says there out there. Isn’t that a real sickness you can treat? Go to a doctor. What do you say? “Doc, I like to fuck too much, what can you do about it?” Shit, I get so horny sometimes even strawberry jello gives me a hard-on, why not my wife?

“Well, who’s cock fucks me first? Let’s make it fair. The smallest is first, next largest is second, and biggest for last. That way my pussy becomes wonderfully stretched each time, and you fit snugly inside of me. Let me see at what you have. Sorry Lonnie, you’re first. Then, well I think it’s Darnell. He’s a little longer than you Tyrone, but not nearly as huge in circumference. Mind telling me how big, guys?”

Darnell: “13 inches long and 5 inches around.”

Lonnie: “9 inches long and 4 inches around. And it ain’t small!”

Tyrone: “12 inches long and 8 inches thick that’s gonna fuck you and make you beg for more!”

“Over here Lonnie, don’t worry about your dimensions. There’s no such thing as defective cock. One guy took me and he was only five inches long, but boy did he make me cum! You want me to take off the stockings and heels?”

“No! I think they look great on you!” Darnell said.

“Me too. They make me feel so sexy and actually display my legs more properly. My husband won’t let me dress in anything else. Maybe crotchless pantyhose once in a while, but he enjoys these best. Everything is fine. He’s not upset. See, he’s hard too, and I hope you guys are nice enough to let him join us.”

I was! From where I sat, everything was like a Triple-X movie, but LIVE!

“Right there Lonnie, that’s it. Oh that feels so nice! You want my legs wide like this? Or, do you want me to run them up and down over your ass so you can feel how silky they are? God! Yes, put more in! No Tyrone, straddle my stomach and fuck my tits. You’re blocking my husband’s view. I wanna show him I can be better than any women on his tapes at home. Darnell, let me suck your dick! I wanna swallow your cum.”

They were raping her now, or were they? If they were, she was loving it. The sight of a another man’s cock shoved in my wife’s mouth, between her full tits, and in her pussy was something that excited me to a new level.

Lonnie put the rest of his dick in with a short jab and said, “Shit you guys, her cunt has muscles I never knew were down there!”

“Fucking A. She almost gnawed my tongue off with that thing. I don’t know what you did Lonnie, but do again. She hums real good on my dick. That’s it slut, get a mouthful of my cock. I wanna see the head go down your neck. You can do it come on.” Darnell sounded like a coach.

“Tits don’t do nothin’ for me. I’m gettin’ hard thinkin what it’s gonna feel like when I abuse that cunt of hers. You do have a fine whore, hubby. No wonder you escorted her everywhere we saw you two. I’d keep a slut like this under lock and key myself,” said Tyrone.

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“That’s not a bad idea. Tyrone, you wanna get the other stuff out? I ain’t leaving this pussy until I blast it full of cum.”

Tyrone stepped over her and Darnell pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“Please don’t stop now! Where are you going? I promise I’ll be the best fuck you ever had. I need your cocks. OH GOD Lonnie! Yes! Keep fucking me like that! Kiss me!”

Lonnie covered her body with his, and she forcefully hauled his face lower to kiss on and groan into his mouth. He began to fuck her with a much quicker pace and she timed her thrusts for greater penetration. When he came, my wife grabbed his ass with her hands and legs, trying to urge him inside her even further. His cum was drooling out of her pussy and pouring down to her asshole. Done for the time being, he got off my wife. His dick was saturated with cum, a strand dropping to the floor gradually. She placed a hand down to her pussy and filled it with his cum, then put it to her mouth and licked it like her favorite ice-cream.

“See honey, I enjoy cum a lot more than you thought. I still love you, but this is what I want sometimes. I can’t help it. I’m not ashamed any more because I know I can’t help it. Sometimes I want to be degraded, made to do filthy things, be abused, raped by men. Right this minute, I don’t care what they want to do with me, or to me. In fact, I want them to do more. Lots more!”

“Lay back down and open that mouth cunt. Move your head off the mattress, I don’t want it wet. They ain’t as cheap as you are.”

Tyrone held his cock with two hands, he actually needed three, and let go with dark yellow piss perfectly aimed at my wife’s open mouth. It came out so fast, it splashed from her mouth and sprayed her face, hair, and neck. All of us, including me, gasped when we saw her adjust to the force and was trying to gulp the piss down like some guys drink beer. Her Adams apple quickly moved along her neck as she kept it up. The majority of it was running down the sides of her face, but she drank what she could.

“I’ll be a mother fucker. Look at that, her eyes ain’t batted once! We’ll be able to retire when we sell these tapes. Sure glad I thought about changing the angle of the cameras.”

So that’s why Darnell pulled away. Tyrone finished pissing and squeezed the last few drops out onto my wife’s waiting tongue. She caught them and licked all around her lips. She was right. At this moment, it was not my wife laying there. She was a slut, a whore, a cocksucker, but with my wife’s looks and body. My hard dick was proof that I wasn’t sickened by this. My beautiful wife had become every mans’ fantasy women. I only hoped I could find that “go button” and turn it off. Not exactly right now though.

