Gymnastics Trainer Anal sex stories

I was cleaning the change room.It was about 18:00.There was nobody in the building.Or I was thinking so.I heard some voices from shower section.Someone was taking shower.First, I thought that gymnast girls left the taps open.But, no..someone was taking shower.Probably, one of the gymnast girls were taking shower.I cleaned the room and began waiting for her.
I’m almost 74 years old and still working.I’m retired but I didn’t want to stay at home.
That’s why the manager of sports center accepted me to work there.I was just cleaning the rooms and the change rooms.In that week there was an international gymnastics championship in our city.And, all competitions were being held in this sports center.But all gymnast girls had left the sports center 30 minutes ago.It was second day of the Gymnastics championship.
Suddenly, water sound stopped.Someone opened the shower’s door.There was a wall between showers and change rooms for the girls.I was hearing she was walking towards the room where I was.When, I saw her I amazed.She was almost 32 or 33 years old.She was blonde and tall.I was thinking that she couldn’t be one of the gymnast girls.Because, she was old to be a gymnast.Probably, she was the trainer of Russian,Ukraine or Romania.
When she saw me she was surprised.
Oh, who are you? 
She was speaking English.But, she was speaking her own language sometimes.
I’m working here as worker.I clean the rooms.
Who are you?
My name is Olga..I’m trainer of one of the teams.My team went to hotel.We had a meeting in the office with other trainers.But, how can you be worker here? Excuse me you are old to work here..
I smiled..
I’m 74. Am I too old?
No..but, younger people may do your job.
Meanwhile, I was watching her sexy body.She was wearing a black tights and pink very thight t shirt.Her legs looked great.Probably, she was an old gymnast.And, she was wearing white flip flop slippers.Her skin was white and she had blonde hair and well-groomed feet.I was watching her hips,legs and especially well-groomed feet.
Looking at her legs; 
I can be old but I can do better than young men.
She laughed like a prostitute.
Ha ha ha..Really?? what can you do well?
You are so dodgy..
Hah haa..really?
Yes..Do you want to know what I can do better?
I don’t know..may be, but I don’t have much time.
It won’t take long anyway.
She again laughed like prostitute.
Hah ha ha…that is, you mean you are too fast..
She was making fun of me..
How old are you?
She was still laughing..
me? I’m 30..too young for you..are you 74 really? month, I’ll be 75..
Hah ha…are you sure you can do better than young men??
I’m sure that I’ll make you surprised..
Really? (she was still laughing)..surprise me then..hah haa..
What’s your foot size?
She suddenly became serious.
It’s 42… why do you ask?
Your legs and especially your feet are great.They are well-groomed.
Oh, thank you, you are so sweet.
Do you want to try?
What do I want to try??
With your foot really made me will this work? with my foot?

Oh, you are so sweet..nobody asked me to do that before..I don’t want to offend you.You are a very sweet old man..That will be a secret between you and me. Okay?
Yes..let me lock the doors of the building..Actually, nobody comes after this hour. you really want only with my foot?
Yes..I love to do the well-groomed feet like yours. are so interesting..
I locked all the doors of sport complex.She was sitting on the wood seat of change room.The seats were adjacent.There were not armrest between the seats.Olga had stretched her legs to the seats of the change room, when I came back.
Ohh.. you came back sweet old man?
She was keeping her feet at a stretched position on the seat.She absolutely knew how I will fuck her.
Have you done this with your foot before?
No, sweet man..First time I’ll do that for you. I’m impatience to touch your sweet thing with my foot. Is your stuff big enough? Because, as you see my foot is rather big……haha ha ha..
She was laughing like a prostitute again.
I don’t know. . Can I ejaculate to your foot?
ohh.. you naughty old man..of course you can.
I began to take off my pants and underpants.I was staring at her sexy feet while I take my underpants off.She was keeping her feet at stretched position on the seat.I was absolutely sure that, she was very eager to touch my penis with her foot. She had pink nail polish on her toes.I must be honest.My penis size was almost half of her foot.My penis was already small but her foot was big.