“You really should cut your intake of sugar Tyrone. Nobody’s pee should taste that sweet. Honey, your cock’s still hard! Does that mean you still love me and understand now.”

Everyone waited for my answer. After a deep inhale, “Yes I still love you. But, why didn’t you tell me before about these urges you get?”

She sprang off the mattress and knocked us both over in the chair with her hugs and kisses all over my face.

“Hey come on! You’re all wet and sticky!”

“I’m sorry. I’m so happy you love me still. I didn’t tell you before because I was ashamed of what I was capable of doing. I was ashamed that I enjoyed it so much the first time five guys raped me and took my cherry. I was afraid of what I’d do whenever a man came near me after that. Until you came along. Then I felt normal again.”

“OK! OK! Will you get off me now. Frankly my dear you smell BAD!”

“I have no problem smelling, DEAR! I just have a poor bouquet now.”

“Very cute! GET OFF ME!”

“Listen, he’s right. Anywhere I can freshen up? A women has to look good for the cameras you know.”

“Bathroom is down the hall behind you,” Darnell pointed.

“Wait a fuckin’ minute cunt! What’s goin’ on here? You two pullin’ some kind of shit on us? You accept all this now hubby? We take you at gun point,”

“Shut up, Tyrone!”, Darnell broke in.

“You shut the fuck up! We take you at gunpoint, bring you here, tie you up, strip her, make her suck cock, rape her cunt, fuck I just made her drink my piss! I don’t believe that’s OK with you now!”

“Yes, you brought us here at gun point. Yes, you stripped her. Yes you still have me tied to this chair. But, you didn’t make her suck cock, she tried to swallow it. You didn’t rape her cunt, she fucked Lonnie’s dick off. You didn’t make her drink your piss, she drank it like water at half time during a football game. She loves me and I love her. This is one of those problems you can’t package up and ship off to somebody else, you have to handle it yourself. I will! One more thing. Don’t get pissed at Darnell. Did all your blood rush to you cock? You just confessed to major felonies on four video cameras you DUMBFUCK!”

“Can I please wash up and put fresh make-up on so we can continue now?”

“Go on pretty pussy while we talk this over. Tyrone, I believe both of them. The way she fucked me, wasn’t rape!”, Lonnie stated.

“Listen Tyrone, I know she’s telling the truth. No women ever tried to haul my cock into their neck like she did! Hell, her old man here stopped struggling when she fired those balls out her box and hasn’t lost his hard-on since. I think he’s tellin’ the truth too,” Darnell said.

“OK! I know it. It’s in his eyes. No anxiety, no anger. He’s only waitin’ to see if he watches or joins. I knew the cunt was on the level when we had her chained and she was suckin’ my tongue. You’re right, he’s been hard since then. If we let you loose, you gonna let us fuck your ass and suck our cocks too?”, Tyrone asked.

“Thank you, but I’m quite comfortable with my ass tied DOWN on this chair now. Actually it’s starting to feel better DOWN in this chair.”

“You’re safe hubby, no queers here. Lookin at our hard cocks all this time, I wanted to make sure you weren’t one. Cut him loose Lonnie.”

My wife came into the room. Her hair was wet, but rinsed out, and face washed. She still looked sexy in her nylons, garter belt and high heels as she walked over to us. She asked for her purse to put more make-up on and Darnell got it for her. With this done, she strolled back to the mattress.

“Tyrone, why don’t you fuck my face? I know I can’t deepthroat it, but my tongue and lips will make it feel wonderful. That I promise!”

“Sure cunt. First, we gotta get you ready. Listen hubby, she’s askin’ for all this, so don’t get crazy on me when I test her limits. You know what I mean?”

“Babe, how come you’re so shy? You’re not normally that way.”

“Maybe he’s still adjusting to your true nature,” Darnell said.

“No, he’s accepted that! Other wise, you might be dead now. This past weekend he won the Midwest Regional Semi-Finals for his weight class. Judo and Karate BOTH! I was so proud!”

The three of them stopped breathing then and stared at my wife, trying to figure out if she was lying. She wasn’t. I decided to set their dim minds at ease by walking to the blue bag and asked if they had other goodies in it.

“We sure do,” Lonnie said. “What would you like first?”

“Fuck, I’m new at this. You decide.”

“Dump everythin’ on the floor hubby, I’ll tell you what to grab. Hand me that dog collar with the chain, that steel rod with the shackles at each end, and a pair, no two pair of handcuffs. OK cunt, hold your arms out! Hubby, put the cuffs on, one pair on each wrist, then put the dog collar on. Leave the rod alone, FOR NOW!”

They came over and joined me and my wife at the mattress.

“This chain is cut to exactly ten inches from the collar after I hook it around my waist. That way the cunt always got two inches of my hard cock in the mouth and can’t do nothin’ about it. On your hands and knees you cum suckin’ whore. You think my cock’s big? Watch this!”