She was disappointed when she saw my penis.She slowly murmured and said ‘alright’ reluctantly.
The room was so quiet all of a sudden.There were only water-dripping noises from the taps..
I sat next to her.She was at my right side.She was not willing to touch me.
She looked at my face and asked; okay?
I didn’t care her idea.I had a big desire to fuck that gymnastics team trainer’s sexy foot.
She raised her right foot and put her right foot toes on my penis carefully.And,she began to caress my penis with her right foot toes.The wood seat was squeaking when caressing my penis.She was caressing strong and slow..I was stopping very difficult myself not to explode to the foot of this sexy gymnast woman.But, I couldn’t succeed.I began to ejaculate in ten seconds..She had felt that I was coming. And, she accelerated her foot moves.The wood seats were squeaking more with her foot moves.And, finally I ejaculated with a great explosion to the right foot of Olga which caressing my penis.There was a very deep silence in the room.Neither Olga nor me was not speaking.I was keeping her foot and pressing against my penis.I was still ejaculating on her right foot’s toes,soles and heel.Her foot was so slippery now because of my sperms.She kept her foot on my penis till the last drop come.She was still caressing my penis with her foot,back and forth slowly.Finally, I had ejaculated completely.She slowly raised her foot from my penis.
Too much you’ve ejaculated on my foot ! Are you always like this?
Sometimes, this is possible.Your sexy and well groomed feet seduced me.
I had been dreaming to fuck foot of a gymnast girl.
You’ve done it,then..because I’m an old gymnast.
She got a towel from her sports bag and wiped her foot with this towel.
She suddenly asked a question as if nothing happened now..;
Where do you stay?
Of course at my home..why do you ask?
Well..I want to stay at Spain one week more after championship.
I had understood what she wants..
Woww..of course I will be so glad if you stay at my home.. sweet old man..I knew you would say that.
I live alone.
Very nice…
She looked at me 
I’ve a surprise for you..
What kind of surprise?
I’m very sincere with a few girls at my gymnastics team..
I’ll talk to them for you..
for what?
She was wearing her flip flop slippers.
You’re so naive.
She took her left slipper off and raising her leg slowly put her foot on my penis again.And, she began caressing my penis again slowly.
I know what you like now.Don’t you want to do that with girls?
How old are those girls?
Alexandra 20 and Eugenia 25 years old..
Meanwhile, she was still caressing my penis..My penis was getting erection.She was not aware of this.
Will these girls also stay at my home??
No, no…I want to do you a favor…You’ll do with these two girls what we did now.
Meanwhile my penis had gotten erect stiffer than before..
She had noticed that my penis was getting erection.
I was moaning..
She continued caressing my penis.Her left foot was moving slowly on my penis..
She had liked this time..
Ohh.. you naughty sweet old man..
Her left foot was sliding on my penis..back and forth..My penis was so stiff.So,her foot was not touching my belly or body.Her foot was directly sliding over my penis.But, I think it was impossible to ejaculate again.Because, I was rather old for a second ejaculation in 20 minutes.Olga had understood either.She caressed my penis a few times and took her foot back.She wore her flip flops.
She was so polite.She thanked to me.
Thank you old man.It was a nice experience for me..
Actually, I needed to thank to her.
You know there is no competition tomorrow.We will go to the beach and swim with girls.
My mind was still on her feet.I was staring at her sexy,well-groomed feet.She had noticed my stares.
If you have time , you can come with us.And, you show me your home after the beach.
I’m not sure but I’ll do my best to come.
She laughed and said;
hah haa.. we can do somethings different if you can come..
She stretched her left foot forward towards my penis and said;
Perhaps they may wish to meet again.She meant my penis and her foot.
Yes..why not? but, you’ll take me to your home after beach,won’t you?