With the chain around his waist and my wife attached to the other end, on her hands and knees, Tyrone pumped his hips at her face. Three or four strokes later, his cock was hard and at its full length, 12″x8″. As amazing as his dick looked, it could not defy the laws of gravity and slapped noisily against each of my wife’s tits when he flicked his hips at her. He picked his cock up with both hands. My wife automatically opened her mouth as wide as she could.

“That’s it cocksucker. Get ready for the best there is,” Tyrone said.

She couldn’t open wide enough, but that didn’t stop him. He put both of his big hands on each side of her tiny head and hauled her mouth onto his cock. I thought he hurt her when we all heard the muffled scream, but soon realized he didn’t when she wrapped her arms around him and pulled his ass toward her face. She wasn’t pushing, she was urging his cock in her mouth.

“Your black hands look erotic on her white face, but I don’t think they are doing anything, except maybe keeping her hair back,” I said.

“They serve a purpose all right. You and Lonnie each grab a wrist and cuff yourself. Darnell, turn this slut round so you can fuck her cunt from behind. See hubby, my hands keep the head up while the her arms are stretched out!”

Tyrone was right. Her hands immediately searched for and found Lonnie’s and my hard-ons. Her mouth was over stuffed with his cock. Her pink lips drew tightly around the surface of it so every time he pulled back they would wipe her saliva off the newly exposed areas. He was so thick, the flesh of his cock would form a black rubber gasket over her face from her chin to her nose. She was groaning and moaning like crazy on his cock while jacking off Lonnie and me. I turned and saw Darnell was getting prepared to fuck her.

Darnell placed the only the head on her pussy lips. He violently thrust almost half of his 13-inch dick inside of her. She gripped my dick so hard I thought she might tear it off. Same with Lonnie, from the agonizing look he had. Darnell grabbed hold of her garter belt like horse’s reins and pushed more of his cock in. She shrieked and was forced to take more of Tyrone’s cock further in her mouth. He wouldn’t let go of her head and forced her to suck what was in without pulling back. Darnell grunted, held her garter belt tighter, and jammed the rest of his cock in her. This brought another cry from her, but it was quickly cut off when the head of Tyrone’s cock broke through to her throat.


Everyone froze when Tyrone yelled. His eyes were shut tight, his jaw was slack, and he was trembling slightly. I bent over to see if my wife bit him. When I saw her face, her eyes were open, her mouth was incredibly stretched, and she was panting through her nose. I couldn’t believe it. Her neck was gorged and stuck out fatly with cock that wasn’t meant to fit there! But, there it was! Tyrone still had at least six inches outside her mouth, and now maybe two inches in her throat! She pushed me away from her face. I forgot about the cameras that were set everywhere. “Sorry”, I said and moved. Yes, I wanted a copy of these tapes myself. She managed a giggle somehow and shook her head up and down, as if to tell everyone to keep going.

Darnell pulled his cock back, her inner pussy lining sticking to his dick. It was slippery with her juices and Lonnie’s cum. He pushed in again and this brought a moan from Tyrone and my wife as she was forced to deepthroat another inch of cock. I leaned over and put my free hand lightly to her neck and could feel the cock sliding back and forth in there, one or two inches at a time. Darnell started a fucking movement now drawing back until only eight inches of his cock was out, then drove forward hard. Her cunt devoured his cock all the way to the base. Lonnie and I were not neglected. My wife was trying to squeeze the cum out of our dicks with her hands.

Darnell really attacked her pussy now, as though he wanted to touch Tyrone’s cock with his own. What I was looking at, he had a better than even chance of success. At 5 ft. 7 in., my wife’s height was 50% long lovely legs. For his part Tyrone now had his entire cock shaft stuffed into my wife’s mouth up to it’s base, with his public hairs tickling her lips.

It must have been the sight before me, I was feeling weak and started to shake. I wasn’t sick, I was cumming! Cumming like I never before. My wife’s hand was only squeezing my dick and I was cumming! It shot out and hit me on the nose. I reached down to point it away from my face an another stream shot out and just missed Lonnie’s shoulder.

“If you have to aim at anybody, aim at the Cum Bank, not me damn it! Your wife, the Cum Bank!”, Lonnie half joked.

I aimed for her cheek. But, hit her nose. I aimed again, hit her ear. The one after that hit Tyrone’s cock, then my wife’s hair, and then the last one hit her neck. “Fuck! Seven chances and blew them all,” I said.

“You’re downright dangerous with that thing! Watch me do it. Right down the middle of her back!”

Lonnie squeezed my wife’s hand over his cock and stroked it a couple of times. When he came, it wasn’t like me. Not spurts, he let go one long flow of cum. All the way from her ass, up to the back of her head, right down the middle of her back, as he said he would.

“Yeah whore! Take this! Suck it down cunt, suck it down! Eat my cum! Yeah move that tongue on my black cock and swallow my cum! Yeah! I’m gonna make you choke on cum and you’re gonna take it! You wanna keep my cock in your neck, don’t you? You want my cum don’t you? FUCK!”

My wife’s handcuffed hands brought Lonnie’s and mine next to Tyrone when she stretched for his ass and hung onto it. Lonnie reminded me of the cameras again, so I moved a little, but was still able to see my unbelievable wife take Tyrone’s cum deep in her throat. Her neck muscles worked violently to swallow. Tyrone suddenly, I still don’t know why, pulled out of her mouth and was cumming in long flowing spurts. Each one had more force than the last. Her mouth was open and cum was being poured into it. Her mouth was full of cum, but Tyrone wasn’t done yet. He still shot loads between her wide open lips. The stuff was flowing out of her mouth now. She closed it and quickly gulped, then her mouth open to take more cum. Tyrone aimed instead for her face and hit her forehead, both eyes, and nose. She leaned forward and with long slow licks of her tongue, cleaned his cock.

“Oh Darnell keep fucking like that! Don’t slow down! Fuck me hard! I’m a whore! I’m a slut, a cocksucker, a cunt, a twat. Fuck me, don’t love me! Bang my box! Jam my pussy,! GIVE ME COCK FAST AND HARD!”

“Here it comes bitch!”

“Don’t pull it out! I want feel you cum inside me. I wanna feel it run down my legs when you’re done. Fill me! Please CUM! CUM! CUM! OH FUCK ME AND DON’T STOP!”

Darnell came and he left his cock in her pussy. I couldn’t resist. I watched as Darnell’s dick pumped cum inside of her. When he did pull out, his dick was glistening and wet. My wife’s pussy lips were red and swollen from the hard fucking she had just accepted. Her clit stood out like a mini-cock and was vibrating on its own. Her pussy opened and closed as if a cock was still buried in it, and you could clearly see all the cum in there. She was panting and moaning and still grinding herself on a cock no longer there.

“I love cock! I love cum! I’m a cunt! I want more! Please give me more. More cum! More cock! More!”

Tyrone took off the chain and dog collar. Darnell handed him a glass.

“You must be thirsty cunt,” Tyrone said as he put the glass between her legs and raised her up.

The amount of cum that poured out of her pussy was amazing! It didn’t dribble, it plopped out into the glass. The last of it finally dripped from her to leave a small strand hanging. Tyrone took the glass and held it in front of her. The corners of her mouth had cum leaking out. Her nose and chin had cum hanging down from them. Her face had thick gobs of cum everywhere. Cum was running down her neck onto her tits. Tyrone told Lonnie and I to take the cuffs off.

“OK CUNT! You want more cum? Beg for it!”

“Yes! Please give the glass. I wanna drink it. Please give it to me!”

My wife reached for the glass, but Tyrone slapped her face.

Instinctively, I kicked his leg, behind the knee, and when he fell to the floor, grabbed his forehead with my left hand, turned his head away, and jammed my right thumb just below his right ear at the jaw line. Darnell and Lonnie jumped back when they saw how easily, and quickly I had Tyrone pleading for his life.


“No you weren’t.”

“Yes I was. Honest! We do this all the time. We carefully pick and check the women we grab. To make sure they have the right traits to be good hookers, we bring them here. Slapping them only proves who is the boss. Honest! I just got carried away with myself, I’m sorry! I won’t hit her again. You have my word on that!”

“A kidnapping rapist’s word. Why don’t I believe you?”

“Look, I know we haven’t given you a reason to trust us. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t either, but if you noticed, Darnell locked your car up outside. You know why? We planned on letting you go. We do that with everyone. If the women admit and prove they love to fuck, we make deals with them. They get paid for something they love to do for free, and we make out OK in the bargain. If we nab their husbands at the same time, like you, they don’t object because we cut them in AND they now have the whore wife they always dreamed of.”

“And if they don’t go along with your plans?”

“We rob them, leave them tied up and setup shop some place else. We have too many women on the streets for us to be locked-up man. You’d be surprised at how many wives, girlfriends and lovers we have working for us.”

“I don’t know why, and common sense tells me I shouldn’t believe you. But I do. Get one thing clear. You hit my wife again, and the police are gonna be the least of your worries.”

“Good move,” Darnell said when I let Tyrone up. He then threw his gun back over by the blue bag.

I started to laugh.

“It’s not so funny, I would have shot you if you forced me to.”

“Not without bullets. While you guys eyed my wife, I pulled the clips from both 45’s. When Tyrone told me to dump the bag, I dumped everything but the clips on the floor. They’re still in the bag.”

Lonnie and Tyrone were laughing now.

“I’m glad you’re at ease with each other, and no one has any reason to hit me. I will fuck and suck all of you like I said, bit I will not be your whore for pay or for free. Not even part time. The desire I have now will go away. When it does, I want my life with my husband again. Hopefully it will not be hurt by this.”

All of us cracked up then. I laughed so hard I was fighting to catch my breath. Finally I calmed myself.

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“I’m sorry honey, really I am. But you should see yourself. Your hand is on your pussy rubbing your clit. Your other hand is on your tit pinching the nipple. Cum is in your hair. Cum is all over your face. Cum is hanging from your chin. Cum is running down your legs. And to top it all off, you SERIOUSLY tell them you won’t be their whore. What’s wrong with this picture?”