Yes, I will.
Is there deserted place at the beach?
Yes, there are deserted rocks a little far from the beach,why?
Take me there tomorrow..I don’t like crowded.(She stretched her foot and caressed my penis a few times over my pants)
Let them be alone ,by meaning my penis and her foot.
I had the next day off.I couldn’t forget the footjob of this old gymnastic trainer.I couldn’t sleep all night.I’ve been dreaming about her all night.I had been dreaming to fuck a gymnast girl’s foot for years.I had done better than this.She was an old gymnast and also trainer of a gymnastics team.She has very sexy legs,well-groomed big feet.It’s been morning when I was thinking about all this.
I went to the beach after I had breakfast.It was about 11:00 am.My eyes were looking for them.Finally, I saw them.They were taking sun bath.There were Olga and three girls.These girls were about 22 or 24 years old.I began walking towards them.
Olga had seen me.She slightly smiled and said somethings to other girls.
When I went there, all of them said to me hello.They all had sun glasses.All of those girls were so sexy but Olga was sexier than ,others.They were speaking somethings in their language.Olga said somethings to these girls.And, they suddenly began laughing.I could almost guess.Because, she was looking at her feet while talking to other girls.Other girls knew my fetish now.One of them seemed not so willing.She was blonde and almost 20 years old.She was the youngest one among of the girls.I hadn’t noticed her.She had very very sexy legs and feet.I decided to talk to Olga about her.But, Olga suddenly stood up and said something to other girls and asked me..;
Let’s go?
She said somethings to other girls and girls said somethings cheerful.Meanwhile I was staring that young girl’s legs..She had noticed my look..But she was shy and very young.She didn’t seem willing for the thing what I want to do.But, I decided to talk to Olga about her.I would try my chance.
Where will you take me old man?
You said that you wanted to go to somewhere desolate, didn’t you?
Yes..I want that..
After a ten-minute walk, we arrived at the deserted rocks.She was wearing a very short blue beach dress.Her dress was at the same level with her bikini’s panties.There were white flip flop slippers on her foot.
I found a nook and sheltered place between two rocks.No one could see us here.

She told me somethings in her own language.She put the beach towel on the floor.She sat on this towel.She began to apply sun cream to her body.She was wearing black sun glasses.I sat down on same towel.I was sitting next to her feet.
I was looking at her legs with loophole stares.We were not speaking.She was continuosly applying sun cream to her body.Her legs were shining because of sun cream.
Did you like the girls?
Which one ?
Well..the girl who was sitting in the middle.
You dirty old man…she is just 20..I don’t think she will accept..
Please, talk to her for me..
But, you can do with other girls easily..
Yes but, I prefer her.
You horny old man..I’ll talk to her..but I’m not hopeful.And she is virgin!
But, you know what I like..
She suddenly put her left foot on my shorts.And, she began to caress my shorts.
You horny old liked the legs of this young girl more than my legs !! Am I not enough for you?
She was caressing my shorts and trying to find my penis under it.I kept her left leg and began licking and kissing it. I was licking her legs slowly.She began to moan.I was licking and sucking each point of her legs.
You horny old man..fuck me..!
My penis had stiffened maximum.
I pulled down her bikini’s black panties and took off it.I took off my shorts.
She had muscled,big and long legs because she was an old gymnast.I opened her legs.And, I placed my penis in her front hole.My penis began started to get in and out in her hole.Her hole was tight.I was looking down at her hole when fucking her.And, she was looking at her hole and watching my penis.
fffff….fuck horny old will fuck that young girl same as me??
fff.. I haven’t fucked a woman as you before!!
Fuck me.. come in my hole..
I started to caress her ass with one hand.I was planning to fuck her from behind.
She had understood what I wanted.I pulled back my penis from her front hole.