Everyone roared now, including my wife. After we settled down a bit, Tyrone brought my wife a box of tissues and began wiping her face off.

“I truly am sorry for hitting fine lady like you and promise I will not do it again.”

“Apology accepted. I prefer that you talk the way you did earlier. You know, rough, mean, in command. That’s part of what turned me on. That and this truly amazing cock!”

She had his cock in both hands and couldn’t wrap either one all the way around it. She was pulling on it, slowly toward her, then slowly back to his balls.

“You’re gonna fuck me with this, aren’t you?”

“Right now cunt! Get up! Lonnie and Darnell, grab this slut. Hubby, you can get the steel rod now.”

He didn’t waste time getting back into his macho personality. I got the rod. It was maybe four feet long, an inch thick with foot long chains at each end that had shackles. Tyrone moved the table and mattress and told me to set the rod down. He and I put the mattress only over the rod with the chains and shackles extended out. He then laid down on it made himself cozy.

“OK get that cunt over here facing me. Hubby, put the ankles of this slut in those shackles. You wanted more, you’re gonna get more!”

With her legs secured straddling Tyrone’s body over the mattress, and her arms being held by Darnell and Lonnie, she looked like a human sacrifice about to be offered. The only cum on her now was running from her pussy down the inside of both legs, making the nylons shine that much more. Darnell asked me to hold her arm because he wanted to change the angles on the videos. When I took his place, my wife spoke to me.

“I can stop now if you want me to. I think I have my feelings under better control and could quit, but I also suspect you’d really have to fuck me good when we got home.”

“What’s the matter, that thing down there got you scared all of a sudden?”

“I was thinking about you, but since you mentioned it, forget what I just said. I really want to experience a cock that large fucking me. I have to find out if I can take it all.”

Darnell move the videos and placed two in front of my wife, one on each side, and had pointed the other one directly at the tip of Tyrone’s enormous hard cock. Tyrone was holding it up so Darnell could focus and frame the picture. Yes, the three of them had done this before. They acted like pros, even if their profession was warped and kinky.

“Hubby, you want a real show, or you gonna stay there?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“See if that glass of cum spilled. If it didn’t, pour some on my dick. This slut is gonna need all the help she can get when I fuck her cunt with this cock!”

Surprisingly, the glass was upright, but some cum did spill. Now it was half full, instead of three-quarters full. I poured a little over his stiff cock. He jumped because the cum was cool, not warm like before. Then he instructed me to put some on her next. Being a novice at this, I couldn’t see how I could while she was standing.

“Pour it in you hands,” Lonnie told me. “It won’t bite! Pretend it’s sun tan lotion and you’re gonna rub her pussy to keep it from burning. That’s what you’ll be doing anyway. Otherwise, that fat cock Tyrone has is really gonna burn when he sticks it in her tight box.”

“Oh well,” I said and poured it in my hand. It WAS cold! And sticky. And slimy. How can any women like this stuff. Yet, my wife was begging for it. I thought to myself, why be a fool, you ought to be glad she does love it. I gently cupped my hand against her and rubbed the cum on her pussy lips. In no time at all, she had the cum and my hand warm from the heat inside her. She bent her legs a little, closed her eyes, and started to hump my hand. Her pussy seemed to drink in the cum, so I poured more on it. She moan and forced her pussy harder onto my hand, still humping away. I felt her clit getting harder and growing as she kept grinding herself on my hand.

“OH! That feels so good! Can you feel how excited and hard my clit is. YES! Press your hand harder against it. Stick your fingers in so I can fuck them.”

“Out of the way hubby! Stand behind me and watch a master at work! Fuck this you slut! No fingers, the real thing!”

I sat down on the empty coffee table, my own dick starting to get hard again. Darnell and Lonnie forced my wife to squat over Tyrone. Her arms wrapped around each of their waists as she fought to keep her balance in the high heels. Tyrone aimed his cock, with both hands at, her soaked pussy. The rod kept her feet spread wide apart, but her knees were almost touching. Darnell and Lonnie clamped each of her legs between their legs. She was opened so wide now, that her garters popped off the nylons. I know pussy can expand, but could my wife’s stretch wide enough to handle the fat black thing pointed at hers! Lonnie and Darnell pushed her shoulders down quickly. She dropped maybe two inches.

“OH GOD! STOP! Stop! Please stop! It hurts!”

“Shit, I don’t even have the whole head in yet! Quit your screamin’!”

It was true. He still had a little of the head out, not much, but he still had some of it showing. I asked if she was all right.

“I need to hold still for a while so I can adjust. This feels like I lost my cherry again, only worse. OH GOD NO!”

Tyrone had thrust his hips up so that the whole head of his cock was now buried in her pussy.

“If you don’t get the whole head in, you’ll never adjust. And that’s only three inches!”

“PLEASE don’t move anymore just yet. Oh God it hurts!”

While they waited for her, Darnell started to bang his dick against her tits. Lonnie thought this was a good idea and did the same. He didn’t reach her tits though, only her neck. Tired of this after a while, they each grabbed their dicks and put them up to her mouth. Since Lonnie’s prick was shorter, she got her lips on his dick before Darnell. Lonnie began poking in her mouth as she sucked his cock. Darnell, feeling left out, went back to banging her tits. When she purred a few times on the cock in her mouth, Tyrone started to fuck her again.

“I know you’re ready now slut cause your juices are runnin’ down my cock.”

Darnell and Lonnie impaled her another inch onto Tyrone’s cock, which brought another scream from her. The scream was muffled this time by Lonnie’s cock in her mouth. Another inch, another scream. Another inch, another scream. She had six inches in and another six to go! They stopped to let her adjust again. Like her mouth before, Lonnie’s thick foreskin made a fleshy gasket that pressed against and enclosed her pussy. Though his cock did have an eight-inch circumference, it looked unbelievably thicker now.

“That’s it, I can feel that cunt start to work on my cock. Only a real whore can get fucked by me and like it, and you’re startin’ to like it ain’t you?”

How she was fitting that thing in, is beyond me! She was trying to get use to the cock that enlarged her tight pussy. My wife slowly raised herself a couple of inches and then slowly lowered again to the same point on his cock. I knew she was used to the width now. After a few of her slow up/down actions, Darnell and Lonnie released her shoulders since it was obvious she liked what she was doing. As she reached the six-inch mark on cock, Tyrone lunged his hips so that another two inches penetrated her. This didn’t bring a scream though. Her reaction was to open her mouth real wide. As she did, Darnell shoved his cock in her mouth alongside of Lonnie’s.

What began as a gang rape of my wife was now the most erotic live sex act I could ever imagine. Her mouth was passionately sucking on two cocks, and her once small tight pussy was being expanded by yet another massive cock. The sounds coming from her throat were the same ones she made when she was near her climax. She shook her head wildly and both dicks popped out.

“OH! GOD! YES! I never thought fucking could be this good! Fill me with your cock! Give me more! I want more of your cock in my pussy it feels so damn good! OH YES! Fuck me like that! You’re touching every nerve in me! Oh God I’m cumming! More! I’m cumming!”

Her weight came down hard on Tyrone’s cock, now buried so fully in her pussy you could see the outline of it in her lower stomach. She shut her eyes tight, tilted her head back and squeezed her tits with both hands, violently pinching each nipple. Darnell and Lonnie were helping her pump up and down. They roughly and quickly pulled her up and then suddenly dropped her on the cock. They kept doing this until she was cumming, and she came for a long time, yelling blatantly for more cock and more cum. When it was over, she leaned forward, placing her hands on Tyrone’s chest to rest.

“I need to catch my breath. Sorry.”

“No you don’t cunt! My turn to cum. Who cares if you’re ready. I’m gonna fill you with so much cum it’s gonna shoot out you’re ears.”

Tyrone grabbed her by the hips like a rag doll and pushed her off him completely.

“On all fours slut! I don’t wanna see your face, unless it’s got a dick in it. I wanna see your cunt wrap round my cock. Hubby, get in front. Have this cocksucker put that mouth to some good.”

After I was in place, Tyrone penetrated her with his full length and width. The impact of his attack forced my wife to form a giant “O” with her mouth and inhale sharply. I did not move since she was in obvious pain. Tyrone, on the other hand, started to fuck without mercy or compassion and tormented her even further by talking.

“Come on cunt! Move that ass and start fuckin’ back. I wanna see this pussy snap and grab my cock. I thought a slut like you could take it. You wanted more, well here’s your wish, now take it! Suck your husband’s dick too. You’re a slut whore who likes to fuck and suck and you better start suckin’ and fuckin’!”

Tears were in her eyes from the pain, but she did what Tyrone told her to do. She strained her neck to take me in her mouth. Tyrone was fucking her with long rough strokes while he held her hips firmly in his large hands. My wife pulled one of my hands to the back of her head.

“Grab my head and fuck my face! I want your cock deep in my throat. If you won’t do it, get somebody else! I need to be used. I’m a cunt, a whore, a slut. All I want to do suck and fuck. I want cum! I don’t care where you want to put it, just give me your cum!”

I had to back away. I couldn’t treat my wife like this. I admit that her behavior and the whole scene did turn me on like never before and I already came once, but I could not bring myself to participate in her “rape” any longer. Darnell took my place in front of her.

“You want your face fucked? Here, suck this!”

Darnell seized her head and mashed his groin in her face. She willingly encircled her mouth around his limp cock. Tyrone was still fucking her from behind with the full length of his monster cock. They fell into a rhythm as she rocked on her hands and knees between them. Tyrone would pull her hips back to stuff her pussy full of his cock, then Darnell would pull her head to force his cock deeper down her throat. Back and forth they kept it up.

“This cunt ain’t bad,” Tyrone said.

“Hell, after you ruin them, they’re lucky to be able to feel a fist in their pussies. Glad you didn’t stretch her throat too far. She’s great at head,” Darnell said.