She turned and bent over in front of me.Her ass was great.I caressed her ass a few times.She was moving her ass slowly.She was waiting for me to put my penis into her ass hole.I grabbed the head of my penis and directly put it into her ass hole.Her ass hole was tight and so hot.Holding her hips with my hands I started to fuck her ass.I was fucking that old gymnast and trainer’s ass like mad.
I was squeezing her hips.And, I was fucking Olga’s ass hole deeper.
She was not speaking now..but she was moaning with a high sound.
Ahhhh..ahhhh…pleasee..finish that..
I was pushing my penis till the end of it.And, I was pressing for a while.She had gone mad with pleasure.She was moaning desperately.She was trying to get rid of it but at the same time she was enjoying it.
Will you talk to this girl for me!! you bitch..,Do you take pleasure..huh!!
Her hips were red. I was squeezing her hips and legs like mad.I was about to come..
Yes..I promise..I’ll talk to her..finish now..ahhh…
And, I began to ejaculating with a big explosion into her ass hole..I ejaculated for a long time.She was pressing her hips to me.I was still coming into her ass hole.
Both of us were so tired.She lay down on the towel.And I lay down on her.My penis was still inside of her ass hole.And, I was still coming slightly..And, she was slowly moaning..Finally, I got back my penis from her ass hole..She turned slowly and looked for her panties.She wore it and kept my wet penis.She was still moaning very slow and caressing my penis.
Will you talk to this girl?
You shit old man. Okay, I’ll provide this.But, just one are mine.
She showed her well-groomed feet and said;
Don’t you like them?
I’m dying for them. I think you want me to fuck them, huh?
How horny you are!! aren’t you tired?
I can do second time today..
But, I’m really so tired..
I can fuck them.
Are you really 74?? How do you do it in a row? My husband 35 but you are better than him..
What..are you married..I didn’t know that! Why did you do that with me then??
I don’t know , I liked you. you’re a cute old man.You’ve been very sincere with me.
But, I didn’t know you are married.I wouldn’t have sex with you if I knew that., don’t talk to me like that.I wanted to do this.
I think that was last sex with you.
She kept my hand ..She was looking in my eyes. are cute old man..I desire you..please..
But, you are married!!
Yes, I’m married.But, my husband has been having sex with other women for a long time.Yes, of course, that doesn’t make me right.But, at least this situation gives me this right.And, I liked you.
I hope you don’t expect somethings more from me.
No, I’ve been waiting for nothing from you.Already, I’ll be back home in a week anyway.
Olga, you know what I expect from you.,
I know you horny old man.You mean Alexandra.I’ll do my best.
I’m sure that you’ll do your best.
And, we went to the girls together.They were still taking sunbath.Olga began talking to girls.Girls were so surprised what Olga was talking.And, other two girls began laughing.,But, Alexandra was not laughing.She seemed so angry.She was never looking at me when she talking to Olga.But, Olga was talking to Alexandra about me.I was sure that.And, Olga began talking to her as very angry.
Suddenly, I noticed that Alexandra had accepted what Olga said.But, she was not happy.I didn’t understand what they were talking but Alexandra had accepted.
Alexandra accepted that your offer.But, only with foot.She even doesn’t know what foot sex is.She is virgin, you will not touch her.okay?She is just 20!
Does she know my age?
Yes, she knows you are 74.She resisted but I got her accept..She says that even her boy friend hasn’t touched her.Don’t ejaculate directly on her naked foot.Use preservatives or napkin.She doesn’t want you ejaculate to her foot directly.Actually, she doesn’t know even what foot sex is.
Meanwhile, other two girls began laughing to Alexandra.They said somethings to Alexandra, showing her feet.One of the girls were shaking a napkin in her hand to Alexandra.
Alexandra stood up.And, she went as very angry.
Do you have time today afternoon?
For what?
For Alexandra of course!
I’ll bring her to your home and I’ll go back to hotel.You have only two hours.
Okay, thanks Olga.
And, I went home and prepared for Alexandra.