Lonnie interrupted, “Hey come on, she’s got another hole that needs to be filled. If her husband doesn’t want some, I do!”

They shifted positions with Tyrone laying down again and my wife on top.

“Please hurry! I want all of your cum! God, my cunt is on fire!”

Lonnie knelt behind her and was pressing his cock to her ass. He had trouble because Tyrone’s cock filled her so completely there was little room for him. He reached down, wiped her pussy and Tyrone’s cock with his hand to get it wet, then smeared his own cock with the juices. Lonnie now was able to force the head of his cock in her ass. It still wasn’t working, so Tyrone pulled out. Lonnie was then able pack her ass full of cock in one drive with his hips. Before she had a chance to recover from this assault, Tyrone crammed his hard fat cock back in her pussy, bringing out a deafening screech from her.

“OH MY GOD! PLEASE DON’T! I’ve never been so stretched and filled in my whole life! You’re larger than the first men who raped me!”

“No way bitch! You have to suck my cock, so get busy,” Darnell said.

“Yeah!”, Tyrone said. “Get that cunt workin’. You wanna fuck us or you want us to fuck you? I don’t care. I’ll cum either way, but you might not like it if we fuck you right now. We might put more holes in you than you got already.”

Maybe my wife did get off on being abused and handled this way because she snatched Darnell’s cock and put it in her mouth as though her life depended on it. She also gingerly lifted her ass a little to begin a fucking motion on the two cocks in her ass and pussy. Darnell yanked at her hair and cruelly dragged her mouth over his cock further. He didn’t care if her lips or tongue touched him as long as he could push his overlong cock down her throat. Lonnie reached around her and Tyrone extended up and they both mauled her tits with their hands, not caring how rough they were. Lonnie then began to lift her up and down with his body on both their cocks. Tyrone laid under everyone and forcefully stabbed his cock into her every time Lonnie brought her down again. Each time they did this, she would try to scream, and Darnell’s cock would travel further down her throat.

My beautiful wife was being attacked by three sadistic men. Not fucked, but attacked. Her arms extended away from her body and she clenched her fists still trying to scream. Darnell was forcing more of his cock in her already bulging throat by pulling her head to him with both hands. He didn’t move his hips, but moved her head like he was using it to jack himself off. Her hair was flipping back and forth in Lonnie’s face and his only reaction was to force her harder and faster down on the two cocks below. I was ready to break them apart when my wife did something that stopped me.

As I got up, she saw me move and waved me to sit back down and stay away from them. She then reached down to her belly with one hand and felt around. It looked as though Tyrone’s cock was trying to punch a hole her stomach you could see the outline that clear. With the other hand, she stroked the part of Darnell’s cock that wasn’t buried in her mouth and throat. She was being abused and really raped by these men now, and she was beginning to enjoy it. She moaned and groaned in desire each time they would shove a cock in her. She grabbed Darnell’s ass now and reached around to pull Lonnie closer and tighter to her. They didn’t all cum at once. My wife was the first to start, but also the last to finish.

Tyrone was the first. “Squeeze that pussy on my cock! Fuck me quicker you lazy slut! Only a few more stabs and you’ll get my cum. You sure know how to fuck for a stuck-up white bitch. Yeah! Here I go! Take it, slut! Take my cum in your white cunt!”

Darnell was next. “You ain’t got the whole thing but you got more than any white bitch ever has. Your mouth is good and your throat is tight. Suck it down! Take my cock and eat my cum! I’m gonna coat your tonsils with cum whore! Your mouth was made for suckin’ a cock! OH SHIT, BITCH, EAT ME!”

I could see Darnell’s cock pulse and knew my wife didn’t have a choice but to allow him to continue fucking her face. He wasn’t moving her head any more but just stood there blasting his cum down her throat and holding her head still. When he pulled out of her mouth, I thought he was finished cumming, but no. Similar to Tyrone before, he held his cock in two hands and sprayed her face and mouth with more cum. She leaned forward to get every drop he had. Tilting her head up so he could cum anywhere he wanted, she also stuck her tongue out to taste what she could.

Lonnie was ready now but was a lot more quiet about it than the other two. As he came, he grabbed my wife by the waist, lifted her, and then forced her ass back onto his cock in one powerful move. When he came, he had spasms and grunted.

Everyone, including myself, was amazed at what my wife had just done. Yet, we were even more awe stuck to see her still cumming. She was forcing herself onto both cocks below her ready to fuck some more and was grunting like Lonnie. After a few more moments she was done now also.

“That felt so great! A cock and cum in my ass, a cock and cum in my pussy, and I just deepthroated my longest cock ever. OH! I’m cumming again just thinking about it! Thank you! All of you!”

She leaned down and gave Tyrone a deep soul kiss, with Darnell’s cum still all over her face. He didn’t seem to mind it and kissed her back hugging her body tightly to his. When they broke the kiss, she did the same to Darnell. Lonnie, not wanting to miss his turn, pulled his cock out of her ass with a loud slurping pop. This startled her but she kissed him just as passionately as the other two. During her kiss with Lonnie, Tyrone lifted her off his cock. Cum was pouring out of her pussy and ass like there was a faucet turned on down there somewhere. Tyrone’s cock was being covered thickly by the amount of cum that came gushing out.

“Here, let me clean that up for you. Can’t waste good cum like that!”

She got down on her knees between Tyrone’s legs and he raise up so she could get at him better. I watched her stick her tongue up his ass to clean out the cum, then she licked her way to his balls and sucked them clean too.

“I feel like such a pig hogging this all to myself. Do you guys want any?”, she asked.

Without the slightest hesitation and simultaneously, the three of them said, “ALL YOURS!”

“You don’t know what you’re missing, but I love it! Thank you again!”

After thoroughly cleaning Tyrone with her tongue, she called for Darnell to do the same thing to him. He switched places with Tyrone on the mattress and she put her tongue up his ass and sucked his balls too. My wife stopped Lonnie before he got any ideas.

“Sorry Lonnie. I may have acted like a slut and let you guys do things to me that a girl shouldn’t, but eating my own shit off your cock is where I draw the line!”

Lonnie glanced at me and immediately dropped the whole subject.

“Too bad their pricks are too big. I was the only one to fuck you in the ass and they’re too tired to try it now. So what if you don’t lick mine. I fucked yours right?”

“Lonnie a lot of girls would love to have that nine inch cock. Don’t be so hung up on size. It’s how you use it, and you use it just fine! Since everyone is satisfied, if not it’s your own fault, do we have your permission to leave now?”

Tyrone answered her. “Are you sure you won’t reconsider our offer? With your looks, body, and talent you could have more money than you can imagine! Shit we’ll even split 60-40 in your favor. You won’t get a better deal from anybody else! Even part time you could get rich!”

“As I told you earlier. I love my husband more than a good fuck. So the answer to your question is still a big N O no!”

The three of them tried to convince her to whore for them and even tried to talk me into it by offering ten percent of their forty percent cut, but failed. True to his word, Tyrone gave me my clothes and allowed my wife to dress before letting us go. They said they would send us copies of the tapes since they had our address from the drivers licenses. Our trip home was a very quiet one.

After my shower and my wife’s long bath, we sat in the kitchen and talked about what happened to both of us.

“Look honey, I’m not broken. I still have all my charms and wits. They didn’t bruise me anywhere. There’s no bleeding. I don’t feel used and abused as you would put it. I feel fine. Honest I do. And I still love you as much as I loved you before tonight. Please tell me that you still love me!”

“Yes, of course I still love you.”

“Then please tell me what you’re thinking about. Is it about the way I acted with those men? Is it that we never did things like that together? Just you and I. Is it because I didn’t tell you about the first time I was raped? Do you think I can’t love you because of what I did tonight? Please tell me. I need to know whatever it is you’re thinking about especially if it’s about me!”

“What really bothers me is not anything you did or those men did to you, exactly. I’m trying hard to not feel guilty about being sexually aroused while watching my wife get gang-banged by three black men. I’m trying not to feel inadequate about filling all your needs and urges. I got more excited than I’ve ever been watching you get fucked and sucking their cocks. At the same time though I felt totally incompetent as a man when I saw how much you loved fucking and sucking them. If it were to happen again, I’m afraid I’d act and feel the same way. I’d get another hard-on and try to join whoever was with you. That’s not normal. But, it felt all right then because of how much you enjoyed it. Does this make any sense? I would welcome it if it happened again, yet I wouldn’t.”

“That is the same feeling I had when they ordered me to strip. The same exact thoughts were coming to me. I thought, I know I will enjoy this rape, but I shouldn’t. I love my husband, but those men triggered another part of me. You’re everything I could hope for in a man so please don’t feel inadequate or inferior. You have no reason to feel that way. But like when you got excited watching me with those men, I get just as excited when men I don’t know touch me or feel me up, especially if you’re watching.”

I thought a very long time before giving her my answer. “I need to be sure of something first and I don’t know how to put it. This may sound crazy to you and tell me if you think it is. I want to do this again, BUT this time I want us both to be volunteers. In other words, I want to have both of us choose the men to be involved and the time and place. I have to find out if either of us is masochistic, especially me. Maybe that’s why I practice the Judo and Karate every day and don’t mind the pain. If this is the case, we need help before we cause ourselves serious problems we may not recover from.”

“OK Macho Man. Not too soon though. I’m in good shape, but I’m sore and will need time. They weren’t small in case you forgot.”

“I didn’t forget and I’m not being `Macho Man’. I just don’t want either of us getting carried away and causing problems we can’t get over that’s all.”


This is a true story. This is also how my wife and I began swinging. Not all of the conversations are quotes, but close enough to get the point across. Darnell, Tyrone, and Lonnie are not the real names of the three men. They sent us copies of the tapes from that night with no return address and a note promising not to ever contact us again. That was 17 years ago and they’ve kept their word.

Don’t bother asking for copies of these tapes.



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